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  1. Was asked to get some quotes oh shipping box dimensions and weight 14kg and 67cm length x 55cm deep x 27cm high. for postage 6059 WA to 2322 Chisholm NSW Oz Post quoted $140 plus insurance. Smart Send quoted $58.49 Couriers Please quoted $48 Pack & Send quoted $55 or $95 with insurance.
  2. That is good news, they stopped doing them for a while
  3. Google oskar cd rack , check results . they used to be sold by selby now sold by others
  4. Further information I bought this deck from Frank Prowse. Hifi herein Perth. 29th June 2019 cost $4300. I notice these to buy new are now $4700. at the time I was also looking at technics sl1200g , but you could not buy an offical Oz supplied deck so decided against that idea. about a month later Technics said “hi Australia we’re back” 🙄 after looking and listen I settled on the ultradeck over the rega p6 and the clear audio concept. It also ended up going that bit further with the master tracker cartridge rather than the ultra tracker, o
  5. TItem: Nordost Red Dawn XLR 60cm length (current design) Price Range: tba Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: checking if anybody has some available for sale. I have set of 1m cables but I don’t really need then that long. The 60cm length would be ideal. thanks DC Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Interesting thought, no i am enjoying it but I’m also looking at from a technical POV as well as musical. things like packaging, build quality , ease of use and of course sound quality all add up the the user experience. also a few extra options here I’m not used too. stay tuned 🎶🎶🎶
  7. Yello - trying out the Bluetooth feature on my new amp
  8. A follow on from an earlier post , Stefano Guzzetti first heard on band camp and now a couple of CD’s ordered direct from him and 2020 Ecition label. Lovely packaging and a note in each one thanking for buying. musically think piano and electronics ala Eno or Budd. But very well recorded, some of the nicest piano work I’ve heard , but never mindless tinkling away. the alone album is Ginaluca Pischeda (cello) with Stefano, similar style with the deeper bass of the cello. highly recommended , I be ordered a couple more via cdjapan (where he used to live).
  9. just tried the Bluetooth with my iPad Pro and a gen 1 iPad mini connected easily, . Sounds not too at all certainly for casual listening.
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