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  1. I use a Roon Nucleus+ feeding a Devialet amp via Ethernet. I use tidal and my own ripped and downloaded tracks. Initially these were stored on an external HDD plugged into the USB port. Now these have been moved to a NAS drive. The only USB output I’ve tried is with a chord Mojo as a headphone amplifier. All of this has worked with no issues and sounds great. why choose the Nucleus? I was prepared to pay a premium for a product that was already set up and optimised for the purpose I needed it for rather than buy a NUC and have to configure and optimise it myself.
  2. Do you remember what sort of SQ improvements you heard from the changes? Do you have any opinion on what may have caused those improvements? Could they be put down to reduced wow and flutter?
  3. I don’t hear any benefit on a belt driven turntable but I’m prepared to accept that the benefit could be masked by other factors. E. Belt slippage. Your phono stage could definitely benefit from power conditioning. The argument goes that any decently designed component should have a sufficiently regulated power supply to clean up the power before its used by components processing the music signal. I guess it’s another variable on whether we hear benefits or not.
  4. I use an Isotek power conditioner which has 2 16A outputs and 4 10A outputs. I use the 2 16A outputs for Devialet 400 amplifier and plug my sub directly into the power socket. The concern with plugging an amplifier into 10A socket is whether it has capacity to meet the peak current demands on the amplifier. I’m also not sure what benefit you’d get using a power conditioner with a turntable. The power feed in a turntable is used to spin the platter. It doesn’t touch the musical signal. Do you notice any improvement with vinyl replay? The benefits of power conditioning on music replay are controversial. If you can hear an improvement, stick with it.
  5. I listen to wide range of music across jazz, blues, pop and rock genres. I rarely listen to music above moderate volumes. I’m not sure that “fattening up the sound” would be the right description. There’s certainly a musical warmth to the sound. I find they have a strong bottom end, an open mid range with maybe a little less treble than some other headphones.
  6. I suggest you remove your phone number and send me a PM.
  7. Have you looked at the Naim unity core.
  8. I have one from a CD player that I’d be willing to sell. I just can’t find the original packaging atm.
  9. A fantastic series. I was on leave last week and binge watched all of season 5. It’s just as good as previous seasons.
  10. I assume the OR in the title stands for Oregon.
  11. I’m streaming it now on Tidal. It sounds great. I know you said it was jazz/funk/fusion but that album cover art and @Tubularbells well known love of heavy metal had me expecting something different.
  12. One day, maybe. For now I’m keeping things as simple as I can.
  13. After reading @Darren69 system thread, I've decided to look at what I can do optimise the sound of the Neucleus+. I've started by ordering a Keces P8 linear power supply for it. It should arrive in 2 - 3 weeks time. Hopefully it won't take me 15 months to comments on what I think of it. I'll also start looking at the streaming threads around ethernet cable and switch quality as these have now become key components in my system.
  14. So I meant to give an update on the Nucleus a few weeks after the purchase. I've now been living with it for over a year and absolutely love it. The initial plan was to point the Nucleus to the Naim unity serv where all of my CDs had been ripped and a NAS drive where I had an assortment of hi res and MP3 music. Unfortunately the Nucleus wouldn't talk to the Unity serv and therefore I plugged in a backup of the music on an external HDD via one of the USB ports and all went fine from there. I've recently migrated all my music to the NAS drive. It detected my Devialet LE 400 and that set up via an ethernet switch went without a hitch. I also became a subscriber to Tidal. The combination of Roon and Tidal gives easy access to so much music. More than you could ever listen to in a life time. Any album or artist I have an interest in, a quick search and I can be listening to it in no time at all. If I like it, I can save it like any other album in my collection. Just brilliant! Roon suggests other music you may like that is similar to the music you're playing. A great way of discovering new artists and music. Initially I was a bit disappointed with the Internet radio service Roon offered but this has been greatly improved with a recent upgrade.
  15. Welcome Nik! I’ve used the Mojo with with the PM-3 headphones for a couple of years now and love the combination. I had the mojo when I auditioned headphones and found the combination to my tastes. I haven’t heard it with Focal headphones but I suspect they’d work quite well together.
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