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  1. What better way of waiting for a plumber to arrive than listening to some cruisy jazz through a newly installed nucleus+.
  2. My dp p2 failed at the end of last year. I replaced it with a fetch mighty which I’m happy with.
  3. A new plain black box has appeared in my system. I’ve been roon’d.
  4. But your ears may love you for it!!
  5. Welcome Jeff from Sydney from another Jeff from Sydney. If you want to stay away from speakers I’d suggest you don’t go listening to any other SNA members system. Once you get on that slippery slope . . . . .
  6. I’ve been watching and really enjoying The Bureau. On to the fourth season now.
  7. The unit is 35mm high. My speakers are lifted about 50mm off the ground. A bit more than they would be with spikes supplied.
  8. 12 years ago I made my first HiFi purchase, a Denon AVR 2807 with a pair of Orpheus Aurora 3.2 signature edition speakers. I was hooked from the first time I played a CD through my DVD player. 2 years later, on 10th of February 2009, I joined Stereonet. HiFi magazines and this forum have fed my addiction to this hobby ever since. I may not be regular contributor to the forum but rarely a day goes by without me dropping in at least once to see what’s happening. It’s been a great community to be a part of. A big thanks to everyone for the advice and friendship given to me over the years.
  9. Yes, the Gaia is supposed to decouple the speaker from the floor. It’s a bit more sophisticated than just a “squishy” substance under the speaker. At least I hope so for the price but there doesn’t seem to be much detail around on exactly how they work.
  10. Hi Jason, Input impedance (the knob) needs to be set low. Maybe start at 10 and then experiment, adjusting it by ear. Ortofon recommend > 20 ohms. Some other members here maybe able to explain what you’re listening out for. The next switch set to On The next set to V. The next will normally be set to RIAA. The next should be set to 60 if you’re connected via RCA. 56 if you’ve connected by XLR. The switches at the back of phono can be ignored for your cartridge. Let us know how you go. regards Jeff
  11. @buddyev I know you’re looking for a cheap solution and I don’t have one. I do have a similar situation with 45kg speakers on a floating floor. Adding IsoAcoustic Gaia II feet made a significant improvement to the sound quality. Of all the tweaks and products I’ve tried, this is only one I can say that of. They’re not cheap though. BTW I have no financial interest in IsoAcoustic nor does anyone I know.
  12. That looks so much better, Ian. Good to hear it’s also resolved that annoying buzz.
  13. Welcome! You’ll know you’re an audiophile when you find yourself constantly thinking about how to improve the sound quality of your system and suffering regular bouts of upgraditis. Or you catch yourself comparing the sound quality of different versions of the same album. Enjoy the journey.
  14. My components are in a low AV unit rather than a Hi-Fi rack - the one concession to my better half on my hobby. The components are a mix of sizes, shapes and colours and this doesn’t disturb me one bit. However being forced to move my TV, that sits on top of the AV unit, off centre to be able to sit my turntable on as well, irritates me no end.
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