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  1. Update: Found a deal on an F212v2. Will have to wait untill the weekend to setup properly. First impressions: Heavy! Very black and well put together. Feels like the cash it cost.
  2. It really depends what you value. As I said earlier a lot of subs can go loud but they sound horrible. Slow, flabby, Ill defined. Unfortunantly it’s expensive to get output AND quality. In general sealed subs seem to have less output but sound better IMO. If I get the chance I will try and find a PB4000 and see what it can do.
  3. Yes on both counts. I need to contact Lorantz and see if they can help with a replacement or even updated driver to give it another 15years of life.
  4. The whatmore sub in the classifieds is a version of the Whise 119. Much smaller. A bargain for sure and I did think about it.
  5. @Ray H I don’t necessarily want to replace the Whise. It’s a very capable sub although getting long in the tooth now. Certainly better than any regular under $3 to 5k sub I have come across. It is not flabby like a regular ported sub. So doesn’t make sense to sell it. But then it’s 15 years old and probably needs the driver surround replaced to bring it back to new. I am investigating this.
  6. @kudeta2003 would be interested in your thoughts once you have the rhythmic subs. I would prefer to be able to hear them somewhere. So many subs are quantity with no quality. Where did you find them? There does also seem to be a bit of an online grumble against Rel. Not sure if it’s just the selective stuff I’m reading or if it’s real/fair. I guess if it’s online it’s almost certainly not fair or balanced. @Ray H thanks for the great feedback. From what you say the F113 sounds like it may be what I am after. I already have the Whise 319a so adding a 113 may be a good optio
  7. The Rel are designed to be stacked. I could have 3 for the price of the F113.. curious if anyone has tried them. And yes the Denon 8500 has the second sub output I can use.
  8. Have been wasting cash on Utilities bills and Mortgage repayments but now thinking to spend some cash wisely on HT subwoofer upgrade System is focal Electra 1008Be, CC1000be, 2x 1007be surrounds plus a Whise 319a sub. Denon 8500 driving. Room is 8m x 4m x 2.5m plus adjoining room. The Whise is totally amazing but even it can’t quite deliver the final few Hz. So I am thinking to supplement or replace it. Problem is most subwoofers are horrible flabby things. Especially most standard ported subs. Sealed subs usually sound better to my ear hence my interest in the
  9. Wow! No FBT on electrics would suddenly have me very interested. Leasing previously has never added up for me No FBT for electric cars of course it’s all just hot air. But interesting idea.
  10. @Assisi I heard the Weiss in Assisi’s amazing system and it was super impressive. If I had the cash I’d be very happy to buy one.
  11. This amp was purchased from classA audio. I assume it was a US import. The plug was left as a US plug as it was beautiful big solid construction. Rather than change the plug from the way Krell made it just use a consonance power board. I can say it’s a VERY good amp. When I last saw it it was in great condition. All the caps were good. I assume one of the trademark Krell blue LED’s is on the way out but it should be good otherwise.
  12. I like this... I hope they can deliver it at a reasonable price. Ioniq 5
  13. The very fabulous sounding mega $ Soulution 711 - Please meet the Beko BDF1410W dishwasher .
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