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  1. Music in the Dark.

    Hmmm in the pitch black my mind and hands tend to wander places-- Littlelite saves the embarrassment Willco
  2. PLINIUS M16 Pre-amp problem

    Agree-- the brand has circled the Drain sadly-- Gary's new Units PureAudio getting rave press so all is not lost on the NZ scene If you don't wish to ship to Trevor in NSW you can give Andy Mclaren a buzz --he's above Lenehans in Ashmore nearer to you. Good luck Willco
  3. I use this https://www.clamxav.com/support/quick-start-guide/ W
  4. Classe to close its doors Oct 6th Will https://www.strata-gee.com/classe-closing-october-6th/
  5. Ah yes the venerable Marantz 7--I'd agree somewhat with the ARC Phonos--they always appear slightly grainy to me--but you have to admit at the time late 70s'early eighties we were led to believe the Sp3A was the Mid range king and the JC-2 the bass/treble one owned both--but agree these were the hits of the publications pre net--Sound Advice/etc and sleepers that surpassed both of them were out there. Good Listening, Willco
  6. Ok--Really ? I took my Audio Research SP3A to Ian's and we compared it on identical LP's through his BC-1's( Rondstadt/etc) and it smoked the 3A--which was no Slouch at the time. Yes low on gain but I liked the depth and placement--can't think of the soundstage width but it was magic on vocals. I also heard another version demonstrated by Ike Isiensen at Audio Dimensions in San Diego to the local Audio Society and I garnered the same reponse as above. I still rate it anyway. Incidentally I used the Decca loaded as you deem at the cartridge --soldering though not for the faint hearted I'm sure you'd agree. When I worked with John Iverson at Electro Research all our Carts were loaded at the Pins as well--so I agree with your thinking there Trust FR will heed your wise words of experience Willco : May have been BC-3's
  7. Oh--There used to be mentions and I have seen the Seemungal drawings/etc--but well in the past when the Net was in its infancy--maybe the powers that be think it's old hat now --I know fellow that built my version--I'll see if I can contact him and ask-- If he's still alive? Ah I see Andy has chimed in with his help--good--guess I was a tad Be Mused W This a Photo I took of my one--sep Power supply
  8. Ha!--Knowing JC as I do--he'd keep any units well under care--he's been ripped off a few times over the years-- Hmm-- Kit forms of Phono--isn't that Catman's thing here--have you asked him?--sorry I cannot help much there Muse?-do you mean the Kevin Halverson ex Muse units--or something else? As far as I know KH's products were never in Kit form. As for Building ones own RIAA stage --the best is the Trinidad Connection Schematic from Walter Yip and Lionel Seemungal--should be able to pick it up on Google /etc I've owned this-- a passive unit but oh so good--still would beat the socks off many modern stages. Good luck, Willco
  9. No worries FR--I'm sure the Phono is fine and to your liking Thats all that matters in this game Good Listening Willco I have John's Email replies if you ever wish to quote him on any further conversations /etc -happy to forward--Best W
  10. John may have worked on a design for Nakamichi but not sure what model it was being installed in or used for ? Most of the info I got a few years ago and not easy to find again On a search performed now - Most of the same info is on CA5 preamps for sale E.G. — https://www.audiogon.com/listings/phono-rarely-seen-nakamichi-ca-5-preamp-with-john-curl-designed-phono-stage-shares-heritage-w-2013-08-18-preamplifiers-60091-wilmette-il Morning again FR, Well this does seem interesting--From John's reply just now-- seems some skullduggery indeed on the part of Nakamichi--this would not be the first instance Johns been used in this way. Rather poor form if i may say so. W " I have never worked with Nakamichi ever. This preamp is below my design standards in any case. They just used my name along with Nelson Pass for 'credibility'."
  11. FS: Weston Acoustics

    In the bottom RH corner of your file you will see a BIN-- Trash can --remove this attachment --click W
  12. Ah thank you !--- Strange John knows nowt about that--Its 2.30AM in Calif at present--Ive sent him the link and I'll follow up with a call to him tomorrow. I'd like to know this conundrum as well Will report outcome---thanks again and enjoy the system Willco
  13. Yes I'm sure you did the due diligence--but the source is incorrect I asked John today and his reply was "I know nothing about it" Willco Just to add --if you care to link me via PM your web research that states JC's involvement --I will pass on to him--ha!--he is getting old and may have had memory lapse!