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  1. Interesting article on the newer batman movies https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-boy-who-saved-batman
  2. Robert Mitchum - was considered in a early draft to play Deckard -
  3. Don't be turned off by class D, have a look at the Wired 4 sound MinT integrated https://6moons.com/audioreviews/wyred6/1.html
  4. Saw this on the plane recently - it sank without a trace , apparently was a box office dud. But I found it really quite interesting. Although set in the near future with alien it's not a very sci-fi movie. Reminds me of a good crime or spy thriller. John Goldman is very good in the role. A clever oddity. OST is pretty good too.
  5. I've got the studio 30 and very impressed with them sound and build quality wise. Glwts https://7review.com/falcon-acoustics-ram-studio-20-review/
  6. Snow - snow falling on cedars - Ethan Hawke -
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