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  1. i just bought the X50D and starting to use it now - trying to rip all my CDs first before learning to use all the other features of the machine. Sound comparison between the ripped CDs and the orginal CD are very comparable. So far happy with the purchase...
  2. good luck - rekindling is an expensive business if you are really into it.
  3. welcome to Australia where everything is overpriced especially audio gear. Now that you are in Canberra, you may be able to do a bit of lobbying ..😀 Good luck to your stay ..not knowing how long you are going to be in Oz..
  4. welcome Julian...age is just a number. We are an understanding lot here...
  5. KK is a a little isolated? Any chance of a good hi fi gear there?
  6. 10000 LPs and few thousand CDs...mind boggling numbers...where do you store them? I guess you are not a wine collector...
  7. i am also looking to browse and hopefully sell some of my stuff...time is an issue with constant posting but you get the hang of it..good luck
  8. nice to know the opposite sex has good hi fi gear ..good luck to our venture..
  9. i actually saw a white van many years ago trying to sell speakers, but i stayed clear of the van ...thank goodness
  10. i had a listen to the X50D and they do sound good - almost comparable to the original CD. Reason for wanting to rip them is due to downsizing ..and storage is an issue..
  11. thanks - do you have any suggestions ?
  12. Just wondered if anyone has the Cocktail Audio setup in their system - this is for streaming and ripping CDs and playback. I am looking at the X50D and wonder if this is a good unit or you would recommend other units...feedback would be most welcomed. Just realised I had this in the new member section . Apologies
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