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  1. Probably as much to do with Devialet amp / phono stage plus speakers as it does to do with the cartridge. I like it clean and refined (the term I’d prefer than polite). You’re right though, it’s not like testing something in your own system.
  2. I agree with Sir Sanders Zingmore. You need to get out and listen to as many speakers as you can and find out what appeals to you. FWIW - personally I like the house sound of Whatmough speakers. I’ve also lived with Orpheus speakers. They’d be my 2 choices of what’s been mentioned here.
  3. Mr R? How many SNAers do you know who live in Mortdale?
  4. Well maybe not in your system but I have a Benz in my system which you had a listen to.
  5. For exactly $600 I managed to pick up a pair of Monitor Audio GD10s from a fellow SNA member a couple of years ago. Take your time. Keep an eye on the for sale section and listen to as many speakers as you can within your budget. Find out what you like before you buy.
  6. That’s the same approach I take and I’m sure many others do the same, but I like to keep the CDs as a physical backup.
  7. I can’t tell you how effective they are but they do get warm.
  8. I purchased nucleus+ last April with a life time Roon subscription along with a tidal subscription. It feeds my devialet amplifier via an Ethernet connection. It integrates music I have stored on a USB hard drive plugged into the back plus a NAS drive seemlessly with albums I decide I like from Tidal. The recent Roon upgrade has improved both the functionality of Roon radio and the usability of internet radio. The only issues I have are network related which are hard assign blame for, but more likely related to my internal network set up. Personally I love it. It’s the hub of my digital world. I think the sound is primarily that of my amplifier, speakers and room,
  9. GLWS Sean. I’ll be interested to see in what direction you go next.
  10. I beg to differ but I’d go up one model to the Giya G3. The Beolab 90 on the other hand is . . . A speaker with looks only its mother could love.
  11. Do you know what it is you’re trying achieve once you’ve finished upgrading?
  12. Scott, I wonder if you had say a Tidal feed into your A system and set up a playlist of the same songs that you have on cassette, would you enjoy it as much as the cassette playing on your C system?
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