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  1. naggots

    FS: Gieseler Klein DAC Special Edition

    Fantastic Dac and too cheap. Clay suggests unless you need the DSD capability or some of the remote functionality then this is a better sounding dac than the Klein2
  2. Item: lounge Audio LCR mk3 Location: Melbourne Price: $340 incl post rrp $320 USD Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Lounge Audio LCR mk3. Latest version purchased in the US in Aug 2017 with Aussie power pack. Difficult to get in Oz as post is $80USD, I was working in the US. As new condition and run in ready to go. LCR is a dual mono pure analogue phono stage using Inductors, Caps and Resistors to achieve RIAA equalisation. Sounds big warm and bassy. This is a well made and beautifully presented product. Heavier than you expect. The blue LD lid light looks great at night. Plenty of great reviews plus 6moons blue moon awards winner etc. http://www.loungeaudio.com/lcr-mr-iii Pictures:
  3. Item: Kona Dr Dew with upgraded brakes and spare Continental tyres Location: Melbourne Price: $450 and donation rrp $1200 Item Condition: 8.5/10, couple of scuffs which could polish out. Reason for selling: NLR, have a mountain bike I use. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is still Konas top of the line 700c commuter/touring bike. 56cm = med/tall, I'm 183cm and its probably a bit smaller than ideal but totally comfortable. Really well made, strong and light frame which Kona are famous for. Has attachments for panniers and the rear cargo rack is designed for disc brakes is also included. It came with 32mm Continental City Ride tyres and I upgraded to 37mm Continental Top Contact ($120) which are almost puncture proof. lucky to have covered 300kms, see condition in the pics. Both sets of tyres are included. Will also include in the original head stem and seat post. I have a Brooks saddle which requires more set back. Original saddle is unused. The original Avid Disc brakes, Elixir 3 failed, replaced by the far superior Avid DB1s. Running gear is the full Sram Via Centro 2x10 line, levers, cranks, hubs, etc giving almost mountain bike low gearing with road bike top gears. Pick up in Beaumaris or I can drop off around Melbs in the next week. Bike was serviced when the new brakes were installed and has been ridden 50ks since. Pictures:
  4. How did they go?
  5. I’ll take it if still available
  6. naggots

    SOLD: FS: Sony WH-1000XM2 Black Headphones

    I’ll take them
  7. naggots

    SOLD: FS: Sony WH-1000XM2 Black Headphones

    I’ll take them.
  8. Hi, I have a friend and myself in need of some advice. He currently uses iTunes exclusively via a windows desktop and loads playlists onto a 160gb iPod plugged into a Wadia 170i dock and Perpetual Technologies p-3a dac via spdif. He’s been very happy for years. The Wadia is playing up after all these years so he asked my advice. My my current setup is a Mac mini and Klein SE which offers greater flexibility plus Spotify etc. I’ve been researching and came up with some streamers so he can do Spotify etc. But this has to be as simple as possible as he’s tech challenged. I was looking at CA 851N or Pioneer N70AE or possibly Auralic or bluesound node. Budget of $2-3k I guess the question is how well do these integrate with Apple iTunes ? I read the specs and most say USB not compatible with Apple. Would the Widows Desktop be plugged into the streamer via Ethernet or into a router to be seen by the player to access the iTunes library? Thanks in advance, George
  9. naggots

    Tube integrated on a 1-1.5K budget?

    Earles will be better due to his hand wound transformers, very good amps at 2x the price
  10. naggots

    SOLD: Zu Libtec Speaker Cables 2.5M

    I’ll take them
  11. I’ve got 2x 4s if you’re interested.
  12. naggots

    WTB: Curious USB, 1.2m

    Sorry, I need 1.2 to fit the cabinet and my current one is tight at 1.2.
  13. naggots

    SOLD: FS: SGR Audio CX4F active speakers

    I can pick up and pay cash if it all falls thru
  14. The Curious cable from what I’ve read needs no introduction as far as USB goes. Does anyone know how Darkside Mk6 compares? Im looking for 1.2m USB cable to replace my BlackCat Silverstar
  15. naggots

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Mint condition Thorens TD147 Jubilee, recently set up by Duc and sounding sweet.