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  1. Indeed-- There is classic shot in the Ballroom sequence you pictured of a room with all the guests individual Commodes all lined up ready for the bodily ablutions 😀! Fine film if rather intense Willco
  2. The Leopard-- Burt Lancaster Will
  3. Yoh Guys, I gonna have to miss this party for a couple of weeks--busy packing for an overseas soiree have fun and over to some sharper young brain than mine to do the picking' Willco
  4. I'm an old Film buff-- made it my business /hobby to read up /note all on Movies--just instinct and search--learnt to do that decades before Google/etc I tend to analyse the Pic posted --enlarge say 200% look for little snippets of detail that strike memory cord --- but it is so much easier for you guys now with the Net--just needs some detective work--it's not Rocket Science😀! Good on you guys for the Posts--makes (my old!)brain work-ha! Willco
  5. Artificial Intelligence or AI
  6. Well its all happened in EP3 alright!-- I'd avoid the Oz papers on the Net--spoilers abound today also --just don't view Trailer EP4-- unless you want to see who survives --mostly🤨 W
  7. Good one--the Stanley Steamer gave it away😀 Willco
  8. I'd recommend call to Tony Devitt in Rosebank/Avondale Auckland--he's your man good luck Willco https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/111913-td19/
  9. Dead of Night--Michael Redgrave Will
  10. Yes lots of navel gazing --pretty laid back lot considering maybe the last day breathing for some. Yes the Action is on the horizon -at last Incidentally the US Ep2 runs 1:06:38 with Foxtel 58Mins locally--do they cut the synopsis and chatter with the writers at the end for Oz? Willco
  11. Nice Posting M--Interesting to see it runs on MacBook Pro--unaided(?) My Adjust+ was PC only and I needed Virtual Box to run on with the Mac OS. It is indeed a pity more Arms do not allow these Adjustments that can elevate Lp playback to a level above what one is sonically finding adequate. Kudos🙂 Willco
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