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  1. Hi Prospective buyers--I know Murray and his gear is top shelf it is in immaculate condition and he is fastidious and a straight shooter. Yes bit of a Boo Boo not taking some further angles /etc but he's not known for his Photo skills😁 Rest assured this item will be as stated if not better. The ditch can be bit of a hiccup but items move seamlessly every day both ways--he will I'm sure assist to make the transition smooth as possible. Willco
  2. I've found Transdirect "flaky" hot one time and cold on another same with Smart send-they don't even bother to turn up!-- TD Ok for rugged sturdy items but I am reluctant to use them for product that require rather delicate handling even if is double boxed/etc, Plus their pickup timing is on another planet☹️. A further factor is I've found with oversize or exceptionally weighted units (speakers, large mono blocks /etc) their Quoting site defaults to i.e Allied Express and greys out other such as TNT which may be your preferred option. But I agree they usually offer the most economical pricing. TSS/ Cope /etc are not common carriers and can specify there Terms and conditions to suit them-rather than the client therefore being more expensive plus an 11.9% fuel charge + GST. Nevertheless the word "Sensitive Freight" strikes a chord and must be a serious consideration when deciding on sending an expensive Audio item across this Continent.AiRoad Direct I cannot comment on but I have mail from them in hand which states they limit at $1K but will only insure if the item in its original Packing and has the current bill of sale(?) Confused?--so am I--what with size/ weight / Business delivery only/ minimum charge for any consignment /inadequate insurance offered I sometime wonder if its the tail wagging the dog syndrome with some of these freight companies. Seems the customer is made to climb too many stairs-- Oh yes Toll have not replied to my request for pricing domestically as yet--they have a specialised freight dept which I presume means we will endeavour to treat your items with some sort of respect--I'll post here when received . Of all the above my gut feeling is for TSS at this stage--I'm about to give them a go --will see what transpires😊 If anyone has other versions--point me to the post on another thread possibly rather than take up Eagleeyes For sale thread Apologies, Willco
  3. I notice posters on this site and others, quoting Cope Sensitive Freight as an Option for Transit. While I would agree they are very reliable and proven--be aware they will NOT deliver to a Residential address. I have this in writing from their Manager Paul Woollard. For delicate and value items I'd contact Jo Coombes -Pearce at http://www.tss-au.com if a Residential destination is required. Willco
  4. I use DHL domestically--but have heard good things on http://www.cope-transport.com.au and they are in Brisbane Willco
  5. If I can butt in here--they are a type of clear Mylar with adhesive backing--you place the CD with guide supplied for centering See the Diagram the seller posted for the correct procedure . I have over 300 of these on my CDs over that last 20 years and I like the improvement they bring. Be aware they may not improve to the same standard the sonics on all CD's--but on 90% I have found them beneficial and worth the application. Of the 300 or more I have with them in place , only say on 1% or less you may find they will not stick . --those being a CD with a Stiple finish top rather than the normal shiny "Chrome" smooth top plate. I hope the Poster does not mind me mentioning this fact --if so I shall delete my post. I recommend them highly. GLWTS Willco
  6. Yes Pity you cannot manage to keep them --for the times maybe you go back to stand mounts? I can't think of anything available on the Aust market that is comparable frankly--and at the insane price your selling😂! In my experience only the now deceased UK Tallis stands were in the same league. Mine pictured were the Super Dreadnoughts--same genes tho!🙂 GLWTS Willco
  7. Agree with Pkay I used these stands on my Harbeths L3/5a's-my pic below for 5 years--they were excellent --filled of course. Highly recommended and bargain buy ! Willco
  8. Excellent choice--and the best decision--Mark will pamper and make sure you get the best out of the table and the Arms you choose. He is good friend--I spent an afternoon with him few months back while he was setting up a MinusK and ClearAudio setup here in Qld. You are in capable hands--kudos!!! Frank Schröder's arms are some of the finest out there I rate them highly--I've chatted to him on numerous occasions at Shows One of the hi-end's perfect gentlemen. Good Listening, Willco Addendum!--I've just read elsewhere you have the Trans LT Arm from the UK--an old audio buddy of mine --Owen Young in Auckland is technical wizz with those -he posts here--maybe a chat and chew the fat?--he is really personable and always happy to share his knowledge.
  9. Bit maudlin possibly by todays standards but I thought you could add the one that sorta sorted it all Wink Martindale--Deck of cards Willco
  10. Item: Canon 50D DSLR Plus Canon 18-200 EFS 3.5/5.6 IS Lens Location: North Qld Price: $750 OBO Item Condition: Both genuine near mint Reason for selling:Unused and NLR Payment Method: Bank TTplease Extra Info: I am selling this Canon Kit for a Retired Friend -he purchased it on my recommendation in 2008 from Camera House for $2800. Sadly he never got around to mastering the Camera /lens and it has sat virtually unused since, hence my rating of Near mint. The Body has only done 4,652 genuine clicks in eleven years! verified by the attachment below. The Sensor and Mirror are as new and the Items work all to spec. Yes it is tad dearer than some currently for sale -but this condition and known heritage can make for honest buying and peace of mind. Comes with Lowepro Carry bag ( the small Rubber insert on the case has dulled this is the only slight blemish) for Camera and Lens with Manual all CDs,leads,carry strap, 2 Canon batteries, Charger and Lens/body caps. This would be superb semi compact DSLR Kit for student/serious beginner/etc starting out on their Photography adventure. Please feel free to enquire if any questions--I have the gear in hand. Thank you BRAND Canon 50D DSLR Product Features Battery Type Lithium-Ion Features Automatic Pixel Mapping (APM), Auto Contrast Balance (ACB), Interchangeable Lenses, AF Lock, AE/FE Lock, Body only, Auto Focus Series Canon EOS Type Digital SLR Memory Card Format CompactFlash Card Type I Image Resolutions 2353 x 1568 Shutter Speed 1/8000 - 1/30Sec. Focus Type Auto/Manual Megapixels 15.1 MP Image Resolutions 2353 x 1568 Frames Per Second 6.3 Frames Self-timer 10 Sec. Screen Size 3" Sensor Type CMOS Connectivity HDMI, USB Manufacturer Colour Black Dimensions Weight 0.72 Kg Width 14.55 cm Height 10.77 cm Depth 7.34 cm Additional Product Features Canon 18-200 mm EF-S 3.5/5.6 Zoom Lens IS Focal Length 18- 200mm Maximum Aperture f/3.5 to f5.6 Filter 72MM Photos:
  11. Hi acg, I had an S9 temporary , as Simon was intending to make me an "improved "S10 he was working on but sadly he decided to close up shop and retire with his Spanish Winery. It was a fine simple table that delivered much Sonic enjoyment. I auditioned a Brinkmann Bardo to scratch an itch for one against it--- The SY was a def' keeper in that comparison 😁! Good Luck, Willco
  12. Iv'e heard the Saskia ,Techdas and the Dohmann--albeit in Show conditions with my own Lp. For what it's worth comparing/recalling the above to my Simon Yorke and Shindo 301 back at home-- both mounted on the Minus K platform. The Dohmann is easily the pick of the first three mentioned. Good Luck, Willco
  13. Duhhh?--Nahh--a legend in my own Mind--😝 Ha! Who said that ? Willco
  14. No worries JJ--all cool actually the Movie Title is the answer to your Post -I was certain in my mind--although I had to dive for my Ref' books to corroborate !! But I can see IMDB led you astray as the film is based on Joseph Conrad's book 'Secret Agent' Willco
  15. I know I'm old and decrepit now--but I know the fine Actor Oscar Homolka--Fav for Russian Villains and Generals --ha! Willco
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