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  1. Pablo at MP Electronics, 277 Victoria Rd Marrickville.
  2. Is this the amp Yamaha designed to drive the NS1000M? 🤔🤷‍♂️
  3. Another Room to Move: first time (‘71?) I heard Pink Floyd - ‘Careful with that Axe Eugene’. Still scares me!
  4. German Physiks... 🤩😥🤑🤤 You really know how to hurt a fella. Guess I’ll have to go and cry into my free craft beer.
  5. Hmm, I may be mistaken, but is entry free for this one?
  6. Mate, I'll do the HCMC show this year and let you know...
  7. Hmm, I'd have thought HCMC was more your kind of town, it has a real buzz. Horses for courses? 😉
  8. A rich doctor friend had these back in the day, which gave me a bad case of the 'I wants'. Seriously excellent sound quality, hope your amp makes them show you what they can do. Congratulations, I'm envious all over again! 😁
  9. This one slipped under the radar. Just found out about it. Ho Chi Minh City 2,3,4th November, Hanoi 7,8,9th December. Link below. https://stereo.vn/tin-tuc/su-kien/vietnam-hi-end-show-2019-xuat-hien-nhieu-san-pham-dinh-cao-hay-doc-la-gau-8685.html
  10. Try the new limited edition ‘Andromeda Special Edition Gold’ and pfft to you too.
  11. I still remember watching it Christmas Day 1977 in Somerset UK with English peeps and feeling decidedly homesick. David Gulpilil is one of this country's treasures.
  12. You'd be surprised. They test at nearly double the manufacturer's quoted output before starting to clip, drive Martin Logan Summit X's with ease and (yes, surprisingly) do in fact run cooler than MF class A and Devialet amps. Accuphase class A amps are a different animal to their class A/B amps. Don't confuse the two. I was strongly considering Mike's ML2's before changing direction (umm, another country...). Tell your Sydney mate to make a phone call and take his ML2's for a drive to the Accuphase dealer at Liverpool and he will hear what they can do. The current model is E-650, a further refinement.
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