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  1. cafe67

    Electronic currently spinning

    Released 14-9-18, so. Not quite spinning now 2 x cd's 2 x cassettes and d/l card for 5.1 mixes
  2. cafe67

    Marantz SA-10

    Will do , I don't have a streamer , but will. See what it's like for playing off a laptop and usb drives
  3. Saw fallen kingdom - enjoyed it would have preferred more island time still high on the wtf moments and the cliche characters. But it effects are good and it has you on the edge of your seat escapism fun yep
  4. Welcome to SNA, congrats on your setup very tidy
  5. cafe67

    Marantz SA-10

    As in plugging in a computer or a usb drive. Only got yesterday, inital thoughts very detailed yet airy sound. Certainly less plummy sounding than tbe SA11S2 - a faster sound perhaps?
  6. cafe67

    Perth GTG

    We listened to
  7. cafe67

    Perth GTG

    We sampled
  8. cafe67

    Perth GTG

    Yes good afternoon and good fun - nice to put some faces to names. Intetesting to hear Steves system Attendees and room and system under the watchful.of the house cat 😎
  9. cafe67

    Toeing in speakers.

    Try this - angle them so that they cross over in front of you , rather than at your sitting position.
  10. Why didn’t Bucky’s arm stay behind .?
  11. cafe67

    Nakamichi Stasis PA-7 thoughts?

    Had one in the mid 90’s along with the ca-5 preamp. Sounded really nice, drive a pair of Australia built dynaudio 2 way book shelves.
  12. cafe67

    Hello from New York USA

    Welcome to the forum