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  1. Still looking! 🤞
  2. Wow, what a great resource that is, thanks for the link. Yes, am listening to the TX-7500 as we speak, very nice unit.
  3. Item: Pioneer TX-9500 II Price Range: $200-$300 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Probably a long shot... I bought a TX-7500 a while ago for my nephew. I quite like it, so would like a 9500 II for myself. Just putting it out there in case anyone has one floating around. Looking for one in nice condition (unscratched face plate etc). Thanks Geoff
  4. Just bought one of these. Frankly, I'm amazed. Great little amp, unbelievable dynamics for 15WPC. Somebody buy this!
  5. Thanks @VanArn- it is indeed set to 50us, so it might just need some attention. In the meantime, it is definitely usable - have been listening to Triple J all morning, sounds good. Am waiting for new lamps to arrive, the main ones are currently working, but the power and stereo lights need replacing. Looking forward to getting that done.
  6. In the meantime, the 75>300 balan arrived today, so I could hook the Pioneer up to the roof aerial without cutting up any cables. Got to say I'm quite impressed. It is rolled off in the treble compared with my Sony ST-SB920, and has fatter bass. Result - ABC Classics doesn't sound quite as good, but Triple J is actually listenable. 😯 A brief trip round the dial confirmed that for most pop stations, this warmer sound is a very good thing. I've got replacement lamps coming, once I've sorted that I'll see where we stand. I think I'll still get it looked at in due course, just to make sure it is up to full strength. I bought this with a view to giving it to my nephew. I hope I don't get too attached to it to let it go... 😆
  7. Well something is a little off as the tuning meter shows way to the right when the signal is strong. Yeah, it can go interstate, but for the moment happy to wait for the local tech. That said, if we could add a list of tuner techs and locations here, that might be a helpful resource.
  8. Thanks guys. If I had the relevant equipment I'd have a go myself, but without scopes and signal generators it's a bit hopeless. I have found someone who will have a look at it, but he has a 6 month queue. Will wait and see - I don't need it urgently or anything, already have a more modern tuner, am just interested to see what this can do. At the moment, the output is a little low, and it sounds very dark compared to my other tuner, so am curious to know how it would compare after a service.
  9. Is there anybody in Brisbane who can do tuner alignments? I've got an old Pioneer TX-7500 that I'd like to refresh and re-align.
  10. I think the G looks fantastic, but $7K is a lot. UK price (inc VAT @ 20%) is £3K, or AU $5700...
  11. 1200GR would be an awesome way to go. Wouldn't mind one myself...
  12. Bugger. Sounds similar to the fate of my Glider thanks to my hand slipping... Bloody sucks when that happens, you have my sympathy.
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