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  1. muriwai

    One sub or two.

    I went for 6 subs all daisy chained from the .2 sub outs,works a treat[emoji6] Neighbors know when I put on Fury!!
  2. muriwai

    Dolby ATMOS . The price of admission

    Put some crowsons under yr seats and you will be impressed !![emoji57]
  3. muriwai

    What’s in your bedroom

    Ok thanks What sort of price can I expect to pay ? King size with mattress
  4. muriwai

    What’s in your bedroom

    More info on that bed please !?
  5. muriwai

    Currently Spinning

    As far I know yes They have agreed to collect the gst and will ship There was a thread on here last week about it
  6. muriwai

    Currently Spinning

    I thought Amazon was back on USA is
  7. muriwai

    2019 projector releases ?

    Well done woofer
  8. muriwai

    Show us your Ride

    That's payback for you leading us down the rabbit hole of expensive hi fi gear [emoji6]
  9. muriwai

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    I saw the mma picture and thought it was blybo putting his hands up !!
  10. muriwai

    2019 projector releases ?

    Wow great write up Those that can afford a N 9 are going to be in for a treat for xmas!!
  11. muriwai

    Miles Davis KOB Pressing

    So I know the cd I have is correct timing ,has the timing been corrected on any of these vinyl pressings?
  12. muriwai

    Miles Davis KOB Pressing

    Lolz,go figure
  13. muriwai

    Miles Davis KOB Pressing

    Isn't it this album that was originally released with the timing wrong?i have a cd with something along these lines written on it?
  14. muriwai

    Roadbike Choice

    Restored about 25 years ago