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  1. Is the orange color original? It looks absolutely sensational IMO.
  2. @rodders3 My guess is that you will find exceptional NOS valves in Japan, but with truly stratospheric prices to match. For the valves you need in your Luxman, between the hi-fi and guitar amp markets, and a generation of internet savvy collectors, any stock that looks like a good deal won't be on the market for long. Then again I'm amazed that Tubedepot.com has (arguably) the most sought after EL34's in stock, even at US$599 per valve. Of course that makes the $249 they're asking for the legendary British Mullards look like a steal, which maybe it is when you consider the prices of desirable vintage amps that use them. And by high end standards, the prices seem relatively sane especially as you can get those valves for less, if not cheaply, by hunting around. On a listening hour/dollar basis there are worse deals... And a warning Tubedepot.com only have six of the NOS Telefunken ECC803s you'll also want at a mere $1295/tube (USD before tax and delivery of course). 😉 The question of whether such valves are ten times better sounding than a new Russian 'Mullard' (at one tenth the price) is harder to answer, in keeping with the traditions of value in hi-fi equipment. As for the best dealers, there are quite a few US and UK based companies who've been in business for decades but I'm not aware of an Australian supplier with quantities of NOS valves in the really popular types like what you need. FWIW I'm keen to try the Russian Mullard EL34s and these new production KT77s (probably a drop in replacement in your amp?) from Gold Lion which seem to rate well and are pretty affordable.
  3. Epic introduction Edward! Good luck with the project.
  4. At least with most valve kits, you can recycle or sell the expensive parts (like valves/transformer/case etc.) into another project if you're not getting the results you want. Maybe you already have a junk box to raid for some of the hardware? I'm personally curious about the kits on eBay/Aliexpress for knock-offs of various valve phono stages: the EAR 834P, and others from Audio Note, Marantz, Shure etc. Including a PCB, passive components and valve bases, they might be ~$100, to which you'd add valves, a power supply and case. Might be a stretch to do it for under $250 but not impossible? But I can't vouch for them at this point. The circuit I'd like to try out is a version of the RCA 7025 phono preamp. Very basic (2 x 7025 valves for a stereo amp) but would need another stage so it could drive an input on your amp.
  5. That's an amazing deal. I have to get one just to try it! Thank you!
  6. Regarding the power transformer, OP would need separate 2.5V windings for each 45 I believe? Plus a winding for the rectifier, and then another for whatever input valves are used. There are various methods of getting the required filament voltages, such as adding extra power transformers to the chassis. Also the eternal questions of whether you want AC or DC on your heaters, regulated v unregulated heated supplies, and using silicon in the signal path. FWIW the simple solution for an all one transformer would be a model like this: https://au.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Hammond-Manufacturing/302AX?qs=REJuxFWWMVVejtzLa6rMzg%3D%3D
  7. Have you bought any parts yet? You could do a direct-coupled amp like a Loftin White, or a transformer coupled design, or any number of cap coupled designs. There would be budget and sound implications in choosing any circuit. Sounds like a great project once you line up your requirements. I think this this is a good write up on a design that can accommodate the 45 or 2A3 but the primary impedance of the OPT is (AFAIAW) what makes it suit one valve better than the other. http://jelabsarch.blogspot.com/2012/06/je-labs-simple-452a3.html?m=1
  8. I appreciate the welcome guys! Great community vibe. I need the motivation (and know how) to get some projects moving. 😊 @turbo88888 @audiofeline @anandpkumar
  9. Thanks heaps @andyr and thanks again @misternavi I'm feeling a bit inspired. Probably means I should try and breadboard a circuit before I get ahead of myself. 😉
  10. That’s very nice @misternavi and a cool supplier I hadn’t heard of before too. Thanks!
  11. You can pry my Panny plasma from my cold dead hands. It has its foibles but the image quality is just lovely imo.
  12. @Ozcall thanks mate! I've seen that very one. I saw another case on Aliexpress that I also liked but it was a bit expensive... even though it came with free preamp electronics inside. 😉 Maybe I should ask if they could ship the empty chassis? I don't mind this one for example, although it could do with more holes in the back and since I want to build with valves, it'd need cooling slots in the lid. The screen printed graphics on the front are another issue but I've heard they can be removed pretty easily. I'm after a case with maybe six or seven stereo pairs of holes predrilled for RCA jacks on the rear panel. I realise I could drill my own but I'm almost guaranteed to do a worse job than the commercial products. Then again I could pay somebody to drill clean looking holes... The other consideration is aesthetic and I just haven't quite seen the one I want. A couple of hundred isn't huge money for a nice alloy case I realise but I'd prefer to spend it on a case that I just really like the look of ( because I'm shallow). Anyway, it's good to know I'm looking in the right place. Cheers!
  13. Pretty amazing feature set on that era of amp I have to say. I bet it would have cost a bomb when new. Sorry if stating the obvious, but I always look at completed listings on eBay to help get a sense on pricing. Not much good for very obscure items of course. 😊
  14. Hi all! I’d be grateful for thoughts about a source for chassis/enclosure/metalwork for a preamp I’ve dreamt of building. I basically found my way here from a google search for a kit preamp called the KLP1/KLPP1, produced by Hi-Fi World magazine. It’s just a tasteful, simple looking thing, and I cannot find a comparable case from Aliexpress or eBay or whatever. I don’t want the aesthetics to be the main priority but I think I’ll feel better about a build that doesn’t look like a botched DIY disaster. What I’d like to build is something similar to the JE Labs preamp project, using loctal valves (maybe!) in a neat but low key case, with plenty of inputs.
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