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  1. My pet hate ........ Carbon fiber aarrgggghhhh 😬
  2. Lol I was trying to avoid spoilers 😀
  3. Saw it today , very good but it's not a war movie but rather a movie about war If that makes sense. Its ts not an action packed movie but it does have action it , it does have a lot of suspense the remember to breath sort of suspense. It it is violent in parts but no overly graphic. It's very moving in parts . The ost is very good. A definite buy. Definately enjoyed it
  4. The Patriot - Patriot Games - Harrison Ford -
  5. Lol are the pmc 20.23 a 2 way floor stander ? my room is5m wide and 4m deep and they work fine, with the downwards port they work well and with fine tuning the bass was tight, well paced and never boomy dave
  6. Item: Falcon Studio 30 floorstanding speakers ( walnut finish) Location: Perth Price: $4500 ono + postage Item Condition: 9,9- no marks, scratches , spotless Reason for selling: Revel F208 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these in April 2019 , intrigued by the design and the reviews (below) and also through much discussion with Andy at Audiofix over their suitability in my room. in short they work fine in my room and with their down firing port , makes for a lot of versatility in room positioning. Ultimately I enjoyed their sound enough to sell my Dynaudio confidence 5. but as always in this great game, a recent read up and current home demo of Revel F208 have made me decide to purchase them as hopefully an “ end game” speaker. Well that’s the plan 😎 these present as new , out of the boxes and set up - No marks at all. So like new with a discount price. sounds wise, I play a wide variety of music through them and found them to be detailed and balanced, never becoming over bright the high and mids in particular are impressive. Female vocals in particular sound very nice. The bass is fast and well defined - certainly not plodding. These could be an ideal speakers for someone liking the Proac, Spendor or Sonus Fabre sound. Build quality is spot on, weight in at 35kg each, with 25mm cabinets made in Italy and the heavy and solid plinths. At a pinch they do look a bit like mid period Sonus Faber, but certainly they look even more impressive in the flesh. With their design and slimline dimensions, could be a alternative to a similar priced standmount? I have the boxes (3) and packaging so transport/courier isn’t an issue. Happy demo at home to interested parties boxes are 115cm long x 33cm wide and 45cm deep weight would be about 40 kgs per box. interesting fact - Falcon are distributed the USA by Mofi electronics. Cheers dave reviews R.A.M WWW.FALCONLOUDSPEAKERS.CO.UK https://www.hifinews.com/content/falcon-acoustics-ram-studio-30-loudspeaker https://www.hifichoicemag.com/content/falcon-acoustics-ram-studio-30-0 https://audiofix.com.au/store/falcon-ram-/137-falcon-acoustics-ram-studio-30.html
  7. Day 1 on being on nbn = epic fail "Hi Dave, We understand that this has been an ongoing issue and we are working with the network provider through feedback processes to get this escalated. It looks as though there was an issue having NBN recognise the presence of a fault which we have now resolved and are awaiting updates from NBN to provide us with further information. Our faults team are monitoring this." Bare in mind i lost adsl 10 days ago due to " a break in the line" and " telstra wont fix the break because my street now has NBN" and had no choice to go to NBN edit nbn techie came out today firstly to our house lots of ohh wow , then off to the node apparently not far away, then came back, but more wowing. Then on to the phone to iiNet, conversation included what are you doing, why is this taking so long. Then all done. Spoke to techie, he said you were never connected to the nbn in the first thats why it didn’t work. now to get voip working
  8. Been with them.20 odd years. But since they got sold to tpg service has gone downhill . Third outage in as many months now on day 11 without internert
  9. Nrw review/ comparison in latrdt hifi choice mag
  10. I think imaginary friend was under used
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