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  1. Ouch, pricey. I do run a HTPC and way overkill, AMD 3700X recently upgraded the 2600 that was in there, on a x470 mobo, with a 1070 and low latency ram. Bloody thing competes with my main rig just about,apart from video card, and got all that Madvr running and it is working very well for UHD/HDR , but that is big money for the Envy Just came across this thread and will have a look what the Envy is all about Thanks
  2. Unbelievable, that combined with entertainment unit looks great. Would ditch wife
  3. Still on my 2017 65" Pana Oled, it will be a while before I upgrade that, cost me a mint as early adopter. I do want a 4k HDR projector though, but not till the upgrade program from Emo XMC-1 to XMC-2 is happening
  4. Should be a good amp. Speakerpower is in my Seaton's Sub, driving 2 subs, think it goes to 6000 watts in 2 ohm or something. I do notice the streetlights dimming when i fire it up
  5. Always wanted to progress to these speakers. Run Submersive subwoofers in Master/Slave combo, but things got in the way in regards to this speaker set up
  6. Expressed my interest, be a nice upgrade from my Interludes
  7. Cool, i upgraded my XMC-1 with the 4K HDMI card and was contemplating the Atmos upgrade. Checked on this on EMO forums as I had not been there for a while. I would do the trade in for a new XMC-2 in a flash, would work out ok, cheaper then buying a Atmos 4K pre pro here still Thanks for heads up
  8. Was considering these, but with the cost added on top off it to go to melbourne made it hard. Plus they would be used as nearfield on the desktop essentially as computer speakers, mmmm Anyway, they been sold by the looks of, and i can stop returning to this like a dog to its vomit lol
  9. Have thought about that DMax Got some other expenses coming up So........
  10. I use 2 of these for my left and right, would love another one for centre channel to match the fronts. Would you split? My SN's are 637 and 877 so pretty close together ehe. Cheers
  11. It is silver yes, previous ad sold real fast with the buyer having changed his mind, and second buyer having bought a black one after I held it for him for 2 weeks while he was on holiday hence no info. I posted it real quick very early in the morning prior to going to work. I'll see if I can take a pic of the back without dismantling everything to get at it, no receipt , i bought it of these forums a while back.
  12. Seen the odd black one pop up here iirc, but yeah silver is the standard pretty well
  13. Item: Nad M51 Location: Melbourne 3170 Price: $700 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not using it anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Pictures: Hi, back up for sale due to sale falling through by prospective buyer having bought a black one instead. Cheers,
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