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  1. Hatlesschimp in Geelong! may be able to flatpack?for shipping?
  2. What is the output in Watts please?
  3. Rmpfyf? I think is his avatar hes the man to chime in👍
  4. Proud and happy owner of Lm amp😊 they do look good in black though i got the gun metal hammer silver look Only using as a power amp currently as I need a phono(Supratek) small downside is only 3 rca inputs (no phono) the music sounds sublime and sounds better with the good looks of the amp!!go figure! happy here 😊
  5. Yeah I got one too and also in Victoria! not sure on freight to Qld they were always a bit slow to load Blu-rays only use mine now as a CD player mssg me if you can’t find one local cheers Muri
  6. Is this the Bluray player?
  7. If you find a stereo pair I can help with the centre speaker
  8. I have the wall mount surround s sitting in my wardrobe the floorstanders are now my side surrounds!
  9. Someone is looking for a Vaf centre speaker in the classifieds!
  10. Made in SA I would have to check what drivers Sonique used
  11. I agree with the above would be a shame to see them flipped! if you not looking to profit the $ can be donated? if I was local I would of grabbed the tuner good luck it’s a great gesture cheers muri
  12. Nice part of the world 😊
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