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  1. jt301

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Moving on from the excess folksiness of Joni Mitchell and her album Blue to the excesses of prog rock with Emerson, Lake and Palmer and the album Pictures at the Exhibition.
  2. jt301

    Naim Uniti Core

    Interesting Daz. The convenience only comes after you’ve gone through this pain. It’s all a learning experience. How are you editing the metadata? Are you using a Naim app or other Naim software?
  3. jt301

    Naim Uniti Core

    Hey Daz, I’ve used the previous naim unityserv for a few years now. I believe it was based on windows software and gets pretty hot. It’s started to have an occasional glitch recently but it’s performed pretty reliably over the period. I understand the new core is completely changed. I hope it works well for you. Enjoy!
  4. jt301

    My System this morning

    That’s probably not Geelong. 😛
  5. jt301

    PS Audio vs Devialet

    Agreed. As a suggestion. Maybe work through a selection of DACs and decide which you prefer with your current amp / speakers. So far that would seem to be the Grob. Then compare this combination to a devialet.
  6. jt301

    My System this morning

    I’d love to join you on that bus.
  7. jt301

    PS Audio vs Devialet

    @Mike13 what amp are you currently using?
  8. jt301

    PS Audio vs Devialet

    Any analogue signal is immediately converted to digital via its ADC, processed and then converted back via the devialets DAC.
  9. Or at least mount the TV on the wall. Or maybe consider a dedicated wall mounted shelf for your turntable.
  10. I share your enthusiasm of Benz Micro cartridges and I’m sure people would think it’s also overkill putting a BM Ruby Z cartridge on a Clearaudio Performance SE turntable. However I’m spending a lot more time listening to vinyl than I used to and therefore reckon it’s been a great investment. I also understand why you’d be upset at being judged wrongly by a hifi dealer based on your race/clothes you were wearing/ car you were driving. However aren’t you doing the exact same thing by pronouncing most other high end hifi dealers (of which I assume you’ve had no dealings with) as con artists or sales cowboys? Isn’t that being just a bit hypocritical?
  11. jt301

    How is Devialet Expert 1000 Pro?

    I’ve used a devialet amp for a few years now to drive my Whatmough P33 signatures. Originally with the 200 and then upgraded to the 400. Personally I think combination sounds pretty darn good. To your point though my speakers aren’t super high end. Value is something everyone has to judge for themselves but the combination of sound quality and flexibility the devialet offers goes some way in justifying its price tag. Reservations? The manuals are rubbish and tell you nothing on how best to take advantage of the amps facilities. The website has some useful information, if you know where to find it. It’s primary purpose seems to be marketing. Apart from that the amps do get very warm / hot which makes you wonder about long term reliability.
  12. jt301

    Kyron Audio - Kronos System GTG

    It’s not often that I wished I lived in Adelaide? I’m sure all who attend will have a great time.
  13. jt301

    Thoughts on upgrading

    Keep an eye out for a second hand Creek amplifier as they’re designed by the same person who designed your speakers (Mike Creek) and I would assume they would have a good synergistic match with your speakers. Unfortunately they don’t come up too often in the classifieds but you may get lucky.
  14. jt301

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Fresh out of Okki Nokki VCRM and on to the platter is: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Couldn’t Stand The Weather