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  1. These sound great and I wish I had space for them. What would it cost to buy the four Fostex Fe126en in these speakers??? They’re an excellent deal. GLWTS!
  2. In response to one of your questions, the Topping D30 seems amazing value to me I’m using one for Spotify/Netflix and disc playback connected to the digital output of a Sony BluRay player, then into a Denon stereo amp and some Dali speakers (2.0 only). The sound is a genuinely pleasant surprise all the time and it’s super convenient. I’m in the process of switching to a different setup but for a digital source (transport and DAC) that costs similar money to my first CD player in 1991, it’s a great solution IMO.
  3. Mat thanks heaps but no worries, I think I'll just experiment with a couple of different samples of the cheap fluid for remote control car suspension and see how it goes. And I'll report back! I hope you can get your TT up and running in 2019! 🙂
  4. Hey @Mat-with-one-t 😀 Sorry for the massive thread necro. I have the same issue in that my 6.1’s silicon damping fluid has escaped somehow over the years. Did you ever settle on a replacement? I’m finding a number of different viscosity options from the hobby shops. I could roll the dice but any advice on your experience would be appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Back in the day, Western Electric produced push-pull 300B amps and the performance was said to be phenomenal. The push pull configuration can reportedly add punch, especially in the bass, while retaining the midrange presence of the single ended topology. There are quite a few PP300B circuits out there for DIY and various commercial amps are available. Seems like it could be a great match for your system if you can find one to try out.
  6. Good to hear! It’s a classic!
  7. How long ago was the overhaul? A very hot amp would tend to take a toll on passive components too, which could affect the way it’s running although an intermittent issue makes me suspect something else. Incidentally, what’s your mains supply measure out of the wall? Could be relevant if your amp is rated at 230v (say) but the mains are well above 240v (which it is where I live!)
  8. @aussievintage Ah thanks! Just thinking more about playing each channel in isolation. If a valve is kaput I’d expect a more obvious difference than stereo imaging. Eg is bass response clearly lacking on one channel? edited to add: Don’t run the amp without a speaker load!
  9. OP have you compared left to right channels to see if there’s any difference?
  10. Have you got the speakers connected to 4 ohm taps? I’d bet the high sensitivity across the (horn loaded) mids comes at the expense of low impedance in the bass region with two woofers in parallel.
  11. 94dB sensitivity for the floor standers? Even if it’s all bass that has to be interesting! I would love to buy these for a 21st that’s coming up (not mine sadly). I’ll PM you. 🙂
  12. I think I've found a case for my (ultra long term) preamp project. 211.5mm wide; 150mm tall; 311mm deep All alloy panels 3mm thick; front panel 8mm thick; weighs ~3kg Lots of ventilation slots ~$125 shipped including GST https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NO-1multi-use-full-aluminum-chassis-with-radiating-hole/1964442115.html 
 The thing that caught my attention is that the seller says: "We can drill the holes as your requirement. The simple holes are for free, the complicated holes are charged according to the situations. Please send your hole pattern to our mailbox" So at some point I'll shoot them an email to see what they need. Meanwhile, I'll have to learn the basics of using some sort of CAD software I suppose. I wonder if they'd send me their CAD designs so I could edit in the hole sizes and positions?
  13. Hi there! I’m really interested in the TC-2. PM incoming!
  14. Is the orange color original? It looks absolutely sensational IMO.
  15. @rodders3 My guess is that you will find exceptional NOS valves in Japan, but with truly stratospheric prices to match. For the valves you need in your Luxman, between the hi-fi and guitar amp markets, and a generation of internet savvy collectors, any stock that looks like a good deal won't be on the market for long. Then again I'm amazed that Tubedepot.com has (arguably) the most sought after EL34's in stock, even at US$599 per valve. Of course that makes the $249 they're asking for the legendary British Mullards look like a steal, which maybe it is when you consider the prices of desirable vintage amps that use them. And by high end standards, the prices seem relatively sane especially as you can get those valves for less, if not cheaply, by hunting around. On a listening hour/dollar basis there are worse deals... And a warning Tubedepot.com only have six of the NOS Telefunken ECC803s you'll also want at a mere $1295/tube (USD before tax and delivery of course). 😉 The question of whether such valves are ten times better sounding than a new Russian 'Mullard' (at one tenth the price) is harder to answer, in keeping with the traditions of value in hi-fi equipment. As for the best dealers, there are quite a few US and UK based companies who've been in business for decades but I'm not aware of an Australian supplier with quantities of NOS valves in the really popular types like what you need. FWIW I'm keen to try the Russian Mullard EL34s and these new production KT77s (probably a drop in replacement in your amp?) from Gold Lion which seem to rate well and are pretty affordable.
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