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  1. My quote was from a professional review in HiFi choice magazine, not an informal review in an online discussion by Neville Nobody. I guess my point is when it comes professional reviews they should be following accepted standards when making statements like this to avoid reader confusion.
  2. I’m reading a review of the Elac Debut B6.2 speakers by Adam Smith and I quote “I started with it positioned around 30cm from my rear wall and 60cm from the sides”. The speakers themselves are nearly 27cm deep, so is Adam saying the rear of the speaker is 3cm from the rear (front) wall or 30cm? I suspect the latter. its no wonder the Op gets a bit confused.
  3. I haven’t joined NBN yet so I did connect to an “operator” who told me he was with Telstra. This immediately made me suspicious as I’m with Optus. He then told me my phone line and internet service will be down for a couple of weeks as there’s errors showing on the line and malicious data going across it. I’ve heard that scam before and told him that’s BS. When I asked him for details that I use to contact Telstra and verify this, he hung up.
  4. I just got this call this call this afternoon. It’s absolutely a scam.
  5. I’m similar. I’ve got 3 main music sources. Roon nucleus+ for file based music, a TT for vinyl and Oppo for CD, bluray, DVD. I reckon 90% of my music listening is done through Roon, 10% vinyl and next to never through the Oppo - primarily there as a back up if something disasterous happens to music files / network.
  6. Never ever again. . . . Until next time😎
  7. A valve power amp in Darwin - some like it hot! BTW a lovely neat looking set up you have.
  8. I use my mojo with a Fiio x3 gen 2 and a set of Oppo pm3 headphones. The Fiio by itself is quite good but mojo makes a clear improvement. It takes away a slight digital edge and makes the music more relaxed and natural.
  9. I’ve often described this hobby as being like an addiction. We’re a bunch of addicts.
  10. I’ve never considered doing this and don’t know if you’d do any harm to the amp if you ran it without speakers attached. Maybe someone else can answer this. It certainly wouldn’t be simplifying your system if that’s your aim. If you like the sound of your tube amplification, I’d certainly recommend you listen to one in your system before you commit to buying one. The devialet is almost the opposite end of what is considered to be a traditional ‘tube’ sound.
  11. My point is that RCA can be configured in different ways. Co ax digital inputs, analogue inputs or pre outputs. Analogue inputs obviously use 2 of them which means you can run out of connectors quickly. You’ll be using the internal DAC regardless as all analogue signals are converted to a digital signal immediately before being processed then converted back.
  12. Hi Sean, I don’t think you’d have any problems driving your speakers with any of the range. Just be aware the lowest model (LE 120 or LE140 Pro) probably won’t have the pre out option for a sub woofer. They also have limited input / output connections on the back. They’re very flexible in how they’re configured but you run out RCA connections quickly if you start using analog connections. Just make sure you have the connections you need with whatever model you choose. Maybe play around on the devialet configurator online to see how each model can be set up. Jeff
  13. What better way of waiting for a plumber to arrive than listening to some cruisy jazz through a newly installed nucleus+.
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