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  1. Isolation game time The alphabet as per your movie collection, I sort mine simply in alphabetical order. I'll start 😎 A is for Akira B is for Baraka
  2. Nic , have this on SACD of all things
  3. A is for Abecedarians - Eureka a brilliant group nobody’s really heard of
  4. I like the high cycle rate , fun looking at people's choices. TBH I'm surprised at how popular thread is 🤔😳😃
  5. Wow loop city J is for Japan - quiet life
  6. Nightcrawler (movie) - nightcrawler ((character ) - xmen - Michael Fassbender -
  7. And sadly cancelled ....next time. Melbourne.
  8. Bath ferringhi/Penang is still pretty cool and fun to go to. Wifey and me have been a few times even had our honey moon there. Obviously a a lot busier than the 80's, but imho still more relaxed than Singapore. the people for the most part are friendly and helpful and the weather is nice. sad but they will be suffering hard with this c19, health and money wise
  9. https://consequenceofsound.net/2020/02/rammstein-timelapse-video-stage/?fbclid=IwAR0xkKHXKABY-2vER3aQeIhTNFbvWnxCMJFDZQ1lX5bzwGLba_98SLGZc_8
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