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  1. All good suggestions. Remember that you can have your T/T checked and aligned and fit a LONGER rca interconnect/power cable at the same time.
  2. I love my Little Dot (same model). It flies under the radar of most people because it's less expensive that some Hi-end types of headphone amps; I think it has one of the best sound presentations I have ever experienced--imagine how much you would pay for an OTL power amp of this quality sound in a 'normal' room system? It's a clean and clear and atmospheric sound that is utterly non-fatiguing. Mine has been very reliable and gratifying (yes, using Sennheiser 650 headphones, no impedance/driving issues). I have also used it at length as a single input valve preamp in a second system (my son-in-law is using the Mk3 like this for a year now) and it's not embarrassed to be in the company of most other valve preamps I've owned. It's a tube-roller's dream, and there's a large Forum for this on the Little Dot website, but I like your current configuration anyway. GLWTS
  3. Any chance of a pic of the inputs? As in how many? Are there 4 m8136 tubes in the preamp itself and 4 of another kind in the power supply (the second box)? Thanks
  4. When I ran my VTL monos (16 x 6550 tubes) for many years I found that the Sovteks were very good. I mostly used these. The Svetlana were good as well BUT now they are very expensive. The GE 6550 NOS likewise. Almost prohibitive to re-tube. I have found the Chinese Shuguang Black Treasure series of tubes in other amps and configurations to be uniformly reliable and sounding good. These are premium selected tubes. They make a 6550 but it's a leap to buy as many as you'll need! I do think that VTL sounds great with most 6550 tubes. It is a good circuit design. You might get more 'bang for your tube-rolling buck' by concentrating on the driver tubes; these are often 12AT7 or 12 BH7 in VTL. Here I did find that spending more for NOS RCA tubes (for example) really paid off. Otherwise I would question the widom of lashing out on NOS for 16 tubes; that might add up to some $2,000! I avoid e-bay general sellers of tubes and only deal with specialist tube dealers. You get what you pay for. The VTL house sound is a clean and appealing one to me. The tubes I've mentioned were my favourites. Just my 2c worth.
  5. This is one of the finest amps I have ever owned...I'm never selling my Elekit. A music lover's amplifier. Integrated (2 inputs) and single-ended AND either pentode or triode PLUS a terrific headphone output (not a chip). A natural for tube-rolling esp the 12AU7 front end. Clear and atmospheric sound and the 7-8W in pentode will drive most speakers. Somebody buy this for your sonic pleasure! GLWTS
  6. WAF? The missus would just let me put it in MY house while she kept hers clear...
  7. May I add a comment here? For many years I used a Wyred4Sound Class D stereo amp in my system (with 2 REL Storm 5 subs) and took those REL warnings seriously. I changed from connecting the subs at the amplifier terminals (using the 'speakon' connections) to going 'LFE' from my preamplifier subwoofer outlets, thence to the subs. People say that you get better bass and such using the amplifier connections. Well, this might be technically correct I can't agree with that because I can't tell the difference in my system. The cutoff is set at 30Hz with the LFE but the quality of the sound overall--in every way--is very good. The convenience and absence of worry about the connection rules. Now I am using a different amplifier but I still use the LFE path. I am a REL fan for decades and they have never made a bad product in my opinion. Just my 2c worth
  8. Nice catalogue. But, I can't see the prices for the LSC generally. I can see the prices lower down for soundtracks; 6-LP sets, individual LP's and such. Can you say what the LSC prices are please? Thank you
  9. I owned a pair for many years, driving speakers of 88dB and 6 ohms--heaven. The sound is a typical lush valve SET sound, with plenty of 'second harmonic' in it. You just get lost in the music. It's a fair way from the leaner, brighter sound of modern pentode amps. Mine were spec'd at around 22W. Made by Shenzen Labs in China, never missed a beat. I still miss them (currently listening to Line Magnetic 845).
  10. It's so terribly tempting to try to spend your money for you... I am having trouble lately going purely by brand names/reputation since so many favourites have changed their 'house sound' and /or brought out a stellar model that addresses particular problems that were not acknowledged much prior...e.g. VTL and Audio Research both have quite 'modernised' their sound in my opinion to achieve a cleaner and more neutral sonic presentation, somewhat closer to the spectrum of solid state. I owned VTL for years and I fondly recall the Minimal preamp which made an unforgettable impact in its rendering of sonic colours, especially woodwinds and vocals -- goosebumps repeatedly for me while listening. Of course this preamp was never 'rated' very highly at all. Likewise Audio Research has apparently been hitting it out of the park (sonically) with their Reference series (I have not heard these). We've all heard expensive systems that don't produce a great sound. Enough said. [Now I am also thinking of the room and the resonances...] I only say this to mention that I have no idea as to what gives YOU goosebumps, as must and should happen at these prices. Doesn't it all really depend on what you like? In that sense you are not confined to those two brands. You obviously hold a special place in your belief system for tubes (as I do). Is it time to go to some good listening rooms and sessions? It would be relatively easy to hear those preamplifiers in a capital city Let's not forget Supratek and Leben and Line Magnetic (here I am betraying my bias for the more lush and atmospheric sound of tubes applied in an old-fashioned implementation; just adore single-ended triode/pentode sound)...I note that a Shindo selection was available here on SNA recently. Everybody seems to love Shindo -- do you know why this would be? Of course you 'can't go wrong' with either of your preferences especially if you love their house sound. With your beast of a VTL you need a great and refined signal I am not being supercilious but rather wishing you a successful search for the best preamplifier Just my 2c worth
  11. I am having TUBE LUST...must go and lie down... GLWTS
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