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  1. I note this repairer is experienced in valve amps and not too far away?
  2. I reckon give yourself some time with the ProAcs before you do anything else. It could be that you adapt to the different style and find you prefer it eventually. But it may turn out you just prefer what you had, and no new amp or source is going to drastically alter that. Definitely avoid spending cash too soon on a remedy.
  3. I'm happy with Mouser but all the big reputable places would probably sort you out. Incidentally, in this YouTube video of a Beomaster 901 repair, Nichicon VZ(M) caps appear to be used for output coupling and a Nichicon KG is used for the PSU . I've no idea if he picked those types for audio properties or just because they're reputable and in his spares box 😉. Well worth a watch IMO. As another data point, Hi-Fi Collective in the UK have an audio focussed summary of Nichicon caps and other types they sell.
  4. I just took a look at Vinyl Revival's website and their selection of turntable based system packages. Their most expensive one happens to be around your budget exactly: https://www.vinylrevival.com.au/collections/packages/products/new-york-new-york-package If that was up and running in the store, it'd be fun to hear it with a few favourite LPs (once iso ends at least...) but they have various systems from that price point down. From limited experience, they were nice people to deal with. Personally, agreeing with other commenters, speaker choice is critical, ideally selected with your music in your listening room. I'm not sure how many dealers do that kind of home demo anymore but with your budget who knows? Then again, I believe you could spend well below your budget on a brilliant system and have lots of cash left over for new records.
  5. Congratulations on buying such a great pair of amps. Agreeing with the above, I don't see how an attenuator could cause this problem. However, do you know if the amps have been serviced in the recent past? Careful maintenance will make sure they last for another 50+ years!
  6. I'm wondering if the amp is not the main issue (although I get that you also need the phono input for your vinyl). As a point of comparison, I wonder if you've tried any alternative speakers in your room? A helpful dealer with the KEFs might even let you compare those speakers with some alternatives, using a couple of different amps to hear what's possible. And regarding Spotify, do you mean you are using Bluetooth to send the signal to the Marantz? Bluetooth has gotten better but there are ways to clearly improve performance on that front without spending a fortune. My instinct would still be to hear some different speakers. It's not that the KEFs aren't very good, but you might just prefer something different.
  7. Honestly, I think they're the best looking Tannoy cabs I've *ever* seen (factory, DIY, whatever). The proportions are gorgeous and the finish is superb. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Very tempting! Now at $249 with free shipping, down to $239 if ordered via the Amazon app.
  9. A beautiful system taking shape. How are the speakers sounding?
  10. Don't worry about having "too much" power. Just don't try to flog your speakers at PA levels. It's easier to destroy speakers with a low-powered amp that's driven too hard, rather than a powerful amp that's basically idling. Good luck with your search for a preamp!
  11. Just in passing, your sideboard is really gorgeous! May I ask if that’s a period piece or something from the present era? It’s timeless. GLWTS in any event. 😊
  12. Saw this while perusing the classifieds: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/304894-fs-thorens-td158-fully-automatic-turntable/
  13. From a non-owner’s perspective, this video was a good intro:
  14. Understandable that things are on hold but I just noticed an ad in the classifieds and remembered your thread. This is my idea of a solid, great value upgrade from your 3225PE:
  15. I agree with you about knocking the belt off. Very easy to do on that model if you’re used to letting your fingers slide down the edge of the platter to take a record on or off. I’ve got a different Project where the belt runs on a sub-platter which solves that issue entirely (like many belt drives). For auto return, you could check out various options from Dual or Thorens and even some Japanese direct drives? I love my carbon fibre record brush for cleaning records quickly, with a squirt of cleaning solution.
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