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  1. Sweet, thanks for the detailed reply. Much appreciated.
  2. Approx 12mths ago i moved all my AV gear into a 19" commercial rack, a 22ru from memory. Now i was wondering if all the Av gear is grounded via the earth on the power cords? The rack is packed full of equipment and power boards. Do i need to look at grounding gear that doesn't have a earth of the plug lead? I do find every now and then i'l feel a tingle through the rack when working on the rear of something and touching the rack at the same time. These are probably newbie questions but i have no idea regarding earthing equipment. matt.
  3. I have a 7.1 Klipsch reference setup comprising of the original rf5 mains, rc7 centre and rs7 surrounds. I feed the mains 200watts per channel and the rest of the system 150 watts per channel via Rotel 10 series power amps. Although these speakers a quite efficient they love some power. The room is 7x4.5m. Two channel audio is excellent but movies with this setup is where they shine. Ive had these setup since 2007 and the speakers are still very capable.
  4. Auditone. C216. http://toto2260.staging-zeus.netregistry.net/product_desc.php?pid=187
  5. One centre channel speaker, black timber veneer. Excellent condition. $250. Specs 2-way Centre Speaker Twin 6" Woofer Dome Tweeter Second Order Crossover Ported Enclosure Power Handling: 100watts Nominal Frequency Response: 70-19,000 Hz SPL: 89 dB/W/m Impedance: 8 ohms 30 Litre Enclosure 216mm Height x 600mm Wide x 325mm Depth Weight = 15kg
  6. I have two three way box speakers for sale. They have a 12" bass driver, a 5.5" mid-bass and 3.5" tweeter. From what i remember all drivers are VIFA and are roughly 80-100 watts at 8ohms. Built from 18mm vinyl wrapped MDF they are solid construction and come with speaker grills. They would be good speakers for a bedroom, a garage setup or somewhere your not concerned about critical listening. The cabinets are all in excellent condition with no damage. Made by Auditone in Brisbane. They sound pretty good with a balanced sound sig but lack bass in the very low frequencies. Pickup only from 4037 QLD. $200.00
  7. Correct it was made by a cabinet maker who main business was kitchens and bathrooms, sadly he's passed away not long after he made this for me. If there's anything else you need to know just say so.
  8. Well i'm not entirely certain what its worth. I'm guessing around $1500- 2k, although i might be a mile off. To buy something that will house 10 pieces of equipment, over 500 movies and 420 cds and still have storage behind that is impossible to find, unless its custom. The unit is coming up to 8yrs old and doesn't have any external or cosmetic damage. Although i have had to make some modifications over the years. When it was first designed i made an oversight in making just three or four two inch holes in the back to feed cables through. As i start installing more and more equipment those holes have become near useless. So the cabinet maker said to remove a panel from the rear for easier access. So directly behind the bluray player, the receiver and the two power amps a section of the MDF has been removed. That was the best thing i did and made cabling much easier. Removing this section has made no difference to structural rigidity of the cabinet. Here's a pic above the receiver.
  9. I have monitor 2 mounted using a vesa removable arm to cue movies or use the HTPC. I never got around to painting the edge of the cabinet base black. DVD stops can be removed easily with two small screws. There's double the space behind the stop for storage. ; This is an old iphone pic of the HTPC extendable shelf. It can easily be removed if need be.
  10. I'm looking at a downgrade in theatre rack size and I'm asking for EOI on my rack. This was custom built to my design and will suit almost any home theatre that can accomodate its size and colour. It houses 9 separate pieces of equipment plus all the additional storage for DVDs, blurays and CDs. It also has the ability to house a HTPC, either in a rack enclosure or a normal desktop enclosure like I'm running. It's on a dedicated shelf which is on a soft close drawer slide so it can be slid out for maintenance without removing the PC. The six lower drawers are all on extendable roller slides meaning they fully extend the full depth of the drawers which is roughly 730mm. This allows you to easily grab a cd or bluray at the very back of the drawer with ease. They also remove completely from the base with a flick of a switch. It has two 50watt halogen down lights fitted to the top overhang to light the rack itself and the shelf above the cd storage. The lighting is fitted with a std wall plug. The rack breaks down into two pieces for transport, the bottom drawers and then the upper rack. It also comes with a base on rollers so it can be rolled forward for servicing of the rear of the cabinet. Specs are: 1753mm wide x 760mm deep x 2170mm high. The rack is a midnight blue colour. Currently holding 342dvds, 112 blurays and 420 CDs plus the equipment listed above. Also has room for another 112 blurays in the empty spare drawer. Behind the DVDs is more than double the space again for even more storage, I have all my VHS tapes stored back there.lol Six spare shelves will be supplied with the rack The rack is in a dedicated home theatre so is only used occasionally therefore it's in excellent condition. This custom rack cost me just shy of 3k to build. if your interested pm me and I can email some pics. cheers
  11. Following this thread closely as I'm attempting to improve my setup with REW atm. I've learnt a fair bit already by reading this thread alone. Keep posting your improvements Pie ;-) Matt
  12. I have tried to purchase polymax 48/100 and martini will not produce any unless you order a min of 12 full sheets. So I'm looking at autex aab 48/100, their $63 per 2400x1200x100mm sheet which isn't too bad for 48kg. http://www.autex.com.au/files/files/669_Autex_Absorption_Blanket_-_AAB.pdf I'm building ikea ivar bass traps which are 500mmx420mmx2.26m tall. It's another project taken from gearslutz forum.
  13. So you only have one in the room? I'm looking at putting two of theses in a 7x4.5m room. Do you think two would be enough in my situation?
  14. Mike how did you go with making your bass traps? They all done? Any pics?
  15. I'm in a similar position and would love an 8801 to replace my Rotel receiver but even at 4k it's quite a stretch for me. It looks to be an awesome piece of gear and really would complement my klipsch horns with the marantz warmth. I've really only got 3500 to spend so I may have to look at something else. One question though if I keep my two Rotel amps (5ch&2ch) to run the system will I hear the warm tone of the marantz receiver or will it be the Rotel amps that dictate the sq? This question relates to two channel listening more than multichannel. Thanks, Matt
  16. Hi gents, I'm thinking of upgrading my avr and would like a rough idea of what my old Rotel 1056 may be worth? I know it's a difficult thing to judge but is 500-600 bucks way off the mark? They are a fairly simple avr although the sq and power (75wattsX5) are very good. I'm thinking of going to a higher end onkyo, say 1010 or 3010. The only problem I have is my rack may not have the 5 inches of clearance above the unit onkyo suggests. Cheers, Matt
  17. The wall colour is wattyl seductress. The carpet I sourced from Capet call (brisbane), it's industrial but I can't find anything else to identify it for you. Sorry. It's been down a fair few years now and I'd be surprised if its still produced. Matt
  18. Name: noddy347 Room type & status: dedicated room, ducted air, Dynalight control lighting, epson tw2000 pj, 100" 16:9 screen, oppo bdp93, new wave STB, Rotel avr + amps, klipsch reference 7.2, svs pc12 subs. I built this room from scratch when we built the home in 02, I will get around to a build thread one day soon. Room size is 7mx4.5mx2.4m.
  19. Just wanted to confirm that $875 is still the current price?
  20. Hi gents, sorry for digging up the past, i don't have enough posts to start my own thread yet. Ok i have a dedicated room which is 7m x 4.5m x 2.4m. I am currently using a STF-3 HSU research subwoofer which i have had for approx 5yrs now. It has a fixed tune of 25hz but now i am looking to add some more grunt. My current rig is all Klipsch Reference 7.1 and Rotel power amps. So my budget is 2K and i have been looking at the current range of svs subs. First option is PC12-NSD cylinder sub which i can get two of with my 2K budget. One for each front corner. The second option is PC12-PLUS DSP in either cylinder or box version. I have no issues with space in my room. Which of the two options do you think would be better suited to my room? Are there any subs which will run with the svs for performance and price?
  21. I joined this site recently (firmwareinfo.com) and after reading the general info guide sent them (mods) my pm telling them why i would like the firmware for my panny 300 blu ray. I did have one question at the bottom of my pm which in hindsight was probably not needed, my bad i suppose. Anyway i receive an email back telling me to re-read the information guides again and then send the application. So i go ahead and read all the info again and planned to send an application this morning but then find my account has been canceled. I realize this is their website and they can operate it in a fashion that suits them but talk about tough guidelines. I understand they probably receive many questions that are easily answered in the help guides which waste their time but one mistake and off with your head. Now that they have my blu ray player details there's no point trying to join again as it is easily identified. Oh well looks like i miss out....
  22. Hi gents, i would normally have asked this question in its own thread but being new to the forum i don't have the access to do that. I missed out on the GB being a newbie although i have found some for sale on ebay . Just wanted to know if anyone else has purchased from them before. They are stating that the player is region free and will play anywhere in the world. Link below. What do you think guys? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/OPPO-BDP-93-3D-Regi...=item35af312a6a
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