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  1. Father Pilot Priest of Darnley Island Torres Straits HasselbladELX /50 Distagon/ Transparency 120mm Film
  2. We are delighted to announce that T.H.E. Show 2021 is a GO! Please mark your calendars for June 11 -13 2021 at The Hilton, Long Beach, CA 701 W. Ocean Drive, Long Beach, CA
  3. Yes I used to go for aVegetarian Dinner on a Sunday to their place in Avalon. Such gentle folk indeed great pity on their Demise. I saw an Lp12 cannot recall the Arm--it may have been a Grace 707 but not sure. The Amp was based on an Ampliwire Integrated made by Matti Otala. My late friend Alistair MacDonald knew the brothers and mentioned to me the speakers were done in corroboration with Dr. Richard Small of Sydney University. Alistair knew both parties -particulary Dick Small whom I met also-- if you want to know about Speaker evolution as we enjoy it tod
  4. Sheesh that Liquorice Pizza Pic above brought back my nightmare venture in that Vinyl Flat Thingy-- DON"T risk anything other than your K-Tels or Party Starters Vol54. That device stuffed up couple of my Favs --following the advice enclosed to the letter Couldn't even get hardly any $$'s when I tried to flog it off--Joey Pouch and all! That things a wrecker-Meh Willco
  5. Hmmm, Thank you Sir Zinger, I shall observe carefully as you ask when I next place to the Classifieds and trust all should be as you deem. Willco
  6. Grateful to the Admin to chime in here--be great to get this "fixed When I type a Classified--and I preview it before posting --yes the heading is BOLD on my screen--fine but when it appears in the Listing it is in L/Case--even after views--it stays in L/Case forever All I'd like is for it to appear in BOLD like the others around it upon the Listening being approved. Am I to understand that the Poster of the Advert will not will not see his/her heading in BOLD but other viewers will on the Listing? That's because
  7. Yes I have the same problem with Headings only-not the main copy --thats fine-- I asked here , but never got a reply no-one seems to know an Answer. My Classifieds seem to get lost in the swim Willco
  8. This factor can go on ad nauseam--human nature being what it is there frankly can be no realistic solutions people are what they are and some fit in and do the right thing --some the opposite. Re the Classifieds--If there was to be a fee system, I feel it would have to commensurate with the total price asked for the item to be sold. I.E> say $5 to $500, $10 @1K to 2K/etc -- or similar. The big Audio Sales site in the US has sliding scale for placement dependant upon pricing /value posted Some basic way similar could work--and be acceptable I'd feel.
  9. Further information: I am offering my spare virtually unused Copy--only played to establish all correct /etc --booklet and Disc near mint condition. This is the rare(now) SACD Hybrid version which will play on any CD player as well as the SACD Units. I would like to point out to the prospective buyer--to open the case PRESS the side --you will see the word PRESS in the plastic--do NOT attempt to open the case the usual way --flicking ones thumb under the case lip--you will split the case --see my pic--yes I fell for it --so make sure you do not--Capiche?
  10. Hmm that Starlink looks promising--like most things --will observe how it goes and progresses our environment Up here in the Cyclonic induced Nth Qld my current reading is
  11. Naim one of the major brands affected--with estimated 12 month hiatus on Digital products Willco
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