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  1. Yeah. That’s what I thought. Maybe that’s a big mark against the TAD if local support is non existent. Which sux considering how good they are.
  2. Do you need or want the computer for other pur[pose? A roon nucleus would be a nice alternative
  3. Hulgich Duke worth a look http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/ also where can you audition TAD and the A3?
  4. Are you saying you don’t think the Accuphse pair are good enough for Magico and TAD? I totally disagree. The only thing Accuphase is missing is all the marketing BS (Magico) and silly pricing (Dartzeel) that other companies use to draw attention. Like any amp they won’t match every speaker but it’s a hell of a good start if your system building like @Galactic Soap
  5. Your room dimensions are a problem as it’s a cube. Very bad. Would expect some bass problems that will need room treatment. Have heard most of your possibles. All are good. I also love the mb2’s but not sure in so small a space. The stands add to the already large size and they would dominate the room - maybe not a problem Am certain the A70 would be fine. My pic of your list would be the CR1’s ( but where to find them? ) for your music preference. Fast, slam, accurate, almost full range, imaging to die for - just fabulous I have also heard the Raidho in a similar size room and they were utterly brilliant - just not sure they have the thump you may want if you like the mb2’s or the TAD. Magico also good but not heard the A3’s. Happy searching. Whatever you end up with we will need pictures.
  6. Steam

    FS: Accuphase A70 power amp (Aus model)

    Wow. This is a fabulous amp. Would be the perfect match for my 2420 but unfortunately I don’t currently have the means. Somebody please buy and depreciate it a bit more so I can claim it in the future.
  7. Steam

    EXPIRED: FOCAL electra 1038 be

    Hard to tell in the photos what finish they have. Is it black or the rosewood timber colour?
  8. Hmmmm..... cant say I am a fan of the new look. Maybe better in the metal but in the photos the power amp looks like something I would buy from a target Christmas catalog. Sorry much prefer the original Mac design.
  9. Steam

    electric cars

    Anyone interested in the Jag iPace? Seems to be generating good reviews. Cheaper than the Tesla and from an “established “ carmaker. iPace
  10. Raidho X series. Hard to find but that tweeter is amazing. Could be great for your requirements.
  11. Off everything or specific?
  12. Steam

    electric cars

    BMW i3 with battery upsize again BMW i3 Shame it’s so expensive cos I really liked it when I saw it at a sustainability festival
  13. Yep. Problem is that I would prefer to keep it cos it’s awesome. But I want new amp (toy). So I would have to sell it. Ends in stalemate. If someone wants it great but also not desparate to move it on.