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  1. Where did you buy , been having a look , other than JB hifi , don't seem available locally
  2. Check out the difference in colours
  3. Always wanted to try a Japanese whiskey , finally bought one on a splurge buy
  4. I've got some granite ice cubes from the wife as a Chrssy present, I keep them in the freezer in a snap lock bag. ive not noticed any taste to them , but agree they don't stay cool for long .
  5. Do you need an integrated amp to have a dac inbuilt? If not consider marantz, musical fidelity , audiolab etc
  6. Do the right thing - Right -let the right one in - American remake -
  7. Lol or not until mid November if you ask interdyn 🙄
  8. Hiya, How do you find the sound, how would you describe it?
  9. X5 and X3 arriving 5/10/2020 according to. Local dealer
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