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  1. DanFi

    FS: 5.1 Surround Setup

    This is still available if anyone is interested before i leave in 3 weeks.
  2. These are still available. Can do a deal for both as a package.
  3. Looking for a Dell XPS 15. Message me specs age and asking price. thanks
  4. DanFi

    WTB - Mac Book Pro Retina 15 inch

    I thought he just meant it would drive the price on the previous model down
  5. Its the UA55JU7500 model. I specifically got this version for its fantastic qualities for use with a PC. http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/ju7500 There are comparisons such as http://tvevaluate.com/samsung-ku7500-vs-ju7500-un78ku7500-vs-un78ju7500-un65ku7500-vs-un65ju7500-un55ku7500-vs-un55ju7500-un49ku7500/ about new model out now "KU" vs what i have. The JU comes out looking better in my opinion. Gaming, movies etc are fantastic with this. I have even adjusted all the colour setting so its picture quality is alot better than out of the box. Not even a year old but am moving overseas so cant hold onto it. Cosmetically and operationally perfect. $2200 retail. Location is Port Macquarie, can negotiate getting it to Newcastle or Sydney. looking for $1900 ono. thats $300 off new. Selling due to going overseas to work.
  6. Best I've had :). Cant write an essay comparing well known brands as i haven't owned lots of speakers but i can say this. every time i have a break from listening, the moment i turn them back on they stop you and remember how much you miss the sound. Sound is fast and hits accurately (listen to lots of electronic) but those tweeters are amazing. they should be though, for $500 each. thanks mate
  7. Item: SEAS CNO-25, 2½-way floorstander AND Naquadria AmpLocation: Located Port Macquarie can deliver to Newcastle or Sydeny depending on timing. Price: This is hard because of DIY. Dont be afraid to message me. $1500 for Speakers, $1100 for ampItem Condition: DIY finish. there is a dent in one of the tweeter, small and does not affect the sound. Can SMS more pics if interested in speakers. Anything wrong is cosmetic only they sound like a DIY that Troels has designed when Cost is No Object (aka CNO). Paired with a Naquadria Amp. Will add details later. Reason for selling: Like my other post im moving to London so no reason to keep these in storage. As DIY is hard to sell they may end up in storage though. Payment Method: Pickup - CashExtra Info: http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/CNO-2.5.htm Made these a few years back and have been my babies throughout that time. Spent about 3k from memory just on the drivers and electrics. Plus probably an extra $500 on MDF, paint, veneer etc.Pictures: More pics can be sent if you are interested. Took hundreds of pics of all my gear for the move so didnt take extra time with them.
  8. DanFi

    FS: 5.1 Surround Setup

    haha it is a bit of a mix and match. Edited the post. only meant to say i use them as surrounds. Would prefer to sell as a system otherwise i doubt id sell everything before i leave.
  9. Item: 1x Aaron Center CC-120 1x Aaron Subwoofer SUB 120 2x JMLab Focal Bookshelf (used as the mains) 2x Mission Audio Bookshelf (not sure on model but i am using them as Surrounds) and stands included 1x Denon 5.1 Receiver AVR 1708 (will update with model numbers later at home) Location: Located at Port Macquarie but can negotiate Newcastle/Sydney delivery if you are quick. Price: $900 (think this is very reasonable for a complete setup, if not let me know)Item Condition: Standard wear and tear on speakers for their age like badge fallen off grill, grill wear at edges, mounting screw holes in MA speakers, no damage to receiver (was my brothers so owned since new). Speakers have all been bought second hand. Id say all Aaron and Focal speakers in good condition and mission audio in OK condition. Sonically no issue. System seems very well matched and sounds very big with movies. Reason for selling: Moving to LondonPayment Method: Cash, Bank transferExtra Info: See above condition report. Have used this as my HTPC surround setup. Really enjoyed this for movies and games. Any specific questions let me know. Pictures: Will add Sub photos soon.
  10. DanFi

    FS: Sonos system (Sydney)

    What are you trying?
  11. What is your favorite media player out of the ones you have tried?
  12. Hey. looking for a camera dslr or mirrorless let em know what you have and how much. 3-400$$$ Thanks
  13. DanFi

    FS: Zero 612F multi-format camera

    Does this have wifi to post my selfies to instagram?