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  1. You couldn't go wrong with the 2nd hand Seaton sub in the classifieds
  2. Anyone can comment on this player? Father in law has one and wanted to know is it a keeper ? Cheers Muri
  3. Hi Al,picked up French connection 1&2 boxset at JB $8 ,bullit and seven ups not available on blu from JB any more so will try Amazon ,or anyone here on forum wish to sell ? Cheers Muri
  4. FS: Rare Microscan TD-12 CD/Pre Transfer Deck

    May I ask OP then does this come with the "cones"?
  5. FS: Rare Microscan TD-12 CD/Pre Transfer Deck

    So the component doesn't just sit on top of this ?
  6. Schiit Eitr

    Where do I find "utilities @?
  7. Schiit Eitr

    I bought one months ago but haven't been able to get any sound out of it![emoji22] Using an older i pad so bought the camera adapter kit but still no luck hence why I haven't made any comment as to its sound
  8. Yes I have heard Nolan is not a fan on 3D audio Stupid really but then he is the director !!
  9. Ahh,sweet,that's crazy that the individual discs are cheaper ?!will head down tomor to suss out Thanks Al
  10. Does anyone know if the Nolan 4k pack going to be released locally ie JB?
  11. Woh,bit pricey,so not available as a stand alone disc!?similar to the pink floyd blu Rays in multichannel ,they were only available in s big box set ,shame on the studios
  12. Hi powerav,can you provide a link for purchase please? Local? Cheers Muri