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  1. Ive been buying 1 or 2 blu-rays a week to try and build up my collection. The ones with the best sound quality I've heard so far are Cloverfield - the bass in this is actually scary to me...it sounds so real Kill Bill 1 5th Element I, Robot Iron Man
  2. There is a freeware version of DVDShrink for pc that has been faultless for many years, rips everything I have thrown at it. You can still download it of the net. Just be wary of the hacked versions floating around. For mac there are the freeware programs Handbrake and MacTheRipper. Handbrake is slower but works on almost anything, and all it does is rip, not burn.
  3. Yes I just bought one of these, the picture is lovely, though not as nice as the pioneer, its full 1080p resolution too. One thing i like about it is the HD tuner in it, also tunes the old analog TV stations too, so you can get the independant broadcasters who havent moved to digital yet. The TV itself is extremely heavy, took 2 of us to lift it onto its stand.
  4. You can use Toslink for everything, CD/DVD/Blu-ray, except you will only get standard DD/DTS over TosLink instead of HD DD/DTS. However, if you use the analog to feed your amp you will also get the HD DD/DTS. From what I've seen, its a bit of a ****, as it comes down to how well the blu-ray was produced. My Eagles Live SD DVD beats the pants off my other couple of blu-ray music videos.
  5. I too bought the CA 640R a few months back. Extremely pleased with the sound quality, though it does get a bit hot. It doesn't carry audio over HDMI, so if you want to play blu-ray HD formats you need to feed it analog, so I'm using a Pioneer BDP-51FD for that. Personally I picked the CA as I don't want 2 setups, and wanted a AV receiver good enough to play stereo CDs and I'd rather pay for better sound than for stacks of features of which most I'll never use. Bad part is going to the cinema's isnt the same thrill anymore, as the HT sounds better now :mad:
  6. I had the previous model Lacie Cinema... it was awful. The menu system was awful. Video output was awful. It was slow as hell if you had a bunch of movies in 1 folder, and the worst part it would only play AVI files ( but only if they were divx encoded ). I since tried a PS3 and the new Mac Mini as a media server, both are brilliant! Especially when you team up Plex with the Mac Mini, its awesome!
  7. I'd love to get the Osborn centre too, but its not cheap! Which is why I am looking at alternatives... but perhaps I should just save more
  8. Hi I had a quick scan on ebay and was looking for a centre speaker to match my new Osborne Super F4s... my current Mirage centre doesn't hack it anymore. I found these all being sold by the same seller Paradigm CC390 KRIX Centrix Whatmough PO6 All are priced fairly evenly... any suggestions which one would be a better match ? My AV Receiver is a CA 640R
  9. Oh I didnt know that about the bass management in the pioneer. It that a firmware bug they are going to fix soon ? I always wondered when I did a sound level setup in the pioneer the LFE channel was almost inaudible. Somethings fishy here though, if I play a standard CD, plenty of bass gets delivered to the sub, but on some blu-rays, the bass does seem ultra light.
  10. Not an old receiver at all Cambridge Audio 640R, it only does video over hdmi though, but still the music sounds better if the Pioneer decodes regular dvd/cds than if I let the receiver do it...
  11. Yes indeed I am What I am saying is everything sounds better, even SD CDs, DVDs and with Blu-ray and you get the benefit as you said the player decodes the HD as well. I'm guessing the Wolfson DACs in the pioneer is making the difference!
  12. I have the Pioneer 51 connected to the reciever via 6 analog cables for 5.1 HT using the multichannel out option on the Pioneer player. I'm not sure why, but sound quality is better than doing it with a toslink connection. Its a easy to hear difference. Even the wife can hear the difference within mere seconds I also have a PS3 as part of the system which is used as a media storage device, but its sound quality is not so great by comparison. To be honest, I don't why its so different. I managed to acquire on of those Ultradisc 2 CDs from rockian the other day, and playing this CD via toslink it sounded great, but compared to playing it via analog outs (which sounded awesome), the toslink made the guitar sound boxy ( perhaps a restricted soundstage is the better word) I use the same multichannel analog output for both blu-ray and audio CDs.
  13. Hi Hellgrind I'm not sure how good the dac's are on the Yamaha, but compared to the doc's on my Cambridge Audio 640R, which I think are Cyrus dacs the Pioneer 51's wolfson dacs are clearly better sounding to me. I run everything analog out now and it sounds awesome, even for audio CD's. I use the reciever for amp duties only. Id suggest taking your Pioneer 51 to a store that has the Yamaha, connect it analog and digitically and switch back and forth to see if you can hear a difference.
  14. New centre speaker here. After getting the Osborn Super F4s, my 4 month old Mirage centre speaker ( which sounded great before ) suddenly sounds quite outclassed and not as revealing I guess I'm being fussy, its not that bad. Back to ebay I go...
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