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  1. I have a single svs sb1000 ( not pro) in a very simple 2.1 home theatre system Dali concept 2 book shelves , the integrated is an older luxman integrated driving the sb1000 via pre-outs. Used mainly for movies and occasionally music works a treat and plenty of bass. regards Dave
  2. Also listening to The Lastlings Debut album, rather good selection of poppy synth songs. Good songs and well recorded , pity no d/l card, perfect car music
  3. Welcome to the forum, your system sounds very interesting, hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Further information: I’m selling my Marantz PM10 integrated amplifier, bought new from West Coast Hifi Cannington on the 25/10/2018. These are now nearly $16k to buy new - Price is negotiable. In that time, it’s has driven Dynaudio Confidence 5 , Falcon Studio 30 and my current Revel f208 speakers without issue. Officially rated at 200/400 Watts into 8/4 ohm. (See below reviews) soundwise, it has what I would call a neutral or perhaps natural sound, it’s does not draw attention to any particular area been it highs, mids or bass. ive played a variety music on it from e
  5. I like my V30+ but boy it burns through the battery power
  6. One of my fav groups from the 80 with their debut album n 4AD being one of my fav albums. New Bandcamp purchase and streaming via BT to the Michi, nice.
  7. Arrived today - Arve Henriksen - cartography. Quite melodic in places and experimental/improvised in others. David Sylvian “sings” on a couple of tracks. Very well recorded on the ECM label. File under ambient jazz
  8. honeyland - land - la - lalaland - Ryan Gosling -
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