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  1. Will be interesting I think. Recently listened to a very high end setup with a server outputting from roon. Was not very good compared to the playing the same song from cd. I was told jplay has now fixed the room output but made me curious about the native playback of devices such as auralic rather than using it as an endpoint. You can only assume they have troubleshooted and made it to work perfectly with their own player. Also saves a subscription as well.
  2. @lenticularis how do you control yours? Have you compared the sound output from roon vs lightning ds?
  3. Ah yes thanks. He went quiet so thought I'd post here since committing in my head I wanted one. Might be a few out there. Cheers
  4. Item: any auralic server preferably one with PSU. Price Range: depends on type but around 1100 for one in title. Or a bit more for newer versions. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: good condition if possible. thanks Pm if you think you have somthing of interest.
  5. Item: Rockna DAC Price Range: To discuss Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Either model Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Price reduction for the weekend. 🙂
  7. Let me know I haven't somewhere. I think I found all firmware versions at one point and put them on my server. I have also read that people thought 1.39 sounded better dude to the volume changing. I'm thinking of flashing mine to the latest version
  8. @wim I will try and dig somthing up in my emails between myself and him. For some reason Gmail (run by Google the largest searches engine in the world) is the worst at searching and retrieving emails.
  9. Hahaha. Apparently that's where it's named from. @herehear!
  10. Super versatile and small footprint. Have one myself next to my PC. GLWS
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