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  1. GTG Sydney - Scuzzii's

    At this stage I believe I’ll have to work on the 27th and therefore I won’t be able to attend. I’ll let you know if that changes.
  2. GTG Sydney - Scuzzii's

    I’m still keen to have a listen. 21st should be okay for me.
  3. Oops. I stand corrected. I always thought Dragon was an Australian band. It wouldn’t be the first time a kiwi has been claimed as Australian.
  4. I’ve never been a big Midnight Oils fan but I do have an original copy of this album in very good condition. I must say some of the rock albums recorded in the 70s and 80s do sound really good. I’ve got Red Sails spinning now. I’ll put forward another candidate from the same era (possibly even the same year) - Dragon, Body and the beat.
  5. Whatmough p28-SE

    Try ask your local Hifi store or maybe reach out to Whatmough themselves for help. I love the Whatmough house sound. I’ve had a pair of Whatmough P33 signatures for over 5 years now and still love the music they produce. Good luck and enjoy your purchase.
  6. My System this morning

    Super tweeters?
  7. FS: two turntables

    @kffern better to send your details in a PM rather than leave private info on a public forum. I’d suggest you delete your phone number from the above post.
  8. Where was your lunch location today?

    Lunch today at the Camelia TeaGardens.
  9. I’ve got the cartridge set up now and can finally just sit back and enjoy the music.
  10. Is that an Ebony? Niiiiice!! I'm a Benz fan- I use a Wood SL with electronic scales with no ill effect. The platform that you lower the stylus onto appears to be stainless steel (ie non ferrous). I'd think that ferrous elements in stylus force scales is a serious design flaw? Worth asking the manufacturer what the devil is going on. You’ve got me thinking now and that’s always dangerous. 🤔 Time to get out a magnet and experiment.
  11. Awesome Xmas present. Thanks mate. I’ve been spinning a few albums tonight to get a handle on how it sounds. The cartridge is certainly a bit warmer than the previous Clearaudio cartridge which is a good thing. It de-emphasises the clicks and crackles that can annoy me with vinyl. It also provides a clearly different sound from digital which is what I was looking for.
  12. After being given the Benz phono cartridge for Christmas, I got around to installing it today. I didn’t realise until after I’d bought it how much heavier it is than the original Clearaudio cartridge on the turntable. I had to put the tonearm weight quite a long way back. The second issue was the strong exposed magnets made the electronic stylus force gauge useless. As I started to lower the stylus down on to it, it went into negative. I mustn’t be first or only one to come across this issue. How have others dealt with this?
  13. A big thank you to Marc and moderators (sounds like a good name for a 60s / 70s revivals band) who make this such a great site for all to enjoy. Merry Christmas
  14. GTG Sydney - Scuzzii's

    I’d to love to attend.
  15. HF or LF

    Yes mate, it certainly is. It’s harder to get a photo of this but I’ve a given it go.