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  1. Honestly, I think they're the best looking Tannoy cabs I've *ever* seen (factory, DIY, whatever). The proportions are gorgeous and the finish is superb. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Very tempting! Now at $249 with free shipping, down to $239 if ordered via the Amazon app.
  3. A beautiful system taking shape. How are the speakers sounding?
  4. Don't worry about having "too much" power. Just don't try to flog your speakers at PA levels. It's easier to destroy speakers with a low-powered amp that's driven too hard, rather than a powerful amp that's basically idling. Good luck with your search for a preamp!
  5. Just in passing, your sideboard is really gorgeous! May I ask if that’s a period piece or something from the present era? It’s timeless. GLWTS in any event. 😊
  6. Saw this while perusing the classifieds: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/304894-fs-thorens-td158-fully-automatic-turntable/
  7. From a non-owner’s perspective, this video was a good intro:
  8. Understandable that things are on hold but I just noticed an ad in the classifieds and remembered your thread. This is my idea of a solid, great value upgrade from your 3225PE:
  9. I agree with you about knocking the belt off. Very easy to do on that model if you’re used to letting your fingers slide down the edge of the platter to take a record on or off. I’ve got a different Project where the belt runs on a sub-platter which solves that issue entirely (like many belt drives). For auto return, you could check out various options from Dual or Thorens and even some Japanese direct drives? I love my carbon fibre record brush for cleaning records quickly, with a squirt of cleaning solution.
  10. Should have mentioned the ECL86 is the same as the 6GW8 your amp uses!
  11. A single ended 6GW8 is likely giving you 3 watts or so, and those watts probably aren’t all there at low frequencies. I love valves too but I’d demo a solid state amp with your speakers. A used integrated amp or receiver is easily on budget.
  12. Fair enough! I haven't used a Project phono stage but some of their models seem to be well regarded for the money. I'm making the assumption that the home theatre receiver in question comes from a more recent era when vinyl replay was a relatively low priority. Definitely makes sense that a good 80s receiver should have a well implemented phono stage in comparison.
  13. What cartridge is your brother-in-law using? Often the entry level Projects use an Ortofon OM5, so an easy upgrade is to plug in a better stylus like the one from the OM20 -- it's effectively replacing the entire cartridge. Then a basic phono stage from Project or Rega should provide an improvement over whatever's built into the HT amp. All up that could cost a third of your budget and deliver good bang for the buck. With a bigger budget, I'd take a look at prices for a whole new turntable and get the benefit of a better arm, platter, bearing etc. Some of the mid-range turntables come bundled with a decent cartridge as a package that's better value than buying both items separately.
  14. It would be good to have an extended demo with some different speakers, and find out how they sound in your room, with your favourite music, at your preferred listening levels. You might end up preferring a speaker that just happens to have a great balance in your system. And it might even cost a lot less than your budget.
  15. Don't miss the show, starting tomorrow Nguyen!
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