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  1. Careful. The A1 does run hot, and considering where you live...
  2. Agreed. This is bargain territory for anyone wanting to get into vinyl.
  3. This model is not an Accuphase class A integrated. E-650 is the current (apologies for the pun) class A integrated, E-600 and E-560 are the previous models. Their class A amps are rated down to 1 ohm, thus the ‘current’ pun... Regardless, the E-470 is a quality amp, but it simply ain’t one of their class A models.
  4. Campfire Audio Special Edition Gold. I’ve been a fan of Sennheiser for many years, but these are amazing, the best I’ve ever heard by a country mile. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  5. They're excellent amps with plenty of power for difficult speakers. The power supply is strong, and the pretty coloured lights in the amp simplify tracking any fault. Good luck!
  6. Well Marc, I'm impressed. I read many of David Price's reviews over the years in Hifi World. 'Nuff said. Congratulations, and best wishes for a (nother) fantastic show. Rusty
  7. I've never had success with noise canceling headphones, which is why I use iem's on planes. The Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Edition Gold that I bought in HK recently rely on your using the correct tips to seal the ear canal, which then creates an amazing soundstage. Sealed ear canal equals noise reduction. Expensive, yes. Extraordinary sound quality, yes. Surprisingly comfortable, yes. Selling like hot cakes, yes.
  8. Good question. Short answer: dunno, as my Vietnamese isn’t wonderful. That being said, Paramax looks to be a local affair. Small Asian countries? Vietnam has a population of over 96 million, and Ho Chi Minh city is over 9 million. It’s the usual mix, from extreme poverty to highly sophisticated, very rich. Saw my first ever Mercedes Maybachs (yes, multiple) in Phnom Penh, never saw one in Sydney. It’s not a matter of what exists, it’s a matter of where do you find it. eg the hi end cafe, optical cables. btw, when I went to an Anh Duy shop they had Fyne Audio’s new 701 (?) speakers Stump and I heard at HK. I guess they’ll make an appearance at the hi end show next month.
  9. Stump, all the equipment in the big room was played separately more than once. The demos were maybe 5-10 minutes each, preceded by a short introduction. There was something playing in every room, sometimes on a schedule, sometimes ad hoc. In between demos, if you wanted to hear something, it was played for you. Sometimes you had to wait between set demos. And sometimes you had to compete with another demo. Mate, the jazz group was so good I’d have happily paid to hear them. They were _that_ good. Wonder what the hi end show will do to top this one?
  10. Ok, here we go. First of all, this was an AV/Audio show. Even so, MBL, Nagra, Accuphase, Definitive Technology, Wharfedale, Piega, Klipsch, Campfire Audio (no Andromeda special edition), Bang & Olufsen, Triangle, Macintosh, Naim, Tannoy, PMC (to name a few) were all in attendance, as well as specialist karaoke (Paramax, JBL) and major venue installers Conbaoso (Mr Nguyen), who also showed Croatian Aretai speakers with founder Mr Irbe. Next month’s hi end show will be at the Rex hotel in the exxy part of HCMC. The bigger room downstairs was Ahn Duy Audio. They had five displays from different manufacturers and Mr Tam held demonstrations of each stand, and the excellent jazz group Sunday morning were mixed on Soundcraft and played through Accuphase and the mighty Tannoys. Huy Lan Anh Audio (AN, Vitus, TAD) demonstrated MBL (Radialstrahlers, yum) with a 10” reel to reel Nagra on display. Enjoyable. ✔️
  11. ...and another two cents’ worth: EAR PSVane/Shuguang black treasure Telefunken/Siemens. Siemens make a new 803 that is good. It’s fun, but as many have said, can be expensive.
  12. Well I went for the first two days complete with partner who has now attended her first ever hifi show! Briefly, it was smaller than HK (well...) but interesting, held in exhibition spaces normally used for big weddings, etc and spread over three floors. The only real minus for me was no food and drink (apart from freely available water), though basics weren’t far away. This was more than balanced by room size and staff attitudes. Everyone was very friendly. ✔️ I’ll post some pics and comments after we return to PP tomorrow (6-7hr bus trip).
  13. Ok, here’s a late one. Probably too late for a flight, but if you’re in the area... didn’t see any free craft beer this time. 😪 Last night I was checking out Ho Chi Minh City’s Accuphase dealer’s website when this flashed up. As I posted previously, the hi-end show is at the start of November, but this AV show is this weekend! Looks like a quick trip to HCMC for the weekend. 🚌 http://avshow.com.vn/visiting.html
  14. Wise Decision. 👍 As the OP says, they do make a noticeable improvement.
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