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  1. I'm still waiting for my 65A9F, was supposed to be here Monday 10/12 but just got a reply today saying the Sydney warehouse expects stock tomorrow. Your story doesn't fill me with much confidence, will make sure to look how it got transported when it arrives, and I hope they don't try to palm your faulty unit off to me.
  2. I originally wasn't going to wall mount and was looking at the Selby tabletop stand, says it's for up to 55" but the 65" should be fine as it's still only 27KG, maybe ask them what the height of the horizontal mounting bar is, if it's over ~450mm (looks more like ~650mm) you should be okay.
  3. I also picked up the 65A9F yesterday, was waiting for an ebay sale and was very surprised to get it sub 5K from JB. Anyone know a good calibrator in Sydney?
  4. That sucks, the press release by Panasonic Australia in June seemed to suggest it was coming.
  5. Yeah I'd thought about that, hence the reason all HD testing was done with 7HD & 9HD (Syd), I know at least they transmit a 1920 wide picture, albeit still too compressed. My old situaton was only a week or so ago, I tried to stream a 7HD recording of the news to the H1, it stuttered after 10 seconds as I'd forgotten & left the P2 on 7HD, the P2 was 'live' but recording to the timeshift buffer.
  6. As a new lite owner I've been playing around & testing this tonight with my P2 (320). Previously had a H1 with a USB 250GB 7200rpm 2.5" (lappy) HDD & I could record/timeshift SDtv while streaming HD content but anything else was dodgy. I'm pleasantly surprised to report the HD streaming is much improved on the lite (with a P2). The only way I could get a HD recorded stream to stutter was to say, on the server record 7HD & muck around with timeshifting on 9HD, any combo of HD/SD worked flawlessly.
  7. Not even, just their in-house yum-cha brand, similar to Foxy's but retailing for $60
  8. I went back & took that last display FV-L1 today for my old man, was going to get it last week for $300 but they couldn't find the box, remote & manual. I figured out over the weekend that all BW's except the P2 use the same remote & I have a spare from my old H1 (bought the prog backlit from DPG). So took it sans box & remote, still couldn't go lower than $300 but threw in a 2m HDMI cable. Dad's loving the streaming idea.
  9. Damn, I remember it but must have deleted the mail before reading it.
  10. All mine have been half price also. How long ago was the latest $44 special? I've got 11 months left so should be another by then.
  11. Only thing I got, just asked nicely for the best cash price. Although I have spent ~$6K over the last 2 years with the same dudes & they know me. Yeah I didn't think I'd miss it but I use it to change to a channel for timeshift buffering till its far enough in to skip ads, then turn the plasma on. The P2 has now moved back to the lounge & the lite to the bedroom
  12. Ta mate, If the file transfer was faster I'm not sure I would really need the extra as well, as I also have a 500gb 'Lite' in the bedroom & 4TB PC space. But I leave a lot of recordings on the P2 & wanted to give it more space for timeshifting, 1TB should be plenty for me.
  13. Thanks Grampus, I did join the BW forum last night but my account hasn't been activated yet.
  14. Hi all, couldn't find any info about the P2 specifically I want to upgrade the internal 320gig HDD, is there a limit on the size i can use?
  15. Grabbed a lite for $420 at JB Maquarie today, i like the lack of VFD (PJ) but the big blue ring is still way too bright. The P2 now goes to the bedroom and replaces the H1.
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