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  1. In every bubble there's someone who goes around saying 'you can't lose'...until you do by betting the farm. (But let's not deviate from the thread here) GLWTS
  2. I have been vastly impressed with hi-res digital playback via SET amps on QOBUZ lately---but I still love my turntable, as source, the best. Nor (by analogy) am I about to buy the latest sex doll just because it's purely a subjective experience, right? "Nothing, darling, I didn't say anything....just typing on the Forum....goodnight" 😐
  3. Tube 'rush' in a pimped-out tube system using efficient speakers is like the sound of a great concert hall before the performance, or a favourite singer's breathing, or even like an old favourite LP's background. Some sounds are full of promise...
  4. Someone is going to be very happy for a very long time...
  5. Would love to hear these Vox Olympians--right after my Lotto win...
  6. Let's keep our perspective...'interesting' rules (musically)! ?
  7. I bought a DYNACO FM-3 valve tuner for $500 from Trevor Lees in Melbourne back in the day (1990s). It was modified to receive the proper FM signal here in Oz, and came with Telefunken 12AX7 output tubes and a complement of other excellent radio tubes. I connected it to my roof aerial and heard the most sublime sounding music I had experienced from my system to date! This led to a deepening of my lifelong love affair with 2-MBS FM, and especially their live broadcasts; all this goodness was running into a Trevor Lees valve preamp and VTL stereo 75 amps driving the Martin Logan CLS speakers.
  8. Listening now to the WE 420a tubes driving my EL84 single-ended amp--I have to agree they are excellent tubes. Love this preamp--a classic. GLWTS
  9. There is a medical condition called 'orgasm-induced headache'--it can be quite severe. This 300B experience you mention sounds remarkably similar in the listening leadup...!
  10. Soundiiz wanted a subscription to transfer multiple playlists. Tunemymusic did not. Currently I am at 13% transfer of 28,276 files (that took 20 minutes)
  11. Had a listen to several selections on QOBUZ last night. I am mainly a jazz and classical devotee. While I absorbed La Traviata (Decca; Sutherland; Kenneth Wilkinson, sound engineer) at home in 16/44 resolution, my wife and daughter watched it live on Sydney Harbour. Very good. Starting slowly. Then it was on to some late night listening of the recently released Mozart-Jones Violin Sonata Fragments on Channel Classics in 24/192. Bach's Magnificat. Spectacular. The only thing missing was some French champagne and hors d'oeuvres. I'm playing through a Cambridge CXN into a
  12. When all the dust had settled my TEKTON speakers landed cost a premium of around 40% over the price I bought them for in the USA. GST is only the beginning... SNA purchases rule. You can find anything here if you are patient!
  13. Now that is music to my ears (not even hi-res)! I say this as the OP... One waits with bated breath--poised to subscribe. Thanks again to all interested parties who originally tried to simplify things for me.
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