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  1. One thing I have noticed with hybrid HT and Hifi systems is that often they are compromised by having left and right channel main speakers too far apart, suffering from an incoherent image and loss of soundstage accuracy. Thats not to say can’t make it work, just that folks often don’t, then muck about changing this and that component when they have a fundamental speaker placement issue and are chasing their tail.
  2. Fair enough, mine are only 4 weeks old. No problem yet, only time will tell 're longevity I guess.
  3. I've never owned the beats, but have had a couple of pairs of bose, before recently buying the jaybird X4. Certainly prefer the jaybirds to previous bose units. Jaybirds fit well, have good battery life and you adjust the eq via the jaybirds app.
  4. I think you'll find a lot of folks have that impression of higher end speakers. There's no magic happening though, provided the amplifier has enough headroom, a high signal to noise ratio, a low total harmonic distortion, and a low crosstalk it's just down to topology and personal taste of from there. The combination you heard and didn't like someone else may love. My brother in law as an example a huge Arcam fan and loves the end result. For me whilst i find it enjoyable, just sounds a little thin and clinical compared to my Parasound gear in the same room and speakers. This is why audition is so important, notwithstanding there are variables you can't control if auditioning in stores...
  5. 100% agree with this. @Audioshoppin suggest with the amount you are spending absolutely worth taking your time and exercising some patience. Many (most) of us that have been around a while have been through the cycle of rushing in, never quite being truly happy with the outcome, only to be selling and changing direction or upgrading. ..... One pick up from me reading through your posts is you mention that your room is not very well damped. Don't underestimate how important the room is to achieving a good end result. If the room is not well damped imaging and sound stage can fall apart, and with it most of the enjoyment that comes with listening to a high fidelity system! With some research (and possibly some measurement!) you can vastly improve rooms without turning them into a studio! Treating first reflection points with a combination of diffusion, and absorption makes a huge difference. One thing to consider is if can find a retailer that you trust should be able to get them to do a home visit to actually look at the room and understand the issues. Since you are in Melbourne certainly worth a trip to The Audio Experts. They have a great range of speakers in the price range you are looking at and certainly worth checking out the Whatmough range if you like Dynaudio. They also carry some lovely source and amplification gear from the likes of Luxman, Parasound, Arcam, Hegel etc. I have personally dealt with them a lot and have always received excellent service and advice, and ended up with a system am very, very happy with. One warning though, it was a visit there that made me realise I wanted to significantly increase my budget! .
  6. Not sure I would agree with this, though certainly room dependent, VAF i93 a totally different speaker at any rate and need a much bigger room than the contour 30. Contour 30 is a fantastic speaker, incredibly transparent with fluidity through upper midrange and treble that VAF just can’t match from my experiences. Do agree though with the general concept of hitting budget limits certainly worth considering coming down in price range of speaker to allow for more balanced system overall.
  7. The speaker room interface is by far the most important factor of a system in my experience. This is not to say say that quality of amplification is not important, it is, just does not and can not impact the end result of what you hear to the same degree as the speakers and acoustic environment they are in. I have experienced quite a few Dynaudio Contour systems and one consistent theme in all those systems is very high power amplification. Me myself use speakers with a much more challenging impedance curve than the dynaudio’s you are looking at. After lots of kit in and out I settled on Parasound and have been very happy since but yes have incredible amount of current available. I never used to buy the talk about amplifier head room until I really experienced for myself a system capable of huge dynamics on a regular basis. Agree with above comments re price to performance ratio not being particularly useful and always shake my head when see folks suggesting you should spend x amount on this or that. To your actual question there is no doubt that the MF amp will be safe to use, though everything has its limits. Think your ears would let you know before you start damaging those Dyns though!
  8. That’s exactly what happened in my house. You need to turn on up to 6 components in my main system and the wife just simply won’t do it. It seems a bit of a shame because some of here favourite artists have some beautiful recordings. Truth be told she was even reluctant to use the second system which is just driven by a NAD AVR which is quite simple to use. For whatever reason though the KEF system she seems to have worked out quickly and become very comfortable with. She asked me last night if we can move the LS50w into the living room and get rid of the AVR, speakers and subs! After discussing realised this is a great opportunity for us to finally share this hobby more so have agreed that will sell the living room system and fund buying another pair of LS50W.
  9. Not sure if the budget can stretch to Kanto YU6? Can behad for $650. I have a pair on my desk and think they are brilliant. https://www.amazon.com.au/Kanto-Powered-Bookshelf-Speakers-Bluetooth/dp/B07D1F2515
  10. Ok so taking your advice just dragged one of the big Whatmough subs into the room with the LS50Ws and spent a couple of hours mucking about with positioning, level, and crossover to get well integrated. What can can I say, sounds AMAZING! This is serious high fidelity sound...Pinpoint imaging, precise instrument placement, three dimensionality, and heaps of life. I could absolutely use this as my one system. Using Tidal as a source, you can have this system for about $7k all up and at that price would put many much higher priced system to the sword in so many areas. Only problem is this makes a mockery of the amount have spent on main system!!
  11. Just listening to this on the LS50Ws and haunting is a good word. It really draws you in.
  12. I don’t know if this is going to be sacrilegious for the headphone lovers here, but here goes anyways. for the type of money you are considering spending would you consider an LDAC capable DAP and Bluetooth headphone combo such as Fiio M11 and Sony WH-1000 mk3? I have a few sets of headphones here and a few DAC/AMPs in the price range you are looking at. But since I bought the Fiio and Sony combination using LDAC I have to say haven’t used anything else. I actually bought it for travelling with but I use it around the house ate nighttime etc when making noise is an issue. Anyhow, would suggest the Fiio Sony combo sounds fantastic, is super convenient and compact, is transportable for travel, and has fantastic active noise cancelling. crazy?
  13. I just use a chrome cast audio via optical to the lsx, it works for me but obviously limited to 96/24. This is no bother for me as all my stored music is ripped from cds anyhow. Note the lsx downsamples anything higher to 96/24 in any event.
  14. Check out Mark Knopfler Kill to get Crimson. Track 7, punish the monkey is a particular highlight.
  15. Wasn't sure how to title the thread, but recently have had some interesting hifi experiences. Following all the hype decided to splash out and buy a pair of KEF LS0W for the family/dining room and a pair of KEF LSX for our bedroom. Considered it a fairly low risk proposition considering how easy it is to move stuff on the second hand market over here in the UK. Now this is not a review of the KEFs, in fact it's something quite different. Was just talking to my wife and she was saying how she thinks that the KEFs are her favourite piece of AV gear we've ever owned (and as some here would know I've owned a lot over the years!) I've definitely noticed in the last few weeks since they arrived that she has been listening to music more than ever before, and she doesn't touch the lounge room or hifi room systems at all. Listening to her, it's clear that she's found the big systems a bit complex and hard to cope with and I've mistaken a lack of desire to understand the gear for a lack of desire to listen to music. But if I'm honest I too find myself gravitating towards the KEF systems, and it's not because of novelty factor. Similar to the impact that investing in roon for the main system has had, the KEFs have helped me realise that ease of use and convenience is a big factor for me at this stage of my life. Kef have done a fantastic job with KEF Stream APP and it's a breeze to use. You can go from powered off to streaming FLAC files from home network in about 15 seconds! Anyhow got me thinking and thought maybe an interesting topic to discuss. Perhaps I've just stumbled onto something everyone else was already onto! How about you, is ease of use and convenience a big factor in how much you enjoy hifi these days?
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