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  1. I'll take the three Brian Eno LPs. PM incoming.
  2. Your Phono Cartridges

    Cartridge suspensions do tend to harden over time. My Benz L0.4, which I have probably had for over decade with very little use, was actually checked by Benz a few years ago and had its suspension replaced, so it should be good for another decade. But at the rate I turn over cartridges, this is generally not an issue for me. I'm not sure why I bought this, and I don't think I have ever listened to it!
  3. Your Phono Cartridges

    Not an easy choice, Terry. After a rocky start, the Etna SL could well turn out to be the favourite. At its extortionate price, you would certainly hope so. It has a rich, smooth, seductive sound. But perhaps a tad too refined ...? Still too early to tell, but undoubtedly an exceptional cartridge. The Kuzma CAR 40 could be the best all rounder. Not quite as sweet as the Etna SL, but still a warm, tonally dense sound, with pinpoint detail and great dynamics. At about a third the price of the Etna SL, it is certainly a better value proposition. The Colibri is by far the fastest, most dynamic cartridge I have ever heard. But tonally a bit lean. A great cartridge, but not for every day. The Glider and the Shelter 501 are also really nice, well balanced cartridges which I could easily live with. Amongst the MMs, I really like the Ortofon M20FL. It really can compete with the vastly more expensive MCs in many ways. But the Etna SL is really winning me over, and getting better every day. It is currently doing a superb job on Alfred Brendel playing Bach as I type this.
  4. Your Phono Cartridges

    Let's see, I've currently got: Lyra Etna SL Van den Hul Colibri Van den Hul Black Beauty Van den Hul Frog Kuzma CAR 40 Benz L0.4 Benz Glider Shelter 501 III Shelter 501 Mono Lyra Dorian Mono Audio Technica AT33 Mono Ortofon M20FL Garrott P77i Nagaoka MP500 Supex SM100 AT95E Okay, that is a bigger list than I thought (and obviously does not include the Benz LP-S or Candenza Black I sold recently). Cartridges I would realistically like to acquire next are the VdH Grasshopper and DV XV-1S, but that will be a few years away.
  5. My Etna SL works perfectly with my Naim Superline/Supercap at 64db gain.
  6. Item: Whest MC Ref V phono stage Location: Sydney (Lower North Shore) Price: $7500 6000 (RRP of current model £13,199; approx $22,400) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Converted to tubes Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below RELISTED - PRICE REDUCTION $7500 TO $6000 For sale is my Whest MC Ref V phono stage. This is a late 2011/early 2012 model which has been boxed and unused since 2012 until earlier this year. The current model retails in the UK for over £13k ($22,400 at current exchange rates). This is the flagship phono stage produced by Whest and is undoubtedly one of the finest phono stages in the world at any price. It is MC only, dual mono, and comes in two separate chassis. It has single ended and balanced outputs, and it has adjustable gain, capacitance and loading for any MC cartridge. Having recently bought an EAR 912 preamp, with its outstanding internal tube phono stage, the Whest phono is no longer required. It is in excellent condition, and comes with all original packaging and materials (the included power cables have UK plugs, so the buyer will need to supply their own cables). Pictures below are of the actual unit (please note that the feint line at the left of the top unit is dust). Pick up is preferred in Cammeray, but I am happy to courier at the buyer's cost (and risk) if there is no local buyer. The phono stage is boxed and ready for delivery. Please note that I do not have time to demonstrate the phono stage, but I do guarantee that it is working properly - and sounds amazing. Feel free to PM any questions.
  7. "Nice"?!! If that cartridge was any sexier I would be banned from viewing it at the office.
  8. Peter, I already have back ups for my back ups!
  9. I wish you had listed this a few weeks ago, Peter. My new Colibri was delivered only yesterday! This is a great price for one of the world's great cartridges.

    I can confirm that it is a great sounding turntable.
  11. Dennis, I wish I had a counter-argument for that ...
  12. It's the XGP. I will look forward to hearing how the Atlas SL compares with your Etna SL, Shane.
  13. Van den Hul Colibri. And this is definitely the last cartridge I buy for a long time. In coming weeks the battle of the Etna SL vs the Colibri ...
  14. It must be old cartridge day. I just took out my Ortofon M20FL from the bottom of the cartridge box to give it a listen. This is a seriously good cartridge - I could easily live with it.