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  1. Why don’t you set up your own system thread and tell your story there. I think you’ll find there’s a number of people here who’d be interested in reading it. btw they’re great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Oh dear, the foot fetish trend is back again. 😱😂
  3. I’ve been a regular watcher of Paul McGowan’s YouTube channel for a number of months now. What I think he does so well is distilling potentially complex and technical subjects into something most people can understand and he does it in a friendly and engaging manner. He’s a good story teller. Thats is exactly what he’s done this book which gives it the impression of being a beginners guide. I’ve also read Jim Smith’s Get Better Sound. They both cover basically the same areas but Jim goes down to a lower level of technical detail with some subjects which Paul never does.
  4. It looks absolutely fantastic. You’ve done an amazing job given the condition it was in when you picked it up. ? For something called “The Resurrection”, I think the timing of your photos is out by one day. The resurrection happened on Easter Sunday, didn’t it? ?
  5. Do the Buddha’s make your system sound more pure. ?
  6. I’m very happy with my system. The last couple of years have been more about optimising what I have but I’m now I’m finished with that as well. No further changes are planned. However, if I could find a way of treating my room that would be acceptable to my better half . . . . .
  7. Nothing to do with sound quality. Everything to do with me being lazy.
  8. Afraid so. I’ve recently updated mine with shunyata venom nr v10 power cables but I leave off the back strip that covers the connections.
  9. I’m looking for cohesive, balanced sound across the frequency range. This probably relates closely to the tonal accuracy mentioned already. I’m also looking for dynamic ability, both macro and micro. I’m surprised dynamics haven’t been mentioned earlier.
  10. Welcome to SNA. It’s great to read a real introduction for a change.
  11. I bought a pair Gaia II’s for my Whatmough P33 signatures a couple of years ago. At the time I’d been playing around tweeks to assist with resonance control in components. Most, however, only made very subtle differences if any. Not so, the Gaia’s. They made a clearly audible improvement.
  12. This brings back fond memories. It was my first hifi integrated amp after starting with an AVR receiver. A great improvement. GLWS Ken
  13. I remember David Price, UK hifi reviewer who uses the NS1000m in his main system, talking about how challenging it was to find the right amplifier for them. His preference was a relatively powerful solid state class A amplifier. I’m a little surprised at those sensitivity ratings as this is infinite baffle/sealed box speaker. A great speaker though, well ahead of its time.
  14. These wouldn’t happen to be purchased from @wikeeboy who was also running them with TADs? I’d be interested in your view of the phono stage. It seems to be considered good but not great.
  15. Possibly the final bit of the puzzle for my digital sources. An English Electric audiophile switch arrived today and has been installed.
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