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  1. How far up the chain do you want to go? What model?
  2. Another Divinyls remaster from Rubellan - What A Life (international release track list - but has all missing tracks & then some as bonus tracks) https://www.rubellanremasters.com/divinylswhatalife Just ordered off fleabay for $26 delivered
  3. Still looking- would also consider Vision Power AC Powercord
  4. Item: VooDoo Infinity Power AC Powercord Price Range: fair market Item Condition: Used Extra Info: "Infinity Power is especially suitable for solid state and tube power amps and power conditioners" https://www.classaaudio.com.au/9204-large_default/voodoo-infinity-power-powercord.jpg Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Back to CD collecting - couple picked up in the last couple of months
  6. Great photos for a great high quality CD spinner - yes you may regret the sale.
  7. Thanks - Unfortunately postage + US exchange rate + GST makes it a liitle too expensive Cheers
  8. Still after Jethro, Seger & Rafferty Cheers
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