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  1. Speakers are a personal choice!

    I think different speakers have greatest variation in sound compared with other components (except maybe phono cartridges). Then add the direct interface with your room with different dimensions, furniture and building materials all of which have an impact on the sound quality and you’ll see why I prefer to build a system from the speakers backward. Finding a speaker that suits your tastes in music, the way you like it presented and your room is critical.
  2. My new speakers are sometimes too bassy.

    +1 Definitely worthwhile trying first. Try moving your speakers further away from the front wall and see what difference it makes.
  3. New Member from Sydney

    Welcome Stuj. @Cafad , our resident integrated amplifier reviewer, raised a thread some time back testing out what amplifiers worked best with the Kef ls50s. Try searching for the thread. Otherwise I’m sure others will offer their opinions. Good luck and and enjoy your time in SNA.
  4. My System this morning

    Aurora 3s stripped of the grills but you can leave your hat on.
  5. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Moving on from my Phil Collins thing. On to Icehouse and Man of Colours
  6. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    No I haven’t. With so much music out there I haven’t heard, I’m reluctant to spend money on reissues of albums I already have. Although I heard the reissues are superb. Anyway, next up Abacab.
  7. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    While it may sacrilegious on Australia Day but I’m playing Duke from Genesis. Phil Collins was the first artist I became an obsessive fan of in the 80’s and collected everything I could find of his and listened to it constantly (as uncool as it is to admit it these days). I’m currently reading his autobiography, Not Dead Yet. So with my new (second hand) Benz Ruby Z cartridge in place, what else would I play ?
  8. RIP Hugh Masekela

    Another great musician bites the dust. R.I.P Hugh. Time to play Phola in his memory.
  9. Do you own any Bill Frisell albums?
  10. GTG Sydney - Scuzzii's

    At this stage I believe I’ll have to work on the 27th and therefore I won’t be able to attend. I’ll let you know if that changes.
  11. GTG Sydney - Scuzzii's

    I’m still keen to have a listen. 21st should be okay for me.
  12. Oops. I stand corrected. I always thought Dragon was an Australian band. It wouldn’t be the first time a kiwi has been claimed as Australian.
  13. I’ve never been a big Midnight Oils fan but I do have an original copy of this album in very good condition. I must say some of the rock albums recorded in the 70s and 80s do sound really good. I’ve got Red Sails spinning now. I’ll put forward another candidate from the same era (possibly even the same year) - Dragon, Body and the beat.
  14. Whatmough p28-SE

    Try ask your local Hifi store or maybe reach out to Whatmough themselves for help. I love the Whatmough house sound. I’ve had a pair of Whatmough P33 signatures for over 5 years now and still love the music they produce. Good luck and enjoy your purchase.
  15. My System this morning

    Super tweeters?