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  1. Mings Palace, Gouger St in the Adelaide CBD. They have good duck.
  2. I think so. Part of a $100 mixed dozen
  3. A few wines I had with friends at a Chinese restaurant last week. Don't know much about them but they tasted ok.
  4. Its not an SUV. Its not a sports car. I don't have a clue what it is. Bingo! It a car for people without a clue.
  5. DRC

    Kia Stinger

    The Jag would be expensive to own... I sold my XF (2013) Supercharged V6 in March. I did like it but it was heavy and not really that special except as a Grand Tourer. Once we purchased a used Audi A6 Allroad the XF was rarely used If you do go down that path go the three litre turbo diesel, and don't go bigger than 19 inch wheels (the XF is very sensitive to tyres on 20 inch wheels).
  6. Kinda reminds me of a hi fi brand. A reputation as 'the best' among the general population and a price point multiple many times the quality level. No highs, no lows must be.......?
  7. DRC

    WTB: SACD Player

    Hi Andrei, it might be worth setting a price range for the SACD player.
  8. John, The Gnocchi Shop. He is located near Findon. A LOT of restaurant buy from him, light and soft gnocchi , and very reasonably priced.
  9. Nirvana sound pretty good on a high rez system. There are plenty of things that don't, mostly brick walled production. I think Butch Vig did a decent job. I think many SNAers would be family with the edgy and compressed/blurred treble from rock recordings on a good system. At a certain point a high resolving system ($20K speakers...) can start to untangle that mess and provide some space and clarity. I don't think as many $4-5K price point speakers would achieve the same result.
  10. This is an interesting wine in the context of vintage 2011 being a once in a life time disaster and a year most Australian winemakers would rather forget. McLaren Vale fared pretty well, and if anything benefitted from the cool summer with a very long and delayed ripening period. The Syrah 2011 is just a baby at the moment and entering into a good drinking window. It should go for another 10 years.
  11. Bright garnet red in colour, the aroma offers vibrant forest fruit notes with a hint of rhubarb and spice, subtle mocha and toast notes add to the bouquet. The palate is light to medium in body with a core of raspberry and dark cherry fruits along with a splash of strawberry jam. Lingering toast notes on the long finish with a soft and supple tannin backbone and bright acidity. Drink now to 2028. Or something like that
  12. The fuel injection wiring loom on my Audi. Bastards. The wiring is chewed through on the left hand side between the cylinder banks and the right was full of leaves and debris for the nest (which may have caught fire as combustible crap dropped onto the catalytic converters). The car was not driven for about four days, then on start up the dreaded engine warning light came on. Get some traps in your garage.
  13. If you grab a six pack of the 2019 from Five Ways that would be great. Item 131 on the to do list is an update on the website...
  14. Thanks for the info Rockford. 2019 is the best Pinot I have made. There is a Rousseau-like balance and harmony to this wine with everything in just the right place.
  15. Sports diifs, torque vectoring do provide a subtle increase in 'to the ground' performance and feel through corners. The most noticeable feeling was the lightening of my wallet at the 60k service with my Audi. The 2 x special fluids for the diff and 2 x special fluids for the gearbox (and an engine oil and filter change, I did the plugs and air filter myself) set me back over $2200. A significant chunk was fluids; some are $70 a litre. The Volks Auto Group (can't use the acronym) have amazing tech, but there is a price to pay for the performance.
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