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  1. Item: Vincent SA94 preamp, SP994 power amp and Lenehan ML3 speakers Location: Sydney Price: $4000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Going valving for a change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: I'm selling all these together and won't separate. All in excellent condition and unmarked except for one teeny weeny chip on the top rear corner of one of the speakers where I tapped it against the wall while moving - easily repaired with a dab of black car enamel. I dont have any boxes so pickup only and they are all VERY heavy!! Pictures:
  2. save yourself some money and just play a 50hz test tone from youtube and then have a stroll around the room to hear how there are simply massive differences in bass by moving just a few inches. you might have to change the seating position
  3. well i have been spending a bit of time moving these about in the room although I have not settled on the final position as yet....i am getting the carpet replaced fairly soon so I will finalise positioning then. But if anyone is considering a self build for speakers, then do yourselves a favour and build these. They sound absolutely fantastic - Joe R is a bit of a whizz-kid that's for sure. However if you are going to put a nice finish on the enclosures, then don't use them until you have them finished - you will never take them to bits to finish the work otherwise
  4. is here concerning null testing......there are some tests toward the end of the video
  5. hi yes they are finished - they sound extremely good. at the moment i am using a 40 watt cayin amp
  6. a good way of setting the phase on a sub [more for one with a variable phase but might work with a switch] is to reverse the stereo speaker connections so they are out of phase with the sub play a bassy track and then adjust it so that you perceive the least amount of bass - then you can put your stereo speakers back to the correct positions and you have the correct phasing for the sub
  7. with the speakers like this there is basically no sound at all really except from behind them on most recordings. most of the centralised sound like a voice appears to come from where the TV set is and other sounds to the right and left behind the speakers
  8. home made elsinore project speakers. the problem is that on the right behind the speaker is the door to the kitchen so if i move them further back to keep an equilateral triangle they end up being in front of the kitchen door
  9. hi all - has anyone had experience with large-ish floor standers i an L shpaped room. in the photo below the speakers are right in the middle of the room and I sit against the wall - the room is 6 metres long and the speaker fronts are at the three metre mark. the L bit goes off the the right and is slightly longer - about 7 metres. I have been gradually moving them forward from the wall behind them and this seems to be the best spot. they sound very good to me in the position and i am sitting at the point of an equilateral triangle, but has anyone else got any insights about placement? WAF isn't a consideration fortunately so i can do anything i want
  10. no but here are some mid build phone pics
  11. hello all - well i have been busy beavering away on Fridays building an elsinore speaker kit I got from Joe Rasmussen [I had Joe make up the crossovers etc for me as I know my limitations]. Anyway it wasn't that difficult and i had the boards and routing done at a local kitchen cabinet manufacturer although you do need two sets of hands from time to time - I am also now in the position of not having any WAF to worry about so I made them out of 25 mm melamine faced MDF - actually they dont look bad. So i finished them yesterday and have just plugged them in to see how they go - I'm also in the middle of painting ceiling and walls as well. Anyway they sound fantastic and they are not set up properly at all - I must say they are an impressive design indeed. Cant wait till i have finished the painting so i can put them in their proper positions
  12. and its a good idea to do a reset on it too if you havent already- that will put your volume at 100% etc etc etc so you will have to put it all back
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