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  1. I'd hate think , wasn't the sp10r quoted at £20k
  2. You might be able source one through discrepancy records or that kiwi mob who were importing the sl1200
  3. I have run them with. Lsa hybrid integrated w4s sx1000 monoblocks bel canto ref100m monoblocks bryston 4bsst2 rowland s2, Yamaha as3000 and currently marantz sa10 ,integrateds. One thing about these speakers is they don't get shouty. I was playing some husker du loud, but was thinking "this doesn't sound that loud" until I checked just how loud I had the volume up.
  4. Item: Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers Location: Perth Price: $6000ono Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have owned there's for a while ( 2015 I think) buying them off MarkT who bought them new. They are one of the best sounding speakers IVe heard either at MarkT or at my place. Recently I purchased the Falcon Audio Studio 30's which I am very happy with. Actually could live with either the dyn's or the Falcons which set me back $6500 from Andy at Audiofix. Hence this EOI. Any further questions feel to ask. Cheers dave From MarkT original advert. I bought these Dynaudio Confidence 5 brand new on 5/9/2002 from Frank Prowse Hi-Fi here in Perth. They are one of the last C5 manufactured , serial numbers 757249 and 757250. RRP was $16,000 aud. They are more efficient than the earlier C5 with these having an efficiency of 86db and 4 ohm load. Dynaudio state an amp of 120wpc in a medium sized room and 240watt in a large room is sufficient. Frequency response is stated as 40hz - 21khz +/- 3db . Dynaudio don't BS on their specs like some others by stating an in room response , what you get "in room" with the Confidence 5 is flat to 30hz and a 25hz test tone is clearly audible from the listening position. Low frequencies are incredibly tight and clean , the C5 is a sealed box loudspeaker , compound loaded with an internal 7 inch woofer complimenting the external 8 inch bass driver. They are far more tolerant of room positioning and room size than bass reflex designs . I auditioned a pair of C2 at home for a fortnight and I can say without doubt that the Confidence 5 is clearly superior . The Confidence 5 also feature the top of the line Dynaudio Esotar T330D silk dome tweeter and top of the range M560D soft dome midrange driver. The C5 is by far and away the best passive speaker I have yet heard and many Dynaudio fans regard it as better than anything they have done since , with the exception of the Temptation and Master Evidence series. I am replacing the C5 with active atc scm100asl , had them side by side for 2 years now and I am still not sure which gives the best sound , the atc or the Dynaudio / Plinius SA250MK4 combo , but it has come time to make a decision , as it's just impractical to run two high end setups in the one room . Condition is excellent with only a small mark on one of the speakers plinths from careless ex wifes vacuum cleaner , it is hardly noticable though and if anyone needs to see a close up pic I can send one. I have the Manuals , spikes and original Dynaudio Double boxes for safe shipping.......boxed weight is around 65KG each. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Not too flag waving hopefully https://youtu.be/QT1qx-5K0y8 link won’t work properly, movie is thank you for your service - has the young fella from whiplash and baby driver in it
  6. What happened to loki and the guy played by paul bettany? Was suprised how little captain marvel.was in it and badly she fared against Was impressed by how powerful the red witch is , good character. Wth was with Hawkeyes haircut? How awesome was new asgard Why didn't ant man just grow big and squash thanos? End battle i thought was pretty good
  7. Saw endgame last night Enjoyed it Thought it was better than infinity Didn't drag
  8. In interview seems he was surprised not to be there any more.
  9. Ditto , the 10 series be nice if Marantz made a more up spec t/t to go. Also be interesti g to see where marantz head next
  10. I'm sure somebody would pick him up for a Job
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