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  1. Where do I start?

    Loc sport fire brigade?
  2. Technics SL1200 MK11 With upgrades

    I bought the pioneer table earlier in the year from batmaqn,trusted seller,and item was as described,easy transaction so buy with confidence GLWS cheers Muri
  3. Lone wolf it's not a subwoofer!!!!!!
  4. Dave you need to come visit me re subs Cheers Muri
  5. Hey wolf,wats the sub count up to now? 1 more won't hurt?!
  6. Lone wolf from the dtv forum would be all over this!
  7. FS: Eva Cassidy CDs

    Will go backup if sale falls thru
  8. Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    If you are tight for "foot print"then do consider the PC13 subs from Pete,have 2 of them(and 4 others)in a similar sized room,they are down firing and certainly have some "punch" What area are you in? I'm outer east Melbourne and happy to show you and you can look my room for inspiration/ideas Cheers Muri
  9. FS: Elektra Theatron

    SOLD Mods pls close
  10. Ugly stick

    What is it?how muchay I ask ?
  11. FS. Krell Power Amps and Speakers

    Blink for a minute and gone !