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  1. They are the same base screen. Different operating system. The lg CX is a more recent tv with hdmi 2.1 or a flavour thereof if you think that’s important. After that it’s arguments about motion processing etc. I doubt most could tell the difference. as above see Rtings
  2. It was advertised $7220 at good guys. Free delivery. Have heard of people getting it for $6500 but there was no movement when asked. I think the A9G was still with an 8 in frontal the time. Although just looking now the A9G is now $6888 at JB.
  3. Feeling very fortunate to be able to grab a CX 77 Black Friday deal. Absolutely stunning picture. Waaay better than the old Panasonic TV and the JVC X3 projector. Local senior management also said she didn’t like it at first. I set it to cinema dark and now it’s not going anywhere. It is smaller than the projector image but self lit pixels are awesome.
  4. @Yamaha_man do they have a SAM file/curve for the TAD’s?
  5. it’s 1k more but what about this https://brisbanehifi.com.au/products/focal-1028be-white-ex-display I don’t work for them - just remember seeing it.
  6. Well done on keeping me reading to the end. And yes the result lines up with what I expected.
  7. Price Drop again! This keeps going it will be better to split it up into parts and sell separately. $3800. Now $2900.
  8. Having previously owned one of these it’s hard to imagine you could need bigger. A brilliant amp.
  9. You can plug it in! Good grief - I thought it was a modern art installation put there by the interior decor staff. I had one of them flogged for allowing dust to settle on it. I will ask the butler to organise someone to do this plug in thing
  10. Does anyone know if there is an N5 or preferably an N7 on display anywhere in Melbourne (pref the north or west)?
  11. I expect it will end up as a separate Tarif on your home car charger. And applied to public chargers. Imagine if you invested in solar to help charge your car only to then have to pay the tax while you charge with your own electricity
  12. Standing in the queue at VicRoads once a year waiting for someone to check you odo...
  13. How to help stall take up of electric cars. Madness... SA to Tax electric cars How long before the other states see the $$$ and make the grab.
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