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  1. We have W10 and W7 installed on various computers. I'd choose W7 over W10 anytime. Any time I use W10 I get the feeling it was designed by someone at Apple. To make the user experience as $hit and frustrating as possible so that the user will throw away their PC and head to an Apple shop.
  2. Unfiltered shouldn't mean hazy or full of sediment. But unfortunately it is a 'thing' that fashionista wines look like cloudy apple juice.
  3. The most interesting conversationalist I have had the pleasure of spending time with. An absolute music fanatic too, and very handy with an acoustic guitar.
  4. 1996 Release at $120 a doz in Adelaide on special...
  5. Yep, you can't out run a police radio. Or a police helicopter.
  6. on the not recommended side - KUMHO ECSTA LE SPORT KU39 got them on my XF Jag. They flat spot over night are a very noisy until they sort themselves out, it feels like the wheels are badly out of balance for the first 5-10 kms travelled.
  7. The Busa is quite misunderstood until you ride one. I took one for a test ride almost by accident (it was parked in front of the bike I was intending to test ride) and came away impressed. The monstrous torque and refined manners sold me straight away. No real thoughts of a replacement as there is a Beemer R1200RS in the garage that has been getting more use to be honest (the Busa can be too intimidating and focussed for a casual ride). The random car of interest below is our Audi A6. Last night Bec was coming home from work an a large male kangaroo in the driveway took umbrage at the car in its territory and jumped onto the bonnet and windscreen. Bec was very shaken up, one more kick and the buck would have been in the cabin.
  8. I did write a long post but it got lost and now dinner is ready. Meh.
  9. Dry weight of around 210 kgs. The new BMW S1000RR is offering 207 hp (from 1000cc normally aspirated) and a kerb weight in M spec of 194 kgs (stock is 197 kgs) Slightly off topic; I was curious about the new carbon ceramic brakes (CCB) offered on some of the new high performance cars. I can see the benefits for track use if you are an exceptional skilled driver who can late brake with the best of them. On the road, apparently no difference in stopping distance (just less fade with repeated stops). Soooo, I priced the cost of a pads and rotor service (replacement) and got back a quote of $21,000 plus labour for front only (Audi). WTF! I could (tongue in cheek) see an ad for a CCB equipped M3 in the future reading something like "needs new pads and rotors for a roadworthy certificate, giveaway car please come and collect on a car trailer. Parked out front, keys in the car, first to come past can have it".
  10. Both about to be posted on carsales and bikesales. The cat and the bird. Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 Supercharged and Suzuki Hayabusa 1340cc. The Busa has been a hoot, this tuned variant is making around 205 hp and has an insane amount of grunt even at 1/2 revs. Time to consolidate the garage...
  11. Had a bottle in Adelaide just before Xmas. Damn delicious.
  12. With a good dB meter I'm reading 32 A weighted and 44 C weighted with the meter set for low dB readings in my listening position. For all intents the room is silent, I can't hear any background noise, a fridge, PC or wildlife. At my desk the same readings are 39 dB and 50dB, which is the PC fans (its a Fractal case and they are whisper quiet, they even have noise deadening inside).
  13. I just wish Shoei didn't plaster four ugly stickers across the artwork...
  14. Rumour has it there was a packing error with your order and you are getting five bottles of Coates The Nebbiolo 16 and a bottle of (unreleased) Coates The Reserve Syrah 2016
  15. A few bottles from over the weekend. The CnP was opened tonight after a fairly long day in the office and is superb. The N-St-G is a new producer to me and was fairly hard work, the Fonseca was gorgeous after a few hours of decanting.
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