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  1. Accuphase 2420 and upwards with the A series power amps audio research ref 110 and 150, krell FPB400cx, Pass labs pre power series (not heard the .8 series yet)
  2. The O96 is a great speaker. Shame I can’t pay for em but very nice. The SME is also desirable imo
  3. Have you tried swapping power amp. Like Al suggested I am suspicious of your power amps. I have some older Rotel units and they were great bang for your $ but I would not be surprised if they were an unhappy combination with the B&W’s.
  4. Steam

    4K, really? (oh and gday')

    I’d keep the RB990 for oomph and upgrade to an Atmos receiver of some variety. A superceeded model is a great way to save some cash so long as you can live without the absolute latest tech feature. The 4K video compatibility the thing to watch out for with older models. Also bang for buck a streaming source for Netflix is way better than a disc spinner. Just make sure the streamer is capable of atmos output - not all are - eg Telstra tv1. Yes you may get better with a Blu-Ray player but you say your cheap. I can’t see myself ever getting another physical format device for tv and movies. enjoy
  5. Steam

    Focal and Paradigm Surround options

    There are a few Focal options on gumtree at the moment. 862v, Electra, etc
  6. Steam

    KEF Blade speaker audition

    I have had a listen to these on a few occasions in different conditions and each time I was impressed. For under 30k I would be thinking hard about them. The only thing I don’t like is the plastic type finish which makes them look “cheap” imo.
  7. Steam

    SOLD: FS: Accuphase A70 power amp

    I’m trying to figure some way to upgrade to this amp
  8. Love it. Just don’t know what I would do with it, maybe I should also get a passive sub to go with it.
  9. Need to add this. I have attended twice before and happy to go again https://thehomeentertainmentshow.com/
  10. Do you mean something like this? Cardas calculator
  11. Yeah. That’s what I thought. Maybe that’s a big mark against the TAD if local support is non existent. Which sux considering how good they are.
  12. Do you need or want the computer for other pur[pose? A roon nucleus would be a nice alternative
  13. Hulgich Duke worth a look http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/ also where can you audition TAD and the A3?
  14. Are you saying you don’t think the Accuphse pair are good enough for Magico and TAD? I totally disagree. The only thing Accuphase is missing is all the marketing BS (Magico) and silly pricing (Dartzeel) that other companies use to draw attention. Like any amp they won’t match every speaker but it’s a hell of a good start if your system building like @Galactic Soap