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  1. My first set of speakers a long time ago and I still have them. Beautifully finished and sounds nice and warm for the price. Great buy!
  2. I still enjoy mine. Glwts!
  3. Wow..this was my first ever amp. Glwts.
  4. exSG

    Slow NBN

    Thanks everyone for your sharing. When we moved to nbn, I informed Iinet that we had frequent drop outs. The operator replied they will monitor over the next three days but didn't come back. Will contact them to follow up. Will try wireless then.
  5. exSG

    Slow NBN

    Yes. I am on the cheapest plan with Iinet. Reason I know there is a drop out and rather frequent as well is that the internet don't work at times and outlook showed a exclamation sign. I think I need to call Iinet to get telstra to check the line. So to confirm a higher speed plan would not mean better sound quality? Perhaps with streaming, I need to increase to the 46 Mbps unlimited plan. Also I don't have ethernet connection near my hifi setup now. Would you all recommend powerline ethernet adapter or get an electrician to install cat 5? Did a speed test in singapore via wireless connection and the download was over 200mbps. I am leaning towards node 2.
  6. exSG

    Slow NBN

    Thanks guys. Now that my nbn is up, I am thinking of streaming. Really like ayre but very pricey. Would node 2 or Cambridge work well for mid high end setup? Not sure if there is another thread on this already. Dont really want to leave cds nor want to spend thousands on a new media which I am unfamiliar with.
  7. exSG

    Slow NBN

    Hi all, Would nbn speed of around 10 Mbps with occasional drop outs lasting a couple of mins or more affect the sound quality of steaming from Spotify and the like? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your kind offer. From what i read, the prologue 2 cannot take KT150. It also does not have switchable ultralinear or triode modes. In its current form, it really reveals what the 805s max performance capability is especially in terms of high frequency...there is enough juice to push the drivers. I think 805d3s and dialogue premium HP would be perfect.
  9. Hi Jamesrc, I noticed that the KT120 is more forward sounding than KT88; so I am not surprised if KT150 is even more forward and powerful sounding. I feel the system has become very transparent in that I can easily hear bad recordings compared to before. It is like the extra power has magnified any imperfections or subtleties. Perhaps KT88 is more suited to easy listening and KT120 is a good blend between KT88 and KT150?
  10. I must add there is a much bigger sound difference between kt88 and kt120 than prima luna to gold tip gold lions pre amp tubes. And it can play loud, very loud. If your ears and neighbours can handle it. 😁
  11. Slotted in the gold lions tubes this evening. I must say this probably is the best i have heard this system sound from memory. Deep bass, airy extended highs, big and deep soundstage, natural clear vocals, crisp with great transient norah track 13. Can hear clearly the light tapping of cymbals. Very musical with good pace. I would think kt88s would be similar to primare i30 but this combi makes music so much more enjoyable esp if vocals and instruments. The prologue 2 is a great value for money amp.
  12. My grouch is it does not glow like kt88. With kt88, my volume knob is normally around one quarter. Now it is half of that. Spent another hour listening just now. The vocals are very forward, detailed and real. Very live. Nils Lofgren guitar was crisp and shimmered. Felt like i was in the studio with Jeff Buckley singjng hallelujah.
  13. Hi All, I received the new tubes yesterday and so far the kt120 have clocked over an hour. I can already hear the family sound of kt88 but it is better in all areas bass treble airy top end micro details depth. Strong powerful well controlled sound. Very happy with the purchase. 😁
  14. Yes to replicate that kind of bass, subs would do the job. Or smaller room to move less air. Everything else our hifi is probably better in our home environment.