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  1. Thanks for the comments/questions. I have abandoned the Denon and bought a Yamaha RX -A880, which is a bit better for sound!
  2. AVR 2310 - bought 10+ years ago but I don't have the receipt. No longer powers up at all.
  3. My Denon AVR died - can't complain it has done good service. But I need another with pre-outs or a processor - Emotiva MC 700? Budget is very modest. Any suggestions?
  4. Tried it out but could not get it to work.
  5. Thanks I will follow this up.
  6. Yes. but limited to 1080p, while the blu ray and TV give more. I'd like the best of both worlds.....
  7. I now have a Samsung 8500 uhd blu ray player, with only one hdmi out point. There is an optical out for audio, which I feed into a Denon AV receiver. The optical does not handle the newer higher quality codecs. Would it be worthwhile getting a splitter for the hdmi to feed both the TV and the Av Receiver through hdmi? Has anyone tried this?
  8. Thanks. have had to take the Sony back and is being checked out.
  9. Having problems with a Sony UBD-X800 feeding a Bauhn TV [55"]. Sometimes works, usually doesn't. HDMI to TV + HDMI to Denon AVR. Any solutions?
  10. FRank Prowse in Claremont have helped me in the past by referring to a tech guy they use. You might try t.hem
  11. Cafad, What was your view of the Precision 1? I could not find it on the search engine.
  12. Has anyone got one? If so, what do you think of it? Appreciate any comments.
  13. The pics rather look like a cd player to me..??
  14. I have one and it is a fine Fm tuner. The streaming function initially worked [after some effort] but has since died and I cannot resurrect it. Also the usb input does not work properly. So I cannot recommend it overall.
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