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  1. Item: Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amp, with upgraded KT120 tubes, remote and grill cover. Gold Coast, QLD. Price: $2750 Used, excellent working condition. Reason for selling: Reducing my stereo equipment, hardly used in the last 2 years Payment Method: Pickup preferred - COD or Bank transfer Only. $25 SNA donation inclusive. Extra Info:Once rated by Stereophile as the best tube amp at any price. Built like a tank, big power reserves and sounds great with everything. Also supports EL34, KT120, KT150 tubes. Works in triode or ultralinear mode at the press of a button on the remote, auto-biasing circuit and bad tube indicators. Can also work as a power amp with HT bypass, the unique circuit allows the input signal to completely ignore the pre-amp stage. This thing ways a ton so local pick up prefered, but I'll box it up beautifully and it can be ready for pick up should you choose to arrange a courier. Has a couple of very minor cosmetic scratches/chips but is otherwise in perfect condition and sounds amazing. Estimate 35 kilos boxed.
  2. That doesn't sound as painful as I was thinking it might be, that might be the simplest way forward, cheers
  3. Lol, I didn't have my glasses on when looking at the front knobs. Only need them for reading and close up but it was all a blur, 😁 Cheers
  4. Please remove from sale, I've decided to keep it. An equivalent cost phono alone is not as good so I'll keep it as a spare instead, thanks.
  5. I previously removed the rear screws but it still didn't come apart, looks like the front knobs have to come off as well, looks like a very tiny grub screw or similar but I haven't got the correct bit. I'll suss out those links you sent and have a closer look, thanks heaps
  6. Not sure, maybe its been updated? If you're sending yours to him, and yours is a few years old or older, I'd suggest you get him to do the battery at the same time, might save some heart ache down the track? Thanks guys
  7. Hi all Anyone ever replaced a battery in a Nighthawk? Mine has died and they're a tricky little sucker to open up so I emailed Ray Samuels and he explained the battery is soldered into place and the charger will have to be replaced as well. He will do it no problems, only issue is that then involves postage back and forwards to the US and who knows how long that will take. Thought someone here is bound to have gone through this before and maybe there's a local solution?? Cheers in advance.
  8. Agreed. The Kenny stuff is every bit as good as/or better than most of the Japanese brands but they just don't get the recognition they deserve.
  9. Hi Just reading your story here from a while back, hope things worked out ok? I've got a 7010, I see you've got one and a 9010 as well, nice! Beautiful decks, when I bought mine a few years back I was chasing a 9010, reading here tonight tho I can't remember now what the differences were? Owning both I presume you know?Checking the net now there's very little info. Was the 7010 virtually identical just with minor cosmetic differences? Cheers Tricky.
  10. Price reduced to $475 if anyone's interested? Includes $25 SNA donation, really want to sell it here but if not, off to eBay this weekend, thanks.
  11. I've used them many times, they are cheap and the service excellent in my personal experience.
  12. Item: Rotel RC Pre Amp Location: Gold Coast, Qld Price: $550. NOW $475 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not used in several years, clearing out the Audio cupboard. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: IMHO the phono input alone on this unit is as good as anything up to $1K that I've experienced and I've owned and auditioned many different phonos. Local pick up prefered but feel free to arrange "Pack and Send", I'll help at this end. IME they pack better than I can and are crazy cheap. https://www.packsend.com.au/ There is a couple of minor external cosmetic blemishes, they do look worse in the photo than in the flesh, and some of the writing is worn on the remote, but the unit functions flawlessly. RC-1550 Preamplifier Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 100 kHz (+0, -3dB) Phono Input: 20 Hz to 20 kHz IM Distortion @ 1V out Input Sensitivity and Impedance Phono (MM) 1.2mV/68k Ohms Line Level Inputs 150mV @24k Ohms Phono Overload (MC/MM) 70mV Output Sensitivity/Impedance 1V/100 Ohms Tone/Contour Controls Bass +3,+4dB at 100Hz Treble +3@ 10kHz in Signal to Noise Ratio (IHF "A") Phono (MC/MM) 70dB Line Level 95dB Dimensions: 17 x 4 x 13.5 (WxHxD inches) Shipping Weight 15.8 lbs. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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