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  1. doogie44

    FS: Nordost - Various Accessories

    Excellent pics--a standard for us all GLWTS
  2. PM sent with intention to buy
  3. doogie44

    Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 Stand-Mount Monitors

    I think AE has one of the biggest sounds for a small speaker that you could find GLWTS
  4. If I may chip in, yes, that's a definite associated factor. But the differences subjectively are pretty large and almost 'sudden' at certain times of the evening
  5. While I find it's generally true that your system is likely to sound better at night, with reduction in ambient noise from trucks and leaf blowers and such, even in a 'quiet' suburb, my own experience is that during the DAY there is a lot of electronic 'hash'/pollution on the power line that can't really be removed easily. In my own house that was not fixed by power regenerators, or a dedicated AC line, or a new switchboard, (although I am installing a Holton DC Blocker shortly anyway). It was mostly fixed when the Electricity Authority found that in my suburb there were so many industrial machines operating on my line 9-5 that they offered to "change my phase". I said 'yes' and this worked wonders...but it still wasn't as good as the quiet evenings are. Especially after 10 pm. Of course I don't quite know about phase and power delivery but I do know there is more to do from where you are... Just my 2c worth
  6. Terry, in case it's helpful, the REL crossover can function very well even when set at a low point; I found that 30Hz and under is ideal for many small-medium speakers. It's counter-intuitive I know. The REL directions are pretty good. What about just getting a basic position (one in the corner at least) with, say 30Hz, and lifting the volume stepwise until you hear sufficient bass response? REL will accommodate to most rooms I find. Then choose between o or 180 phase for the louder response. Tweaking comes later--at least you know it's all working. There is another possibility IF you think the room is the problem: http://www.dspeaker.com/en/products/anti-mode-8033.shtml I have one and I think it's great! Just my 2c worth
  7. This is vital information! I have both tube amps and REL sub(s) and never know that the 8 ohm tap is always best. There is no current involved, it's just a signal for the powered REL, unlike hooking up an amplifier. I actually use the LFE inputs from 'Sub Out' on my preamplifier; seems to be a better arrangement.
  8. doogie44

    SOLD: FS: Dragonfly Red

    Sent presumably with 'intention to buy'??
  9. doogie44

    Phono Preamp - Tube advice?

    In a tube-rolling context much depends on the circuit, as well as the theoretical 'sound' of the brand of tube. Rolling the small signal input tubes in a system offers the biggest bang for the buck for tailoring the sound to your liking. The Chinook has 2 input and 2 output tubes (6922/ECC88/7308) Assuming that the Manley is a great basic circuit then the choice (in my mind) is about NOS vs Current production. Upscale Audio (great tube advice, if pricey) says this: "We take out the stock EH 6922s, and replace them with Upscale Audio graded and tested, cryo-treated Tungsram PCC88s....We've had great feedback from Chinook owners on this tube" Check out their 6922 rolling suggestions: https://www.upscaleaudio.com/search?q=6922 In my tube rolling career over 30 years I have found that the best NOS outperform the current production kind handily. In the case of power amps with multiple tubes this can prove very expensive. But, NOS is my bias. [Having said that, in the last 5 years Psvane current production quality has increased dramatically! Likewise Shuguang Black Treasure.] In that NOS camp the Amperex, Mullard and Siemens/Telefunken brands to my mind come first, followed closely by USA kinds like Phillips/RCA/GE/Sylvania, or European like Tungsram/Valvo etc. In some situations the USA brands perform better... Therefore I would tend to agree with @Lightstream about Amperex. Even further, you could characterise the sound of Amperex as clean and clear, of Mullard as rich and complete, and of Siemens/Telefunken as transparent, detailed (all stereotypes, but I like stereotypes). In particular the Amperex 7308 tube is an absolute marvel--and it had better be at $US100+ each! I have never been disappointed by these NOS types--but no ElectroHarmonix tube has ever stayed very long in my system (even when I told myself they were good backups I didn't want to miss out on the NOS experience). In fact I have given several EH away on this Forum for that reason. I have never failed to justify the NOS expense when it comes to tube rolling. It's a feel-good situation for me. If the ElectroHarmonix sound as good to you as you say, then you could stick with them. All I can say from my own bias is that this is a sign of a good circuit--and that NOS is very likely to sound even better! The Phillips SQ NOS tube you mentioned is one of the most pricey from what I can see, and with a great sound, from previous comments. If you like it then it's a done deal too. There's nothing to match a great valve component in full song with well-matched tubes. I have had 4 children and 6 grandchildren in a house with all-valve systems but these always have tube cages and barriers. Nor do I crank up the system for a single song. I feel your pain 😥 Just my 2c worth
  10. doogie44

    FS: REL Storm III

    You'll appreciate atmospheric depth and air--and superior midrange-- when you have a REL in your system! And for this money--it's a massive yes ]From happy REL owner GLWTS
  11. Item: Box of Bing Crosby LP's Location: Melbourne Price: $65 neg Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Unwanted gift; selling on behalf of brother in law. I offered to post them here after a recent visit to his house, where I saw and inspected them. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is for Bing Crosby lovers only--on the off chance that a whole box of assorted LP's in good nick might be of interest to such a person. It's quite the discography, around 40 records from memory, but of no interest to the current owner. If you like this idea I could help arrange for inspection and pickup together Pictures: Sorry, none available
  12. Item: Thor PS10 Power Station & Smart Board Location: Sydney Northern Beaches Price: $615 Item Condition: Used & Very Good. Manual, power cord and Smart Board with interconnecting power cord. No box, but 'could' pack and send if necessary. I fancy a Sydney local needing this security will pick up, so preference given to pickup. It's fairly heavy and is sitting in a box at present. Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup preferred- Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the original owner of this reliable unit purchased to protect my VTL monoblocs (plus 16 x 6550 valves) from voltage fluctuations, which were severe in my area--I kept 'blowing' valves. It has done just that--'set and forget'-- and provided a steady 240V with the associated Smart Board. This takes all my gear except the very small signal stuff. These days I have 845 valves as the main output devices (in an all-valve system) with no worries. Nor have a multitude of lightning storms affected my system. So far, so good. Pictures:
  13. Even more correct version...."whatever you're spinning"
  14. These excellent pics are the thermionic equivalent of Playboy magazine! GLWTS