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  1. I have the CS350 currently in a system made of vintage Polks. In short im happy with it but i cant say if its better/ worse than your current one. Only way to know for sure is back to back them and keep the one you like. You can always sell the other. Be interested in your findings.
  2. Hmmm if you do what will you do with the DI's? Give me a nudge.
  3. Do you have the original boxes and packaging? Looking forward to your thoughts on the difference between the Lore and the PS!
  4. I will be getting the PS5 and GT7. Thankfully it’s all compatible with my current rig or I would have been mighty pissed
  5. Good luck with the sale. i too had the Lores a while back. Can highly recommend some floor spikes. And floor protectors for your case.
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