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  1. How does it sound ? Okay without out actually playing a record, one thing that comes to mind , it's damn quiet. There are no squeaks or rattles or creaks from the belt and its seems to spin up quickly for a belt drive. No no records on and the blackness of the platter, you actually have to double look that it's actually spinning, the platter is very "straight" there's no wobble. Musically initial impression are a good "solid" sound , bass seems good and well controlled , mids likewise and the highs seem derailed without being overly bright. The output of the cartridge works well with the phono stage of my pm10 integrated. Playing a tracks from the half speed master of Japan's Gentle take Polaroids provides a sound that I can best describe as "solid" or " natural" nothing seems over emphasised. On the track "swing" Mick Karns fretles bass and Steve Jansens drumming hold the song steady while the keyboards and David Sylvians voice come across fine. On the slow piano track, "nightporter" the piano sounds like a ....err....piano. I couldnt hear any shifting in the piano notes. I also increased the tracking weight to 2.1g, seemed better with that extra weight. One thing I have found , the optional record weight does seem to make a difference/improvement in the sound.. I've not used record weights or clamps before. But simply playing the same track with or without the wight is easily to do and quickly - the sound seems to be more "focused" or " in focus" . It's hard to describe exactly, but I'll do some more listening on various albums and tracks and give some more thoughts.
  2. Onto Setup pulling everything out out of the box is straight , find a flat surface to start, the hrs designed feel keeping things level As amentioned the platter with itsbuilt in (inverted?) spindle goes into the sleeve built into the plinth easy enough , you then just have to wait for it to settle down under its own weight slowly. . Next step is the anti skate weight. Did I mention fiddly - you have to fit a very small rubbler washer/grommet that the weight is attached with fine thread to/over a very small metal stub that has 5 indentations which you match to the weight of the cartridge you are using.. With my eyesight and boofy fingers this was a job for the step-daughter. Yay useful for once ( picture 5) Next fit the tracking weight, wind it on to a white line marked on the arm. Here things could be improved abit by supplying a cartridge weight gauge , I know that most brands don't, but seriously how much would it add to the coast. (Sharon bought one for my birthday cost $25 and I've seen them a lot cheaper than that on eBay) . I used a loaned Project branded one and it took a little of gently adjusting the weight to get a desired level. The cartridge tracks between 1.8g and 2.2 grams, I initially settled on 2g. Fit the belt and away you go.
  3. Couple of things to get out of the road, I've owned D/D turntables like the sound of them and owned belt drive turntables like the sound of them too. Other considerations were Rega, but I've owned 2 before, Elac seemed good, Project seem to have a bewildering range/models, I like the looks the xtension 10, but not the price. If getting a new Technics sl1200 was easier here in WA and an officially supported product, might have gone one of them. In the end the ultradeck seemed the better all in one package. Thanks to Dave and Mark at Frank Prowse hifi and to Simon at Douglas hifi for their help help and assistance. So what's in the box. Very well packaged, double boxed with large foam corner blocks. All the components came in a molded foam cut away with the platter also having a protective foam layer. The power cable and interconnects seem to be that bit better made than the usual throw away includes. The arm and the cartridge are already fitted , you have fit the platter (easy) tracking weight (fiddly) and anti skate weight (very fiddly) . Lid is included and uses Rega style hinges. Initial impression of the packaging, build quality is very favourable, the instruction sheet is very basic, but seeing as arm and cartridge is already fitted does the job.
  4. Ooops thanks @Hydrology must have missed this one. Have the ultradeck and mastertracker and mofi weight. Very happy, been meaning to do a review , must pull my finger out Imho the weight does make a difference, easy enough to try with and w/o - to me the sound seems be more clearer or more "in focuse" if you like
  5. Valerie Perrine - the border - Harvey keitel -
  6. @Tubularbells yes the ost was pretty good, didn't recognise the artist. reading through one line info a lot of things made sense or did in fact happen - little patti was there and the helicopters were able to be used to drop the ammo, both pilots receiving medals. i was stumped why some of infantry spoke kiwi, till I realise they were the forward artillery observers for the kiwi howizters.
  7. Watched Aftermath on DVD last night , fairly typical prim n proper period war drama Jason Clarke plays the part very well , peter Skarsgard is okay but seems a bit stiff ,Kiera knightly can act but this doesn't seem a good role for her bleak scenery as as most movie takes place in bombed Hamburg and a isolated manor house. The Hamburg scenes are very good and moving. Things seem to to go from loathing to lusting fairly quickly . Nice piano based soundtrack
  8. Saw it today -pretty good bit clunky at first , with few cliches and stereotypes. Not too too familar with the history of all, but seems a lot of political infighting and bickering amongst to the officers/soldiers , not sure how accurate that is? Once tho the fighting starts, the movies does shift into gear and the battle scenes are well done, not too Hollywood over the top or ecessive FX , just straight forward , brutal ( but not too gratuitous) and confusing. Sounds of the battle /weapons are well done and be a Subwoofer work out for some. Soundtrack was pretty good and atmospheric. Interesting to see a lot of new Aussie actors with a smattering of old ones. Poingnant moment in the credit where the link the actor to character played, while "I was only 19 " is played.
  9. Shelley winters - Pete's Dragon - Dragons -
  10. Yes sorry my bad, I want to install win 1o over the top of win7, as I can't do a reformat , fresh install . Not so so sure I want to now 😎
  11. Okay, for extra info, a whole ago I hadto get a new cpu,ram and motherboard - ever since it nagged me about comparability issues with win 7 and upgrading to win 10 or mcrosoft server
  12. I have a desktop that a couple of years old, but runs stuff well for me , I would like to,install windows10 over the top of the existing install of win 7, rather than reformat the hard rive and lose existing programs tha cam with the computer. Is is there a particular version of win 10 I need to buy ? I was was thinking of home 64. Don't really need the features of pro cheers dave
  13. I was recently looking for some turntable oil/lube and found a listing on EBay for Once Analogue turntable oil. Did some checking here and on their website and bought some. Arrived pretty quickly and well packaged so left 4 star feedback, which he sent me a message thanking for and asking about my turntable, after discussion , he sent me free of charge a pot of lithium grease to use as well. likewise Geoff at Aurealis Audio sent me over a set of his R3 silver Litz phono cables and a a set of the R3 new silver/copper Litz phono cables, both 1m length . I trailed both, easily to swap them over and preferred the silver/copper Litz and asked for a .75cm to be made up, which was done within a week then sent over, I then returned the trial cables. Have bought a few cables off Geoff over the years ( RCA, xlr, speaker) and always found him to be informative and helpful with cables and orders.
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