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  1. Hi, I would like to buy this from you if you could post S.A.5211 Regards, Les
  2. les.mandy

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    On sale again, be quick.
  3. Texas Instruments TPA 3255 EVM.
  4. les.mandy

    Dueland tinned cable - a DIY build

    SpeakerBug has banana plugs, up in your neck of the woods.
  5. les.mandy

    CDP repairist - SA

    Richard based at Brighton Ph.0427086425 as passed on to me by christosd. Hope that this helps.
  6. les.mandy

    Speaker Madness WTF!!

    These are my old speakers.I did all the upgrades,caps replaced in x/over and put the Bob Crites tweeters in.After all the upgrades they still sounded awful.These speakers owed me $380.00 and I parted with them for $400.00. Trev is asking $850.00 for them,I think he is dreaming.
  7. les.mandy

    FS: Kef LS50 loudspeakers (ADL)

    Nice pickup by someone.
  8. les.mandy


    I agree,have a leap of faith and test the market.
  9. les.mandy

    FS : Tweeters.....

    I would be interested in the Morel tweeters if you would post. Regards, Earle
  10. Now the w****r has them listed on fleabay for $2500.00 Were listed @ $1850.00 recently on fleabay.
  11. Even better,they are $1750.00 on Gumtree.
  12. I know this guy,lives in the toffy suburb of St.Georges. I was surprised when he listed 0.99 cent starting bid. He lists some good stuff but usually at a premium price(greedy b*****d) First post here but long time lurker. Regards.Earle