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  1. I am offering here: 2 X as pictured Furutech AUS /NZ Mains plugs with Gold Finish both items New in box Price is for the Pair Express satchel $12:20 Aust wide. Please ask any questions. Thank you.
  2. Nah-- Its' all in my Mind--ha!--hope all well matey and the LP12 a singing' great tunes for ya! Ya gotta admit tho that Mac is lovely bit of kit--worth the kudos. Willco
  3. Wow Just Wow--What condition --superb--I've owned this this Amp in a time far away-and it is so pure sounding -I drove Klipsch La Scalas The sonics were just captivating --I 'd own it in a heartbeat again. In this condition an absolute bargain GLWTS Willco
  4. Ah yes a Digital Phono stage /Pre--there aren't many out there in the Hi End that I know of -- The only one I've heard is the Wadax from Spain and I must admit it was superb and shockingly good with no apparent "digital' leanings that I could find anyway. Good luck with your build--like to hear it when completed Willco
  5. Further information: I am offering here Price above is for the TWO Cords together--I can split please ask for individual pricing if required. 1 X Shunyata Venom VR12 NR 1.75m c15 recommended for source components ,CD player /Streamer/Preamp/ Phono stage/Server/etc 1 X Shunyata Venom VR10-NR 1.75m c15 recommended for Power Amps both Stereo and Monoblocks /Power Conditioners https://shunyata.com/products/power-cables/venom-series-power-cables/venom-v12-nr-v10-nr-v10-xc/ Both virtually brand new Powercords with US Plugs I purchased to try out the NR technology in my system—the two are outlined below and are as new having had only three days hooked up to a fan to “burn in” as per Caelin Gabriel instructs at Shunyata—NO CD/ Burn Tones /Sweeps/etc/ are to be used on the the NR PC’s Factory instructions! . As for actual Music well- 2 days only and I knew theses are the real deal—and work as described-at least to my ears in my system-so much so I am selling these ones here and upgrading immediately. I highly recommend these well priced in the market Cables —kudos to Shunyata. Shipping Aust wide two choices : Parcel Post Satchell. $16.00 Express Post Satchell. $19.70 Please ask any questions and thank you Comment from a Venom /Shunyata user on the Net: What Shunyata was able to do with the NR-series of power cords (and also their power conditioners) was to able to provide noise suppression without impacting DTCD, this is why they represent a breakthrough, IMHO. With respect to noise reduction, both the Delta NR and the Flux-50 will provide noise suppression of AC mains line noise. I didn't own an NCF, but I had a non-NCF Flux-50, and using an Entech power line noise analyser set to a nominal reading of ~100-110 when used with a generic black power cord, the Furutech reduced the noise from ~100-110 to ~12-9 (it's noise so it fluctuates when taking readings). A Venom 14 Digital power cord, which utilises the same noise suppression technology as the Delta NR, reduces noise from ~100-110 to ~1.7 to 1.0. So even using a Shunyata Venom NR-V10 or NR-V12 power cord in conjunction with my Triton (which provides about 24 dB of noise suppression), I heard a notable reduction in noise, which made the sytem sound much quieter, blacker, open, spacious, and transparent. This was compared to my Shunyata Black Mamba power cords, which are no slouch.
  6. Items still available for sale Thank you, Willco
  7. Ok for you comedians --good stuff frankn! Willco
  8. Hmmm--Good point --Maybe the Stock Plugs say from a China source and they just get it rebadged ETI Research /etc And from what I find on the numerous Mainland Audio products--plenty of fancy and Cloned US / Schuko's /etc but no Aus /NZ. Sounds feasible -at least they don't have to tool up /etc /etc. Gut feeling that is the scenario? Willco
  9. Of Course--just thought to get some opinions as an aside Willco
  10. Yes I suppose economically not prudent but surely the tooling only need to be for the prongs portion -and they must be modular with detachable front --anyway just curious Willco
  11. Can some tell me/us why a prime Australian maker of HiQuality Audio products, ETI--sample as pictured does not include an AUS/NZ Male wall connector in its available range? Curious Willco
  12. Hmmm- yes Stump--seems genuine-mentions references/etc. And he is correct Turkey banned PayPal couple of years ago--mixed reasons have filtered out ,seems still at an Impasse so consider TT with sparse recourse I suppose. Good Luck Willco
  13. Saw these at Bunnings yesterday--pks of 20 or 100! Just the ticket to get those pesky lines off the tarmac without busting the Bank ha! Willco
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