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  1. Do you have the original boxes and packaging? Looking forward to your thoughts on the difference between the Lore and the PS!
  2. I will be getting the PS5 and GT7. Thankfully it’s all compatible with my current rig or I would have been mighty pissed
  3. Good luck with the sale. i too had the Lores a while back. Can highly recommend some floor spikes. And floor protectors for your case.
  4. I had all bases covered with the lore's. Luxman 80w integrated Emotiva XPA 250W poweramp Transformatic Aries 6W valve amp. Aries was the best combo. Need my head read for selling them.
  5. Good to here an update. I remember when i had the Tekton Lore's they were very sensitive to placement change. I found "Straight ahead" the best overall in my room. Toe in even a little cause the treble to be too in your face with certain recordings. Once i had that sorted it was just how far off the wall to get the bass sorted. I do miss them....
  6. Im happy with My Marantz SR6014. I managed to get a deal very close to your budget.
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