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  1. Listening, moving , listening, moving.
  2. I'd settle for 1200G , still exxy tho compared to the GR
  3. https://www.euphonia-audioforum.se/forums/index.php?%2Fforums%2Ftopic%2F8173-a-taiwanese-in-sweden-munchen-2010-and-others%2F&page=27&fbclid=IwAR1h14JDfm1xkmGeLNfO9aEpMIGupJr_VBnTUPXqaqGsHeaNk4CHPlanxPo
  4. Works well, started out 50cm side walls and rear walls and straight out as abase line. Atm about 75cm from side walls and 50cm from.rear wall, with bass response set to boundary. Bit more shuffling around i think , but no probs with bass and imaging is good.
  5. Is netflix bleeding money, because their expenditure is greater than their revenue - in part due to alot of "granfathered" users still on old cheap licences? Could be wrong here, going off memory from reading an article on it a while ago
  6. Lawless - Shia LaBeouf - Fury - tanks in combat -
  7. Likewise, but the limit is going to make a a lot of picture heavy forums and threads pointless or difficult. the other things is finding out your limit , I had to go to personal message, then from there follow the manage attachments link and delete from there. one handy thing to do is sort by size and then you can delete the biggest files first, I’m down to 55m used but still have 19 pages.
  8. I bought the v30+ in the JB hifi , but haven't played with yet, still waiting on the screen protector to arrive. Will be interesting to compare it to my Samsung s7
  9. Alphaville - alphaville the band had a song " Big in Japan" - Japan - crime in Japan - yakuza -
  10. Agnes Obel has a new tune and album on the way
  11. I'm late to the party , have this song on Dali speakers compilation album, have orderd an album of hers https://youtu.be/8s5ihWIywzg
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