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  1. CC goes hard but throws it down the road to often
  2. The Yamaha got my hopes up again
  3. Go the Goat 2nd on the grid. Rule number one never trust a grid girl holding the umbrella in Thailand.
  4. The Strom looked beaten before they even left the change rooms. Thanks to Les for setting up the tipping comp let's do it all again next year.
  5. Twelve laps to go Lorenzo lines up Marquez who coming into the corner at a lazy 289 ks and takes him fark these guys are good.
  6. Yep now you mention it they do look like they want let go at times, but out muscle the yamie every time.
  7. There are a hand full of guys well capable of standing on the podium on a regular basis if they've got a factory backed Honda, but could they do it on the Yamaha?
  8. Ok how's about the old goat 🐐
  9. How good is Rossi that good his riden that sh!thbox Yamaha into second in second spot on the ladder not bad for a old bloke
  10. Farrrrk the silence is deafening.
  11. Really enjoyed tonight's game not because nsw won but because there seemed to be less build up of the same old same nsw /qld bs agro hype during the week.
  12. Mayhaps the the mechanic is under team orders to hobble him a one thousand of a millionth of second per lap. 😀 Mayhaps what Rossi needs is a motorcycle rather than boat anchor with wheels and a motor. .
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