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  1. Are your headphones especially tricky to drive or anything like that? And there’s no question the output from the dac is plugged into the input on the amp? And all switches are set properly? Always worth a recheck of connections 🙂 One test might be to run the pre out from the Schitt to your integrated and see if signal is passing through.
  2. Congrats on the new speakers. I’d suggest trying option A, provided there isn’t too much faffing around to connect non-Bose speakers to the receiver. If you don’t like the sound then at least you can move forward to another option, and maybe a cheap or used amp or receiver will do the trick? I think it’ll partly depend on the inputs you need. It might be a good question to pose to the Home Theatre sub forum!
  3. I bought something like this from Eric Chan (as McChanson on eBay) although I believe it's an autotransformer, and a little cheaper than an actual step down transformer. But it works well with a 220V Chinese amp on my ~245V supply.
  4. That may be risky territory for 6.3V secondary. One 6BQ7 will need around .4A, so the four of them will be adding ~1.6A of load to the 6A needed by the EL34s. I'd want concrete data on the transformer rating before going there. Sure is a neatly constructed amp, may I say. 🙂
  5. I was looking for some other valves a while back and found the BangyBang prices to be pretty OTT. Maybe you could pick up a few extra 5BK7 singles from tube depot (or whomever) and get them tested. Then just cherry pick the best. But it’d pretty nice to have more options if it only takes some minor tweaking of the filament supply.
  6. Or just 6.3v for everything? Those old TV tubes were built to take abuse. 😉
  7. I would see if Cayin can send you a copy of the schematic for the Plus model and the previous model. It would help a tech out to see all the differences laid out, as far as giving you a quote. (edit: oops, you have already 🙂) The question is whether the cost of changing the circuit for the sake of tube rolling is really worth it, considering you like the sound as it is, and you've now got cheap, golden era US made tubes to pick from. It's still an odd valve for Cayin to pick and I agree it makes sense that they got them for peanuts and found the performance was way bey
  8. ++ @woadl I reckon the top of post is spring loaded so you push it to reveal the socket.
  9. The CCA doesn't give you full 'master' quality/MQA from Tidal if that's a concern (as I understand it). But one relatively cheap gadget that could help is an optical to coaxial converter so you could use all three inputs on the DAC. In all likelihood a bigger powerboard solves the power problem unless you have a monster gaming rig as your PC, and an elderly plasma TV. The amp, console, turntable and Schitts would be under 500W total wouldn't they? And a vanilla Arlec 12 outlet board rated for 2400W total is ~$20. You could also get a power supply with multiple USB socke
  10. Klipsch’s answer to your question would be the R-51PM, the active version of these speakers. Could the sale of your existing speakers and amp, and acquisition of some used R-51PMs be worth considering?
  11. Consider a brand new $500 turntable equates to less than $10 per week over a year. For instance, this decent turntable with a built-in phono stage is $425, plus shipping: https://www.vinylrevival.com.au/collections/turntables-under-600/products/project-primary-e-phono-turntable-with-ortofon-om-cartridge If you sold it for (let's say) $200 after a year, that's ~$4 per week and I can't believe you'd find a rental place that could come close to that. You could look for a used turntable too, but a new one has the advantage of a fresh stylus and other parts that can wea
  12. The REL subs have a great rep for sure. Sounds like a pretty big room so auditioning a sub (or two😅) might be a way to gain something in the bass and let the Paradigms sound even better by not having to work full range. That should mean more volume and lower distortion if you play it loud. Have you heard the ATC bookshelf units so far? I believe they’re quite forthright but very revealing. Hopefully somebody can identify some alternatives to audition but as you like the Paradigms, and they’re highly regarded, a change might not be much of an upgrade in itself IMO.
  13. G'day! Can you describe the room dimensions? Also wondering where your present speakers are sitting; for example on what sort of stands? You could also consider a sub or subs if you want more weight in the bottom end without taking away from what you have now.
  14. Ugly? UGLY? What is this sacrilege! 😉 Seriously I find the JBL 4355 speakers (hope that’s the right model!) to be stunning, if arguably at odds with traditional home decor.
  15. Hi and good luck with your research.
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