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  1. Fantastic cdp. Beautiful sound quality and to look at. I have the cx5mp and will never part with it. Really good buy for someone. Glwts.
  2. Beautiful. Has better bass than the 11L. Glwts.
  3. I have heard these beauties before in singapore driving jbl horns. Lots of power. You can also buy the grab handles like those on 601s to upgrade the look. Glwts.
  4. I have heard these beauties before back in singapore and can attest its great sound quality. Beautiful bird eye maple too. What speakers are you upgrading too?
  5. Hi, I like to buy Joe Monamassa, Earl and Yoyo please. Will send PM. Thanks.
  6. My first set of speakers a long time ago and I still have them. Beautifully finished and sounds nice and warm for the price. Great buy!
  7. Thanks everyone for your sharing. When we moved to nbn, I informed Iinet that we had frequent drop outs. The operator replied they will monitor over the next three days but didn't come back. Will contact them to follow up. Will try wireless then.
  8. Yes. I am on the cheapest plan with Iinet. Reason I know there is a drop out and rather frequent as well is that the internet don't work at times and outlook showed a exclamation sign. I think I need to call Iinet to get telstra to check the line. So to confirm a higher speed plan would not mean better sound quality? Perhaps with streaming, I need to increase to the 46 Mbps unlimited plan. Also I don't have ethernet connection near my hifi setup now. Would you all recommend powerline ethernet adapter or get an electrician to install cat 5? Did a speed test in singapore via wireless connection and the download was over 200mbps. I am leaning towards node 2.
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