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  1. Wow! Went for a look out of curiosity and ended up spending money. Admittedly I was in the hunt but the price was too good to resist any longer. better find out what the mojo does now!
  2. ? I was speculating on the cost of the maranta 8805a. If the Denon 8500HA is to be 9k then the marantz 8805 could become 10+ k.
  3. Ok starts to all make sense then. You only add $2k for the Silly cosmetic stuff. so if the 8500 is $9k does that mean the upgraded 8805 Crosses $10k?
  4. The 7706 is about to drop. You could also use preamp mode on the denon 8500 (having the power channels may make it easier to move on at a later date). https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/denon-avr-x8500h-avr-review.15266/ the same site was not kind to the 8805. But lots like the 8805 so measurements are not everything
  5. A more interesting question: IF these products are just marketing blow, does that diminish the brand? Does it make it any future Denon AVP less desirable? Does it lower your opinion of the products from Denon - Marantz? As a long time Denon owner my answer is yes. But then as @betty boop pointed out they did the same thing for the 100th anniversary so it’s nothing new.. Take the good with the bad?
  6. The Australia tax issue has been thrashed in plenty of other threads. Can we leave this alone. I am more interested in what these products are and IF there is any sonic difference to the non 110th versions. If no difference AND a silly price is applied then Denon will not be seeing my cash. But if punters in big box stores lash out on them hopefully it helps pay for the development of a proper high end Denon amp that I will spend on. Until then, hello NAD, JBL, Arcam, ....
  7. Interesting. M27 Seems to measure better but @spaceboi seems to think the 28 sounds better. This should be a thread by itself. I would be interested to see what others who have heard both think
  8. Do you mean when you play music streamed to the iPad?
  9. The disappointing part is that there are more words about how it looks than how it sounds! There seems to be a worrying trend from D&M (recent marantz offerings) showing that the marketing ponytails are in charge and not the engineers. I hope that once the 110 arrives someone will be able to hear what it can do and confirm that the extra $ isn’t just for eye candy. For a start if they want my cash they could make the new units “Roon ready” and not just “Roon tested”. Much more desirable than a different colour.
  10. So the new AVC-A110 announced and ...... I am disappointed. Just seems to be an 8500 in drag! Am I being harsh? When I saw the announcement I was hoping we may finally have a new top end Denon Prepro. Instead we end up with an 8500 that “features an all black interior” and a bigger price. Given the way AV amps depreciate this seems nuts. Disappointed!
  11. Ok. Now understand your ask for input. Hulgitch Audio also worth a look. Not sure on WA representation though.
  12. Agree with Bill. They are all nice but sound quite different.. it’s a lot of cash to spend on someone else’s opinion.
  13. Further information: I got these with my JVC X3 years ago. I was not a fan of 3D so while the boxes were opened we never used them. So far as I know they should work. I can’t test them because the X3 is now dead - so I can’t be certain. Buy at own risk. The price is for the pair and happy to put in the mail at buyer cost. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
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