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  1. Yeah, it comes down to this: vs. this: I like option 2 best. Like you Topman, I decided a long time ago that multi-channel is not my jam. So it doesn't really make any sense to go low-end with a sound bar at this point. Time for a new Dac. Might even be time to upgrade my amp and/or speaker situation as well. Dynaudio Audience 72 have served really well. Nearly 15 years out of those. Might be time for an upgrade. Depending on what I can find, might also whack a power amp onto the A38. Although, probably won't be necessary, unless I end up with speakers that are difficult to drive. A38 is 100w/ch, which is probably enough for the kind of speakers I like. Thanks for the advice all!
  2. Ah yep. I see what you mean. Kinda defeats the purpose of having bought the DAC in the first place though, which was mostly as an upgrade to the on-board Sonos. I know the on-board DAC is no slouch, and totally fine for Spotify grade streaming. The thing is, I still have a boat-load of music sitting on a NAS, ripped from owned CDs to lossless format. Good quality coax, interconnects, and speaker cabling too. Too big a sacrifice for a slightly easier TV experience. Hrm. Maybe I'll just keep it setup as it is...
  3. I really like my Arcam rDac, and it does have toslink, coax, and USB. It's just not remote controllable. Ah gee. Look at it though? Another piece of dinky plastic junk electronics. I just can't. Well, maybe I can.
  4. Yes. Me too @Snoopy8 ! I'll try simplify. The main problem to solve is convenience. I want to easily switch between listening to music and watching TV. I don't want to fiddle around changing sources in the sonos app, or switch sources on multiple hifi components (e.g. DAC and Amp). We switch between watch/listen every day. The secondary problem to solve is being able to stream media from my phone to a sonos zone. This already works for iOS devices in the house, with native Airplay 2. But my Android phone is my primary device for podcasts. I can chromecast to TV natively, but since TV isn't integrated with Sonos, I can't play in the zone I actually want to listen in. Improving sound quality isn't that important. I'm happy with what I already have. Hope that's clearer!
  5. CONNECT doesn't have optical in. It's got optical and coax out for digital. And RCA in/out for analogue.
  6. Thanks @Irek Yeah, optical from TV -> DAC def works well in terms of quality. That's how I originally had it set up. The prob with it is that I have to switch between optical and coax on the DAC to go between TV and Sonos. I'm running an Arcam rDac, which isn't remote controllable, making it fiddly and inconvenient. That's why I switched TV to go straight to amp. This way, I only have to change source on the amp. I guess I'm mostly looking at Sonos BEAM as a way to integrate TV through Sonos, so that all digitls channels go through coax connection to DAC. But I'm not sure that's really how it works... Most people probably use this as part of a full Sonos 5.1 system (with sub and wireless sattelites), or just by itself as a better speaker for the TV. I feel like what I'm trying to do might be weird. And I don't want to spend cash, only to find out it doesn't integrate in the way I want. If Sonos BEAM is essentially redundant from an AV point of view, then it'd just be a really expensive way from me to be able to chromecast stuff into Sonos. Then again, for everyday use - like news and kids tv, maybe running TV straight to BEAM is perfectly okay, and definitely easier. For times that benefit from better sound, it's two buttons, and it's over to hifi...
  7. I dunno if this even makes sense… I go around in circles a bit with my setup. I’ve owned sonos gear since the beginning, all the way back to ZP100 with CR100. Current setup where the TV is: Sonos:connect → external DAC (coax) → integrated amp (2 channel) → Floor speakers L/R. Record player → pre-amp/phono-stage → integrated amp. TV (3.5mm stereo out) → integrated amp (2 RCA, don’t judge me!) Integrated amp is Arcam FMJ A38. Speakers are Dynaudio. Considering adding a Sonos BEAM. My TV has HDMI (ARC), so I know that’ll work fine. This will be much more convenient, because: BEAM is dedicated to TV, so won’t have to switch sources on hifi amp all the time, which is actually quite tedious. Can Chromecast things to the TV, and use that as a Sonos source, to play in any/all zone. Our house has both Apple and Android devices, so this is actually pretty useful integration. Here’s the stuff I’m not sure about: Is the BEAM alone going to be an improvement on my two-channel hifi setup for TV/movies? I suppose it'd be a lot better than built-in TV speakers, but not as good as my hifi. If that's true, then can I run BEAM in unison with the 2 channel hifi via Sonos? Obviously I could run BEAM and hifi on seperate zones, and link the zones... is that it? Or can Sonos combine the two in a more sophisticated way? Thanks for any advice!
  8. Item: Rega Wall Bracket to suit P3 and other tables Location: Melbourne Price: $100 plus postage Item Condition: Used but good condition. Reason for selling: No longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I bought this off somebody on the forum 10 years ago, and no longer need it. Passing it on, for same price, in same condition! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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