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  1. Classy looking amp there Phil, and I'm betting it sounds as good as it looks. GLWTS.
  2. Further information: Needed some amps to drive the bass drivers on my speakers. My friend Chamilla from RF Waves, suggested class D for this purpose and built these 2 X 200 watt at 8 ohm class D amps with additional single op amps added, for a total cost of $ 1900 the pair. They performed bass duties fine, but I moved on to more efficient speakers, so they were no longer required and retired to the spare bedroom. They are not Hypex class D modules.. Photos:
  3. Further information: Very little use as bought it and HT just not my thing, so sat in the TV cabinet unused for the last several years. Time to move it on. Comes with 2 remotes and manual, not pictured. Can post at your expense if your keen. Photos:
  4. Luc, You'd be right of course. A couple of spare bedrooms full but going to cull the herd a bit I think. Cheers mate. PS I get dizzy watching that guy running round and round those never ending stairs of yours. Escher was a great artist and genius of geometric manipulation.
  5. Luc, A PM was indeed sent, and it's Pending, No problem with PM's like that anytime. For the money the buyer got a sweet amp and I think he will be very happy with his purchase. And I'll make a donation to good old SNA, once funds have been received. Have a good pair of Leak TL 12+, but a fair bit dearer if you are looking for EL 84's. PM me if you want to know more. Cheers mate, Adam
  6. Review of amp attached. https://positive-feedback.com/Issue30/vistaaudio_i84.htm
  7. Further information: Vista 15"watt integrated amplifier, quality Serbian made with Trafomatic transformers. Compared this to a Leben CS300 and consensus was that this sounded better. A very nice sounding amp with the right speakers. Photos:
  8. Got a nice EL 84 integrated if interested, $750 pm me.
  9. It has not to me though, plenty of buyers lining up to buy. All good, may be waiting a fair while till another one comes up, if ever.
  10. Item: Coincident Line stage pre amplifier Price Range: 3 to 4 g Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Prefer the later model with remote if possible, but will entertain any offered. If you have one and want to sell PM me to discuss. Thanks
  11. Hey Louis, best and usual to make offer and negotiate via private message to seller on SNA, and don't put in your phone number out there for the world to see.
  12. Think you may regret selling it. Grass isn't always greener on the other side.
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