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  1. cafe67

    Niagra 1000 power strip

    Be Interesting to see how they compare tbe the equivalent isotek strip (sirius?) ?
  2. cafe67

    RSD 2018

    Nite the bullet and git all giddy on ebay, £60 i own one 🤔
  3. cafe67

    RSD 2018

    If you did, go back and buy it
  4. Only got the gh1 last tuesday then went away for 4 days. Will get back to you..
  5. cafe67

    New Anthem STR Integrated

    Specs are one thing . How it actually works and sounds is another. As is your listening habits the actual.performnce of your speakers. I wouldnt write it off kust yet, buy there are also lots of choices out there.
  6. cafe67

    RSD 2018

    On eBay but already silly money I bid £60 but got done out at the last minute at £62, I gave up on another at £75 .
  7. New for me 😎 replaces a pair of grado 325 I have
  8. cafe67

    RSD 2018

    My contribution to RSD. Don't think it was an official RSD thingy , tho haven't seen this version before , got at Urban Records. I checked out Diabolik Records which was a mad house but could find anything I wanted. As as an aside some of prices for RSD releases were out there.
  9. cafe67

    RSD 2018

    Ive seem no mention of it being available here 😞
  10. You can get all (?) Of their slbum.in 2 x boxsets . Fairly cheap. 2 0f my favs are the albums with robert smith on them hyena and tbe following live album. Dont forget the collaboration between ribert smith and budgie (?) With a one off album/band "the glove"
  11. I would suggest best turntable then arm then cartridge. You can always upgrade your cartridge later.
  12. cafe67

    SOLD: FS: Grado RS2e Headphones

    Nice i just got (literally y/day) a pair of GH1's , otherwise i would been keen . Glwts