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  1. Yeah, the tweeters can be moved around so good on that front.
  2. Ok, understood. The back wall is about 2500 away so not much in it, and should be sufficient room to stick with 5.1.4 , maybe bring the fronts a bit further forward to seat position, 1400 from front, 1300 from rear or there abouts as a compromise
  3. Thanks Murray, those 2 figures of 2400 and 900 are pretty well bang on, so i set a 45 degree angle 1500 cm away from my ears to the ceiling? Cheers
  4. Oh gee lol, that makes it even worse for me, maths not my thing ehe, or geometry if that what this is. Ok will go with straddling the chair one step in front and one behind. That shows them a helluva lot closer then looking at the other diagram Thanks, will try and nut it out
  5. Hey ya's, I am am in process of soon installing 4 ceiling speakers for Atmos, in a 5.1.4 set up as per this https://www.dolby.com/about/support/guide/speaker-setup-guides/5.1.4-overhead-speaker-setup-guide/ Looks simple enough in a sense, but I am not sure about the actual distance measurements. From my seating position my front/centre/right speakers are 3 meters from my ears, give or take a few centimeters . What I can't determine from the layout is what the actual distances the front and rear sets of ceiling speakers should be away from my ears in my seating position. . It does seem that the seating position is right in the middle with the front and rear ceiling sets being equally distant from my ears. And it looks like the spacing between the front and rear set is double the distance of the distance between the main speakers and the front set of ceiling speakers. What's got me stuffed is what the distance should be for the front set of ceiling speakers in relation to the main speakers with them being 3 meters away from my ears Rear ceiling heights can be worked out from doubling that distance I suppose . Something makes me think the front ceiling should be 1.5 meter away from main, and then the rear set of ceiling 3 meters apart, but I don't get that sense from the diagram, looks like the front set of ceiling are closer to the mains then 1.5 meter extrapolating from that diagram. /Shrug Thanks for reading
  6. That Kenwood stuff from that era sounded so nice. I remember having a Kenwood FM/AM tuner from a bit before this model, around 72/73 , maybe earlier even, cannot recall, but what I do recall it sounded great. Had some German amp, and Altec Duplex speakers and a Philips 303 turntable and the Kenwood Tuner, and gee FM radio sounded so good lol
  7. Thanks all for the advice given. Am clear about things now, the amp I bought has just RCA's as inputs, so it is what is. Will have to do for the time being, if a power amp pops up with balanced inputs and is affordable I can look into that. My original system was all balanced into 5 mono blocks but that also created a very warm room, great in winter, not so great in the summer hehe. But have upgraded to a processor with Atmos and want to add overhead speakers so decided to lose 3 of the mono blocks to regain some money back from buying the new power amp, and have the new 7 channel amp drive centre, surround, and overhead so 5.2.4 but starting with 5.2.2 first, left and right mains will still be balanced. New processor has only balanced outputs, virtually no RCA inputs except for some analog inputs and zone 2 output.
  8. Wyred 4 Sound 7 channel to do centre, surround and height. More or less do what my mono blocks do right now, but also do ceiling speakers, so going from 5.2 to 5.2.4 due to Atmos processor incoming, So replacing centre and surround and adding 4X height. Looking at 5.2.4 vs my old 5.2, No room to go 7.2.4 really, but think 5.2.4 will be just fine
  9. everyone replied to in thread and some not in thread
  10. Yeah, i come to understand that if it is not right it is out of phase, not gonna blow up the amp or processor which would absolutely suck lol
  11. Mmmmmkay , looks like a can of worms lol. Best way may be to get a few of the emotiva https://emotiva.com/collections/accessories/products/balanced-xlr-female-to-unbalanced-rca-female-adapter-interconnect But then I am going to have to wait for that ship to come in, where as my new XMC-2 processor should be arriving Monday,(landed in Melbourne now) As far as I know an XLR plug has four connections +1 -1 +2 -2 but I don;t know the way they wire them here, and probably the shop would not know either lol Upon looking on xlr wiring it seems its just 3 now, still see some reference to 4 but might be very old. Was watching a dude on youtube yesterday assembling xlr cables step by step and he mentioned the four connection type, lets just say i am confused as hell
  12. I am going to need a few of those RCA male to XLR female cables but just enquiring if I would have anything to worry about buying just from the shop? Will be running a few of those cable from a Emotiva XMC-2 to a Wyred4 Sound MC 7150 power amp. Emotiva XMC-2 only has XLR outs, will run left and right via XLR from XMC-2 to XPA-1L amps , but the centre and surrounds and eventual overhead Atmos ceiling speakers will have to run via RCA male XLR female. So just double checking if they still do funny wiring hehe, Read a bit about it here and there over the years as a XLR can be wired a few ways it seems. Cheers
  13. Further information: Further information: Up for sale , 3 very good condition Emotiva monoblocks UPA-1 RCA input and XLR for balanced input. Seems they are 200 watts into 8 ohm as per online manual, I had forgotten. Just pulled out of the video audio rack and snapped a couple of pics. 3 of all the fronts and 1 reversed so can see the back. I bought a 7 channel power amp for my incoming new processor which has Atmos etc so needed a new amp to drive them in the near future. They may need a bit more of a clean on the front, but have always just sat in the rack, didn't really have good substance to clean em with and do not want to scratch em up They drove my centre speaker and the 2 surrounds
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