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  1. Thanks - Unfortunately postage + US exchange rate + GST makes it a liitle too expensive Cheers
  2. Still after Jethro, Seger & Rafferty Cheers
  3. I was running a vinyl set-up for a while (Pro-Ject 6 Perspex, Ortofon Bronze & Phono Box RS) - sounded great. As Snoop said personal preference. I still have both sets of CX4Fs - sound wise you gotta climb a fair way up the tree to knock them off the perch completely. Mmmmmmm SGR MT3.2..... PS: These are an excellent price and will not last long.
  4. still after CCR, Animals, Billy and Bob
  5. still looking for Elton, Gerry and a couple of new ones - Jethro
  6. Still looking for Creedence, Animals, Bob and Billy Cheers
  7. Hi Matthew, Thanks for notification, have a few of these + I am really trying to finish off some incomplete collections. Bought 1 or 2 albums then didnt buy anymore - doh! Appreciate the notice. Cheers Craig
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