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  1. I have a 1.25m Naim Hi Line Interconnect 5 pin to 5 pin DIN in excellent condition. The tin box has slight blemishes as pictured. The Cable is designed for the CD555 player and works well all Naim units that accept this Pin denomination. Shipping included in pricing -thank you. Photos:
  2. Yes amazing for these!--I compared the Salon 2's using my own "test CD" at a US show with equivalent priced Magico's, YG's, Nolas --and this model gazumped all those --period! Seriously impressive and a true Hi End speaker--$13K?--thats a joke pricing!! They would wipe 90% of the speakers on sale here. Willco
  3. Well if h'e gonna use jumpers --single wire +/- from the amp--then short jumper wire from either terminal pretty basic. I'm presuming he's going "try" that method and not the quad wire input he showed in Pic 1. Just surmising Willco
  4. Yes and if you want to be quirky--try this Good Luck Willco
  5. I use Mullard CV4003 (ECC82) and Brimar CV5042's in my Setup---not to difficult to find and inexpensive compared to some variants.--this combo easily the purest I found to drive my Taka 300B's. Good luck, Willco
  6. Bit late to this party--I've owned the original Electa Amators--and currently run Guarneri Homages--also original Serblin vintage. I've always made point to hear some of the present crop of SF's can't say I've had any urge to change the above. Good listening, Willco
  7. Andy McLaren www.hifirepairservices.com.au HiFi Repair Services 10/185 Currumburra Road Ashmore QLD 4214 Australia +61(0)490 551 183
  8. Frankly I'd not fossick around when the end product is going to perform in a SOTA setting and ancillaries . I've owned 4 X 301's and now if I had the urge(as apparent here) I'd go straight to Audio Grail UK and get one fully up to spec end game Or if one feels to locate one locally once again it'd go to A Grail or Terry and Bob Mortimer( whose father designed the 301) at Loricraft UK for a total refurbishment. I'd think one would be extremely lucky to find restorer here that would match these two organisations. I did use Loricraft wi
  9. Wind River--Jeremy Renner Elizabeth Olsen. Missed this on original release--watched it last night --excellent thought provoking film--based on true event of Rapes and murder of American Indian Girl in Wyoming and the tracking and Justice. A movie to watch and absorb--excellent acting and the terrific snow scenery and excellent screenplay--the same dude that wrote Sicario! When it explodes --all hell breaks loose Recommended. Willco
  10. Great documentary on Steve McQueens "Day of the Champion" His dream of the greatest film since Jaws--became the film that never made it to cinemas
  11. Don't forget one of NZ's finest Speakers from it's own innovator Chris Ball. he retired recently and sold the company but it is flourishing under its new owners https://imageloudspeakers.nz Willco
  12. Tim de Paravacini of EAR Yoshino died today from Liver cancer at 75 RIP Tim, Willco
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