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  1. The other up down switch on the very left is loading switch for phono,5 settings if I recall
  2. Ittaku is correct looking from the rear the ones on the left are inputs,if it has phono inbuilt that is usually the very left set of rcas then 2 or 3 more inputs and an earth plug for phono(accepts a banana plug) if I recall sorry not home at the moment to send pic of manual
  3. Same problem on iPhone using Safari
  4. They cancelled the order on me and refund my money!! so now where do I buy from??
  5. Got to keep away from those classifieds,not only make your bank balance drop but also your post count!!😉
  6. Can I ask how do you now subscribe to a thread? and how do you access the subscribed to threads already previously subscribed (follow)!? thanks in advance
  7. I have purchased from Agent47 all packed well and discs top notch Buy with confidence
  8. Stick with the genuine Apple part its expensive but works!😉
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