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  1. For sale is my Antipodes DX3 server/streamer, purchased from SNA only a few weeks ago. I purchased this as a new and unused unit which, had been bought from Antipodes in July 2020 but not used. I have used it briefly, and it sounds amazing, but unfortunately does not quite suit my specific requirements. It has 2 x 1TB of onboard SSD storage (which can be combined into a single 2TB drive). It can act as a Roon core or endpoint (or both) or use other software such as Logitech Media Server. The unit is in excellent condition as having been barely used, but does have a small mark on th
  2. For sale are my Custom Design FS 104 speaker stands, imported from the UK for my LS3/5 speakers. These are a perfect fit for any variation on the LS3/5 speakers, including the Harbeth P3ESR, the Spendor S3/5, Graham LS3/5, Proac Tablette 10 and any LS3/5a. They will also work with other small speakers. Spikes are included Pick up only from Cammeray. Priced for a quick sale. Specifications: - Top Plate Dimensions: 165 x 180 x 4mm - Top Isolation Pads: Supplied as standard - Base Plate Dimensions: 220 x 260mm - M8 Base isolation spikes supplied standard
  3. Thanks, Red. It is such a neutral, yet musical turntable, that it is a great platform for trying different combinations of arms and cartridges.
  4. For sale is my Kuzma Stabi Reference 2 turntable (without arm). The RRP is $14,900. This is the current version of the turntable, purchased new in 2017 from Sonic Purity. It is in excellent condition and comes with all original packaging and materials. It comes with an armboard pre-drilled for a Kuzma arm, which also suits a number of other arms such as Linn, Audio Origami, Alphason, Jelco and others using the Linn mount. I will also include an extra blank armboard (which I believe has a separate RRP of around $800) which can be drilled for the arm of your choice. The turntable is
  5. PS I'm open to offers. The wife wants this out of the house as soon as possible, so feel free to lowball.
  6. This is not your typical folding bed. It is actually extremely comfortable. The mattress is thick and firm, and I could actually sleep on this all the time if I had to.
  7. I bought this single folding bed from the Comfort Shop in Sydney a few months ago. The RRP is $990 plus $190 for the cover. It is made in Italy, with a frame of European Beech, and is very sturdy and comfortable. It has been used only a few times and we have no further use for it, so I am selling it at less than half of what I paid for it. This would suit someone looking for a new folding bed. The bed is quite heavy, so is for local pick up only, from the lower north shore. Please note that the bed is also listed on ebay.
  8. Item: Nagra VPS Phono Stage Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used If you have a Nagra VPS you are thinking of moving on, please let me know.
  9. For sale is my Lumin X1 streamer/DAC, purchased a year ago from Audio Magic, the authorised Australian distributor. It is a black unit, and comes with the original box and materials, as well as the purchase receipt. The RRP is currently $19,990. This is a truly outstanding streamer/DAC. It replaced a Chord DAVE/Blu2, and in my opinion sounds much better. It is fuller, richer sounding and more dynamic, as well as just more musically engaging (IMO, of course). But DACs generally last about a year in my system before I get the itch to try something different, and that time has arrive
  10. Just checked out your website - very interesting. Do you also do re-wires for Rega arms?
  11. Peter had the Einstein Little Big, which I also have. It is a great phono stage. But now I would like to hear the earlier - and more expensive - version, the curiously named Turntable's Choice.
  12. It's a deal, Shane. But first I have to find one!
  13. Item: Einstein Turntable's Choice Phono Stage Price Range: Market Item Condition: New or Used Please PM if you have one you are interested in selling.
  14. If you're interested in having a heavier counterweight made, these guys in the UK will custom make one to whatever specifications you like: https://fosworld.wixsite.com/magna-audio They made one for my Alphason arm and the workmanship is very good.
  15. For sale is my Rega P10 turntable, purchased new in August this year from Len Wallis Audio in Sydney. The RRP is $7999. Being only two months old, the turntable is in near new condition, and comes with all original packaging and materials. No cartridge is included. There are plenty of reviews for the P10 - here is a partial list: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2020/03/22/rega-p10-turntable-review/ https://www.lbtechreviews.com/test/hi-fi/rega-planar-10 https://www.whathifi.com/au/reviews/rega-planar-10-apheta-3 https://www.stereo.net.au/revie
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