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  1. Before you try another DAC, suggest you try the analogue out of the node 2i, which I bet will surprise you. I compared the analogue out with two different DACs and was very surprised by the quality of the DAC and output stage of the node 2i.
  2. I’ll be ‘that guy’ who admits to having no idea what you are suggesting? So, what do you mean?
  3. Oh sure, I 100% agree with this. Anyone attempting to converse from a position of ‘let me show you how right I am’ knows nothing about effective communication.
  4. Why do you think this is a dangerous supposition though? This seems to me to be at the very heart of the issue, that some audiophiles find the concept that what they can actually hear is measurable terrifying. I do not understand why...
  5. How sensitive are folks though where that is required? Is it not self evident that it is the posters opinion? I tend to think that if anything needs to change it’s people being overly sensitive to alternate opinions and their ideas being challenged. Seems bizarre to me to join a discussion forum and then act somehow surprised to find folks that think differently than you!
  6. I agree in principle with this. A high end AVR, pre pro even more so can produce excellent quality stereo reproduction. I think where the crux of the feeling comes from is that if you compare similar value. IE - a $2000 integrated amplifier will sound superior to a $2000 AVR. You will however need to spend a lot more than $2000 in my experience to dramatically improve 2 channel performance over top of the range AVRs from likes of NAD, Anthem, Arcam. There is a lot of confirmation bias that goes on with this discussion in my view. One thing I think worth adding to the discussion is that folks compare analogue inputs on AVR vs Integrated amp, however AVRs are fundamentally digital devices and find in general you get better sound quality outcomes utilising digital in on them (though there are exceptions).
  7. Just spoke to the owner over here in the UK. Seems like a great guy, very open and happy to discuss the products. Currently no distributor for Australia, though he has started to talk to some potentials. He will (and has) ship to Australia in the meantime.
  8. A new player is emerging in the budget-fi market, IOTAVX. Out of the UK, and run as a 'direct to consumer' model they are producing what looks to be good quality equipment at very reasonable prices. Plenty of positive reviews starting to emerge, particularly for SA3 Integrated that maybe a good option for those looking for no frills gear at the budget end of the market. Somewhat interestingly, they have created a perfect macthing power amplifier, which presents as an upgrade pathway to double the power. Half tempted to order one just to see if it lives up to the hype! For those that like Sean from Zero Fidelity, he certainly was impressed: e
  9. Wow...that’s quite some collection! Can can I ask, based off the * pieces, is that because they are your favourite combination of all your gear or is it more just the system happen to be currently using? As an aside, I love audiophile collectors and would love to be allowed to collect so much stuff. These days though the wife watches like a hawk and any new component in that doesn’t have a corresponding component out gets a lot of scrutiny! I once sold a pair of Sonique speakers to a guy with a collection of similar size and when I dropped them off spent some time at his place checking it all out, to this day I’ve wanted to become a collector, but alas, not in this life...
  10. I have have owned the node 2, node 2i, and the CXN v2. If using digital out then prefer the node 2i for both sound quality and interface. If using analogue out then the CA a marginal improvement over the Node 2i in my system.
  11. Ah, my mistake. In that case I guess I don’t really care then. 🤔
  12. I have to say have never heard of them unfortunately. Always sad to see an Aussie manufacturer shut down.
  13. I really love my combination of CDP and Node 2i streamer, but if I had to pick one I would have no hesitation at all in picking the smart streamer as my one source, and I’d have to pick one source for the one source would be Tidal. I have found many people quite shocked at just how good Tidal can sound when streamed through good system, it is only just behind CD in terms of quality, however much, much cheaper to get sounding great. My Node 2i and DAC combo half the price of my CDP and 90% as good. So it’s an internet streamer for me, if I’m forced to pick one.
  14. Yep me too, swapped out the SBT for original node 2 and have since ‘upgraded’ to 2i. I really love the interface and definitely wouldn’t go back. I am dabbling with the idea of moving to a high end streamer (looking at NAD M50.2) an but really very happy with the node 2i run via coax into my DAC so not sure worth bothering.
  15. Thats interesting, we have been using Xbox one S as our only media source for both TVs and never had a single issue with video quality via streaming DVD, BD, or 4K. I love the things as they greatly simplify the system and the box counts. Much, much better interface and app support than TVs as well.
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