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  1. https://audiophilemusings.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-bristol-hifi-show-2020-pictures-and.html
  2. Item: FS: Herbies Ultrasonic RX Tube Dampers New unopened Location: Nth Qld Price: $220 Incl Post Est Aust RRP $348 incl US post Item Condition: New unopened Reason for selling: Had two sets Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank to bank tt Extra Info: These have proved invaluable to stop microphonicswith both driver and Power tubes --these are my spare unused set as indicated. 4 x RX-55 for 300B Power Tubes 3 x RX-9 for Preamp/ driver tubes 12AU7/12BH7 etc Herbies Site outlines the Tubes these mentioned above will fit https://herbiesaudiolab.com/pages/herbies-tube-damper-comparison I have Herbie's tube dampers on my SCA-35, and I was truly amazed at the improvement in sound. Everything clearer, images more solid, better separation, all that stuff. And I was skeptical going in. You don't need the $30 ones for every tube -- only the power tubes that get really hot. The $15 ones work fine for preamp tubes. I have never done a direct comparison with o-rings though. I will say that Herbie's products actually deliver on their claims, in every case, IME. For example, the Herbie's tt mat is superior to every other one I tried, and I did do head-to-head comparisons with a whole bunch of others. Their isolation products work extremely well too. And their customer service is second to none. Review from Steve Hoffman Forums Post included in the Pricing. Thank you.
  3. Item: FS: Acoustic Revive RD3 Disc Demagnetiser 220/240 V New in Box Location: Nth Qld Price: $540 Item Condition: New opened only for pics, test and enclose Aust Power lead Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank to Bank TT Extra Info: ACOUSTIC REVIVE RD-3 CD DEMAGNETISER Demagnetize RD-3 demagnetize any optical Disc (such as CD, DVD,MD), Audio/Video Cable Receptable, and it can helps to return to the original sound quality vividly and lively. Firstly, it is thought that ferrous ingredients contained in the printing ink of the label side of the disc is one of the causes of magnetizing discs. For example, iron oxide is used for red, yellow or brown ink, cobalt is used for blue or green ink and nickel is used for silver ink. These materials, iron, cobalt, nickel, are called ferromagnetic substances, and they are relatively easy to magnetize. Second, problems are caused by the use of aluminum used for the recording side of CD. Currently, the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) states that the purity of the aluminum used must be 99.0%. The other 1% contains ferromagnetic substance such as iron, nickel and cobalt. Aluminum is a weak magnetic material, so it is easily influenced by magnetism. CD players contain magnetic substances, when a disc is played, the rotation of the mechanism, magnet and motor generates a flux which quickly causes discs to become magnetized. The multi-purpose audio demagnetizer RD-3 is a ground breaking appliance which can easily treat and completely demagnetize all kind of optical discs (CD, DVD, etc). If you demagnetize your disc by RD-3, sound and picture quality are much improved and you will be able to hear aspects of the recording that were inaudible from magnetized discs. RD-3 also has a remarkable effect on digital recording media such as CD-R, DVD-R. If a disc is demagnetized by RD-3 before recording, the sound quality improves greatly regardless of the recording device or software. For this reason, the RD-3 is widely used in the mastering rooms of major recording studios. Absolutely as new and 220/240v model NOT the 100V ones on eBay which are Japanese domestic versions. Austpost Parcel $16. Please ask any questions. Thank you https://absolutehiend.com/index.php/product/accessories/acoustic-revive/acoustic-revive-cd-demagnetiser-rd-3.html http://www.acoustic-revive.com/english/cd_dvd/rd-3_1.html http://www.acoustic-revive.com/english/rd3/images/AcousticReviveRD3-Rio5.pdf
  4. Item: Akiko Tuning Sticks Pair Ex Condition Location: Nth Qld Price: $230 Item Condition: Excellent with Packing and Box Reason for selling: Sold the components Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank to bank TT I am offering my Akiko Tuning Sticks (Pair) for Speaker cable /interconnects/power cords. I used these on speaker Cables and proved superior to the previous Walker Reference Versions I was using. They are well received and reviewed items that are excellent value for the money--highly recommended. Postage Aust wide Parcel post bag: $10. Thank you. https://recordclean.com.au/akiko-audio-tuning-stick---universal.html https://6moons.com/audioreviews/akiko/1.html https://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue71/akiko_audio.htm
  5. Item: NBS 15ft (480cm) Extension Cable Set with Powerbox AUS Furutech Plugs Location: North QLD Price: $1350 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Sold the Components Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank to bank Transfer Extra Info: I am offering the last of my fav power cords after many loyal years of service-bought in the late 90's in the US NBS has proven to make some of the benchmark power cords especially for Hi power Amps. Here is a 15ft factory made Hi power Cable with junction box.The icing on the cake with this set would be the one off NBS Aus/NZ 4 Output plugged Black Box --the US version is not made with Aus inputs sadly. With this version I sent an AUS/NZ industrial box as shown to the factory and they fitted and wired it to order. All in condition as shown. This is a big robust and heavy cable and unfortunately the AUS/NZ HPD Plugs the factory were using for these at the time basically were not up to snuff and the pins became loose with flexing of the insertion pins /etc-- they were frankly poorly made plastic--as seemed to be the 80s/90s norm. These now as shown have been terminated with current Furutech units which grip like the proverbial-these cables need a firm grip--the difference was noticeable immediately. The US Pricing below is not with the Furutech Plugs these were additional purchases late as explained. Condition as per the pics below--please feel free ask any questions thank you. Postage is two options The NBS Monitor Grade Extension Cable plus Powerbox -- Express Post $26 or $19 Parcel Post AUS wide The buyer can decide which is required. Items are: 1: *15 Ft (480cm) NBS Hi power Monitor Extension Cable 20A/250V Furutech 3112 (R) + FI -31 IEC Plugs with 4 input Black Box Vgood for age --Cable unmarked----$1350 rrp$4500USD. 2: A 6 ft NBS Statement Power cord SOLD 3: B 6 ft NBS Statement Power cord SOLD 4: C 6 ft NBS Statement Power cord SOLD
  6. Yeah-The Douglas Hifi Melbourne --I remember it well Janzen Speakers ,Crown Amps( Terrible!) Cerwin Vega Speakers( Good for Parties Nix else) Teac amps (Good) Thorens TD125 TT with RabcoSL8 Arm + Shure V15( Good) yeah pretty offhand sometimes to customers but Ben was pushing the sales -the Team was on the edge lot of the time--I had some staff flat with me so mixed a bit with them-- Roger, Lionel, Johnny Franklin--we used to go Waterskiing up the Endaloc(?) lakes on the Weekends and take Ben's son with us and try and drown him! Fun times at the Eureka Stockade/ Peanuts/etc Willco
  7. Excellent!--my gut tells me they've gone to join their brother on the coast!--! Willco
  8. Indeed I've seen the List--the UK Naim prices have jumped and will obviously compound here-- I saw the 555PSU for instance has a £400 Retail increase on its own--!! Current in stock should still be available sans increase--but I've been wrong before! Willco
  9. Geeez --is this Dac of the month or what!--I've owned the factory AN DAC 5Special -- their Genes have some of the smoothest Digital I've ever heard --and this one at this crazy price--is near on unbeatable--! Get load of the Iron in that baby! GLWTS, Willco
  10. Ah yes Folks an oldie but goodie- highly recommend for the $$'s --very detailed and smooth--designed by Mike Moffat (Schiit)and Jim White (Aesthetix). Willco
  11. Item: 4 x Combak Harmonix MY-T TU-210 Tuning Feet Location: North Qld Price: $415 Including Express Post Aust wide Item Condition: Good to VGood Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Have set of 4 x Combak Harmonix MY-T TU-210 Tuning Feet as packaged-some wear shown on the Velvet top cover otherwise items in very good condition. I have rated overall as good to allow for the aspects pictured. These are tried and true units that can be used under all components. I have had them under my CD players and were far and away the best device for my taste offering increased definition and overall warm non edgy sonics. Thank you and please ask any questions. http://www.combak.net/distributors/Invitation_to_Harmonix_and_Reimyo.pdf https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/accessories-reviews/harmonix-tuning-feet-and-spike-bases/ http://www.combak.net/feet&bases/FEET_and_BASES.html
  12. Sorta same thing, Domain names,my Boss's company in the US when I worked there had to pay $150K US to get his own name.com of some faceless IT Student--whom had over 100 in his portfolio Smart little Bas**rd! Willco
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