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  1. I think OP has been clear he is only considering subs with 16 inch drivers and above...
  2. Have found in big open plan spaces getting the speakers as far out into the room as possible helps a lot, but obviously fine balance with WAF there... First thing you need to take care of is all the glass on the right, suggest thickest curtains you can get, can still have best of both worlds if done carefully where the curtains can be drawn when using the system and pulled back when not... Agree with above advice would certainly be treating the ceiling in that room, but need to get speaker positioning well sorted before you consider that to do it well. I suggest experimenting with toe-in of the left channel. Have have found that in some rooms if you toe the channel that opens into a large area in a little more then can have a big impact improving imaging and soundstage, but it takes a lot of patience and test and adjust... Other thing would consider is some diffraction panels behind the speakers. Have fun!
  3. Maybe look at the higher end Paradigm models? Fantastic quality product with good local support. Their top flight 15 inch models kick serious butt for HT in my experience. Not sure if will fit in your budget though...
  4. Fantastic and underrated sub imho the Tektonix and great value for money. Unfortunately these Australian subs don't even get auditioned in peoples rush to buy the latest SVS offering...
  5. IMO you will not do better for that money than these: https://www.audiotrends.com.au/audio-trends-brands/richter/richter-wizard-series-6-speakers-walnut.html
  6. I always recommend QED entry level speaker cable for systems where folks want to ensure they are getting a high quality cable that can be relied upon. For mine profile 79 is suitable for up to mid priced systems and frankly will be more than enough for many high end systems. Those SB speaker runes are a fair distance so need to keep in mind when looking at gauge. Again profile 79 will do the job very nicely. The guys at Audiotrends are great to deal with, if you give them a call for that many metres may very well give you a better price than the website. https://www.audiotrends.com.au/cables-accessories/speaker-cable/speaker-cable-per-metre.html
  7. Yeah would way prefer that, even offered to by him a new series x xbox when they land, but most of his pals have PCs I think so he has his heart set on it...
  8. yes sounds like good advice.... They sure are. Feel like Al Bundy these days!
  9. Thanks so much @Tweaky for taking the time to do this detailed reply. This is super helpful, we are reading through it and taking it all in. I think he's keen to have a crack at building his own so we'll start to look at picking out parts etc. Thanks again, really appreciated.
  10. Yes but the house just sold and we are moving back to Au next month Thanks for the link will check it out.
  11. So...my 12 year old son has got into gaming recently, mostly Fortnite but is interested in other games as well. Need some help re what type of spec machine is really needed for a decent gaming experience without costing the earth. The kids all seems to think that FPS is the most important factor, but not sure how to correlate PC and Graphic Card specs to gaming requirements. I know very little about computer based gaming, and really looking for some advice on what we need, how much we need to spend, even some good places to shop rather than the big box movers. Any experts that can help! us!?
  12. Fair enough, seems like you have given it all a fair bit of thought and have a plan, so will wish you all the best and leave you with the simple thought that at the end of the day the only thing that really matter is that you enjoy your system in the way you want to use it. Don't get too caught up in specs and peoples opinions on products that they've never seen or heard and let your ears and wallet be the judge. Have fun!
  13. I agree with others, must be something wrong with set-up or the unit. The difference with an iphone 8 as example using even moderate quality headphones is significant. I use the Dragonfly mainly for desktop audio out of my HP laptop into KEF LSX and sounds excellent to my ears. Far, far superior to the standard DAC in the HP laptop, and that includes streaming services Netflix etc a vast improvement in sound quality...
  14. Yeah it's a cracker. I think Denon have really knocked it out of the park with their latest 2 channel range in terms of value for money. Anyhow, I'll back out now as this is an MF thread. 🧐
  15. Not particularly, just curious as there is so many options for integrated amps and pre power combos in that price range. I have heard a couple of Monitor Audio systems running off MF gear sounding great for sure. I have one friend over here in the UK running the big Monitor Audio Gold Floorstanders (300g I think). He has recently upgraded to to the big new Denon PMA-2500 integrated and can say this an absolutely superb sounding combo! Midrange fluidity really blew me away for the price. Me myself, I'm a Parasound man 😉 Anyhow, good luck with the purchase.
  16. Might I ask why Musical Fidelity in particular? Have you looked at other options in the same price range?
  17. So there's a lot of questions being asked simultaneously and lots of advice being given. I think I am in a reasonable place to offer some assistance since I actually have hands on experience with the gear you are considering purchasing. With regards to the above quoted section: I have experimented heaps with external DACs vs onboard DAC in both the KEF LSX and LS50W with a variety of results. In general will say that the onboard DACs in both units is very well sorted and highly resolving regardless of content. Also it's certainly worth keeping in mind that the LSX you are considering will do an ADC (analogue to digital conversion) for any signal input via the analogue in (note it's an aux in 3.5mm). This can't be defeated or bypassed as the speaker does it's crossover and DSP in the digital domain. Where this is somewhat complicate for the LSX is that it does not have an asynchronous USB input, and most PCs do not have an optical output. If your PC situation lacks optical then this means that you'll either need to invest in a box to USB to Optical (Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 as an example); or utilise a USB DAC and connect via analogue in. I currently use a set of LSX nearfield on my desk in the office and utilise an Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC. I compared this and the Matrix Audio unit and preferred the sound via the Dragonfly and Analogue in.... With regards to the LSX onboard DSP and EQ; it is very basic regards sub integration, even in expert mode you will only have settings for: Phase Correction, high pass mode, sub out low-pass frequency, sub gain, and sub polarity. Whilst this set of options is most likely suitable for the average punter (particularly if combined with a sub that has some degree of DSP/EQ onboard) ; it's not going to go near what's possible via a separate DSP unit like a minidsp as example. But...and imho it's a BIG but: I don't want to create total confusion for you, but I just have to tell you I really think your entire plan want's revisiting! You are talking about spending circa $3200 on two very powerful, high output subwoofers to run with a very small pair of active bookshelfs where you are essentially spending a total of circa $1800 on DAC; Preamp; Amplifier; and Speaker....and all of this to utilise in a pretty large room. End of the day, the way you spend your money is your prerogative, but I fear that the plan you are constructing is not a path that will lead to you being satisfied across the longer term, and most likely lead to a degree of tail chasing upgraditis! I really think you should consider a different distribution of the $5000 to develop a more balanced system that is more room appropriate. I really think you are going to find the LSX a bit lost and hollow sounding in that large room. As one example; you could take your $5000 and upgrade from LSX to LS50W (Circa $3000); IISO Acoustics isolation stand (since you are using on a entertainment unit circa $400); and a single subwoofer (circa $1600). That room is still big for LS50W but can tell you from experience it's much more able to fill a larger space, with a more rich and wholesome mid bass, and midrange. It is a much better fit for your needs than the LSX. You can experiment with placement and EQ of a single sub first, and see if it is satisfactory and then worry about adding a second sub across the longer term if see fit. This is just one example mind you there's many ways you could spend $5000 on a 2.1 stereo system.... Sorry for the epic post, but please have a think before you spend your hard earned. I have torn up literally tens of thousands of dollars by spending first and thinking later over the years!
  18. Between him and you when you were @ Sound Advice it’s a surprise I never got a divorce back then. 🙂
  19. I have a minidsp with Dirac Live and have measured and tweaked EQ extensively with both units. End of the day specs and measurements only take you so far... The proof is in the listening and musical engagement. Anyhow, doubt any of this is helping the OP.
  20. Ah very cool, didn’t realise he was still about. Brilliant guy helped me setup my first proper HI-Fi 2 channel system running Sonique and Parasound. Bent over backwards for me even though I was spending a fraction of what many of their customers did!
  21. Is that the same Pierre that used to work at Simply Hifi back in the day?
  22. Yes I realise but in a subsequent post OP notes that system is used primarily for music at moderate listening levels, and that would utilise two smaller subs (so therefore use of 2 T7i subs was my assumption) So I have an SVS SB-2000 and a REL T7i here right now and have actually compared them extensively in my second room. This room is 4.2m wide by 6.7m long with standard ceiling height. Yes the SVS digs deeper and louder, but the REL integrates more easily and evenly with my main speakers and generally sounds cleaner and more linear across the majority of the frequency range. On balance, music sounds better and more enjoyable with the REL in my system and room. 2 of them even better and I’ll almost certainly add a second one once I sell the SVS. Obviously it’s room, system, and use dependant but I just don’t agree that SVS subs are somehow a vastly superior value proposition than options from other quality manufacturers is all. Anyhow, am not looking for a flame war with SVS fans, just advocating that the OP keeps options open and doesn’t limited choice to one brand.
  23. Apologies I missed the 'not' from that, have edited it in. Should have read:
  24. I find this thread confusing. You've said that you mostly listen to music at moderate levels above, if that's the case why would you target a purchase decision for subs around ultra low bass extension for occasional movie watching? Surely it makes most sense to set up your system for the way you use it most!? Also, why are you limiting yourself to SVS? There are other excellent options for music centric systems. I personally use a KEF Kube 8b with my LSX in my office. I previously had the LSX in a pretty large bedroom and ran with a KEF Kube 12b and found this to be really excellent match. I use LS50W in my second system at home and have trialled KEF, SVS, and REL subs with the LS50W in my system and room and have settled on the REL T7i. Folks do realise that SVS have not unlocked some kind of magic formula with sub production right?
  25. I really don’t know why it’s considered a dirty word to be honest, particularly with higher bitrate codecs becoming more and more available. Personally I love my Sony wh-1000xm3 and I use them regularly with my DAP using LDAC transmission. I find this combination sounds excellent, and the mobility of being wireless often more than balances reduction in ultimate sound quality.
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