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  1. I have a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 which I am not using. PM me if you're interested.
  2. It will work only with an arm with 238.4mm pivot to spindle distance and 15.6mm overhang - as written on the template. That’s pretty specific.
  3. No, it won't. It will only work with the specific arm the protractor was designed for.
  4. I would suggest a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. In my opinion, this sounds much better than a Chord Qutest, and meets all of your requirements.
  5. This is an excellent SUT. I bought one after listening to this one.
  6. Further information: See below Photos: See below I bought this DAC about a month ago brand new from the local distributor. I was curious about R2R dacs and wanted to add one to my collection. But I now have too many DACs, and as my Lumin X1 (at about 4 or 5 times the price!) remains my main DAC, this one will need to be sold. It is in mint condition with all original packaging. In the month I have had it it has had very little use and is probably not run in. It would definitely suit someone looking to buy a new unit, but is priced at a big discount. The RRP was about $4000 and I am offering a virtually new unit at $2800. This DAC has endless positive reviews, such as the Stereophile review: https://www.stereophile.com/content/holoaudio-spring-kitsuné-tuned-edition-level-3-da-processor Pick up is available, or I am happy to post (while the post office still remains open!). Bank transfer preferred, but I can do paypal if the buyer picks up the fees.
  7. I have cleared my inbox. Spider27 I'll send you a PM shortly.
  8. I have a 3010s2 preamp and power amp if you're interested.
  9. Everything makes a difference. But the usual hierarchy applies, turntable first, then arm, then cartridge. But quantifying the difference is impossible.
  10. The only one on your list I have heard is the Kuzma Stabi Ref, so I can't comment on the others, but it is by far the best turntable I have owned. Amongst the turntables I have owned are Rega RP8 and RP10, full spec Linn LP12 with Ekos SE, Radikal, Keel etc, Michell Orbe/SME IV, Nottingham Spacedeck and AMG Viella. The Kuzma Stabi Ref is better than all of these. And, yes, it did blow my $20k LP12 out of the water, and for a considerable distance.
  11. Apologies for straying OT, but while the Dali Epicon standmounts are great speakers, they do need a lot of power, and I found they worked best with very beefy solid state amps. When fed with insufficient power they can sound a bit lifeless and lacking bass. So make sure the speaker and amp combination works in your room before committing. In a small room, there are plenty of great small speakers that would work well with SET amps.
  12. I'm open to reasonable offers - this amp is probably a better investment than the sharemarket!
  13. Further information: See below Photos: See below For sale is my Einstein The Tune integrated amplifier, recently purchased on SNA. I had always been curious about this amp, having been impressed with all of the Einstein products I had heard, and having an Einstein phono stage which is amongst the best I have owned. I wanted to compare this to my Ayre AX5 Twenty. As expected, the Ayre is a little better (and about twice as expensive), but it is surprisingly close. My curiosity is now satisfied, and since I cannot afford to own two high end integrated amps at this level, it is time to move it on. This unit has the internal dac, which I believe is a $3000 optional extra, as well as an internal phono stage, and both sound extremely good. The RRP is around $12,000, so this is probably something of a bargain. This unit is in excellent condition, with original packaging. Einstein amps rarely come up in the second hand market in Australia, for good reason, and this would suit someone looking for a no compromise, end-game, high end integrated amplifier. Please refer to the Einstein website for full specs and a link to reviews: https://www.einstein-audio.de/en/audio-components/the-tune I
  14. Sorry, but I don't have it after all. I have the Feickert Adjust software, which is a bit different.
  15. I think I have one, but never used it. I will try to find it.
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