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  1. Leningrad

    Hi Milo, it's called 'Leningrad'. Use the search (red) button on the SBS On Demand page. It's a story of complex people from both sides caught up in that terrible event so you get a feel for the event from different angles (yeah, yeah, done before, but very effectively here). Therefore it's a film of the event. If the final scene doesn't rip your heart out you don't have one.
  2. Hey Stump, Phnom Penh's your kind of town. Don't worry, I'm currently in Sidderny, came back October 3rd, leave again Nov 1st.
  3. Argh! No can do, looked again at the booking, need to be in Cambodia till the 8th.
  4. Ooh, I leave Cambodia 2nd December for Siddernee. See what I can do. Maybe yes, maybe no. That band plays my kind of music. Where’s Ed?
  5. Leningrad

    Found this yesterday amongst SBS On Demand's movies. Set in 1941 during the siege of, another true (?) story about amazing people with huge hearts doing things we would find totally inconcevable. Loved it, highly recommended. ps If I've placed this wrongly moderators, please amend.
  6. I believe it's also coming out with double lps, September 30th? btw it was great to see Guy Pratt (Aussie) on bass - he was with PF in Sydney 1988.
  7. Can't believe no-one has started a thread re this. Shown worldwide September 13th in various formats, I saw it in dolby atmos at Hoyts Broadway with my 40yo son and some of his friends. Though I'm well aware the words 'awesome' and 'epic' are overused in our society, they were the ones that instantly came to mind as I exited the cinema. We stood around awestruck for the next fifteen minutes discussing it, all of us knowing we'd shared a special experience. Edited from two concerts at the Pompeii coliseum in 2016, as the concert started I found myself getting emotional, having seen PF in Sydney 1988. Unknown to me, one of my nephews (a guitarist) was watching it in Newcastle. At the end of 'Sorrow' he spontaneously applauded. Me? I sang through 'Sorrow' and 'Comfortably Numb', tears in my eyes. As 'Time' started, I realised it was made before any of the men with me were born... Light show? Haha, outstanding. Gilmour's guitar playing standard? Epic. The man is a legend in the true sense of the word. Once you see a concert like this, you remember it for the rest of your life. I don't know how to upload YouTube vids, just search Gilmour Pompeii 2016, hook it into the highest quality hifi you can, and open your ears.
  8. Great Wall

    Well Zhang made Raise the Red Lantern with the delicious Gong Li (where is she now?), one of my all time faves, so he can be forgiven for chasing a dollar or three. Jliang70, makes me wonder what you must think about Ridley Scott and his recent efforts...
  9. Alien: Covenant

    Ahh, Covenant will answer that for you. Bris Vegas bailed at the first suspension of belief, as I like to call it. Don't know how you watched Prometheus if you were looking for science in your fiction.
  10. 'Bought nothing audio oriented, but did invest in the HK economy by drinking and eating far too much, helped a lot by the sna crew ' Thus spake our team leader... Seriously? A great time all round. A couple more pics:
  11. Best speaker's under $15k

    Ahem, those who heard ML Summit X electrostatics (driven by McIntosh monos) playing NIN at the Lifestyle store open night would disagree.
  12. High end integrated amps

    Accuphase E-600 runs my ML Summit X speakers just fine, thanks.
  13. GTG @ Scuzzii's March 12

    Well what else is there to say, read the above, it's all true. Add my thanks John, a very enjoyable afternoon all round.
  14. GTG @ Scuzzii's March 12

    Yes please, I'd like to attend. @scuzzii