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  1. Yes glen waverley for dallas Was there a few months ago he repaired my phonostage and tt. 11 years ago repaired my valve amp So my experiences are good
  2. Dallas clarke Clarke audio in mulgrave My experiences have been great
  3. Why dont you like it? 5 hours seems a short evaluation? Glwts
  4. I have one and they sound great My needle broke so i bought a sas and it sounds just as good Well worth 220 Glwts
  5. ill take the bluesound if still available...will pm
  6. Hi Roman and Vaselik Very interesting outcomes after such a short period. A real pity to hear you feel the need to sell the units. The way Stereophile wrote up the sound of the Aegir and put it class A made it appear a perfect combination for all small scale speakers of reasonable efficiency. But long term listening shows up its faults...a lack of bass delivery is a deal breaker for me. I have been experimenting with my 2a3 amp which sounds wonderful, but is only 4w per side. Slightly recessed in the trebble but sweet through the mids and bass although not earth shaking. Funny, we had a party last week, and a friend asked me to turn it up but it was already at max volume !! So its not a long term option either....back to the NAD Mosfet / Saga pre option this weekend until i pick my next amp victim..😀
  7. I bought a pair of Wharfedale Lintons 85 a few weeks ago and ran them with my NAD Mosfet 100w per side power amp, Schitt Saga pre. Sounded good to my ears and very musical. Very happy with my purchase. Then for giggles thought I would connect up my Weston Acoustics TM45 timemachine. type 45 valves. 1.8w per side. no it did not really work. Not enough volume. But I could hear some mid range magic, and finese. Swapped out to 2a3 valves at 4w per channel. WOW! midrange emotion, solid bass lines, light but airy trebble. Real music that put a big smile on my face and me shaking my head. These speakers suppose to be difficult to drive, spend some time below 6 ohms down to about 2 ohms, only big brute amplifiers need apply. yet it sounded great with 4w. Sure, i run out of volume at times, but the sound is wonderful !! I was going to sell the TM45 - not now !!! Sometimes this hobby surprises 😁
  8. thanks for the link - very interesting. Herb seems to be saying he needs 2 * aegir to get some headroom on a speaker thats 89db sensitive (that might be lower). Maybe thats what Roman has noticed with the Lintons too which are 90db but a difficult load that drops to 2 ohm. more thinking to do! Adam
  9. wow, a comprehensive review, thanks 😀 My impressions are similar about the sonic attributes of the Lintons re. trebble sweet and refined not detailed, mid being slightly prominant, bass fullsome but not ultra deep. I find them very musical, non fatiguing and coherant. Very happy with them. i have come from single driver land, DIY, and recently Klipsch Heresy which were all more in your face listening. My Linton listening differs from yours with the NAD 2400 class a/b I am getting plenty of bass but a gentle mid/top typical of many MOSFET amps from years past. interesting you note the lower bass is not there for complex material. I had it pretty loud last Saturday with friends and had plenty of low notes on all type of music, I did not find lacking. For me, low notes are important so I would not like to sacrifice that spectrum for midrange clarity. I think much of the musical flow, drive and feeling sits in the bass region to to find that lacking would bother me. Perhaps I will try the Vidar amp as I already have Schitt preamp (saga). Reviews of that amp suggest a bit more drive with a bit less liquidity. If ever you would like to compare notes, happy to visit and bring my amp combo over for a session. cheers Adam
  10. How is the Linton/Aegir combination going? Selfish motives here, I have the Linton and would love to hear them with the Aegir. My NAD (circa 1992) power amp is good, but a little polite - and the reviews of the Aegir suggest it may open up the Lintons to a bit more magic. insert evil laugh
  11. Fair enough but in the interests of equity, just wanted to give a plug to Dallas Clarke my experience has only been positive One valve amp repaired and reconfigured in 2009 One ss phono stage and turntable repaired 2019
  12. Not my experience Both units repaired within a week Good service to boot Was yours a complex problem
  13. give Dallas Clarke a call Clarke-audio.com.au excellent repairer. I have used him twice with great results.
  14. A bit hazy for sure but about then I was buying from "clay's hifi" at Mermaid Beach Gold Coast... glad to see Clay Gieseler still involved in the industry making DACs... and im still listening...
  15. I Bought some Wharfedale Lintons recently. Very pleased - they are extremely musical and coherant. I am enjoying long listening sessions. I will be interested in your impressions with the Aegir....I am using a schitt saga pre and an old NAD 2400 power amp 100w per side - good bass grip but a little polite. and I didnt need the speakers either !!
  16. Thanks for the tip! Might help with the sale..rare japanese klipsch..😁
  17. Ha ha! I said the same last year but still bought them! Good hobby this 😁
  18. Item: Klipsch Heresy I Location: Cheltenham Melbourne Price: $800, stands if you want both $20 total Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: cash, bank transfer, paypal. Pick up only Extra Info: I have owned these for 11 months since buying off stereonet seller last year. Best I can tell these are early 1980's models with E2 crossover just before the model II came out. In reasonable condition for age, a few surface scratches minor dents, grilles in good condition. Sound is alive and vibrant as you would expect, careful partnering with electronics suggested. Limited bass, sealed cabinets. A good price (ie. same price that I paid) for those who want to try some heritage speakers. I have enjoyed my time with them. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  19. I just purchased the Wharfedale Lintons and will shortly be listing an old pair of Klipsch Heresy 1 for sale. The two could not be more different other than their size and shape which i like in both. Klipsch are very lively and need a big room to breathe. They reveal all material back to the source. One minute you are getting goosebumps, next minute someone is shoving a pencil in your ear. Closed box bass has a beautiful mid bass quality but distinctly lacking in lower bass weight. I found myself matching to conservative sources (mosfet amplifier, copper speaker cables, Shure x93e phono cart) which helped. I am selling mine as my room is a bit too small for them and i have old man ears. Otherwise would have kept. Wharfedale were completely opposite. Typical conservative British sound that is an easy listen across all music genre. They go a bit deeper and can handle loud passages. More refined in the upper frequencies. Can listen for hourse without fatigue. But less of a party dance speaker, less emotional, perhaps more 'hifi'. Do benefit from more lively sources and material. Not as open as the harbeth monitors 30.2 i heard at the HIFI show, but definantly in that sound family. Prefer a position away from walls wheras Klipsch could run close to the front wall. Not sure if this says anything. Both speakers have their benefits and disadvantages. Perhaps Klipsch need more care with room and source matching. I would listen to both before you make a decision...
  20. I have just bought some Linton's too. Great sound for the money and easy on my old man ears! I went to the HIFI show last weekend and listened to the Harbeth 30.2 monitors which have a similar sound. They were powered by class d amplifiers offered by an australian company March audio. Not too expensive and sounded great. Probably provided a bit more life and colour to the traditional conservative British sound. Might be worth a look.
  21. I have some Heresey I speakers (early 1980's) for what its worth provide some of the adjectives you desire:- What I'm after is a live, dynamic, warmish, musical, emotional experience over & above detailed "Hi Fi" if that makes sense? However, bass is truncated and not altogether satisfying so I would look at the Forte/Cornwall offering. I believe they have dramatically improved in the latest models, but I would never describe the Klipsch sound as 'warmish'
  22. From memory he partnered the Acoustic Energy with some Creek components amplifier 50A Good synergy with big soundstage and air.
  23. I have to give a plug for the Harbeth speakers powered by some D class amps retailing at $1900 each channel. I kept going back. Extremely musical and natural with great flow. also liked the Audio Influence room with the Acoustique Quality floorstanders from the Czech Republic $2500 buys a lot of sound! And the Acoustic Energy room - total cost $4,600 including amp and source I could easily live with. what about kef LS50 - do you want active or passive? What colour? $3,500 max I am staggered how much sound you can buy for small dollars these days !! Hi Fi is in great shape if you ask me.
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