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  1. Selling this AV Receiver after a small upgrade on the home theatre. It's in great working condition and has served me well, technically still under warranty for another year from a place in Victoria, but unsure if this is transferable between owners. Original invoice included. Comes with original box, packaging and accessories. Pickup preferred in Eastern suburbs of Sydney, delivery negotiable by prior arrangement. Product Link: http://www.denon.co....oductId=AVR1311
  2. Another member keen to take up this offer, can I check if it's still available?
  3. Thanks all for the help, to round out this thread I ended up picking up a Denon 1311 from eBay for $300odd, including remaining warranty from purchase. Happy with it so far!
  4. Hi All, Trying to pick between the Denon 1311 @ $400 or the Onkyo TX-SR508 from Amber tech - any tips? Tried reading the specs but can't seem to figure out which would be better.
  5. Sorry I forgot to post the budget, definitely down the $400 end range! Any particular models or criteria I should look for? Would I be looking at something 6-12 months old, or 2 years+?
  6. Hi All Been slowly piecing together this system for my apartment, have so far got: - Oppo BDP-95 for BluRay and source audio - Anthony Gallo TR-1 sub + 5 nucleus micro speakers - Samsung 8 series LED TV I'm looking for a budget receiver to use for the time being with this set up, how feasible is it with someone second hand? It doesn't need all the bells and whistles, but I'd like to take advantage of what I have so far. HTPC to be added to this, but the receiver is more for audio and blu-ray movies. Thanks!
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