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  1. This one looks interesting, White Wall, starts on the the 21st of January...... https://www.smh.com.au/culture/tv-and-radio/new-thriller-white-wall-goes-about-its-business-quietly-and-hooks-you-in-20210108-p56spd.html
  2. @Mining Man Thanks Aaron, all good, I managed to secure one locally a little while ago. For anyone else considering this unit, I'd highly recommend it! The transformation from my old Cambridge Audio phono-pre was astonishing.
  3. Depends on how many channels you are going to run and how many channels are available in your chosen power amp(s). If you want to run 7 channels and use the Rotel you are short by two if you use a processor. Same if you want to run 9 and use the Elektra.....
  4. One for the Hugh Laurie fans out there! https://iview.abc.net.au/show/roadkill Political drama.
  5. I have Sigs .v1 (S6, C3, S1) & some Mission Audios for surround backs. I also use Elektra for my power amp as it works very well with the Paradigms. For the front end I use an older Denon 4311 passing through a Primare Pre32 with HT Bypass. The combination of Marantz/Denon + Elektra + Paradigm is very popular and for a reason. IMHO Primare + Elektra + Paradigm is absolutely sublime for 2ch........
  6. Off topic but there's a petition started by a former PM out there you can sign on this topic, closes on the 4th of November......
  7. I hate the way Netflix keeps cancelling series that I enjoy after only one or two seasons......
  8. Interesting re-imagining of 'War of the Worlds', very different premise to the books, to the point it's a stretch associating it with WotW....... https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/war-of-the-worlds
  9. While it will always depend on your specific speakers I have on the pre side; - Denon 4311 (for HT) and Primare Pre32 (for music with HT bypass) Running through and older (non-HD) Elektra Theatron To a set of Paradigm Sigs. This combination is absolutely sublime...... Wood, don't be shy about couriering your Elektra to Arthur, that's what I did (I'm in Sydney too) and perfect during this Covid period. I even got him to put it in a new box and packing for the return for a small extra cost as I didn't have the original packaging.....
  10. Here it comes! The 1st of April for the Australian release........ I hope that date's not an omen of some sort..... Time for another option on the poll.
  11. Hi all, My Primare Pre32's screen has failed...... Any suggestions where to go in Sydney for a repair? Primare's website just seems to point toward the retailers.
  12. Hi All, I'm in the process of doing a little updating of the secondary (Lounge room) setup and among other things the AVR is past it's usefulness. I already have some new bits; - Panasonic OLED - Panasonic BP-UD420 4K player I will also be replacing the PVR (Beyonwiz) with a Fetch TV once the NBN is connected (soon). The speakers are a 5.0 setup of Paradigm Monitors so fairly efficient and easily driven. Unfortunately the Current Pioneer SC-LX71 AVR, while still working great, is just too far out of date, it doesn't even have ARC,
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