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  1. That's surprising. My mechanic, who sells both, reckons the Zipps are stiffer and generally steers people towards them rather than the Enves. The Fulcrums also feel a bit stiffer. The Enves do ride very nicely and look great on the bike. But the quality control is pretty crap - internally there are some rough and sharp patches which I had to sand down before mounting tires. I'm also not happy that I can't use Vittoria Corsa or Open Pave tires on them, particularly as I have a huge hoard of Open Paves which I bought before they were discontinued. But the Schwalbe Ones I am using seem fine. I also think the Fulcrum/Campag AC3 braking is a little better than the Enve brake track. But the wheels do feel smooth - I have DT Swiss 240 hubs - and I am enjoying riding them.
  2. I've always liked that colour for the R5. The Zipps look great. Are they 303 NSW? I've just bought some Enve 3.4s for mine, but am not entirely happy with them.
  3. Item: Einstein Little Big MC Phono Stage Location: Sydney Price: $2750 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Photos: See below For sale is my Einstein Little Big MC phono stage, purchased directly from the Australian distributor in February this year. It is in mint condition, being only 7 months old and used only intermittently, with all original packaging. It comes with loading plugs for 85 ohms and 150 ohms, or 470 ohms without plugs. This is an end game phono stage - densely saturated tonal colours, very dynamic and very quiet. It is also highly musical. Reviews: https://www.dagogo.com/einstein-audio-the-little-big-phono-preamplifier-review/ Pick up is available from Cammeray or the Sydney CBD, or I am happy to post at the buyer's cost and risk.
  4. I don't know the Lyngdorf, but I do have a Lumin U1 mini. It has seen off an SOTM Trifecta and a Sonore Ultrarendu, as well as being an improvement over the ethernet input of my Ayre QX5 DAC/streamer. It is an excellent bit of kit, highly recommended.
  5. PM sent with intention to buy. (Like I need another turntable.) Offer withdrawn.
  6. Having lived with three M Scalers (okay, two M Scalers and a Blu 2) with four chord DACs, the DAVE, TT2, Hugo 2 and Qutest, and having compared the M Scaler to PC upscaling via Roon, I don't agree. It is true that the M Scaler sounds a bit better than PC upscaling. Rob Watts clearly tweaked it to produce a warmer sound than conventional upscaling. But it still sounds bright, brittle and etched to me - the same as software upscaling - just a bit less so. In other words, not an improvement at all and in my opinion, a significant downgrade in sound. The effect of the M Scaler is to remove the natural warmth, fullness and texture of the music, and replace it with an artificial sense of detail that people seem to hear as an improvement. For a couple of years I drank the Chord Kool Aid and convinced myself that the Blu 2 improved my DAVE, and that the M Scaler improved my TT2. I posted gushing reviews of which I am now embarrassed. When I briefly listened to the DACs without the M SCaler and found that it sounded warmer, fuller and more natural, I convinced myself that I was mistaken. The M Scaler made a remarkable difference, so of course it must be an improvement. Except that it wasn't. Try making a digital recording from a known and repeatable audio source - eg from an LP - play it back over a Chord DAC without the M Scaler. And then play it again with the M Scaler, compare it to the source, and you will find that it becomes a bleached, etched replica of the original. The first time I heard the DAVE and Blu 2 at a dealer a couple of years ago we swapped back and forth with another well-known, reputable high end DAC. The DAVE/Blu 2 sounded so radically different that I thought Rob Watts had discovered some hitherto unknown principle of digital playback and that what I was hearing was a revolution. I wasn't sure I liked it but it sounded so radical that I ordered the DAVE on the spot. But I know now that most of what I heard that day was the Blu 2 upscaler. In that unfamiliar system, it was the Blu 2 producing the massive difference between the DACs, and if I had heard it in my own system that day I would probably have recognised the bright, colourless, forensically lean sound it was producing as grossly unnatural. Unfortunately, like many others, I interpreted difference as improvement, and strangeness as innovation. Of course, I am in a minority. Most people do seem to like the M Scaler, and believe that it is in an improvement. But I know I am not alone, there are quite a few others who have similar views of the M Scaler to mine. But if you own a Chord DAC, definitely listen to the M Scaler before buying one and be sure that the difference you are hearing is a worthwhile one before spending big money on one.
  7. This is still available - price reduced.
  8. This is a superb phono stage that is an absolute bargain at this price.
  9. Item: Chord Qutest DAC Location: Sydney Price: $17251650 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many DACs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank tranfer Extra Info: See below Photos: See below For sale is my Chord Qutest DAC, purchased in March this year from Minidisc in Sydney (receipt available). In excellent condition, with original box and materials. Pick up is available from the Sydney CBD or I am happy to post.
  10. As a longtime - since the 70s - Hawkwind fan, this was news to me, and I am also now excited!
  11. Just to confirm that the cable does have a standard 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch TRS plug.
  12. From memory, TRS but I will check tonight.
  13. Item: Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Open Headphones Location: Sydney Price: $600 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Photos: See below Very nice sounding headphones in excellent condition. I received these as a part trade for something else, but I am unlikely to use them much so am listing them for sale. Pick up is available from the Sydney CBD or from Cammeray, or I am happy to post at the buyer's cost and risk.
  14. My latest acquisition - a Cervelo R5, with Dura Ace and Fulcrum 40C wheels. It's getting hard to explain to the wife why there are now 4 road bikes in the garage.
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