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  1. I'd Add Micromega Stage to that list Willco
  2. Indeed Sir Zing --good find!-- I love the grunt the bass lines😁-sort of a Tuvan (heavy!)version of Redbone. American "Pop Culture" probably first became aware of Tuvan Throat singing via Paul Pena( Genghis Blues) who wrote the Steve Miller and hit Jet Airliner. Although she is Chinese Dadawa has also experimented with the Mongolian technique on Disc Excerpts from--this record was used by David Wilson to voice his Speakers. Willco
  3. Andy McLaren www.hifirepairservices.com.au HiFi Repair Services 10/185 Currumburra Road Ashmore QLD 4214 Australia +61(0)490 551 183
  4. Indeed Buy direct and use with confidence --Teddy ships promptly and delivers first class product at reasonable pricing. I've used his supplies and thoroughly recommend them-very well made and finished with top support. Good Luck, Willco
  5. Willco

    Weiss DAC 501/502

    Not specifically those ones mentioned but I have been to a Weiss "Digital Evening" when the preceding DACs were launched--they are excellent units and highly respected--but pricey I'd gather in Oz. The ones you are considering I see are Multi input the earlier ones were Firewire 400 only. GLWT Willco
  6. Agree absolute bargain for these superb stands--I had the Super Dreadnoughts--same parentage🤗! GLWTS Willco
  7. Willco

    Best Shows in 2018 IMHO

    Yes I'd go with that--and indeed good watch-especially the episode on the British ship with the quirky Pirate Captain --his girlfriend {who'd eat Bourne for Breakfast!)and crew were captured --her heroics were jaw dropping even if over the top 😛! I tend to like period pieces if alive-- not just Bodice Rippers 😋!! Oh yes I'd add Into the Badlands to Cazzes list W
  8. Willco

    Best Shows in 2018 IMHO

    Tin Star SS-GB Black Sails Willco
  9. 20 years later another brutal and vicious Oz offering emerged --The Horseman Willco
  10. Salo Last Tango in Paris Caligula Ichi The Killer Old Boy +1( original mentioned post above) On the Beach The War Game Toxic Avenger( Confrontationally funny 😊) Willco
  11. Willco

    Schiit interview video done by Darko!

    Duhh?-- Oh no not an Aphex Aural Exciter V2🙄!! W
  12. Bosch is a quirky show but he's cool dude--big Vinyl man too--you will see his TT/System in couple of episodes. Willco
  13. Caligula El Topo The War Game If Donnie Darko +1 for Salo mentioned by another Poster Willco
  14. Yes I remember it well--my girlfriend at the time didn't much care for it--But I admit I did cry for the Butterfly. "Birth of a Nation" was another memorable experience--had to lie about my age to get into that one!😁 Willco
  15. Some Doozies there alright🙁 No: Paths of Glory All Quiet on the Western Front Willco