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  1. A few bottles from over the weekend. The CnP was opened tonight after a fairly long day in the office and is superb. The N-St-G is a new producer to me and was fairly hard work, the Fonseca was gorgeous after a few hours of decanting.
  2. Every time I drink Rioja I wonder why I don't drink more... One of the world's great wine (relative) bargains.
  3. If you wanted to go CAST connection I do have a spare Phantom II pre. Later Krell's do lose the slight mid treble edginess of the early 2000's models. And get a big rug on the floor.
  4. A costly mistake and probably an easy one to make for a novice under pressure during a busy service period at a restaurant. I have tried Le Pin and the cost is all about rarity rather than absolute quality. It is very good, but not $8000+ good. And it is Merlot...
  5. A few drinks with friends over dinner.
  6. It looks like a Vinolok. Technically a very good closure although expensive. It will be interesting to see how these wines age. you WA Stereonetters and your Barolo/Nebbiolo obsession... I hear Steve added a few good bottles of SA Nebb to the cellar recently. I might start adding Brunello di Montalcino posts soon just to widen the Italian theme. Every bit as good as Barolo.
  7. A nice St-Emilion, and a very nice Code 38. I have tire-bouchon envy.
  8. Five stars and 96 points from Sam Kim, pretty impressive https://www.therealreview.com/2016/06/22/update-michael-glover-criticises-wine-writers/
  9. No pictures as such, but a brief conversation at the Service Station in McLaren Vale tickled my fancy. A couple with NSW plates were touring on his and hers late model GSXR1000's. Both were in their mid-60's. A Gixxer 1000 would leave me in pain from a 20 kms ride, let alone a cross country tour. Good on em.
  10. The short and perhaps not comprehensive guide you would want to be picking at around the 13.5 to 14 Baume mark. At that sweetness the birds will possibly be getting to be a problem so netting may be in order work out what your desired barrel size is, preferably oak. I think the keg factory in Tanunda sell small barrels. These guys are real coopers and are agents for some very fine quality French oak and probably make their Port kegs from offcuts. If it is new, then fill with water and change every week or so for a few weeks. Sappy new wood is not good for Port. you'll need to pick the fruit, crush (removing the stems is a good idea) and then let the juice and skins ferment. Cooler is better (13-18C). at around 8 Baume try as best you can to press off the juice from the skins. A strainer and muslin cloth would do the job. Then fortify with brandy spirit ASAP (or Brandy as Brandy spirit is 77% Alc). That ain't a typo, you will need 9-10 bottles of 40% alc Brandy per 10 litres of pressed juice. As a rough guide, I've worked the calculations out per 10 litres of juice further down. Let it settled for a day or two (again, cooler the better), then decant/siphon off the clear Port. You will need to add a bit of SO2 (from home brew shops). It is usually sold as PMS and your target would be 100 parts per million (mg/L) of PMS. Dissolve in water as a 10% solution and add, mix gently. I gather you are an engineer so the calcs should be straightforward. Add to your barrel. It takes quite a while to be palatable.... Though a young Port and soda (or lemonade) spritzer isn't half bad. Volume of Juice Target Baume (Sweetness) Brandy Strength (alc/vol) Initial Baume of Must/Juice Target Final Alcohol Baume to fortify Brandy Addition Volume 10.00 4.50 40.00 13.50 19.00 8.41 7.13
  11. You would need brandy spirit and a Baume hydrometer for a starting point. What volume (kgs of grapes) are you looking at?
  12. You lucky bastards who got to own 1100 Gixxers. If I could find a clean G or H I'd buy it. Terry, that is going pretty hard on the road... Glad you went road racing in the end. I did have an identical 750M to the one on Bluesmans video above (but red/black). It was the lardiest of the GSX-R750's, I think it comes in wet a handful of kgs lighter than my Hayabusa.
  13. For those forumites looking for good wine and proceeds to a good cause. "Philip was diagnosed with cancer late last year. He’s had major surgery and is currently having more Radio therapy. This week Langtons are running a fund raising on-line auction to help with Philip’s medical and living expenses. Philip has never been that interested in money. Right now everything that is raised will help him through a very difficult time." Philip has been an exceptional critic and advocate for the Australian Wine Industry. He is also a lover of music and a pretty handy guitarist. There are lots of very good wines in the auction (Mendes, I even spotted the occasional Barolo). Closes tonight. https://www.langtons.com.au/search?p=1&SortTerm=a_z&AuctionId=4024
  14. I had three different Suzuki 250 two strokes as proddy bikes; RG250WE1, RG250FG and the RGV250L. As much fun as you can have full clothed on a motorcycle. By the time the Prillia RS came on the scene I was GSX-Ring. Who could resist a RG500? Actually a NS400R or an RZ500 would also do nicely. I kinda have a soft spot for mid to late 80's Japanese sports bikes.
  15. In that case I'll cut back on tea and move to muesli for breakfast. More watts then available for music!
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