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  1. Speaking of Chrissy presents I thought my wife did quite well.. https://www.smwhisky.com.au/product/kavalan-solist-sherry-cask-cask-strength-single-malt-taiwanese-whisky/
  2. Find out if @kroozzy and @Black Orange are still interested!
  3. yes but not all of their starting prices are reasonable (so 20% off something that was already overpriced is still expensive). The ones I suggested are genuinely cheap though. The Auchentoshan Triple Wood is another corker and is going cheap.
  4. Unbelievable deals @ first choice liquor at the moment. The Laddie - $80 (dan's $100), Quinta Ruban $76 (dan's $95), Hellyers Road 10 $77 (dan's $98), Balvenie 17 doublewood $140 (dan's $177). So MANY more great deals. go go go..... C
  5. I can’t imagine doing that! Guess it’s theoretically possible.
  6. I'm probably the most rational person going around. The reality is, an idiot cyclist will not likely kill a pedestrian. An idiot driver will likely kill a cyclist. I've had too many near misses to not understand the danger. It's just sad that we live in a country were bike deaths are going up, as opposed to most countries where they are falling. I know it's a matter of time before I am seriously injured; but I don't let fear stop me. Incidents like the Inkerman street attack don't put me off; they just highlight the absolute contempt some drivers have, without any thought for consequence.
  7. i'd take the "less likely for fatalities" option thanks. Did you see that video of the idiot on Inkerman street? Drivers are mental these days. To think only $1k fine for assault with a deadly weapon..... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/video/2018/oct/31/melbourne-driver-handed-1000-fine-for-deliberately-hitting-cyclist-video
  8. also as a road rider myself, nothing pisses me off more than pedestrians on shared paths letting either their kids or pets dart in front of you after you've been on the bell a thousand times to let them know you're coming.... I'd say it's pretty rare these days for cyclists to be riding on paths that weren't intended for shared use.
  9. you're in a new one, with @kroozzy. I already had two people sign up before you confirmed with me. you just need one more and you have 3!
  10. GLWTS. Great cables. I just bought the copper/silver version of this. superb value for money.
  11. don't forget alebonau or whatever he was for a while too Whatmore. I mean, Zingmore.
  12. still beautiful; but I think you'd probably get a 20% to 30% 'upgrade' in quality by doing it. plan it as your next upgrade.
  13. Next step; get those speakers on stands. Not doing them justice like that!
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