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  1. I am using this very tube on rectification duty in my Weston Acoustics time machine 45/2a3. To my ears, they give a more rounded organic sound than the 5u4 or 5ar4 that I have used. A hidden gem. If I didnt have so many would buy!! good luck Adam
  2. I have recently had dropouts on my Bluesound 2 from NAS through a wired connection. The main issue is with AIFF files dont notice it as much with WAV files. I have updated to latest software. So perhaps its the bluesound software which you cant really fix? good luck AT
  3. I am interested if the first poster falls through Adam
  4. I had both amps for a few years in the late 80's early 90's A400 $599 new was not well paired with my speakers at the time B&W DM620 floorstanders. It sounded a bit closed in, and lacked drive. As others have mentioned, small scale music was quite pleasant but I was into rock at that stage. The 3020e I owned was a blast. A lot brighter and sweeter sounding with a reasonable phono stage for $299 new!! It lacked bass being only 20w per side. Others have said the model a was a better one. But why chase this old stuff? I think a modern amp for $500 would be more musical than bot
  5. Yes glen waverley for dallas Was there a few months ago he repaired my phonostage and tt. 11 years ago repaired my valve amp So my experiences are good
  6. Dallas clarke Clarke audio in mulgrave My experiences have been great
  7. Why dont you like it? 5 hours seems a short evaluation? Glwts
  8. I have one and they sound great My needle broke so i bought a sas and it sounds just as good Well worth 220 Glwts
  9. Hi Roman and Vaselik Very interesting outcomes after such a short period. A real pity to hear you feel the need to sell the units. The way Stereophile wrote up the sound of the Aegir and put it class A made it appear a perfect combination for all small scale speakers of reasonable efficiency. But long term listening shows up its faults...a lack of bass delivery is a deal breaker for me. I have been experimenting with my 2a3 amp which sounds wonderful, but is only 4w per side. Slightly recessed in the trebble but sweet through the mids and bass al
  10. I bought a pair of Wharfedale Lintons 85 a few weeks ago and ran them with my NAD Mosfet 100w per side power amp, Schitt Saga pre. Sounded good to my ears and very musical. Very happy with my purchase. Then for giggles thought I would connect up my Weston Acoustics TM45 timemachine. type 45 valves. 1.8w per side. no it did not really work. Not enough volume. But I could hear some mid range magic, and finese. Swapped out to 2a3 valves at 4w per channel. WOW! midrange emotion, solid bass lines, light but airy trebble. Real music that pu
  11. thanks for the link - very interesting. Herb seems to be saying he needs 2 * aegir to get some headroom on a speaker thats 89db sensitive (that might be lower). Maybe thats what Roman has noticed with the Lintons too which are 90db but a difficult load that drops to 2 ohm. more thinking to do! Adam
  12. wow, a comprehensive review, thanks 😀 My impressions are similar about the sonic attributes of the Lintons re. trebble sweet and refined not detailed, mid being slightly prominant, bass fullsome but not ultra deep. I find them very musical, non fatiguing and coherant. Very happy with them. i have come from single driver land, DIY, and recently Klipsch Heresy which were all more in your face listening. My Linton listening differs from yours with the NAD 2400 class a/b I am getting plenty of bass but a gentle mid/top typical of many MOSFET amps from years past. interestin
  13. How is the Linton/Aegir combination going? Selfish motives here, I have the Linton and would love to hear them with the Aegir. My NAD (circa 1992) power amp is good, but a little polite - and the reviews of the Aegir suggest it may open up the Lintons to a bit more magic. insert evil laugh
  14. Fair enough but in the interests of equity, just wanted to give a plug to Dallas Clarke my experience has only been positive One valve amp repaired and reconfigured in 2009 One ss phono stage and turntable repaired 2019
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