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  1. jt301

    NBN Grumpy is Grumpy

    You’re filling me with dread Grumpy. I got a card from Optus this week telling me nbn is coming to my suburb in about 6 months and staying with Optus is easy. Optus will guide me through the whole connection process. Oh dear😥
  2. jt301

    Monitor Audio

    I picked up a pair of GS10s earlier this year for a second system. They sound really good even with an average amplifier.
  3. jt301

    Phil Collins Not Dead Yet Tour

    I’m pretty sure I went to see him the last time he was in Oz but tickets were way too expensive for me this time around.
  4. I’ve got the same combination of components and Moon Audio was where I got my cable from.
  5. I bought mine from Sydney HiFi Castle Hill. Just looking at their website, they’re still selling 8 Gaia II feet for $806. There’s a big jump in price to the Gaia I though at $1899.
  6. I added the Gaia II under my Whatmough P33 signature speakers sitting on a floating wood floor. I found they opened up the soundstage resulting in a perceived improvement in the clarity of vocals that normally sit centre stage. They do have a suction cup type effect which sticks the speaker to the floor and allows some alarming movement left to right. This makes it harder to move the speakers around but also makes it far less likely that anyone can ever accidentally knock them over. A definite bonus for tall, narrow speakers like these.
  7. jt301

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Moving on from the excess folksiness of Joni Mitchell and her album Blue to the excesses of prog rock with Emerson, Lake and Palmer and the album Pictures at the Exhibition.
  8. jt301

    Naim Uniti Core

    Interesting Daz. The convenience only comes after you’ve gone through this pain. It’s all a learning experience. How are you editing the metadata? Are you using a Naim app or other Naim software?
  9. jt301

    Naim Uniti Core

    Hey Daz, I’ve used the previous naim unityserv for a few years now. I believe it was based on windows software and gets pretty hot. It’s started to have an occasional glitch recently but it’s performed pretty reliably over the period. I understand the new core is completely changed. I hope it works well for you. Enjoy!
  10. jt301

    My System this morning

    That’s probably not Geelong. 😛
  11. jt301

    PS Audio vs Devialet

    Agreed. As a suggestion. Maybe work through a selection of DACs and decide which you prefer with your current amp / speakers. So far that would seem to be the Grob. Then compare this combination to a devialet.
  12. jt301

    My System this morning

    I’d love to join you on that bus.
  13. jt301

    PS Audio vs Devialet

    @Mike13 what amp are you currently using?
  14. jt301

    PS Audio vs Devialet

    Any analogue signal is immediately converted to digital via its ADC, processed and then converted back via the devialets DAC.