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  1. Item: ASR Mini Basis Location: Adelaide Price: $1,000 Item Condition: Used but very good condition Reason for selling: Have a new amp with in-built phono stage Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used sparingly for a couple of years but in storage most of the time Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: ASR Mini Basis Phono Stage Location: Warradale (Adelaide) Price: $1000 Item Condition: Very good condition Reason for selling: Have just purchased an amp with an in-built phono stage Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this brand new about 8 years ago and it has only been used sparingly until recently Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: Anything exotic considered Location: Adelaide Price: Up to $5K Anyone in Adelaide looking to sell a pair of nice audio speakers? I haven't had my turntable set up for 5 or so years and I want to upgrade from my old pair of Whatmough P30's, so looking for something fancy. Listened to a pair of Trenner & Friedl in Melbourne some time back and they were superb. Something of that quality is what I'm after if possible. Also after an amp to suit.
  4. Item: Quasimodo 40W Solid State Amp, hand made by Richard McDonald in Mt Gambier Location: Adelaide Price: $600 Item Condition: As new, barely used since I purchased it new in Dec 2013 Reason for selling: I just don't use it since I purchased a Valve amp to play my records. I had this connected to my CD player to play CD's, but the old CD's just don't get a look in any more. Payment Method: Cash or Paypal Extra Info: You're welcome to give it a test if you live in Adelaide - if you leave a deposit, you can take it home and hook it up to your own gear to test it Pictures:
  5. Hi David and Mohan, thanks very much for your advice. In the end I decided to ditch the Stax tonearm in favour of a Jelco tonearm, very glad that I did because it really is a beautiful tonearm. Warwick from Pure Music Group set it all up for me and got the t'table working nicely. He also manufactured a new arm board for me, extremely happy with the result - personally I think a new Jelco is a bargain for $600 - it might not have the marketing and fancy packaging of some other brands but I think it performs way above its price-point. All I need to do now is save up for a Zyx cartridge - when I picked up my t'table from Warwick I compared the entry level Zyx cartridge to the Denon DL-160 I'm currently using and it really put the Denon cartridge to shame.
  6. I made a post last week about getting my t'table set up (a 1972 model Denon DP-3500 with Stax UA-7 tonearm). I took Warwick (Pure Music Group) up on his very kind offer to set it up for me, but alas after several hours trying to get it going for me, Warwick has advised that there are some problems: 1. The left channel appears not to be working or works intermittently, which Warwick thinks means a break or short with the wiring inside the tonearm. It would seem that the tonearm may therefore need to be re-wired. 2. The tonearm anti-skate mechanism is stiff. Warwick loosened the holding screw which is spring loaded which freed it up, however this is not ideal. 3. The stylus is sitting 3mm away from ideal geometry, but can be rectified by buying a different headshell with more extension. 4. The on/off switch did not work a couple of times - Warwick unplugged from the mains and reconnected again and it worked, so suspects the logic circuit could be a bit flaky. Warwick's advice is that it could be quite costly to fix these problems (particularly with the tonearm) and that my only hope would be to try to find a motivated/skilful DIY'er who might be prepared to have a crack at fixing what could be a can of worms. Is there anyone out there who'd like to have a go? (happy to pay in cash or beer/wine if you're successful!) My only other options are: a. to sell it on ebay and buy something else, but I'd hate to give up on it because it's such a beautiful looking piece (just love the 70's look/feel). Apparently it did work fine before I bought it, although I bought it sight unseen on ebay and it was posted from Sydney to Melbourne, so could have been damaged in transit. b. fix problem number 4 above (if it's not anything major), and buy another tonearm that fits in the current armboard. If there's anyone out there who has a nice old spare tonearm that could work for me (even another Stax?), I'd be happy to hear from you. And finally a big thanks to Warwick, he's a true gentleman - just wish I could afford to buy one of those ASTOUNDING Sota vacuum turntables that I asked him to demo for me yesterday, could have sworn John Lee Hooker and his band were in Warwick's lounge-room...
  7. I have just bought some new gear to hopefully give me better quality sound from my turntable, but I'm a nuff-nuff when it comes to electonics. Anything more than plugging it into the mains power and I'm lost. Is there anyone out there who's prepared to help set up my Denon DP-3500 turntable with Stax UA-7 tonearm? (I've been advised by a stereo shop to put some double-sided 3m mirror tape between the tonearm plate and the wooden plinth, to better isolate the tonearm??) I have bought a new Denon DL-160 MC cartridge for the turntable (the cartridge that was on it when I bought it is buggered) and don't know how to fit the new cartridge. I have also bought a new Denon PMA-1500AE amp with MC/MM switch, and a 2nd hand pre-amp. I'm just not sure how to get the best sound of the turntable/tonearm/cartridge/pre-amp/amp combo, so if possible I'm looking for someone who's prepared to come to my house in Carlton North and help set it up for me and show me how to optimise the sound. I'd be more than happy to pay someone to do this and for any parts that are required. The only thing I'm missing (I think) is a SME-style tonearm connector (5 pin to RCA), so if anyone has any tips about where to get a really good one at the right price, that would also be much appreciated, there's a Canadian company called Ultimate Cables that has one for $70, click here for link http://www.ultimatecables.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66_67_71&products_id=187 Can I get better for that price? Anyway, if anyone is able to help me with set-up, can you please e-mail me at bgbiteme@hotmail.com Thanks Brendon
  8. I am a bit of a hi fi novice but have a large collection of vinyl, I've just bought a decent turntable on fleabay and need some advice. I have been using an el-cheapo Harman Kardon turntable for quite a while, but decided to splash out and buy a Denon DP-3500 (1972 model) with Stax UA-70 tonearm for $700. Looks a million bucks, but doesn't have a cartridge so haven't heard it yet! So what cartridge should I buy? I am using a Luxman LV-113 integrated amplifier (cost $350 second hand) and a pair of Whatmough speakers (cost $1,800 new). I listen to jazz, soul, funk, reggae. I will consider buying a phono stage so that I can use a moving coil cartridge, but just not sure whether it will be worth it given that I may have to spend $500 minimum for a decent moving coil cartridge and at least another $500 for a decent phono stage (and then possibly another couple of grand to upgrade the amp??). What do people think? If I was to spend up to $300 on a non-moving coil cartridge that allows me to plug direct into the Luxman amp without a phono stage, what would be my best option? I was thinking about getting a Garrott Brothers K3 for $299, or should I just buy a Grado Green cartridge for $99? Any other suggestions for a great value-for-money cartridge? By the way, if anyone has a really good quality 2nd hand moving coil cartridge and/or phono stage they want to sell (if it would suit my set-up), I would also be interested in hearing from you, my e-mail address is bgbiteme@hotmail.com Thanks
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