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  1. Here it comes! The 1st of April for the Australian release........ I hope that date's not an omen of some sort..... Time for another option on the poll.
  2. Hi all, My Primare Pre32's screen has failed...... Any suggestions where to go in Sydney for a repair? Primare's website just seems to point toward the retailers.
  3. Recently purchased (on special) and watched the sequel........ It doesn't hold a candle to the first, entirely different, and weaker premise (yes, that's actually possible!). Still worth it for a watch if you like the genre, I think my mistake was there wasn't enough alcohol consumed while watching.
  4. While I wouldn't be as critical I also wasn't that impressed...... I suppose I was hoping for something in the same league as Interstellar or Arrival, while it had the potential it just didn't come through..... It felt like Pitt had decided that his character was autistic and that was the role he was going to play.
  5. Still got mine*, was one of the first in the country, it still gets a run on occasion when I decide there's a particular movie I want to watch and discover it's in the 'other format' on the shelf, I mean why bother replacing it if it's already HD?...... A shame you're not in Sydney, you could have given it whirl to see if it was any different! * Also still got an EP-10 & an unopened X-Box drive.....
  6. Do you still have your old Toshi HD-DVD EX1? That was one of the best upscalers ever made.......
  7. With everything you have said so far; - difficult lighting conditions - non-premium (ie. not 4K/UHD) content - seating distance - let's be honest a very modest offset (the edge of the screen at ~4m is almost directly in front in real terms) A 75" LCD is the best solution, particularly a quality unit like the Sony X95. (you could compare the Samsung Q series for a more expensive option if you want) IMHO you are unlikely to see enough benefit from the significant extra cost of going OLED in that size range unless you plan on making changes to the light control of the environment and dramatically increasing the amount of 4K/UHD you watch that you still won't be able to resolve at that distance anyway......
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