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  1. I highly recommend this. Tamed standing waves in my round sitting room. No amount of speaker positioning could address the boominess until I got this unit.
  2. Hey Peter, As per my PM, if this does not sell locally, I'm happy to pay for packing and shipping to Sydney. Cheers Charles
  3. Let me know if it doesn’t sell and if you are willing to ship it to Sydney.
  4. I have a round room for my Stereo which was terrible to set up. I have a 2.2 system and I had almost given up. I used DSpeaker 8033 with the subs which helped, but when I upgraded to the DDRC24 with Dirac it made a dramatic difference. No more boominess. There is a slight brightness I’ve noticed with this set up but I don’t know whether it is because the bass muddiness has gone away. However for $750 landed it has been the best investment I’ve made.
  5. Item: Spin-Clean Record Washer Location: Sydney Price: $75 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgraded to Vacuum Record Cleaner Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this about two year ago and used it to clean my small record collection. My record collection has since grown so I have upgraded to a Vacuum Record Cleaner. Happy for you to pick up if in Sydney or I can post at cost. Comes with all accessories including manual and cleaning fluid (about 75% full). Pictures:
  6. I have a 2.2 consisting of Harbeth 30.1s and two Rhythmik 12SE subs. The subs are EQ’d with DSpeaker. EQ is a must in my opinion - much tighter. Getting it to integrate was tough given that my listening room is circular
  7. Rhythmic Subs are also very good for music
  8. I haven’t tried the PSVane Treasure but I bought the Sophia Electric 6SN7 for my modwright preamp and found them to be quite good. By the way, I used to have a Dual Cabernet DHT but found it was very microphonic. Is the 6SN7 version microphonic as well? I thought one of the reasons Mick preferred the 6SN7 was that it was less microphonic than the DHT version?
  9. That’s a beautiful looking setup. I like the simple zen like look and the combination of a few high quality components.
  10. I’d jump on these if they were in Sydney!
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