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  1. Hi guys, Need a new amp. What are your thoughts on the 85 series Yamaha models? I’d like to use the musiccast throughout the house. I’d also like to use the wireless rear speaker option. any feedback and opinions would be awesome. thanks, andrew
  2. Awesome. Might give the Chromecast a crack. Does it have an input?? Couldn't see one on their site?
  3. I want to be able to send music via Bluetooth or wifi from my amp, eg: cd/TT to a speaker in the kitchen/lounge room.
  4. Hi guys, i have my my setup in the living room and would like to be able to stream from this set up to a speaker in the kitchen/outside. Are there better options other than the SONOS connect and SONOS speakers? most of what I could find involved streaming to my current system not from. any suggestions would be great. thanks, andrew
  5. Or do I look at swapping for the Audio Technica AD900x/AD1000x?? Any experience with any of these headphones??
  6. Hi guys, Got these for Xmas today. What are your thoughts??? Advice/suggestions?? Will be used for predominantly listening at night whilst kids are asleep. Thanks Andrew
  7. Sorry. First post was not proof read. I was in the middle of watching frozen with my daughter. I was basically trying to ask what Luc mentioned. I have speakers at different distances from the amp. I read somewhere that it was an issue if the cable was different lengths. Any justification for this?
  8. Hi guys, Should speaker cable always be the same length to each speaker in a stereo set up despite actual distance from the amp?? Thanks Andrew
  9. I have a p3-24. How much improvement did you find with the sub platter upgrade??? Does the p3 have a glass platter?
  10. Excuse my ignorance but is the stylus replaceable on all cartridges???
  11. Hi guys, What's the average replacement lifespan on a cartridge? Thanks, Andrew
  12. I have ducted aircon but would not like to run it constantly simply due to cost. Room is carpeted with gyprock walls and insulation in the ceiling. Room is 5 x 5. Has as closable door a westerly window 3m wide with block out blind and external roller blind. Despite this it's get very hot in summer. Strategies? Mods?
  13. So my wife has given me a large room upstairs to do as I like. Will it be too hot to store vinyl and set up a TT? I'm in Sydney. Thanks Andrew
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