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  1. naggots

    FS: BRIMAR 5R4GY NOS double D Getter brown base

    I’ll take a pair for my Weston topaz. PM sent
  2. naggots

    DIY Turntable and phono rack

    I did think about that. I added the silicone feet to help isolate the rack from the cabinet as my floors are a little bouncy and the turntable skips if you walk too hard next to it.
  3. naggots

    DIY Turntable and phono rack

    So true...... kids are older now. The Topaz needs to be released from its fan cooled prison 😆
  4. Purchased a PS Audio NuWave Phono and ran out of room in my existing cabinet. didn't realise how big and heavy it was. Off to Ikea for 2x Butcher blocks 450x360x33mm then Bunnings for 4 x M10x200mm Dome head bolts/nuts/washers and a pack of 16mm silicone feet. I already had the 20mm copper tube. Total outlay of $56 The turntable is now at a better height and with the extra mass of the butcher blocks and 9kg phono the stylus tracks a lot better and doesn't skip as much.
  5. naggots

    SOLD: FS: Schiit Mani

    Item: Schiit Mani Location: Melbs Price: $180 plus post Item Condition: 9.5/10 as new Reason for selling: PS Audio NuWave Phono Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased the Mani on SNA maybe 3-4mo ago. Mani with the original box and power supply. Totally enjoyed it so far. Wide soundstage, good imagery, great MM and MC adjustability. Replaced an Lounge LCR mk3 in my setup. Purchased a PS Audio NuWave Phono from Krispy to record some Vinyl so this combo and the Rega also advertised also have to go. Pictures:
  6. Item: Rega Phono Mini A2D Location: Melb Price: $150, incl post RRP $199 Item Condition: New, unopened Reason for selling: PS Audio NuWave Phono Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: great Phono according to the reviews, What HiFi 5 star award Apr 2018 https://www.whathifi.com/rega/fono-mini-a2d/review Made in England with USB and RCA out. Purchased new from A2A a couple weeks ago to record some vinyl via USB and Audacity. Krispy PS Audio NuWave Phono came up so purchased it for the task. Also selling a Schiit Mani and Swagman LPS. Rega is new, unopened, receipt will be supplied for warranty. I suppose I could return it but feeling like passing on a bargain..... and its not A2A fault I changed my mind. Refer to web photos...…... http://www.rega.co.uk/fono-mini-a2d.html Pictures:
  7. Amazing artist, easily my fav blues live moments at the espy...... sad news.
  8. +1 Clay when you have the time.
  9. I’m thinking the topping but then the blue sounds node 2 has optical input and streaming which is rare in these products. Then I was thinking audio gd dac19 as I’ve always wanted to hear one but the Grob dac is so good with the Mac mini and Audirvana........or the cheapo dac cos it’s cheap and I’m only listening to movies where the volume just needs to be louder than the TV .........
  10. I have an LG Oled TV with optical out and no analogue RCAs. I only have 2ch set up with a Klein dac & USB and optical input. Main source being a Mac Mini. Every now and again I’d watch a movie thru the Klein to my Weston Topaz and it would be fine for me. I recently purchased a fantastic USB only Gross Dac but find that I now miss the occasional Movie thru the Stereo. I was thinking of an Optical to analogue converter........... are these any good? Or do I buy a cheap Chinese dac? Or do I try a Blusound Node2 on sale at Klapp for $719....... My Mac mini and Audirvana sounds pretty good tho so I didn’t want to spend $$$
  11. Wow, frustrating. Fingers crossed it works out. No hum at all with the Topaz or the Manley Mahis I had before. I did get some hum with the Schiit Mani..... but I replugged in all the cables and it went away, not sure if it’s a loose socket in the Mani? My ICs are Zu events so doubt it’s them but you never know. Do they have bass amps built in?
  12. Well.........updated the Klein SE to a Grob Dac plus Curious USB........with the same Mac Mini and Audirvana. Began Dabbling in Vinyl with a Thorens TD147 Jubilee and Shure 97Xe set up by Duc (RIP) plus a Schiit Mani/Swagman LPSU. Will be looking for another Phono stage soon but at the moment it offers good bang for the buck. Vinyl soundstage is totally different, more detail with L&R speakers firing off with various instruments....... it’s fantastic. Not quite the slam or tightness of the digital side tho. The Grob dac is a large step up from the Klein SE, totally fluid and engaging. I’m guessing it doesn’t get much better unless far greater sums of money are spent. Happy days. The Zus and Topaz never fail to amaze with their attack, soundstage and jump factor. I’m rolling valves thru the Topaz and am noticing changes with Rectiiers.
  13. Yeah, I’m finding my 1000xm2 a step up from the Bose QC25. The Bose is about the same for NC but the ambient feature on the Sony makes so much sense. Sounds nd from the Sony’s is the step up though. Bluetooth works really well and I like the touch features on the ear cup.
  14. naggots

    nbn to “kill off top fixed wireless products”

    I understand , Saying no may have been the right thing to do to save a few $$ where tighter regulation could’ve been the answer. But is failing to do anything in the 20yrs since is a worse fail?...... fiber in the ground should’ve gone ahead then there’s no doubt. The cost of laying copper then and now laying fibre is costing us plenty 2x....... yet we still lag behind almost all the western world with internet speed and there’s no excuse. Australia has one of the wealthiest middle classes in the world but cannot get access to 3rd world internet speeds. We dont bother with solar power in the sunniest continent on earth and sell our gas to the Chinese for less than it costs us to produce..... then buy it back. Coal mine the barrier reef........clever country not I fear!