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  1. I go back and forward on Chord DACs. I've owned most of them - Qute, Hugo, QBD76HD, DAVE/Blu2, and currently own the Mojo, M Scaler, TT2 and Qutest. Chord DACs have a sound signature which I typically don't gravitate towards - they are on the leaner, tonally cooler, more revealing end of the spectrum. I normally prefer warmer, darker, richer. But there is something strangely addictive about Chord DACs - when I think I have successfully moved on to something else, I get drawn back to them. Other DACs can sound "better" on a superficial level, but the Chord DACs are the only ones I've heard that (for me) provide that deeply satisfying, musically engaging feeling that, until now, only a good turntable can provide. I think this shows that Rob Watts is onto something with the application of massive processing power to the task. But still the sound from Chord DACs is far from perfect. The QBD76 was a very dry sounding DAC. The DAVE/Blu 2 suffered from a similar characteristic though to a lesser extent, as well as (again, for me) an unnatural sense of space. This gradually creeped up on me after owning it for a year, and I ended up selling both. But I immediately regretted it. The DACs I tried to replace the Blu 2/DAVE with sounded initially better, but just weren't as satisfying in the long term. It was when I brought my little Mojo home from the office to try against the other DACs (which I won't name) it was clear that, despite its obvious shortcomings, the tiny Mojo was a more engaging DAC than some much more expensive and seemingly more technically accomplished DACs. I knew I had to get back into the Chord game, so I bought a Qutest. This is really a superb DAC. With a linear PSU (despite what Rob Watts says) and using the optical input (the other inputs sound awful), this could genuinely be all most of us need. It sounded remarkably like the DAVE, and in some ways better - more liquid, a more natural sense of space - though of course much less resolving. I could really have stopped there. But of course I didn't. I bought a TT2 and M Scaler, and these sound amazing. Again, a strong family resemblance to the DAVE, with some trade offs. More liquid and smoother than DAVE, more dynamic, but with a smaller soundstage and perhaps a touch less resolution. The effect of the M Scaler on the TT2 is far more pronounced on the TT2 than the Blu 2 on the DAVE. So far I think the TT2/M Scaler is producing a version of the Chord sound I think I can live with. But I would love to borrow a DAVE again to compare directly against the TT2 ...
  2. Item: Lumin A1 Streamer/DAC Location: Sydney Price: $5500 (RRP $9900) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many dacs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below For sale is my Lumin A1 streamer/DAC. Amazing sounding unit containing a very high quality streamer and DAC in one box (plus external linear power supply). It is in excellent condition, although has a few small marks which are only visible in strong light and at close range (see photos). It comes with all original packaging. Pick up is available from Cammeray (lower North Shore) or I can post at the buyer's cost and expense. A small selection of the many reviews available: From AVHub: Lumin’s A1 is a truly beautiful network music player... in every sense of that word. To see one is to want one. To use one is to want one. To hear one is to want one. So I’d recommend you don’t even look at one unless you have the ready cash in your pocket. Luckily, you’re un-likely to have the amount of cash in your pocket you’re going to need, so you’re free to ignore my advice... but I do recommend that while you’re ignoring it, you should check out the way the Lumin A1 is built, the way it operates, the way it looks and the way it sounds—and then check out its competitors!—after which I think you’ll agree that what they’re asking is more than fair. ... but for me, it’s the A1 that hits the sweet spot on all counts. It’s my reference player. (full review: https://i.nextmedia.com.au/Assets/Lumin_A1_Review_Aust_Hi-Fi_Nov-Dec_2017.pdf) From 6Moons: In short, this DSD streamer outclassed anything I've heard at home or beyond. Whilst I dislike such expressions, it proved to be a keen Linn killer. About 10 listeners who heard my loaner sold off their Linn streamers to buy the new kid in town. A few prerequisites like configuring a NAS with Minimserver are mandatory and will call for minimal IT skills from the installer or user. It's no harder than any other streamer setup except perhaps the Squeezebox which remains the king of easy. Beyond its outstanding sound quality, the Lumin also gets the most elevated marks for user-friendliness, aesthetics, versatility and evolutionary capacities – not bad for the maiden release from a rising Hong Kong company I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more of in the near future! My experience with it became such a personal enjoyment that it proved impossible not to convert my loaner into my new digital reference. Considering the nearly unbelievable price/performance ratio, I give it a most enthusiastic award! (Full review: https://6moons.com/audioreviews/lumin/5.html) The Absolute Sound/Hifi+: The more time you spend with the Lumin, the more it becomes clear that the strong performance with a wide variety of material, the extremely well thought out app, and the very handsome appearance combine to make the Lumin a very enticing buy and one that should work well in a variety of systems. And of course, if DSD is the next big thing, you can rest assured that the A-1 has got you covered. (Full review: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/lumin-a-1-audio-streamer/?page=3) Audioshark: At $7200 MSRP, the Lumin has some stiff competition from the DAC & Mac crowd, but in my opinion it stands up to all comers. I spent many hours listening to the Lumin and every time found my toes tapping. I’ve played the saxophone for over 30 years and at the end of my listening sessions, I found the Lumin sounded more like music and less like computer! I so enjoyed my time with the Lumin, that I bought the review sample. My digital no longer sucks. The Lumin Network Audiophile Music Player is the best digital I’ve never heard. Highly recommended. (Full review: https://www.audioshark.org/dac-reviews-93/lumin-review-3787.html)
  3. rossb

    SOLD: FS: Tron Seven Phono Stage

    The earth can be switched off to avoid ground loops. If the unit is already earthed through the RCA cables, it may not need a separate earth.
  4. Item: Tron Seven Phono Stage Location: Sydney Price: $2900 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below For sale is my Tron Seven MC phono stage. This is an outstanding tubed phono stage using two 12AX7 tubes and one 12AU7. It has internal Lundahl SUTs and is designed for cartridges of 0.3mv to 0.9mv. I have used cartridges at both ends of that range (and outside it) and it sounds excellent with all of them. For a valve design it is extremely quiet and dynamic, while preserving the tonal richness and fullness you expect from a tubed design. I am the second owner, but as soon as I bought it a couple of years ago I sent it back to Tron (Graham Tricker) for upgrades to various parts, including installing the latest Lundahl SUTs. It has upgraded tubes installed and has seen off a number of more expensive phono stages, including a Naim Superline/Supercap, Whest Ref V and EAR 912. Pick up is available, or I am happy to post at the buyer's risk and cost. Note that no cables are included. Photos of actual unit below.
  5. Item: Focal Utopia Headphones Location: Sydney Price: $2900 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Rarely use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below For sale are my Focal Utopia headphones, in excellent condition, with original packaging. I have had these for a while but rarely listen to headphones these days and they have probably not been used more than a dozen times. Pick up is available from the Sydney CBD, from Cammeray or I am happy to post (at the buyer's cost and risk, with full insurance). Stock photo below - photo of actual unit to follow.
  6. I'll take these two please: 1. Bill Evans - More from the Vanguard - Milestone - 1984 - $30  7. Bill Evans Trio - Moon Beams - 1977 Japanese Press - with OBI - $60
  7. rossb

    EXPIRED: EOI - Kuzma Ref 2 Turntable

    Exceptional turntable - also the best I have owned.
  8. rossb

    SOLD: FS: Assorted Cardas power cables

    I'll take the Quadlink if still available.
  9. Item: 10 x Tubestore Preferred Series KT88 Tubes (matched) - new, boxed and unused Location: Sydney Price: $475 including postage in Australia Item Condition: New, unused Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below In October last year I bought 10 of the Tubestore Preferred Series KT88 tubes for an amplifier I have since sold. They are matched tubes and have never been used and remain in unopened boxes. They are for sale as a single lot of 10. These are highly rated tubes - for further information, check out the Tubestore page: https://www.thetubestore.com/preferred-series-kt88 Pick up is available in the Sydney CBD or I am happy to post.
  10. Speakers and stands now sold.
  11. Sale pending on the speakers, subject to pick up and payment. The stands are still available and will be listed separately.
  12. The speakers and stands are still available.
  13. Interesting, let me give it some thought ...
  14. ... and a much bigger room