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  1. Took some time for them to arrive down under. Beautiful valves, they look NOS too. Thanks again @xlr8or!
  2. Rythmik F8 in piano black $1,000 each or $1,700 a pair: https://www.aussieaudiomart.com/details/649722207-rythmik-audio-f8-audiophile-subwoofers/
  3. What a generous response! And wow! What a fun and educative rolling experience you got there. There you go peeps. One of the perks having a valve amp like this one is that you'll always have fun and not to mention they are beautiful to look at (and sound wonderful too!). Thanks again. We are very lucky to have you here. Have a wonderful and safe Easter break.
  4. Hear here... Been hunting for Tung Sol 6550 black plate for ages but no luck. I'd save my money to buy old stock valves rather than spending on new productions to be frank. But hey, Mr Kirk says the EH 6550 is not too bad so who am I to argue 😄
  5. Thanks Kirk. I wonder if you explore the universe to get all these wonderful information about valves, haha... I understand that the long plate 12AX7 is expensive to get, particularly Mullards if I am not wrong, so normally I'd go for 5751 due to lower gain and also price. Any comment on your personal preference between 12AX7/ECC83/5751? Cheers mate.
  6. Thank you Mr. Evil. I got the information about the valves from your previous sale. You said you got one in your stable, did you ever sell yours? Any chance for internal pics? @evil c @Ktony I read that it's point to point wiring but I've never seen it. Cheers, Will
  7. Looks like 6P1, 12AX7 and 5670 valves. Asking our resident expert @xlr8or for best valve options for those 3 valves? I think I am keen on the amp, an Australian built amp is quality.
  8. Maybe because OP had already had his mind set on getting the speakers but looking for more online "support"(?). Nothing wrong with that and it's his money to spend on whatever he wants. Hope OP enjoys his new speakers. I, for one though, feel like the Audio Note would kill any other speakers when set up at corners. My preference, my music. Cheers
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