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  1. John Sawley

    FS: Azurahorn AH425 horns

    @logarhythm what size throat on these horns -thanks
  2. John Sawley

    FS: Parasound JC-1

    @Music..Man! :) if not already sold I would like to buy them subject to the question of overseas importation and power supply mods, the colour is not really important but I would like to know. Where generally do you live for collection as I am often near Nowra? Regards John Sawley
  3. I'm interested in your sub, any chance of phoning me 0434 286 414 - John.
  4. Have you still got the 2420 JBL horns and drivers - would you post to Sydney??
  5. Yes, probably as warranty is not transferable. When did you buy it?? Have you got the receipt?? If you prefer to stick to your price that is OK. $125 off without warranty is not sufficient for me to buy it plus pay freight.
  6. I can get a new one from Melbourne free shipping $900 with warranty - I live in Sydney. Would you consider $575??
  7. I have a DD18 in perfect condition in Sydney I would sell for that price or a bit less if you are still looking for one. John 0434 286 414
  8. John Sawley

    SOLD: Martin Logan Purity speakers for sale

    Are they still for sale i'm interested. I live in Sydney and can pick up. Can I phone you to ask a few questions - john