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  1. Yes your probably looking at double these days but worth the extra.
  2. Why don’t you look at a Technics sp10 mk2 . I have recently bought the Hana sl cart from Kirsty Audio. For the $ killer combo.
  3. New ride month old done few kms on it so far. Awesome bike compared to my Canyon cf slx ultimate. Well the Canyon seat stayed snapped clean off. Clipped by an other cyclist.
  4. I’m going to give it a crack just hope weather is not to hot or raining.
  5. Sure is glad I’m taking a week off after that ride. To prepare for l’tape legs are going to need it.
  6. Few of us are doing the longer course, it’s sure going to be tough ride. Week before l’tape I’m doing the Giro Bella Donna two weeks of torture .
  7. Giant have a great range of bikes. I was tossing between the TCR Advanced sl 1 or the Focus izalco max. Replacing my Canyon ultimate CF SLX, frame damaged after an accident.
  8. Any SNA cyclists doing L’etape Jindabyne?
  9. @Luc classic mate first one does look like Clive after a few reds lol
  10. Just enjoying the great outdoors Clive. Mate your welcome anytime join our group ride
  11. Guess who made the Bicycling Australia magazine.
  12. Big Thank you to evilc organising another ripper gtg. Have to say after the dinner would have never thought we would end up partying till 3am. Black orange your a classic man enjoyed every minute . Great catching up with few old faces.
  13. @evil c Hi Clive hifi dinner im interested mate would be great to catch up with few old faces. If you have any vacancies left. Cheers Pat
  14. I've listened to handysteel turntable many times. Aboustlute bargain here GLWTS
  15. @Tweaky on the Canyon are 160 mm as for braking yeah I would say spongy. But when you apply little more pressure no lack in stopping. I do feel more control when descending. Really enjoying the feel of the canyon fast very responsive.
  16. 11-28 cassette Hergest decided to move with times and go with disc. Really like the feel of disc. But honestly in the dry there ain't alot of difference. Where I see the advantages carbon wheels and disc brakes are nice combo.
  17. Na I enjoy being hidden ready to attack pain in the butt trying to keep it clean the Matt finish.
  18. Took advatage of canyons sale new road bike canyon cf slx. Absolutely love the feel compared to my trek domaine. First ride this morning 100km ride in melbournes hurricane winds.
  19. Back on the market, has not been used in a while. To lazy to make a new post.
  20. Nice hopefully you get some good riding weather. You know the old saying if it's not on strava it never existed good Luck.
  21. One hell of an endurance test best of luck to all. How many kms is the Goulburn ride?
  22. Looking good there Hergest ready for another week of riding. I've been following cycling Maven. That's one tough ride Indian pacific wheel race.
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