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  1. cafe67

    First Man

    Its very good. Very doco style.
  2. cafe67

    Dick Dale RIP

    That sucks have a couple of his latter albums, great stuff 🙁
  3. cafe67

    Tantalising Turntables

    Gonna need some big speakers next
  4. cafe67

    Tantalising Turntables

    I’ll see your Tech Das and raise you an Apolyt
  5. cafe67

    Tantalising Turntables

    Somebody might say the say thing if they saw your Kuzma t/t ....." What can that do that my project expression 1 can't" ....it's all relative
  6. cafe67

    Tantalising Turntables

    Darn it yep thats the one their arm is amazing enough
  7. cafe67

    Tantalising Turntables

    Any seen the new SAR turntable running the new technics sp10r ?
  8. cafe67

    Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A

    Good grief 🙄
  9. cafe67

    Hello from Perth

    Welcome fellow perthie
  10. Price negotiable
  11. Let he who is without sin......
  12. cafe67

    Yamaha AS 2100

    Bigger , off the repairers
  13. cafe67

    Yamaha AS 2100

    Tried the factory reset ? This is is the one for the as2000 https://www.manualslib.com/manual/393120/Yamaha-As2000bl.html?page=27
  14. Interesting another heartfelt response to his passing https://www.psaudio.com/article/mark-hollis/
  15. Item: complete Technics SL1000mk2 Location: perth nor Price: $2900 or $5000 with cartridge. Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: Not sure Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: expression of interest (again) at the moment, I've had this turntable for a about 3 years now. It's not used as much as it should be as I usually listen to cd's , but I still enjoy it immensely when I do. I bought this turntable from Mark T who knows his turntables very well. It it is in very good condition, actual sp10 platter is very good with a little bit of tarnishing near the technics badge. The resin/glass/wood plinth is likewise with no cracks or splitting. The stock feet have been replaced by isonoe feet. The epa100 arm is likewise with no play in bearings. The seperate power is very good condition and the lights still works both strobe and power supply. It had a lid but is not the original and it is not fitted to the hinges - very good condition. No splits cracks etc. the he turntable at the moment is fitted with a Ortonfon A90 mc cartridge - it is probably not part of the deal unless you wanted to make a very good offer on it as part of the unit. Minimal use and it was $5g cartridge when new. It is not for sale seperately at this point. Offers around $5000 for both, thanks. I have included some some photos and happy to supply more if requested. I don't have a box for it at this stage , so would prefer local sale, but I imagine I could get suitable box and packaging if needed. happy to demo for local buyers or make a video for others Regards dave Pictures: