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  1. Dirac is room correction. These have their own version of room correction on top of what I was talking about. Eg. you change these speakers from 2.5 way speakers to 3 way speakers just with a configuration download.
  2. I love the idea of being able to download different DSP settings to a USB key and simply load them into the speaker to get a slightly different presentation to the sound. I think they currently had 5 different configurations available on their site with more to come. This won’t suit the audio purist but so often audiophiles aren’t so much after an upgrade to our system, but just something different. Great innovation.
  3. I’m sure it is for normal people, not audiophiles.
  4. I ordered a few audioquest cinnanon Ethernet cables the weekend before last to between my NAS drive, Nucleus+, Devialet amp and the ethernet switch. They arrived Tuesday and I installed them immediately. I’m glad I did or they may not have got installed for a couple of months. Thursday lunchtime I went for a walk and tripped and fell on an uneven path. I was a bit embarrassed and shocked but I didn’t think it was serious. When I went to get up I couldn’t move my left arm very far and my left shoulder was hurting. Well I’ve just come out of hospital and a 7 hour operation to repair a comminuted fracture of glenoid bone (shoulder joint). I’ve done the same to my scapular bone. I’m now home facing several weeks of having my arm in a sling. Listening to music on my system this afternoon and oh my god it sounded good. Even my wife, who normally switches off when I play music, commented on how good David Gilmours Rattle that lock album sounded. And she doesn’t know about the cable upgrades.
  5. What a wonderfull write up there @BrownMagic I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experiences even though i’m SS amp audiophile through and through. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your journey.
  6. I’m saddened to hear you were forced into early hifi retirement especially since you’d achieved end game system but I do understand that family must come first. I’d love to be able to take these lovely speakers off your hands. I reckon I could get away with driving them with my Devialet 400 but alas it’s just not gonna happen. GLWS
  7. I listened to these speakers back in 2006 when I first became interested in this hobby and was looking for my first set of speakers. From memory, the concept range was Dali’s budget range. The Concept 10 was either the top or second top speaker in that range. Dali is a respected Danish loudspeaker manufacturer. Personally I found another speaker in the same price range that I liked more but really all that’s important is whether you like the speakers or not.
  8. Welcome Kenny! I don’t think you know quite how deep that rabbit hole goes. All I can say is embrace it and enjoy the journey.
  9. Hi Peter, Audio Solutions at Mascot isn’t too far away from Apollo HiFi. Might be worth a visit.
  10. I also remember someone trying to write a prequel series to Dune but it wasn’t written by Frank and I just couldn’t get into it.
  11. I’m a huge fan of the books and the first movie of the first book wasn’t too bad. I don’t get too excited about many movies these days but this one might pique my interest. It’d be great if they covered the whole first trilogy in a series of movies like they did with the Lord of the Rings.
  12. Looking good, Chris. I’d certainly be interested in knowing what components you ended up with.
  13. I’d generally agree with @rantan. You’d generally be better to spend your budget on a better speaker cable, taking a small section from it for links. Having said that, I tri wire my Whatmough speakers based on a strong recommendation from Whatmough.
  14. Obviously a man (or woman) of few words but come on, don’t be shy. Tell us why you joined. Welcome to SNA. Please enjoy.
  15. If you’re enjoying what you’ve got, there’s no need to rush your upgrade. My advice is to you is to go out and listen to as many different speakers / setups as you can. No need to be too analytical about it. Relax and find the speakers you really enjoy listening to. The ones that engage you emotionally. I think you’ll end up finding speaker(s) that you want to listen to again. Don’t resist. Do it. Given time the speakers may end up choosing themselves.
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