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  1. muriwai

    FS: SACDs - Various Titles

    It doesn't show on the mobile app
  2. muriwai

    FS: Rare Ortofon SPU G/T For collectors

    Cause the boss says so![emoji57]
  3. Sort of finished but now Reno on bedroom to try make more room to fit Epitomes so theatre full of bedroom stuff !![emoji22] I played a bit of master and commander at reference to the carpenter ,should of seen the smile on his face !!priceless
  4. Cool,unfortunately I've had a bad run on the amps with SVS,both original amps blown and replaced under warranty ,and since then one of the new amps blown and no more warranty,about $700 out of pocket[emoji22] Seatons still going strong tho Have you chosen screen? If you want to pop up home I can show you the Seymour A/T I imported ? Cheers Muri
  5. Looking good quark ,thoughts on sub yet?
  6. muriwai


    Yes not available local and Amazon US won't send here I tried Where to get? In 4k
  7. What may I ask will become of the Seatons? Surrounds?
  8. muriwai

    FS: SACDs - Various Titles

    Can't see the list ?
  9. Set all speakers to small even if they are large full range ones and cross the lfe to the subs at 80 Others will disagree but I find this works well Cheers Muri
  10. muriwai

    Hello from new member

    Welcome aboard
  11. Hi Ian,no internet at home,I just bought the old McIntosh fm radio from the classifieds and wanted a station to tune into in Melbourne that will give me jazz blues cheers
  12. Please check your inbox !
  13. Oh?time frame I need to aim for?