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  1. I have found the Tron Seven preamps to be excellent. Extremely quiet, great dynamics, tonally saturated and colourful, but not syrupy. I much preferred my Tron Seven to an EAR 912 I owned for a while. In the unlikely event I decide to go back to pre/power amps (I currently use the Ayre AX5 Twenty integrated) I would probably start with a Tron preamp. The only downside is that there is no local distributor, no ability to audition one, and no local support. Like most British cottage hifi manufacturers, Graham Tricker can be slow and temperamental, but his work is meticulous and the product is outstanding.
  2. Having owned all of the Chord DACs - and I mean all of them - I would never go back there. I've overdosed on the Chord kool aid and now find the sound thin, grainy and, as Ittaku has said, hard and fatiguing. I haven't heard the PS Audio dac but from reports it does sound like the polar opposite of the Chord sound. DACs I have really liked recently include the Ayre QX5 Twenty and the Mytek Manhattan II (as well as the cheaper Brooklyn+), both based on the latest ESS chip, which I have found much better than the previous generation. I like both of these much better than t he DAVE, with or without M Scaler - more enjoyable, richer sounding, less fatiguing. I am also about to receive a Lumin X1 (also based on the ESS chip) of which I have high expectations. For headphones, the Ayre has the best internal headphone amp, but the Mytek is also very good for headphones depending on how critical you are. You can always use a separate headphone amplifier. The DCS Bartok is also worth considering.
  3. Ayre QX5, Mytek Manhattan II and (soon to arrive) a Lumin X1. All much more expensive than the Exposure dac.
  4. No, mine was not the DSD version. I no longer use this DAC, but it is still an excellent sounding unit. I must get around to listing it for sale.
  5. The Ortofons can be a little cool sounding, particularly the "black" ones. I had the same issue with the Cadenza Black. The Benz sound is certainly at the opposite end of the spectrum to Ortofon, and you may well prefer it. The Glider will be warmer, fuller and richer sounding, although it can sound a bit slow depending on the system. I ran a Glider for years with an LP12 during the late 1990s and loved it. I think the speed of the LP12 complemented the Benz sound, and it may be the same with the Rega. That said, the Dynavector is also a warmer sounding cartridge than the Ortofon, while retaining speed and dynamics. It is not as rich or lush as the Benz but these days I find I prefer the DV sound. I actually have a 20X2 and a Benz Glider at the moment, both of which I used on my Rega decks (when I owned them), and both sounded very good. The high output MCs are just a shade less dynamic and less refined than the low output versions, but it is only a marginal difference and it may be an ideal solution for your set up.
  6. I'm not sure I'd agree, Andy. The DV is fairly neutral, it is just that the Benz cartridges have an especially lush midrange. While the Dynavector may seem leaner in the mids in a direct comparison with the Benz, it is not a lean sounding cartridge in any respect, and works well with solid state phono stages. I have used mine with both, and it sounds equally good with either. There is a reason the Dynavector cartridges are popular with users of Linn/Naim solid state amps, and of course Dynavector's own phono stage and amplifiers are solid state. So while the Dynavector can certainly sound very good with tubes, I don't agree tubes are the "ideal" partner for it.
  7. The Glider is warmer, richer and smoother, but a bit less dynamic. The Dynavector is more neutral, a bit faster and more dynamic, but not as lush.
  8. Ortofon Cadenza is a good match with the RP8. A Benz Glider or Ace would also work well. The Hana SL is a nice cartridge at a reasonable price. However, a Dynavector 20X2 would be my personal preference. It is a great cartridge at an excellent price and well suited to the Rega.
  9. Which day was that? I've owned an RP8, RP10, and P6, Linn LP12s in various forms up to the top spec Radikal, Keel, Ekos SE version, Michell Orbe with SME IV, Nottingham Ace Spacedeck, AMG Viella, Kuzma Stabi S and Kuzma Ref 2 and many others over the years. The LP12 is at best a side grade and frankly I preferred the RP8 even to my $20k LP12 when I had them running side by side. The Michell would be a downgrade. It's a nice looking deck but they really don't sound as good as they look. The RP10 (and I believe the P9) may be considered an upgrade if you like the sound it produces, which is very different to the RP8. The RP10 and other ceramic platter versions produce a big, bright, tonally bleached sound which you may hear as an improvement or you may - as I do - hear it as significantly worse than the more natural sound of the RP8. The only turntables which I have felt to be an improvement over the RP8 (apart from others which I haven't heard) are the Kuzma turntables. The Stabi S (with a Stogi Ref arm) was noticeably better than the RP8, and - as Hugo Wilco has said - the Kuzma Stabi Ref is a much better turntable than any of those I have mentioned. That said, the RP8 is a cracker of a turntable, particularly at the price. I could easily live with one. The OP has a lot more scope to upgrade the cartridge and phono stage before thinking about a new turntable. And any turntable which was significantly better than the RP8 would definitely need a better cartridge and phono stage anyway. With the OP's system, a good MC cartridge would be my first upgrade, then phono stage, and only then a new turntable. I would also ditch the Blue Horizon mat (which I have also tried) and go back to the stock felt mat, have the arm re-wired and get the Rega heavy tungsten counterweight for the arm, all of which make noticeable improvements.
  10. Item: Isotek EVO3 Elite Power Cable (C19) Location: Sydney Price: $500 (RRP $900) Item Condition: Mint - 3 months old Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Photos: See below For sale is my Isotek EVO3 Elite power cable. This was purchased new in July this year from Klapp AV, and is in mint condition with original packaging. I bought this as an upgrade for my Isotek EVO3 Aquarius power conditioner (see separate listing),and it was a quite substantial improvement on the stock cable. Note that this power cable has a C19 plug which is compatible with Isotek power conditioners and some other equipment.
  11. Item: Isotek EVO3 Aquarius Power Conditioner Location: Sydney Price: $1700 Item Condition: Mint - 3 months old Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Photos: See below For sale is my black Isotek EVO3 Aquarius power conditioner, purchased new from Klapp AV in July this year. It is in mint condition, with original packaging and materials, including an Isotek power cable. Some reviews: https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/hi-fi-accessories/isotek-aquarius-668865/review https://hifipig.com/isotek-aquarius-evo-3-mains-conditioner/ https://soundrebels.com/isotek-evo3-aquarius-english-ver/ Please also see the separate listing for my Isotek EVO3 Elite power cable, which is an ideal upgrade for this unit. Pick up is available from Cammeray, or I am happy to post.
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