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  1. Good idea Marc a lot of the 2nd hand ones now won't sell for $5 i have a few I will list for swapping as seems like a great way to turn them over and maybe get one that you haven't seen cheers Muri
  2. I'm in Melbourne if you want to check out
  3. Look at Seymour (USA) i imported and very happy they will also supply just the material if you want to diy
  4. The JTR are made in USA ,you buy them directly from the manufacturer Jeff I think his name is Similar business model to Seaton Sound (Mark) where you deal directly with the manufacturer Similar speakers but the Seatons are actives ,I believe the JTR are passives Hope this helps cheers Muri
  5. rmpfyf thank you for your detailed reply Ok I'm happy to buy 2 seperate UPS on this advise ,a cheap unit for the projector and a better unit for the NVR(security cameras recorder ) This morning I went to CPL in Nottinghill to buy and spoke to a chap told him what I needed etc and as soon as I said they would be up in my ceiling space (Attic) he said no way that they should be up there they will overheat and catch fire ,basically said any temp over 40 degrees and they become a fire hazard !! long story short I left the shop empty handed and disallusioned!!I ok what is my next step the main lead for projector already runs into the ceiling cavity(controlled from a master switch in the theatre) and I have run all my cat 6 cables for cameras into the ceiling space and terminated the ends not far from the manhole entrance! the plan was to have the recorder setup not far from the manhole HELP!!? is what the salesman told me correct?admittedly on a hot day it is bloody hot up in there so I'm now wondering have I thought all this through properly ? Also more questions 1)does the APC X series have the Ethernet plug ?how does it send me an email if I don't have a home computer? What are the $200 eBay cards? is the APC X series line interactive ?(not on all the time?) happy to increase my budget to do it right In need of more feedback and advise please cheers Muri
  6. Thank you gentlemen I will look into the APC a bit further I think security cameras @300 W and projector at 380W i will look at a 900w unit I'm outer east Melbourne Berwick way any preferred dealers out this way ?looks like I will buy new and bit over budget but all good ,happy to stick with APC cheers and thanks for all good advise Muri
  7. Thank you gentlemen I will look into the APC a bit further I think security cameras @300 W and projector at 380W i will look at a 900w unit cheers and thanks for all good advise
  8. Not really sure best place to ask so mods feel free to move I want to install a security camera setup at my house and looking to purchase a UPS to plug the recorder into them it occurred to me he good also to have the JVC projector plugged in as well if power goes out keeps the fan running long enough to do a proper power down Any recommendations or ones to stay away from? only looked at one so far from Jaycar around the $350 mark happy to pay $500 max thanks in advance for any and all advise cheers Muri
  9. Damnnn,I feel your pain i to have a LM amp and damn they are heavy I nearly popped a pooper valve lifting mine up onto a cabinet fingers crossed here for a good outcome
  10. Ahh I just posted in the nutflakes thread re this so noob question how do I download or watch this using my Apple TV ?have nutflakes account ?but couldn't find it on nutflakes ? cheers muri
  11. Someone had posted I think they enjoyed Chernobyl ? Mow unable to find that post and can't find on nutflakes using search? Possibly another thread ? cheers muri
  12. The broken Gamma D on the X7000 never got fixed!!! just sayin😊
  13. Yes,your surrounds and surround rears seem a bit high! should be at seated ear height or only very slightly higher!
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