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  1. That is a very kind offer indeed--I love the SNA Forum! Good people. Based on my network history you'll need access on a semi-permanent basis, possibly a spare room just for you. But, the way things are going we might be locked up for quite some time. No worries, I have thousands of LPs and downloads. I like living here, why wouldn't you? If it comes to pass that my current arrangement (a 'non-mesh' digital system) dies a gruesome death, and I overcome my deep-rooted digital phobia with recurrent PTSD**, I'll certainly keep you in mind. I have a simple configuration now. Things have settled down. **You know that scene towards the end in Aliens where Ripley says "we're not leaving"---and goes back down into the depths of the alien lair to rescue the little girl Newt? I am not Ripley. At present everything is working well and I'm listening in my lounge/music room to Psychomed Audiophile Jazz on internet radio from Athens via a Cambridge CXN streamer and through my Line Magnetic 218iA mini EL84-based pentode amp. (Keeping the CXN happy is no mean feat but I am managing it) It's all I ever wanted before the madness began... I feel so much better moving the LINKSYS VELOP on to someone else. Like when I got rid of my Mercedes 300 because $10,000 worth of repairs couldn't fix the wonky fuel system and I bought a Golf turbo. Started to wake up each morning without twitching. Happy days.
  2. Could you elaborate on 'great shape'? Age, approximate hours... Thanks
  3. I looked at the details of the TENDA system as you suggested, the home mesh setup in particular. My panic attack subsided relatively quickly, thanks. I am glad it is working for you.
  4. Very kind of you to take pity on a digital illiterate. But I am not drinking from the chalice so easily offered. This has been a clarifying experience for me--working with what I regard as an immature technology as if I had to be an expert! I am back to the old wi-fi range extenders because they actually work and have 'never' played up for me. Old fashioned but effective. This is the big issue at my house. I came to realise that my digital system could never quite be relied upon. Especially when it decides to reset itself or just pack it in completely. Now I am back to enjoying my music because I no longer have to fix the recurring digital problems myself...nor my car...nor my plumbing...nor my computer. The fact that other whiz kids, especially on the Forum, live and breathe this stuff blinded me to the fact that I could never get my head around most of it. I can't conceptualise the parts or protocols of a digital system in the detail required. My Cambridge Audio CXN streamer is much more like a computer than an audio component. Surprise! I feel better now after this rant 😣
  5. Yeah, my wife said close to my ear after hearing her favourite LP again, "I have to have that ZOTL 845 amplifier with the Voxative speakers...you know the ones you showed me in your magazine?", so I went straight to the importer online and ordered everything (with a bulk discount), plus a few front end items he had on special, then went straight out for some champagne and home again to my reward from The Light Of My Darkness. It was an evening to be savoured in so many ways. My credit rating had never been higher... Then I woke up.
  6. I had hoped that the Digitech would metamorphose into a huge TV--but this was not to be. Hence this listing 🦓
  7. Item: [TAKEN] Linksys AC3900 Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System 3-Pack White Price Range: 'Postage only' + donation Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I bought this new a year ago and spent hundreds of hours trying to get all 3 nodes to work consistently with my many network issues at home. When it did work it was fantastic. I have the box and the manual/installation disc. It was $450 new and even a used 2 node system is $200-$300. There are 2 issues: 1. One of the three AC adaptors (for 3 nodes) is dead, possibly from a power surge a few months ago that took out my computer motherboard at the same time; I have not been able to find a replacement. This adaptor is marked "NO" clearly (see photo). 2. The digital angst I have suffered in this situation as a digital idiot is extraordinary. I bought the LINKSYS because it was 'idiot-proof'. I have no idea how to fix network issues--and these were many (in my computer system). Apparently this is unusual because of the inbuilt digital assistant Linksys employs. Anyway, I have wasted enough time with this and lost any digital confidence I had before! What was I thinking--I can barely utilise my computer or Cambridge streamer when there's a problem... Full disclosure: you need to be digital-savvy in a way that I have not been able to be. If you find this digital stuff simple then here is a working 2 node (or 3 node) system. I suggest a donation to Stereonet under all the circumstances?
  8. Item: Digitech HD Terrestrial Receiver XC 4935 with remote + Manual Price Range: 'Postage only' Item Condition: As new Extra Info: Bought this set-top box some months ago to pick up MPEG-2 on SBS. Old TV just died; new TV has this built in. '(It) provides users with all digital and radio signals being broadcast in SD and HD'. Multi format supporting and compatible; upgradeable. I suggest $15 will cover all my careful packing and sending by Australia Post.
  9. So sorry. These are male but 'sold out' and $50 https://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/pro-series-stereo-20m-35mm-to-2-rca-with-gold-connectors.html
  10. CABLE CHICK has 20cm lengths of 3.5 to 2xRCA ($9.95; delivery $7) https://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/20cm-avencore-crystal-series-stereo-35mm-to-2-rca-cable-female-to-male.html
  11. You describe my Dad's system--influencing me for ever from age 8!! EL-84 based (SEP), and he had Goodmans speakers on the other end. 5W output as you say. First record he played the night the system came to life: 'Bang, Baroom & Harp' on RCA Living Stereo. I grew up hearing Belafonte, Bach and Brubeck. Fantastic collections of Telefunken and Scotch tapes recorded at 7 1/2 & 15 ips AND 'Are You Experienced' on LP in 1967 via the Dual T/T, at full volume...those were the days. Re SET amps (fast forward 60 years): Line Magnetic has a range that IMO are extremely well-made and able to perform minor miracles of driving difficult speakers. But, it's far better to have as much headroom (aka driving power in reserve) as you can. A forgiving/friendly impedance is possibly more important than a sensitivity above 90dB in this situation, when you know the amp can cope in absolute terms. I have used my Line Magnetic 518iA intehrated (22W 845-based SET) with Artemis Eos speakers (6 ohm; 88.5dB); HECO Celan XT-301 bookshelf (4-6 ohm; 91dB); Spatial Hologram M3 Turbos (3.5 ohm min; 95dB), and now Tekton Design Perfect SET 15 (8 ohm; 98dB). All sounded very good. No limitations noted. Since the LM sounds most delicious on the 16 ohm speaker setting, I find that the Tektons sound the best with that output, from aural memory. Using the LM on my Magneplanar 1.7 (4 ohm; 86dB or less) was only an experiment for the playing of soft music. Those babies sprang to life only with hundreds of quality watts! I ended up with the Wyred4Sound stereo Class D amp 1000-watter into 4 ohms. Matching is important, n'est-ce pas? I personally think Line Magnetic is a world-beating maker of all good audio things. Especially SET amps.
  12. My NOS 12AT7 and 6CG7 preamp tubes in my Leben have lasted for many years of heavy use. My NOS E283CC Telefunken preamp tubes in my previous Kebschull preamp lasted for at least 15 years of very heavy use. Happy days. But... It's tough when a tube fails because it seems that modern preamplifier tubes can't get anywhere near the '10,000' hours of many NOS tubes from the 1960s (e.g. Siemens, RFT, Telefunken, Mullard). Sovteks have been pretty reliable in my experience over a couple of decades. There's really only the Chinese and the Russian tube factories in large production to my knowledge. Now modern brands like Genalex, Shuguang, Electroharmonix, JJ and Psvane are trying hard to produce reliable tubes--as you probably know already. Unfortunately only a few types actually sound really good (to me) for the money! Considering the tremendous difference tube-rolling the signal tubes in a system usually makes, it seems like false economy to me to spend money on inferior tubes. I like Psvane--and will pay that premium. Ditto some upmarket JJ and Shuguang types. [Having tried and heard a few Electroharmonix (for example) I don't feel the need to invest any more in that brand; you get what you pay for.] Don't even mention cheap Chinese tubes or the very many eBay offerings from some unworthy vendors. My real affection is still with NOS tubes. From your description I also wonder if you are having voltage fluctuations in your power line? I only mention this as it was the cause of many a blown 6550 power tube in my VTL 300 monobloc in years gone by (taking out a resistor and some of the board at the same time). Very teeth-grindingly unpleasant. Of course preamp tubes are supposed to be more sturdy. Worth checking? Just my 2c worth.
  13. I love valve amps of all kinds. For years I drove my Artemis EOS speakers (88.5 dB sensitivity; 6 ohm minimal impedance) with VTL 300W monoblocs (ultralinear), then VAL 211 monos (20W output SET). All good. Then when using Magneplanar 1.7s I found that the current requirements meant that only the Wyred4Sound 1000W class D into 4 ohms was satisfying. Still always using the Leben valve preamplifier. Must have valves in the chain. It took a lot of effort to convince myself that not having a valve power amp would be second-best. But the bigger ones are so expensive...and the re-tubing costs!! My point is that even with the best SET amps, as people have discussed here, you are going to encounter their output limits with speakers that make too great a demand on their current delivery. Yes, they can play at satisfactory levels but they can't provide much headroom. Surprisingly you do need this with some vocals and forte piano for a full sound. A valve pre + SS power 'might' be the better option. Personally I would stick with the Line Magnetic 805 integrated (a magnificent amp and sound) and find the best speaker for it--but that's just me. My 2c worth
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