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  1. Not off the top of my head. I'll do some research and try and figure it out.
  2. Item: Creek Audio Systems CAS4040 Stereo Amp Location: Tinderbox, TAS (20 mins outside Hobart) Price: $180 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great little amp. As you can see from the photos, it is in good condition with some minor marks expected for its age. I used it in a little office system and it never let me down. Would prefer pickup, but will post as well. I can meet at Battery Point in Hobart too if this is easier. Photos:
  3. Can anyone recommend someone that knows their way around the insides of Sansui's in Tasmania? Thinking of getting someone to do a refurb job on the au7900 and it would be good to avoid shipping if possible. ta
  4. Yeah, I swapped from a CC Audio to a RPi running PiCorePlayer as a single box solution (LMS and Squeezelite on the single box). Mainly because of the crappy support for casting in the Tidal app. The combination of the RPi and iPeng as a phone interface app is much more stable and reliable. Downside is that the user interface of iPeng is sliiightly more clunky than the Tidal app. However, I'm also enjoying the extra flexibility of being able to try USB DAC's, or other DAC hats. Plus now being able to play from FLAC on a usb stick or via a network mount.
  5. Picked up this beauty last night. My first Sansui. Seems in good condition overall. What a beautiful machine.
  6. Haha ok. Passive crossover. I've stuck with the Kairos kit design in all aspects as this is my first ever speaker build. Kairos Kit: https://meniscusaudio.com/product/kairos-pair/ White Paper PDF: http://meniscus.lightningbasehosted.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Kairos-Write-up.pdf Woofer: https://meniscusaudio.com/product/kairos-woofer-module-full-kit-pair/ White Paper PDF: http://meniscus.lightningbasehosted.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/The-Kairos-and-Continuum-Three-Way-Writeup.pdf This whole project/speaker upgrade pretty much started because I wanted something in a nice real timber veneer finish. Inspired by finishes like those from Harbeth. High praise thankyou but I definitely wouldn't say mastered. Patience to a point I think haha. I was pretty over it by the end and there will be a gap before I work up the motivation to finish the woofers. I think the real test will be to see how it holds up over time too.
  7. I suppose they do a bit with the two distinct cabinets and some angles. I just followed the Kairos design as specified by Jeff Bagby. Thanks very much. Lots of hours to get them to this point! Thanks. Luckily the two small nicks in the driver recess edges can't be easily seen in the images above. But yes, overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I ended up trimming the veneer by hand with a snap off knife as close as I could, then finish off with sand paper. Crossovers are done thanks. ta
  8. Finished off the 2-way half of the Kairos over the Christmas break.
  9. Thanks Jon. Can't wait to see yours! Not quite sure I understand what you're saying with the grain direction? Do you mean having the grain on the sides running at the same angle parallel to the front baffle?
  10. Ta. Seems a bit wierd that a reset procedure can help an amplifier. I guess the momentary switches are potentially all going through a microcontroller so that their states can be saved during a power cycle. And so that the same buttons can be multifunction for setting a few settings via hidden menus. Which in turn leaves it open for software bugs... It has been running well for the last couple of days since the reset.
  11. Haha, I came across these at Bunnings by accident on the weekend too. They've got a really nice weight to them hey. I got a couple of the bigger slabs to cut into two as spacers between my 2-ways and woofer boxes.
  12. Replying to myself here. I noticed last night that pretty much all of the buttons had stopped responding nicely. Some would take 2, 3 or more presses to respond. Sometimes a long press seemed to get it to respond. Pretty bad. So I contacted the place I bought it from this morning and they got a recommendation from the distributor to try a factory reset procedure. It had been behaving itself so far this morning anyway (maybe heat or extended operation is a factor??), but I've done the reset now and will see how that goes.
  13. Yeah the ply on the front of the woofers has a fairly nice face. However I've decided to make things hard for myself and I've got a roll of Silver Wattle veneer to apply to the whole lot. That said, I haven't actually done a cut diagram to see if I've got enough from one sheet to do it all. May do the baffles in black or something.
  14. My Kairos 3-way project is starting to take shape. Got the woofers up and running last night.
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