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  1. If anyone's after a nice little blast of nostalgia this one's on the current movie stream (free) with Amazon Prime. Just finished re-watching it for the first time in years...
  2. Not a particularly big name but sorry to see her gone...... https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-55763658
  3. This one looks interesting, White Wall, starts on the the 21st of January...... https://www.smh.com.au/culture/tv-and-radio/new-thriller-white-wall-goes-about-its-business-quietly-and-hooks-you-in-20210108-p56spd.html
  4. @Mining Man Thanks Aaron, all good, I managed to secure one locally a little while ago. For anyone else considering this unit, I'd highly recommend it! The transformation from my old Cambridge Audio phono-pre was astonishing.
  5. Depends on how many channels you are going to run and how many channels are available in your chosen power amp(s). If you want to run 7 channels and use the Rotel you are short by two if you use a processor. Same if you want to run 9 and use the Elektra.....
  6. One for the Hugh Laurie fans out there! https://iview.abc.net.au/show/roadkill Political drama.
  7. I have Sigs .v1 (S6, C3, S1) & some Mission Audios for surround backs. I also use Elektra for my power amp as it works very well with the Paradigms. For the front end I use an older Denon 4311 passing through a Primare Pre32 with HT Bypass. The combination of Marantz/Denon + Elektra + Paradigm is very popular and for a reason. IMHO Primare + Elektra + Paradigm is absolutely sublime for 2ch........
  8. Off topic but there's a petition started by a former PM out there you can sign on this topic, closes on the 4th of November......
  9. I hate the way Netflix keeps cancelling series that I enjoy after only one or two seasons......
  10. Interesting re-imagining of 'War of the Worlds', very different premise to the books, to the point it's a stretch associating it with WotW....... https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/war-of-the-worlds
  11. While it will always depend on your specific speakers I have on the pre side; - Denon 4311 (for HT) and Primare Pre32 (for music with HT bypass) Running through and older (non-HD) Elektra Theatron To a set of Paradigm Sigs. This combination is absolutely sublime...... Wood, don't be shy about couriering your Elektra to Arthur, that's what I did (I'm in Sydney too) and perfect during this Covid period. I even got him to put it in a new box and packing for the return for a small extra cost as I didn't have the original packaging.....
  12. Hi All, I'm in the process of doing a little updating of the secondary (Lounge room) setup and among other things the AVR is past it's usefulness. I already have some new bits; - Panasonic OLED - Panasonic BP-UD420 4K player I will also be replacing the PVR (Beyonwiz) with a Fetch TV once the NBN is connected (soon). The speakers are a 5.0 setup of Paradigm Monitors so fairly efficient and easily driven. Unfortunately the Current Pioneer SC-LX71 AVR, while still working great, is just too far out of date, it doesn't even have ARC,
  13. I never thought this cult classic would ever be released on Blu, Yeah! The Quiet Earth http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=20036 Synopsis: In this sci-fi cult classic, Zac Hobson, a mid-level scientist working on a global energy project, wakes up to a nightmare. After his project malfunctions, Zac discovers that he may be the last man on Earth. As he searches empty cities for other survivors, Zac's mental state begins to deteriorate - culminating in the film's iconic and hotly debated ending.
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