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  1. Everybody plugging the ARC spinner, but could the Panasonic be a better and versatile long term option for you ? does kinda sound like you are set on the ARC tho 😀
  2. Any of the new super integrateds that don’t include a phono stage or at least the option for one.
  3. The Shootist - Ron Howard - father of - Bryce Dallas Howard -
  4. Porsche 911 always was still is preferably a mid 80's before they went to the rounder shape Lotto win, make it a singer porsche 911 😎
  5. Didnt PQ do the same with snell speakers ?
  6. I was under the impression audio Note uk was originally the distributor of Audio Note kondo and also snell speakers. Then started making their own versions. ??
  7. That bugs me too, especially it's not a cheap item. otoh I always make sure I leave feedback, I thinks it helps
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