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  1. Try looking at bluesound great allrounder . https://paulmoney.co.nz/product/bluesound-node-2-music-streamer/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwr4beBRDNARIsAGZaZ5dP7v5mDFp1vTdtfQ0PxeHwFBh_Q_Fwe2TK_Cmedx-0CmnLanHVhEgaAua1EALw_wcB
  2. Hi all my mate is selling off some of his toys to fund his new purchase. He has 3 tt and 3 sets of speakers so something has to go. There are some great bits the turntables are very cool and so are the speakers. Hes still making his mind up regarding the amp and speakers hes going to keep Check this out and other listings .If you want to call him PM me. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1773291636 https://www.trademe.co.nz/1773334078 https://www.trademe.co.nz/1773310434
  3. Go tube pre ss power imho gives you more control over the drivers.
  4. Well after a couple of months with the dac4 in my system I have to say its probably the best single piece of audio gear I have ever bought. I took it to a good mates place and plugged it into his system (hes still got it lol wont give it back) in front of his 9watt boarder patrol amp and 15" tannoy golds. To say it made s huge difference in his as well would be an understatement. He was supposed to start selling some of his other kit but thought he would "check " it was still working fine. Well it also made his image revalations with the 250watt maclaren mono blocks sound sweeter than it ever has. Now hes in a quandary as what to sell to buy the dac4. We compared speaker leads, interconnects and everything we changed could be heard clearly. We even compared with his turntable which he loves needless to say hes not so much in love with it now as the dac4 beat it hands down for sound quality. When you are comparing a tt with a dac as a rule the tt of that caliber will have an edge and sound slightly sweeter. Well this was the opposite and the dac was just clean and liquid sounding. The top end is to die for it takes the sibilance away and leaves just the notes if you know what I mean . Actuality the bass and mids are just a good highly recommend if it's a dac pre you are looking for fabulous.
  5. Wow what a room . Great to be able to compare with the same front end. I have had a few through my room over the years mainly Vaf research ,but would love to go back and try them all again with the front end I have now. I would one day love to have another listen to the wilsons as I only spent 15minutes in a hifi shop . Fabulous sounding watt puppys .
  6. Wow would be an interesting comparison thoughts so far?
  7. Still try tidal through Roon I think you will be impressed I am.
  8. Awesome player wow . Is that an Oppo 203 I see? If so worth trying an optical or coaxial cable to the CD player. Then download the free trial of both tidal and roon. The oppo is a roon compatible machine this will give you the new mqa tidal album's which imho sound great . They stream at 24bit and I get up to 96 khz . So better than redhook CD.
  9. Is there any way to use the dacs on your CD player from an external source? Bodhi ?
  10. Well I'm totally going to go down a music server path after what I heard last night. I have only got my laptop plugged in and everything shut down except roon. I have aloud it to run with the lid down as well. The sound has jumped up heaps from the printer cable to the point were its totally different. Now when I switch between the laptop and the oppo 203 the computer sounds cleaner yet again. The oppo to be fair goes from laptop to router vire wifi from there to the oppo vire ethernet then out vire either toslink or coaxial. To me that's a long way around and it sounds like it. I am going to plug the computer into my network with ethernet today for a play but at this stage the USB is winning. The cable you ask ? Lol was recommended by audionut as a great cable for the money not a KS as they are out of my price range for now. This is a $65 Supra absolutely wonderful. But to be fair only compared with printer cable. This EAR Dac4 has done the same if not more than when I put the EAR 868 into my system. But this beauty has 4 output valves plus a dac. If you like me only have one analog to put in this is a stunning preamp . I'm running the front out of my intergra into it. My only gripe is why wasn't the analog in balanced? It has balanced out tho. It would have been better as my integra has balanced out as well. Oh on a side note atmos is awesome as I said I'm running 7.0.4 but only because my sub is used in my 2 channel rig mainly to eq the bass in the room. But it still comes into play with the ht muchly lol great subs the dd series imho.
  11. Thanks Bodhi yes sounding very sweet at the moment. Today i tried it again with the new usb cable i got sent up rather than my printer cable. Will give full impressions tonight but from what i heard today it was night and day between the cables. I was really hoping it wouldnt as now i will need to go down the computer path maybe instead of the easy Oppo 203.
  12. Hi all gezz been a while . Few changes in the kennel lol . Replaced my Denon 4308 with an integra 70.6 great sounding piece of kit and the atmos is awesome. Changed my mit music hose for Kubala sosna expression speaker cables. They were a must have after trying a set that a mate had. And the latest change is trading my EAR 868 pre on the EAR Dac 4 and buying an oppo 203 to stream Roon yo it. The improvement is emence the dac4 is such a beautiful sounding piece of gear and I'm simply stunned. The oppo 105 I was using was a great player but very clinical and not suited to the Vafs Imho with the metal tweeters and mids. Such a sense of ease now with the dac 4.
  13. I dont think you can get 7.1 atmos on Netflix? I can only find 5.1 so far. The picture and sound imho are way better with a disc.
  14. Beautiful system. I still can never forget listening to Wilson speakers in Australia Sydney years ago. I was blown away with the way the sound stage remained even walking around the room simply breathtaking. Pretty sure from memory they were puppy 7? Anyway looks great bet it sounds even better.
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