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  1. cafe67

    Usher are back..

    Agreed there are some things missing, but cant see anything new ?
  2. Wasn't Marantz (Dutch) for a while , owned by Phillips
  3. cafe67

    Usher are back..

    Odd , doesn't seem to be anything new on the site, that amp and pre both both available before. The be718 and md1 were 2 of the best made/put together speakers I've owned. the be718dmd in particular had a very good sound about it
  4. Hmm country of origin or where made? does Marantz count as america or japan? Luxman Japan or Malaysia Dali count as denmark or china?
  5. cafe67

    G’Day from Perth NOR

    Welcome from another perfy
  6. cafe67

    new house , new room

    Rowland was pretty darn good, then moved on to the yzmaha as3000 but now have gone to marantz 10 series combo
  7. I struggled with mi 1 and 2 , didn’t bother with 3.
  8. bill Nelson on guitar also bill Nelson, check out 3:00 mark and bill Nelson again
  9. Arrived today, add to my TD cd's 4 x cd and booklet
  10. cafe67

    187 laser discs at 40% off - single sales OK

    Probable dum question, can you stl buy laster disc players or have they long gone .
  11. cafe67

    World Music: Currently Spinning

    @mrbuzzardstubble I have these 2 , the one with Michael Brook is particularly good