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  1. Item: Steel Flat TV Cart on caster wheels in Matte Black for 46 - 60" TVs Location: North Sydney Price: $550 ono Item Condition: Mint Condition Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Made in the USA by Boltz. Upgraded with larger 3" caster wheels (a USD$69 option) Cart Dimensions: 48"W - 22"D - 51"H (excluding casters) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. It would very easy to further upgrade with a minimal amount of parts. Replace the two coupling caps with Teflon equivalents and the ALPS blue pot with something like a Noble or TKD.
  3. I have the full set of these - they are not too warm not too revealing. Just right.
  4. I have the same setup. They haven't even been broken in yet. I think you are selling yourself short if you think that at 250 hours that you have heard what these can do. Once broken in, I don't think you'd be selling them. BTW, there is no difference between a pair that has been upgraded and ones that have been built as SEs from the factory.
  5. Item: Rare Champagne Gold Marantz CD63SE Made in Japan (most were made in Singapore) Upgraded with Elna Silmic II coupling capacitors in the Output stages, New Philips Laser assembly, Larger Filtering caps in the Power Supply, Better RCA connectors, IEC connector, Location: St Ives North Sydney Price: $280 Item Condition: Excellent condition. Reason for selling: Moving Homes - Downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Bank Direct Deposit Extra Info: Upgrades done by Mr Eddie Lee (Repair Tech for Audio Connection). The upgrades bring an already musical and competent CD Player to another level. Extends the ends of the frequency spectrum and the Silmic IIs makes the highs oh so smooth. Comes with Original Remote. Dog in Picture is not included in this sale. Pictures:
  6. Item: Free to a good home. 4.5 inch Foam Speaker Surrounds X 3 Location: North Sydney Price: $0 Free Item Condition: New never used, comes with proper adhesive and tools for installation, pick up or ship at your cost Reason for selling: NLN - moving homes and surplus to my needs. Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: Pictures:
  7. @Hiddenletters has picked up the sub but he hadn't donated to SNA yet. He says that he will do it later today. I'm holding him to that promise.
  8. LOL - I didn't do it I swear - it was done by the guy I purchased it off and that was more than 8 years ago when I got the sub. To be honest, I didn't notice it till I posted the ad (and I went - Oh God! this will get me banned for sure). I didn't even see it after taking the photos on my Iphone.
  9. Ok if I get no bites, I'll send it to you. Pity about the drivers though - would be a waste to chuck them out.
  10. It will probably end up in the tip or council hard rubbish pickup if not taken.
  11. Item: Jaycar Isobaric Subwoofer - Double 12 inch woofers in Isobaric configuration and plate amp and front grill Location: North Sydney Price: Absolutely FREE - with donation to SNA Item Condition: Working condition. Cabinet needs painting and plate amp is dusty. Nothing a lick of paint and a wet cloth won't fix up. Reason for selling: Moving homes Payment Method: Strictly Pickup Only asap - this weighs a tonne - well not exactly a tonne but if feels like it - get a friend to help carry it to your vehicle - Email evidence of SNA donation Extra Info: Pictures:
  12. Nah - I just had a cursory scan through it. I am not interested in the Oppo. After all the troubles that I read you had with the 203 and my own personal experience with my Oppo 93. I was surprised that people still want to purchase from the brand. The fact that you have to deal with their main office instead through the dealer you purchased is ridiculous, you shouldn't have to jump through those sort of hoops to get support. It would cheaper IMO to get a UB400 (or cheap 4K BD player, looks like the UB900 is no longer available in the stores) and a separate SACD/CD player esp for the 205 which is selling for circa $1800.
  13. Weren't you the one that reported having issues with dealing with Oppo over the problems with your 203? I vaguely remember problems with resolution when playing UHD disks compared to the UB900. I've had the UB900 now since May and it has been flawless and have not had to call Panasonic at all, as for updates, I just turned it on last night and it automatically downloaded the latest update.
  14. I'm puzzled, after all of the bugs being reported by early adopters of the 203/205s and the lack of support from Oppo. Why would anyone still buy either unit? Are you guys into Sadomasochism?
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