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  1. Extra Info: Detailed, transparent and surprisingly sweet and musical; this is not the cold sound of 1990's Krell. Factory 240v/50Hz, in very good condition, the only mark is some decal lift by the power on button. One of the last of the D'Agostino designs. The original price on this preamp was north of $16,000 (when the exchange rate was still good). Kept in a smoke, kid and pet free dedicated listening room and used once since 2016 (at a SNA GTG). This was pretty much an 'end game' preamp, I am only selling as it has been replaced by a four chassis Krell Evolution Two preamp. The EV2 is a li
  2. Did you like the Quintarelli? An edgy style I really like. If you did, then down the rabbit hole you go... Bec and I are drinkin 'out west' tonight - Cape Mentelle Grenache 2017; a great bottle of wine but not that 'Grenachy'. Good mate is working there and we did some swaps. Their standard Syrah 2017 is very good. Loved their Walcliffe SSB too.
  3. As a Krell fanboi I'd say Krell of course. Audition the Rotel Michi as well, it is a lot of amp for the money. It has inbuilt MC or MM phono plus headphone in addition to the Hegel and Krell features list.
  4. Agreed Greg, ongoing customer happiness leads to repeat business. Were you in the Vale today? I reckon I spotted your Porsche (or an identical yellow one).
  5. Warm up time seems important, the X5 seems to be a little clinical for an hour or two after booting it up.
  6. You may need to hook the unit up to a TV or monitor to access the menu/set up functions. This may not be immediately apparent from the manual.
  7. Just a heads up. Pinnacle Drinks = Woolworths made up brands.
  8. I purchased a performance cat section for my 156 GTA a few years back from Alfaholics. I didn't want to fit it to the car, it was a work of art. I can understand the price tag for the attention to detail and materials these guys would have put into that GTA-R.
  9. We had an earlier version with diesel. Lots of torque, loved it. The cabin can be a bit noise on the highway but adding some deadening material into the cargo area will help. You will want windows in the sliding doors to help with blind spots, especially when turning right and merging with traffic.
  10. I did see a EVO-302e on Gumtree. The 'e' series Evo's are supposed to be a big step up from the FPB series (I had a 300cx for a while).
  11. Further information: One of the rare high end Denon audio players; cd, SACD and DVD-A capable. The A11 was a $4000 universal player on release and still stacks up today. The build is heavy duty (13.3 kgs) and makes my Krell players look positively light weight. Open and detailed sound without being too analytical. Laser assembly and disc drive have less than 50 hours on them, the A11 was a back up player that saw little use. It would make an overkill transport if the new owner wanted to pair it with a SOTA DAC. There are a few marks on the fascia but nothing offensive. Original re
  12. They are comfortable, I still have a pair I purchased new in the mid-90's. Nowadays I only use them when traveling on public transport instead of ear buds. Keeps a seat next to me free no matter how busy it is. They sound pretty good too.
  13. Further information: I also have a Audio Research PH-6, so one of these had to go in my quest to have less unused equipment. The standard tubes have been upgraded, a handful of caps, along with some additional dampening work on the chassis. The net result is a gorgeous and detailed sound that has control but with a wonderful organic note to the presentation. Photos:
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