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  1. Thanks, Greg. I believe the original price was around US$1000 from a comment I read somewhere recently, so factor in 30-40 years of inflation to figure out what the current price might be! I also recall that it was originally compared favourably with the SME V, with some preferring the SME and others the Alphason. I wouldn't necessarily describe the Alphason as "better" than the 4 Point in an absolute sense. The 4 Point is certainly an engineering masterpiece and the ability to have repeatable fine adjustments of VTA and VTF is definitely a big plus for the Kuzma. It also extracts detail from records to a degree I have never before experienced. But the Alphason seems to suit my musical priorities better - it gives up some detail but is faster and more energetic and, for me, just more musically engaging.
  2. For sale is a 3m pair of Cardas Clear Reflection speaker cables, terminated with bananas. The cables were purchased directly from an authorised US dealer in October 2017 (details can be provided), but do not have the box or certificate. The cables are in very good condition, although there are some marks and wear consistent with use. Current RRP for a 3m pair is $5399. Reviews from The Absolute Sound and Hifi Plus: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/cardas-audio-clear-reflection-interconnect-and-speaker-cable/ https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/cardas-clear-reflection-cables/ Pick up is available or I am happy to post at the buyer's cost. Payment by bank transfer is preferred, or paypal with buyer to pay fees.
  3. For sale is my Mytek Manhattan II Dac with optional network card, purchased from Addicted to Audio in September 2019, in excellent condition with all original packaging and materials. The RRP is currently $10,500, including network card, which is a $1500 optional extra. This is a Stereophile Class A+ DAC - along with the Chord DAVE, DCS Rossini and Bartok, and a few other high end DACs - and is extremely versatile, being an analog and digital preamp, streamer and headphone amplifier as well as a DAC. The headphone amplifier is almost worth the cost by itself, and in balanced mode has sufficient power to drive any headphones, including my very power-hungry Audeze LCD4. A phono card is also available for purchase and is said to be extremely good. The sound quality is class leading. I bought this after selling my Chord DAVE and Blu 2, and prefer the Mytek. It is tonally rich and non-fatiguing, as well as dynamic. The only reason I am selling it is because I have also bought a Lumin X1 which I (marginally) prefer at about twice the price. And even that is a close-run thing: I have listened to the two side by side for months and at various times have preferred one or the other, with neither being comprehensively better. In fact the Lumin X1 and Manhattan II are very similar sounding, with the Manhattan II being slightly fuller and more dynamic, the Lumin a touch more liquid and smooth. The Manhattan II has greater functionality and I could very easily have kept it. But overall I just barely prefer the Lumin and cannot afford to keep two high end DACs at this level. The reviews have been universally outstanding: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/mytek-digital-manhattan-ii-dac/ https://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2018/12/13/mytek-hifi-manhattan-ii-dac https://www.stereophile.com/content/mytek-hifi-manhattan-ii-da-preamplifier-headphone-amplifier https://www.headphoneer.com/mytek-manhattan-ii-review/ https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2017/10/22/rmaf-2017-mytek-digital-ill-take-manhattan-ii/ From the Headphoneer review: The Mytek Manhattan is the best DAC I have had in my system. It has a well-balanced sound, with warmth, body, dynamics and subtle detail. There is nothing my other DACs do that the Manhattan doesn’t do better. As a headphone amplifier, it is really impressive, making it my favorite DAC/Headamp to date. It plays well with all my headphones (with the normal exception of the notorious HE-6) and easily competes with headphone amplifiers in the $2000 range. The preamp output is great, and the functionality is superb. The Mytek network card integrates beautifully with Roon software and also sounds better than the other digital sources I tried. If you are looking for a complete all-in-one box for your active speakers/power amp and headphones, the Manhattan will serve you well. The price is steep, but you get a beautifully crafted product with unmatched functionality and great audio quality in all departments. If I needed a one box setup for my headphones and speakers, I could live happily with the Manhattan II. Pick up is available, as is postage at the buyer's cost. Payment by bank transfer only. Lowball offers will be ignored.
  4. That was my expectation also. But bear in mind that the Alphason was always a "high end" tonearm, considered at the same level as the SME V. If it was released today it would probably cost around the same as the SME or 4 Point. Just because it is old does not mean that it is not good. And, as always, these things are a matter of taste and preference.
  5. A "new" arm on my Kuzma Stabi Ref 2- an Alphason HR 100 MCS (thanks @missmurphy). The Alphason has replaced a Kuzma 4 Point. I bought it as a temporary solution while I think about the next arm for the Stabi Ref, since it is a drop-in replacement. I know the Alphason was highly regarded in its day but I wasn't prepared for just how good it sounds. It actually sounds amazing, and a great combination with the Kuzma turntable - the essential neutrality of the turntable really works well with the fast, lean, engaging character of the Alphason. I actually prefer it to the 4 Point. The 4 Point was clearly better on all the "hi fi" criteria - it could flesh out the recording venue right to the back walls - and the Alphason is not quite as resolving and a little cooler sounding, but so engaging and musical! I was going to sent it to Audio Origami for a health check and a re-wire - the VDH cabling gets some decidedly mixed reviews - but it sounds so fabulous in stock form I think I will leave it alone. My search for a replacement for the 4 Point may well have ended with this 30+ year old arm.
  6. A truly great turntable. Sorry to see this being listed for sale!
  7. Audio Origami no longer sell the Uniarm, they have sold the rights to it to another company. If you can find one, I would bet that it would outperform the ARO. I think the AO PU7 is also better than an ARO if you are not committed to a unipivot. I had an ARO on my LP12 many years ago and hated it. I thought it sounded thin and lightweight. The ergonomics were awful and with its fixed head shell holes it only suited a few cartridges which exactly matched the specs of the Linn cartridges. Every other cartridge would result in slight distortion. I happily went back to an Ekos. These days if I buy another LP12 - possible but unlikely - it will have an AO PU7 on it. But you will never know unless you try one, and you may be one of the many people - I don’t know why - who like the ARO.
  8. For sale is my Ortofon Verto step up transformer, about a year old. Very versatile and great sounding SUT configurable for a range of cartridges. I used it with my Dynavector XV-1S and Benz cartridges with great effect. I have since upgraded to a much more expensive SUT and so this one is now for sale. I believe the RRP was $1599.
  9. Not exactly the same cartridge, but the XX2 and XV-1S are close enough to assess the differences. The Kuzma is much better, as you would expect. But the Rega is still a cracker of a turntable, particularly at the price. It is very musical and very dynamic, and I could easily live with it as my only turntable.
  10. New XX2 on my second turntable, the outstanding Rega P8. It really is an amazing combination and is not embarrassed next to my Kuzma Stabi Ref/4Point/XV-1S at about 10 times the price. Phono stage is the Tron Convergence Signature with a Dynavector SUP-200 SUT.
  11. For sale are 4 Isoacoustic Orea Indigo equipment supports. These were purchased recently and come in original boxes. The Bronze isolators support up to 7.2kg each - see table below. This set of 4 will support equipment up to 28.8kg. I also have a set of 8 Bronze isolators which will be listed separately. Some reviews: https://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/isoacoustics-orea-isolation-feet: "these amazing little pucks are among the best value for money upgrades that can be made to any hi-fi system". https://hifipig.com/isoacoustics-orea-pucks/: "The Oreas from Canadian isolation aficionados IsoAcoustics are a sublime creation. They offer fantastic isolation support and vibration control to a huge amount of equipment and applications at a price that is simply unheard of in this somewhat overpriced industry. When used under electronics with a weight that is at least half of what they are specified to support and over they load well and work tremendously to improve the musicality of the system. Dynamics are freer, vocals are more natural and the entire detailed picture being reported from the loudspeakers has more ambiance, presence and shape." https://theaudiophileman.com/orea-indigo-isoacoustics-review/ :"The nature of the sonic enhancements from the Orea Indigos increase focus, precision and an essential tonal realism while providing important frequency discipline that results in an excellent sonic response. Frankly, the more feet you buy, the better your hi-fi will sound." PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
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