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  1. I have a rare one in champagne (gold)! great spinner😊 good luck with the search
  2. Yes that’s the place i got the amp with 4 actuators for front row of cinema seating (3 seats/4 legs) the rubber spike goes under front legs ,actuators under rear legs one of the best upgrades I did😊
  3. They are available locally distributor I think was in Sydney
  4. Look also at Crowson actuators! very happy owner here! a couple of other members on the forum are owners as well!😊 cheers Muri
  5. I have been unable to source White Tiger,on Bluray according to Bluray.com it was released in Australia,can’t find anywhere though only available from other countries with no English subtitles! Anyone have for trade/Sale? cheers Muriwai
  6. Yes No region coding on the UHD 4 k discs the optional 1080 blu that may come with the 4 k disc may be region locked though
  7. May I ask where are people sourcing this from?4k? Or only blu? cheers
  8. You are getting the scope because you pick that width you them get a slightly bigger 16:9 because the extra height hope that makes sense
  9. You could get a 2:1 ratio screen at the cinema scope width! thats what I did get the best of both worlds width as wide as the room not too ridiculous height😊
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