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  1. When I heard the 150 on your set I thought it was awesome. Still do. I assume it was the 8 ohm tap we heard. But I guess when you have them long enough you start to notice the limitations. The mola’s were better for the bass but the soundstage of the 150 was worth it IMO. I wonder if the ref250’s would do both........
  2. I have heard the mb2se with audio research ref150 and it’s a superb combination. @Stereophilus
  3. Yes very hard to find secondhand but occasionally show up if you are lucky and patient. Although for that reason mine is the only component I bought new. It’s easily my best bit of kit.
  4. I use an Acuphase 2420 with my FPB400cx and very happy.
  5. No photos but MBL Corona line looked the part in white. As always I love the sound of the MBL speakers. Sanders speakers - flat panel with transmission line bass. Think Martin Logan type speaker. Amazing image - but you had to sit dead center. They only put one column of chairs in the room so not trying to pretend otherwise. Last few odds n ends
  6. Magico M2 and VAC No often at a show you get 25mins of brothers in arms with one other person in the room. The M2s are very impressive but I prefer the extra oomph in the bass from the S5s. I suspect if I had the M2’s I would be very happy. The other thing I like is the M2’s look costly despite being Matt black. No need for gold bling or diamonds
  7. Speaking of looks it sounded very good but the D’Agostino progression integrated is no looker in my book. To me it looks like a cheap knock off attempt at the momentum. If I had one it would be out of sight.
  8. Wilson Benesch resolution. another speaker I have never heard. Very nice sound. I’m not a fan of the reversed drivers look. Would certainly draw comment.
  9. No need.. I think you can buy them with your frequent flyer points!
  10. Now trying Gryphon mojo’s. Tiny room. very nice. Sound bigger than they look.
  11. Wow. This is where I just burnt my imaginary budget. Gryphon driving the Magico S5 v2. Dire Straits brothers in arms and kraftwork. Bloody fantastic. Two other rooms have the Magico M2 which are higher in the range above but I’m taking this setup.
  12. My first audition of the Magico A3 First impressions are that they are good. But I’m not totally convinced I would spend on them. Will go back later for a second try
  13. ATC. Sounding very impressive US$70K all active CDM 50. Remind me of the PMC MB2SE for obvious reason.
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