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  1. Juicester

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    One of our favourites. Captain Holt and Charles - classics. Always has my wife and I in stitches that show.
  2. these posts are a great example of the benefit in buying into a line like the PS Audio family. Do you think 6 months down the track that the Gross DAC will have a firmware update that improves its performance? I am not a PS Audio owner, but I also recently purchased an "old-tech" DAC which is also from a family that continues to support older products with firmware updates (and updated modules) etc. I am planning to run a shoot-out with this DAC and the Gross to see where it stands; and even if the Gross is victorious I will walk away knowing that in 6 or so months time my 'old dac' may yet take another step forward and surpass the Gross (if the manufacturer sends another update!).
  3. Item: Swagman Linear PSU for Rega TT. Audiophile edition. Location: Melbourne (3032) or CBD pickup Price: $240 shipped or $220 pickup. Item Condition: Excellent; slight fraying on cable sleeve for connection from PSU to Rega TT PSU. Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The PSU features a Nuvotem Talema transformer, Nichicon capacitors, Dale resistors, Furutech IEC socket, EMI filter and all silver plated copper internal wiring. When ordering, I requested the "blue led" be disconnected (hate blue glow) - so this has been defeated internally. Pictures:
  4. Juicester

    FS: Cambridge Audio 752BD

    Item: Cambridge Audio 752BD Location: Melbourne (3032) or CBD pickup Price: $500. Lifestyle store has a demo unit for $900. I think these were $1.5k new. Item Condition: Excellent. With box, remote, manual. Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The only real credible alternative to an Oppo 93 - this is a great "all in one" player, streamer etc. Review here, and here, and here. Pictures: Will upload tonight.
  5. Juicester

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    I don’t understand this at all sorry....
  6. Juicester

    Single malt whisky

    A few hours left to make the most of this click frenzy bonanza. I picked up a Glendronach 12yo including free postage for $76 (and will get $5 cash back from cashrewards). Tidy 12 yo for $71. Boozebud - then use the code; FRENZY. 20% and free delivery for orders over $80. The funny thing is, it calculates the free delivery BEFORE it applies the discount. So as long as the original price is above $80 you'll get it sent free. Craigelachie 13 going for $80 delivered I think. So many good deals.
  7. Juicester


    coming into the warmer months I was more after a pair of cable 'singlets'. I guess I will have delay 'seating back to enjoy' a little longer.....
  8. Juicester

    Single malt whisky

    Nick's is doing some great Kavalan specials at the moment. Bought a bottle of the Solist Sherry cask for my boss recently! The Aberlour CASGH ANNAMH should be compared to the A'bunadh rather than 12 yr old. Jap stuff is so overpriced I can't bear it. I mean, I got a bottle of 18 Glenfiddich for $80 the other week. I'd rather 3 of those than 1 Yamazaki 12... I've got a bottle of Hibiki 12 I can't bear to open due to the replacement cost.
  9. Juicester

    Single malt whisky

    I hope you bought those Yamazaki 12's and 18's while they were cheap! Personally I'd sell them given the exorbitant prices and buy something better for less money!
  10. what? no it's not.... it's way more expensive....
  11. Juicester

    Roon Core Suggestions

    to be honest I don't know if my DAC supports 512 either given MSB calls it something else (like DSD x4 or x8 or whatever). I'm just guessing it will work. How can you go wrong with guessing?!
  12. Juicester

    Roon Core Suggestions

    i'd be interested if the i7 NUC can handle dsd 512 conversion sent straight to a roon end point (MSB Renderer MK2). C
  13. Juicester

    Roon Core Suggestions

    appreciate your contribution!
  14. Juicester

    Roon Core Suggestions

    Cool. as indicated, ROCK is no good for me. I want it to run Plex too.
  15. Juicester

    Roon Core Suggestions

    yeah that's $700 more than the option I linked to, and doesn't do a whole lot more.... I also would suspect it's chewing through a LOT more power. I should note, I have an existing NAS for file storage so don't need that.