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  1. I would suggest a new thread. - the distilled wisdom of stereonet - for newbys to checkout. The only problem is somebody wise would have to wade through pages of crap to find the gems of knowledge.
  2. Steam

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    What about getting Paul spencer @Red Spade Audio to build you a subwoofer under your floor and porting it into your room?
  3. Steam

    Javelin Audio Custom Centre Speaker

    Cool. the obvious question is how much is it? Lots of us may want one
  4. EU needs to cash up ahead of Italy bankrupting itself. Not to mention the Greeks.
  5. Steam

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    You can also stack focal em subs and the rel g1. if you don’t have space to fit this them I am wondering if you will overwhelm the room. The magico is still very large - is the 25 really bigger footprint?
  6. Steam

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    Stacked array. saves space .......horizontally...
  7. Steam

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    It may be great but for the Price find it hard to justify. You could have three JL audio Gotham or Rel No.25 for the same cash. Then distribute them around the room to even out response. Having Said that all the Magico speakers I have heard are very good.
  8. @DMax if your giving up on krell then this is a very good choice. I know cos I have one of these as well. The price above is amazing.
  9. Steam

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Will there be a Fenestria demo in melbourne?
  10. I first saw the meridian Sooloos (forerunner to Roon) at a show circa 2010. Best thing I ever bought and still going strong now. Although now a Roon nucleus is in my future planning.
  11. Steam

    Enjoying the new Kef R7’s

    Have you come to any early conclusions on their performance? Or in comparison to any other speakers you have had?
  12. Wow! I’m really struggling with this. Seems a great opportunity. But I keep wondering what the new pricing will be for the 7900 once the N series arrive and settle. Unless Netflix Starts lots of 4K I won’t need 4K. And it can simulate 4K if necessary. so.... Can anyone succinctly summarise the pro’s and cons here of waiting vs getting one of these.
  13. Steam

    Sooloos Export question

    Its probably a year since I tried this so I don’t remember. Also I am not a Mac person so I really can’t help with that. I don’t recall it being a problem at all. best I can think of is borrow another computer and try that. sorry to be no help at all
  14. Wow total bargain! Best integrated I have heard.