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  1. I picked up a Panasonic FX800 for $1250 at Betta Electrical, Fantastic display top of their range in LED. Uses the same chip set as ther'e top OLED models. It,s the model with the full glass bevel surround.
  2. Has anyone purchased Black Fingernails Red Wine on vinyl by Eskimo Joe? Is it any good?
  3. Great looking turntables. I have a Denon DP 57I as my back up table, to my VPI TNT.
  4. The table is still available.
  5. The table dimensions in inches are approximately, 25 1/4" width X 19 1/8" depth.
  6. Click on my user profile and send a message. The Table Is Still Available.
  7. Click on my user profile and send a message.
  8. Hi David, I'm in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Mill Park 3082. The only thing the table needs is a new set of drive belts as the ones I have are old. The table dimensions are as follows. Base, 730mm x 550mm x 52mm Laminated chip board. Table to leg outside of leg posts, 640mm x 485mm x 200mm Clear acrylic cover, 722mm x 545mm x 272mm. Photo's: Sorry photo's are not the greatest, there taken on my phone.
  9. Thanks buzz lightyear, it is a great table and the price is very reasonable considering the cost that some basic tables are priced at. As you are aware and heard this is not an entry level table, but a high level table.
  10. Yes its still for sale. I'm more than happy to answer any questions. 1.Yes it comes with the VPI SDS control unit. 2.Yes it has the basic VPI record clamp included. 3.It has been upgraded with a TNT IV platter, Its much heavier than the III. 4. Its very heavy and has a few parts making it hard to ship. (If you are happy to arrange someone like Pack & Send to pack the table and take responsibility for shipping, I am not wiling to do this.) 5. I will take measurements in the next few days, but be aware the table is much bigger than a standard table and weights over 45kg not including the base I have or the cover. I will take some photo's and post in the next few days as well. Regards Mark Bullock
  11. Cost me just under $600 to retip, Still a lot cheaper than $2000 + to replace it. Also they use a better quality diamond than the origanal when they retip.
  12. I would like to sell the stylus with the table if possible, as the pair perform well together. However I will consider selling the stylus if the table does not sell. Cheers Mark.
  13. Item: VPI TNT 3 with 4 upgrade Turntable, With Power Supply Full clear acrylic cover and base. (No Stylus) Ortofon Jubilee Stylus (Retiped by Expert Stylus & Cartridge Co England, Approx. 200 hrs use) available at extra cost (Negotiable.) Location: Melbourne Northern Suburbs Price: $5000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Personal Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only. This table is very heavy and will be difficult to ship. Extra Info: This is a highly rated B Class table. The table is in excellent condition, only selling due to personal reasons. Ortofon Jubilee Stylus (Retiped by Expert Stylus & Cartridge Co England, Approx. 200 hrs use) available at extra cost (Negotiable). Pictures:
  14. We may do Kinglake loop via St Andrews next month. We rode to Sugar Loaf reservoir Tuesday, that was just under 1000 meters of climbing.
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