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  1. This amp was purchased from classA audio. I assume it was a US import. The plug was left as a US plug as it was beautiful big solid construction. Rather than change the plug from the way Krell made it just use a consonance power board. I can say it’s a VERY good amp. When I last saw it it was in great condition. All the caps were good. I assume one of the trademark Krell blue LED’s is on the way out but it should be good otherwise.
  2. I like this... I hope they can deliver it at a reasonable price. Ioniq 5
  3. The very fabulous sounding mega $ Soulution 711 - Please meet the Beko BDF1410W dishwasher .
  4. If you go to a Hi-Fi store and ask them you should be able to put both on your credit card and then return the one you don’t like. I have done that before. Only problem is sometimes they may not have the same cable in the same length with both connection types.
  5. No need for the IF. Just claim a quantum effect and charge extra
  6. If you gold plate the washer and claim that it’s a proprietary damping compound in the middle you will be able to sell these to audiophiles for at least $500 each.
  7. Quite an introduction😀 likly get more help if you streamline the question and repost it as asking for help. Make it short. And we also need a budget. You could use a pc or Mac you currently own plus a raspberry Pi as your cheapest option. After that depends how deep your pockets are..
  8. You chance to have input into the federal govt future fuels policy Future fuels strategy currently it’s a do nothing approach so far as I can see https://www.caradvice.com.au/921607/federal-government-rules-out-electric-vehicle-subsidies-for-private-buyers-industry-reacts/
  9. How did you even find this! I know they live in my area but I have rarely seen them - even though they are probably right in front of me
  10. Still think you maybe need more efficient speakers that can go louder but..... the recommended amp power is 80 to 200W. So the marantz is on the low side of that at 80W into 8ohms and only 100 into 4. So yeah maybe worth trying an amp with more grunt. Before spending cash I would go back to a monitor audio dealer and try different amps there. Or even drag your marantz there to compare. Or borrow an amp from them or another stereonet user.
  11. Yep under 6 for me as well back in October. But maybe the old stock has run out as that retailer has now adjusted the price. I suspect now it may be mid 6’s.
  12. I have been twice to this show. It’s well worth attending if you get the chance. Having said that I am surprised it’s on again. Seems a big bet on the Covid vax being rolled out.
  13. A lot of potential candidates have already shown up. Luxman, Accuphase especially. The DAG would be nice. I didn’t know the devaliet had tone option.
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