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  1. Description: PS Audio BHK 300 Monoblock Amplifiers CURRENT MODEL Location: Sydney 2233 Price: $12,725 ono being 50% of RRP $24,995 plus Tungscram special valves $455 for both monoblocks Item Condition: As New 9.5/10 suit new buyer Reason for selling: Gone active 3 way high efficiency horns Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, prefer not to use Paypal as I want buyer to inspect upon collection. Extra Info: Have boxes but reluctant to post due to the high value and want the buyer to inspect at time of payment or before. These are PS Audio's and one of Bascom King's finest designs and have been praised on utube and the Hi Fi press. They are hard to beat at any price. 300 watts 8 ohms, 600 watts 4 ohms and over 1000 watts 2 ohms. They have a valve input stage and solid state output. You can read all the highly regarded reviews in the usual Hi Fi Publications on line. They are fairly much the best of valves and solid state. Purchased from Bill McLean Hi Fi Gosford about 10 months ago. They were originally purchased to drive a pair of almost new Martin Logan CLX Electrostats. I tried many amplifiers (these were the best) but ultimately the Martin Logan CLX speakers were not to my taste and they were sold. I have now gone High Efficiency 3 way active and these monoblocks are overkill. I am semi-retired and therefore an inspection can be arranged most times. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. tem: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Steve - you have some great 2 channel gear so I'm not surprised hphones aren't as good. I check your blog now and again. I'm a tragic like yourself but not had as much gear as you. I like headphones and listened to quite a few expensive phones at the Melbourne hi fi show, good, but I still mostly prefer high quality speakers like u. I recently purchased a burson soloist hphones amp for driving my horn midrange drivers and at the shop they were demoing them with sennheiser HD 800S hphones (latest models) through the burson soloist amplifier and a chord DAC, sounded great and Good value for money. I am not normally a Hugh fan of sennheiser hphones.
  3. My suggestion is to try your accuphase on the Tannoys with your source or similar gear before you buy them. I have Ardens and many other speakers but generally found valves more to my taste for them. I have found for my taste there is a synergy between amplifiers and speakers and almost everything else systemwise in hi fi. Matching a system for me is the difficult part which takes time even with careful selection of components but it's a lot of fun.
  4. Hi, I played a lot of music when my children were young and they hardly ever complained apart from possibly my taste in music. It's best in my view to keep some music happening even if they are young.
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