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  1. I’m using an intel nuc8 and the fan has never been a problem in my room. Direct connect to a dac via USB. Awesome. I get why people go the nucleus - but its a big cash difference - the price of a nice new DAC. installing rock would be difficult for some - esp if you don’t own a pc. But if you have basic PC skills it’s simple enough if you take your time.
  2. Don’t recall ever seeing anyone in Oz with the Dunlavy’s.
  3. Would help to mention the prices of said objects. Helps to put perspective on what you are getting for the cash required.
  4. I'm not a bird lover per se..... its just so hard to get a photo of them. My current challenge is to get a good image of the local Wedgetail's. sorry they are not all as sharp as I wanted them to be. If someone can identify the others below that would be great. The last one is a falcon and before that maybe a swamp harrier? The two in the middle ...no idea. An Arctic Tern (taken while it was diving for fish in a lake in Reykjavik Iceland) Kookaburra's in the back yard
  5. Hanging out here is likely to just cost you more money. 😝 Back out while you can...
  6. I use a NUC as the the roon server and connect via USB directly to the dac. Works well
  7. Which feature do you use more than any other on your system = volume control. So makes sense to get it right. on the other hand If you don’t need switching between inputs (extra outputs, tone controls etc) it’s a lot of cash for something you don’t need. You could spend the extra on better power amp or speakers.
  8. I have an XP-10 with the x250. Fabulous pair. And whoever said bright must have done something horribly wrong or as suggested came from someone who loves tube amps with rolled off top end
  9. I don’t even have 4K yet but I think the imminent arrival of the next gen consoles plus new 8k streaming services etc may make this generation with ONE 8k input date real fast. Makes me think buying a superseeded model at a low price is the way to go in the short term.
  10. Yes.. very interesting. what do you use for a crossover?
  11. More details inc Usa prices For all four models one of the HDMI input and at least one output will be equipped to handle 40 Gbps of bandwidth... One 40Gb input? What if you have a Xbox and a PS5? Every time you want to switch console you have to change the connection?
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