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  1. PM sent with intent to purchase
  2. If sale falls through please put me 2nd in line.
  3. PM sent expressing interest in purchasing
  4. Using my RaspberryPi as a media server/NAS. Got two external hard drives (that I already owned..) hooked up to it. Using SqueezePlug and a few other apps to go with it. Great for the Squeezebox and the WD HDTV Live thingo as well as streaming to computers/laptops.
  5. I don't like Hamilton (nor Rosberg really) but there was absolutely no way that it was his fault..
  6. Not exactly EBay or Gumtree but still a bargain! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akg-q701-audiophile-headphones?mode=guest_open
  7. Depends on the mood but Beethoven's 9th or 6th - Furtwangler on both accounts.
  8. You can pick up the crossovers from Madisound for US$130 each and the tweeters for about US$30 each too. Add these and you are most of the way to a pair of ZD5s! GLWS!
  9. Firefox 28.0, Windows 7 @ 1920x1080. Get the wrapping problem. Cheers
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