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  1. Some atmospheric moments here , lots of diverse sounds , heaps of percussion and some very manicured recordings . Not too challenging but sounds great and provides a good ambience with some deft musicianship , sound effects , & trippy passages here and there .. https://janschulte-musicfordreams.bandcamp.com/album/tropical-drums-of-deutschland
  2. Jon Hassell - Last night the Moon came dropping its' clothes in the Street . Partially live , trippy sound washes , also Maarifa Street if U like this . John Zorn - Midsummer Moons . Two guitarists , prob close miked , sitting right in front of you . Prob the 'prettiest' music ever from Zorn Biosphere - Dropsonde . Introspective electronica from Geir Jenssen , live samples and hypnotic bass lines . My top track ' Triple Time ' Jan Schulte - Tropical drums of Deutschland ( yes really ) . A new-ish release , has gongs , birds , drums , gamelans , etc in ab
  3. Hi from SA - would you consider shipping across the border for say $150 all up ? Have a mate who would love this for his old eclectic Euro Prog vinyl inheritance .. Many thanks ! My best , Greg .
  4. Hi from SA - if still for sale , and if UR happy to post , would like to take it thanks . Regards , Greg .
  5. I tried going nuts like some above and it just didn't work . So i googled it and came to this puzzled camp and the madness has passed .. thank you all ..
  6. I was always taught to never miss an opportunity to shut the ***k up ..
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