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  1. I haven't heard the Gryphons but have owned a few Krells, including the EV1 and EV2 combination at present. If it were me, I'd consider the Evo400e mono blocks. There is a pair in WA on consignment at $15k with warranty. That is a lot of amp for the money.
  2. If its an ice desert go Krell and stay warm. If it is a hot desert stick with class D. If its stone desert go with a Boulder system?
  3. Tiger King - doco about US big cat zoo owners. Wow, you couldn't make this up it is that whacked out. Its a train wreck you just can't look away from. Mullets, guns, polygamists, felons, meth and tigers. Not necessarily in that order.
  4. I was tempted... But tales of throttle actuator failures and big end bearing issues led me to go elsewhere.
  5. Presently playing the waiting game for the 2020 Nebbiolo to ripen. Bec and I are looking at another three or so weeks before picking.
  6. I clicked on the link and had a look at the webpage. I think you two were only there to pick up... I know Cello Sweet likes organ, I think Cantante Domino was introduced to me by him.
  7. Maybe Casella, it would be ideal for their portfolio. How are you going aechmea? I had dinner with Mr Fairweather & Mr Coglan last week for a catch up. No time for shooting arrows myself anymore.
  8. I do have a Phantom II for sale, which is the replacement model for the KCT in the Krell range. I used to have a KCT prior to the Phantom II.
  9. Fist Nebb I tried (many years ago). Used to be available from Liquorland!
  10. It avoids DC mains contamination and voltage fluctuation by generating its own electricity from steam?
  11. Nothing wrong with Pewsey Vale Riesling...
  12. A quaffer from Dan's @ $28. If you like you Syrah (shiraz) big, rich soft and fruit sweet then look elsewhere. And maybe buys some Beats headphones from Jb Hi Fi on the way Feral, game and animal notes amid an exotic spice background and a firm yet pliant tannin backbone. Very good concentration and will respond to a good decant. There is a hint of Brettanomyces yeast influence but it is part and parcel of the whole shebang. A good introduction to Rhone Valley Syrah.
  13. Ah, gotcha. Not really one of the first 50 or so things that I would consider when buying a new car. If the sales people are really serious about your business they should let you run the car over the curb a few times to make sure the chassis welds do not crack and the rims have good scratch resistance.
  14. Apologies, I should have provided some more info. The 120 gB iPod was used headphone jack out into the cellar door system. So headphone jack to RAC's into a preamp. I do have an old iPhone and can load up some albums on to it, but there are 800 albums all up which is beyond the memory capacity of older iPhones..
  15. I think you should be focussing solely on the Nurburgring lap times for these cars, they are a lot more relevant to the daily driving duties around the shopping centre than the above tests.
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