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  1. For a 'smaller' space I think that now the Magnepan buyer is spoiled for choice. I don't know about anything 'in the works', but the LRS is definitely ticking that box for listening in condos. Likewise the 0.7 and even the 1.7i. In the timeframe you mention there was talk about using the desktop system Magneplanar put out then (and called a 'mini 3.7' by some) in a lounge room--on stands. But nothing came of that, to my knowledge... I have heard the LRS on metal stands, driven by Musical Fidelity pre and power [300W (no sub)] in an apartment--and it sounded absolutely t
  2. OK--I'll bite! As an audiophile music instrumentalist I think when you use the terms "too good" for digital recording and "uncomfortably real" for the sound I just have to smile. That is just not my general experience. I do refer to the sound of real acoustic instruments in real space--as do many speaker designers (e.g. Alon Wolf of Magico; David Wilson). This is not the same as musical taste; my taste runs to valve distortions and lush harmonics. I listen to electronica sometimes as well but it's not a reference. Of course there are diminishing returns on t
  3. All good advice here. The journey continues. Most rooms and systems are 'less than ideal'. I experimented with 2x REL Storm 5 subs over years (isolation feet; cables; power cords) My revelation/epiphany regarding subwoofers occurred after buying and using this: http://www.dspeaker.com/en/products/anti-mode-8033.shtml You can't beat science for smoothing out nodes and nulls. Not expensive and very effective indeed. Just my 2c worth.
  4. My son-in-law's parents needed a new 'something' because their el cheapo Japanese amp died. Turns out they mainly listened to music as background, and then ran long cables to place the tinny speakers outside at their pergola table. Choice of music? Many battered CDs. One partner is an iPad lover. After consultation with them I sold the whole system second-hand and reinvested the funds in a KEF Muo--driven via an iPad & Spotify account. Music: tick. New music: tick. Good-sounding music: double tick. Contented sighs all round.
  5. Good speaker recommendations here on SNA. If the speaker is the limiting factor. I think 100W of good Class D should be sufficient for your system but who knows exactly? 1. Borrowing and trialling a different powerful amp in your room could be a revelation? 2. Consider also borrowing a valve preamplifier so that you can exclude the Rotel as the 'offender' 3. Possibly some kind SNA member in Melbourne could show you--in your own lounge & system--what a different speaker can do? These suggestions are merely to reduce imagination and
  6. I believe that these models you mention were the updated/pimped out/designer versions of the original VTL 300W monoblocs, around the time of the great VTL-Manley split. They were very well received, and featured in many shows and high-end rooms for years. I owned the VTL 300W monos (8 x 6550 +12BH7 + 12AT7 per side) for many years and they satisfied me deeply. Mine were just basic models, and did not have triode switching nor any fancy adjusting possibilities. They also didn't have the lush SET sound I adore (I can't help it) that led me eventually to Shenzen Labs 211 monos BUT th
  7. Could you post all the details of the fatiguing hi-fi system (and a bit about the room and listening preferences) first? Thanks
  8. Fantastic speaker. In my top 5 ever.
  9. Hearing these (as I have done at Audio Connection in the past) is a show-stopping experience. I have never heard a more lovely midrange and delicacy of rich sonics. I have since heard different, but not better. And I have owned the Martin Logan CLS and lived with Quad ESL-63s. I imagine any music lover would settle down with these forever, depending on musical taste. I know I would ( pending my inevitable lottery win). GLWTS
  10. Thanks to all for the thoughtful answers. Bugpowderdust has proved the steps. I did all this originally when I succeeded in establishing a Qobuz account and a US PayPal account. Despite all this it was the Aussie credit card that stopped the process every time. It now seems that there is a new path forward? The burning question for me is whether I want to spend further hours on doing this on the presumed eve of the Qobuz launch—having the WIG factor (warm inner glow) of going legit and not tying myself up in digital knots. Those many, many hours trying to cod
  11. Currently using just this configuration as signal tubes in my integrated— gives an addictive clarity and spacious soundstage. Lovely tonality. GLWTS
  12. Wow--what can't you find on this Forum?! And in good nick. I bought one of these in 1968 in Tokyo as a young lad and owned it for a decade. It has fantastic recording fidelity. [AKAI was on a technical roll after the larger 'M series' of tape decks. I grew up with an AKAI M-8 as the heart of my Dad's system running efficient Goodmans speakers (because those decks had the sweetest little dual mono pentode 5W amps within). I never knew I had it so good until I started my own hi-fi journey and found that Rotel was OK--but really lacking 'something' the valve amps supplied
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