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  1. https://blog.discogs.com/en/discover-10-of-the-best-ambient-albums/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=Top_10_2019_02_15
  2. Them and Oz Crawl - decent pub bands that werent for the bogans. RIP indeed
  3. Toy Story - Pixar - before they went crap -
  4. Turneja - Mira Furlan - Babylon-5 - Bruce Boxleiter - https://youtu.be/iFxMhlNC3ss
  5. Thanks guys , didn't think of that And ordered both 😊
  6. Failing that, check your gumtree for Lovan shelves.
  7. Anybody have a copy of Annette ASKVIK’s Liberty , can’t find on eBay or amazon except as d/l which I don’t want.
  8. Went to Naim statement demo.night, at Surrounds here in Perth. statement was hooked up to Focal Utopia somethings Naim.guy very pleasant fella played a variety of tunes to show the systems ability. Very impressive. Thr statement is big, but the styling as such doesnt make it over powering, tho the styling probably isnt everyones cup of tea. The Focals were a mixed bag, the bass was impressive feel.in your chest stuff but still very tight even on a boomy doof doof tracks. Mids seemed good as well but the treble to me seemed a bit of the bright side, plenty of detail but bright. Kudos to.the Naim.guy for playi g some good songs even mrs Cafe67 was impressed .
  9. Welcome to the funny farm 😀
  10. French Connection - Gene Hackman - Enemy of the State - Barry Pepper -
  11. @avalon interested in purchasing wil pm.
  12. Saw this today with the wifey who is from Cornwall. Little bit smaltzy in parts and bit country folk in a town, but it's a gentle not. In yer face movie , good acting from all and course the glorious scenery . Having stayed in Conwall you understand how much the sea plays a part in people lives and the tragedies at sea over the sea. Misic is well done ( wife already had the soundtrack cd) enjoyable, low key n fun
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