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  1. I'm always open to reasonable offers ...
  2. Item: Astell & Kern SP1000 (copper) Location: Sydney Price: $2800 (RRP $4999) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Rarely used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below For sale is my Astell & Kern SP1000, copper version, bought from Minidisc in Sydney. It is in excellent condition, with original packaging, and has had very little use. This is undoubtedly the best portable digital player available. Stock photo below - photos of actual unit to follow.
  3. Item: MCRU linear power supply for Chord TT2 Location: Sydney Price: $475 plus postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below Having recently sold my Chord Hugo TT2, I am now selling the MCRU linear power supply I used with it. This PSU is designed specifically for the TT2 and is (IMO) a worthwhile upgrade. This unit is only a couple of months old and is in excellent condition. There is no manual or original packaging, and it does not come with a power cable. I should note for completeness that use of third party power supplies may invalidate the warranty. More information can be found here: https://mcru.co.uk/product/linear-power-supply-for-chord-hugo-tt2/?v=6cc98ba2045f Stock photos below - photos of the actual unit to follow.
  4. I seem to be in the minority, since it has had some positive reviews in the press, so you may still enjoy it. I think the 1970 film of Catch 22 captures some of the feeling and anarchy of the book much better than the new series, although there is no real substitute for reading the book.
  5. I got through 35 minutes before giving up. It has literally no point of contact with the Joseph Heller novel. It is completely tone deaf. It misses the humour, the politics and the nuances of the book. Genuinely awful and very disappointing.
  6. The Qutest is still here, John, just being used in the second system mainly for TV!
  7. Item: Chord Hugo TT2 and M Scaler (black) Location: Sydney Price: TT2 $6000, M Scaler $5500 Item Condition: Mint - 6 weeks old Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Pictures: See below For sale are the black Hugo TT2 and M Scaler I purchased 6 weeks ago new from a local retailer. These are in mint condition, barely used, with original packaging and materials. I have previously owned the DAVE and Blu 2, which I recently sold. But I regretted doing so and felt compelled to buy another Chord DAC, this time the TT2 and M Scaler, which I actually preferred to the DAVE for its more dynamic and robust sound, compared to the DAVE which can sound a little thin and ethereal (sorry, DAVE owners). But I have now found something (more expensive again) which I prefer, and so I am selling the TT2 and M Scaler. My initial plan was to keep them for a headphone-only system, but I realised that this would be a bit of a waste. The Chord TT2 and M Scaler hardly need any introduction. The TT2 alone is a stunning DAC with a class leading (and immensely powerful) headphone amplifier. The M Scaler raises its performance exponentially. These are in limited supply worldwide, particularly in black, and I understand there is a waiting list of months for delivery. There are many reviews and comments on the TT2 and M Scaler, but I will quote from the conclusion of the Computer Audiophile/Audiophile Style review below. I strongly suggest you read the full review, which can be found here: https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/my-quest-for-a-new-dac-part-5-chord-electronics-hugo-m-scaler-hugo-tt-2-r781/ Summary The Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler and Hugo TT 2 combo set a new high-water mark for sound quality in my system. It exceeded even my long-standing, comparably-priced reference, the Ayre QX-5 Twenty, although as I’ve noted, there were certain areas where the QX-5 still dominated. While the TT2 is an outstanding DAC at its price point, it is really the HMS that I consider the game changer. The TT2 excelled in reproducing music, whereas the HMS allowed me to experience my music at a completely new and deeper level. That emotional connection defies price, and even at its $4995 price, I consider the HMS to be an absolute bargain. Yes, the HMS/TT2 combo is expensive, clocking in at just over $10k USD. But I can also say I experienced my music in a way, and at a level of engagement, that I’ve never done before. If your budget allows, you owe it to yourself to audition this combo. In Conclusion: My Quest is Over I’ve decided to buy the HMS/TT2 combo. It is significantly over my original approx. $5k budget, so I have some saving up to do. Yes I know: an audiophile who exceeded his budget - what a surprise. Hey - let he (audiophile) who is without sin (cost overrun) cast the first (Shakti) stone! What clinched it for me was: the transformational sound quality of the M Scaler, the fact that the TT2 as a headphone amp competes head to head with my Cavalli Liquid Gold, which means that the cost of the HMS/TT2 combo could partially be funded by the sale of my Cavalli, and the modularity, which would enable me to upgrade the scaler and the DAC incrementally. Preference will be given to pick up from Cammeray, but I can post if necessary at the buyer's cost and risk. Preference will also be given to someone willing to buy both units. I reserve the right to sell (or not) to anyone at my discretion for any reason. Please note that I don't have time to demonstrate equipment - the TT2 and HMS will be packed for shipment or collection. Stock photos below - photos of the actual units to follow.
  8. I have some of those Amphenol cables and they are quite good. However, I prefer Canare LV-61S, which are also very good value: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/333022472831
  9. You don't need a PhD - some post-grad work will be fine.
  10. I'm open to reasonable offers. After my sales pitch, I can't understand why this hasn't been snapped up!
  11. PS You're in Melbourne and I suspect Aleksandar has a T2 in stock - why don't you see if you can get a demo against your Qutest? PPS A linear PSU is also a good upgrade for the Qutest.
  12. The obvious upgrade for your Qutest is a TT2 or HMS (or both). The TT2 is a clear step up from the Qutest, and will make a more noticeable difference than a streamer upgrade. But the Qutest is still a very capable and engaging DAC (I use one in my living room system, and could easily have lived with it in my main system). In your position, depending on your financial position, I think I would upgrade to the TT2, then the U1 Mini, then the HMS. If you can't stretch to the TT2 right now, I think the U1 Mini is still a worthwhile upgrade. I preferred the Ultrarendu (with linear PSU) to the Trifecta, but can't really put my finger on why. It just sounded a bit more engaging and musical to me. Also, the Ultrarendu worked a bit better - the software was easier to use, it appeared on the network instantly (the SOTM took minutes), no dropouts. I have been thinking about a linear PSU for the U1 Mini but I like that it is one box, and it is sounding so good that I'm not sure how much benefit a linear PSU will be. I will probably do it eventually, but right now I am happy with how it is performing with the internal SMPS.
  13. I should add that I am open to reasonable offers.
  14. I've just started using a Lumin U1 Mini with my Chord TT2/HMS. The U1 Mini replaces am Ultrarendu, which in turn replaced an SOTM SMS 200 Ultra, Tx USB Ultra and SPS 500. The U1 Mini is a small but noticeable step up in resolution and clarity. I bought it primarily because I wanted to go from multiple boxes (streamer, SPDIF converter and two linear PSUs) to a single box. If it sounded as good I would have been happy. The fact that it sounds better is a bonus. I considered the T2 or the X1 for a true one box solution but have generally been unconvinced by Sabre based DACs in the past, and am happy with the Chord DACs.
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