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  1. According to Newsweek ? Some ive seen, some I've never heard of and some I'm wondering wtf they are doing here https://www.newsweek.com/greatest-war-films-ever-made-according-critics-and-audiences-1103416?
  2. Unless you seriously over drive your speakers, there is nothing to set. Plug it all together , get your self a nice piece of music, start quietist and work your way to a loud volume
  3. I'll see your whiny Bob and raise you the travelling wilberrys....one of the turgid maudlin groups ever...........that I never got 😜
  4. 61513 hand knitted poppies at kings park for armistice day.
  5. Makes me wonder if the sl1200G is worth the $$$ over the sl1200GR either stills means the the cheapest "audiophile" direct drive turntable you can buy ....cheaper than a brink an or vpi and that Nordic brand I can't recall the name off
  6. Got this response from discrepancy records re warranty
  7. Lol amusing, so only using a local Perth store I got, seeing as the feds are paying I selected high to low 🤫 https://www.douglashifi.com.au/collections/integrated-amplifier/products/audio-research-gsi75-integrated-amplifier https://www.douglashifi.com.au/collections/cd-player/products/audio-research-reference-cd9 https://www.douglashifi.com.au/collections/vinyl-accessories/products/audio-research-ref-phono-3-vacuum-tube-preamplifier https://www.douglashifi.com.au/collections/turntables/products/rega-rp10 https://www.douglashifi.com.au/collections/cartridges/products/benz-micro-lp-s-phono-cartridge https://www.douglashifi.com.au/collections/floorstanding/products/c2-1-reference-floorstanding-speakers
  8. Scrolling on ....oh golly http://www.mixfoundation.co.nz/turntables/technics-sl-1200g.html
  9. Let's face the only people who could afford these speakers , are older males whose hearing is already shot, so they probably need to sound brighter for their intended market 😳😳
  10. Excellent gear and a very well written advert, best of luck with the sale
  11. cafe67

    FS: Grado 325 headphones $200 Perth

    Thank you. to sweeten the deal, I'll include postage at.the $200 asking price
  12. cafe67


    Obviously haven't worked with some of the beaches I've had too
  13. Sale pending , apologies for delay in getting back to people, limited Internet access during work hours.