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  1. cafe67

    Hi-fi stores in Singapore/Shanghai?

    Also in Singapore , try the Millenia walk , near the Singapore flyer, a lot of hifi shops are there - b&w, house of turntables , a really nice hifi shop upstairs can’t remember name. Theres also a really funky watch shop - red army watches http://www.milleniawalk.com/shops dont forget shops over there don’t open until 😁10 or 11am when i was there in 2016, CD shops were pretty much non existent and vinyl both new and s/H was expensive heres another thread read on the subject
  2. cafe67

    Electronic currently spinning

    Just arrived today, 9 CDs 1 dvd and a book for $130 - looking forward to listening later, may take a while to get through it all 😎
  3. cafe67

    TCL C4 75" UHD TV

    I have a tcl 65in , had it a couple of years with no probs. I think its ths C1. They usually review well and have a 3 year warranty out of the box. The hisense models also seem likewise
  4. Thank you, taken Samsung galaxy s7, no processing
  5. Kings park flowers and a cake 😊
  6. cafe67

    Wind River

    Saw it tonight at home on DVD , good movie . Moves along briskly , desolate but beautiful scenery. Next to watch hell or high water and I already seen seen Sicario which were are all written by the Sheridan fella.
  7. cafe67

    The Underrated David Sylvian (Ex Japan)

    Robbie williams and David Sylvian in the same breath.........wow
  8. cafe67

    The Underrated David Sylvian (Ex Japan)

    Be interesting to hear what you think - for me I think Gone to Earth is one of his best albums
  9. cafe67

    The Underrated David Sylvian (Ex Japan)

    Back again, did you get the 2 x 45rpm records, there’s also seems to be a 1 x 33rpm erosion floating around.
  10. I got it off their facebook page ??
  11. cafe67

    Esoteric K-03X CD SACD Player

    Darn where were you a month ago..end game cd player. Glwts