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  1. Im happy with My Marantz SR6014. I managed to get a deal very close to your budget.
  2. Liking it so far. Only complaint so far is the port hole display is good for nothing unless you want to get up every time you want it to see what setting its on. Yes runs hot. I have a separate amp running the mains but made no difference to the temp it runs at. I have mine on top of the unit and after feeling how hot it runs can would enclose it without lots of room to spare and plenty of ventilation.
  3. Thanks guys. When i have the setup finished might see who wants to have a GTG. Cheers
  4. Started a budget HT setup. Needed some more room for the family so turned the Garage into a rumpus room. Didn't take long for the misses to add some Xmas decorations. 😏 System. Marantz SR6014 Parasound New Classic 2250 on L&R duties. Vintage Polk SDA2B mains. Polk S30 centre. Vintage Polk Monitor 7A surrounds. X Box. Samsung 200 Hz 65" 4k tv. For a budget system I'm pretty happy so far. Sub and rear surrounds still to come. Cheers
  5. Tried a Blue ray disc of Jurassic World last night. The Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization worked well. In combo with my SDA fronts it filled the room with effects coming from everywhere but in an organised and clear manner. Even my wife made comments to how good it was. So it must have been.... Im going to add my Parasound New Classic 2250 to the main L&R pre outs to give the SDA's some more juice.
  6. I hear you guys about the sub. The main reason I'm reluctant is the garage is right on the boundary and my neighbors master bedroom is just on the other side of the fence. And i like my neighbors. 😁 Also my Vintage Polk SDA2B's are exactly bass shy. We will see how we go. Put some surrounds in place and ran the Audyssey calibration. Only watching through Foxtel IQ4 box but still sounded much improved.
  7. Yes will do once i have the surrounds setup. Not going with a sub at this stage.
  8. Last time a bought into the HT world it was a brand new Cambridge Audio 640R which at the time had a good reputation for its 2 channel exploits. 10 odd years later I'm venturing out again mainly due to the family being at the right age and stage to get some use for it. Being a 2 channel man I've been quite happy using my main system for movies. But with my boys in their teens needing some space we enclosed the Garage which has opened the way for a nice HT room . Not wanting to spend a fortune on it I've been lurking around for a good used receiver but couldn't land one. So in the end after much umming and arring I took advantage of the Black Friday sales and picked up a Marantz SR6014. Got it home yesterday and so far I'm pretty impressed with the SQ. Not fully set up the surrounds yet so mainly judging on L/R & C performance and 2 channel output. Will report more as it evolves but for now it's nice to be back amongst the HT crowd. Cheers
  9. @Lukeqc FWIW i have finally finished a similar journey to yours only i started at a $1K limit that over time with research stretched to $2k. I was on the look out for months for a good used unit as close to current as possible but i was either too slow, wouldn't ship to Perth or just not coming up for sale. So after going round and round and changing my mind a thousand times (The $2k - $2.5k range has so many similar offerings) i settled on the Marantz SR6014 which i got for $2k. Haven't got it yet as they were sold out but hopefully should be here next week.
  10. Come on people!!!! With all the upgrade work done for you these are a screaming bargain and would be long gone if on this side of the country.
  11. @Flemmo is your man. What he doesn't know about these isn't worth knowing.
  12. Just sitting watching a movie when the sun caught my GS60s. Just thought I would share.
  13. Any further updates @doogie44 ?? How have they settled in for you? Got any pics?
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