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  1. I've heard Darko raving about these.
  2. The beauty of the 1.5 is it cleans the underside of the record unlike some others that clean the topside. ie with the Nitty Gritty, the dirty side is always under, so when you've cleaned and vacuumed the first side you're not flipping it over to sit where the dirty side was, if you get my drift... Still have mine, completely satisfied, even though the vac is (and always was) noisy.
  3. Always a quality show. I’m in Cambodia... (gnashing of teeth).
  4. Then again, the Well Tempered Simplex is a definite upgrade at around the same money.... just saying. Comes in black or black. Nothing wrong with Project, the owner’s wife owns EAT valves.
  5. MP Electronics in Marrickville specialise in old gear and pro gear, reasonable rates. Kimil specialises in high end gear. Rage Audio. All the above are reliable with quality workmanship. Choose whichever is the most convenient to you.
  6. Kang, I don’t know how you’ve earned your money, but you’ve spent it well. 👍
  7. I’d love to hear this playing into those German Physiks... 🤤🤑🤩
  8. OMG! ALL German Physiks speakers are special. They take your music listening experience to another dimension. And yes, boys and girls, there is a good reason they are expensive. Listen and be amazed.
  9. These are excellent cables. You must have upgraded to something very special.
  10. Mate, look at the asking price, negotiate to where you’re comfortable and understand you won’t need a collection. This amp will bring you sq like you haven’t heard elsewhere. Have a listen and you’ll understand. Cheers ☺️
  11. Haha, yes, to we mere mortals. My room was small, so it had to be an integrated. No regrets with the E-600.
  12. Excellent amps. We both know A200 is the end game 😍
  13. The perfect weapon to drive your Martin Logans. http://www.highfidelity.pl/@main-442%26lang=en ...and this is interesting as they measured the E-600 putting out approx. 100 watts into 4 ohms at clipping, as opposed to Accuphase’s claim of 60 watts (both channels driven). https://www.hifitest.de/test/vollverstaerker/accuphase-e-600_9617-seite2 Yes, I own one (for four years now and counting), love it, and have nothing to do with Accuphase or anyone associated with them. These Accuphase class A amps are something special and to my ears are a step or two superior to their A/B amps. And yes, the E-600 is superior to the E-560 as the first review says. 👍
  14. Ah well, suppose I’d better tell the great unwashed out there that you’re a great bloke who has some exceedingly fine audio gear? 👍😊👍
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