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  1. Re The Freedoms and the software video: I understand the aim of replacing proprietary software with free software. Don't see the relevance here though... I reserve the right to invoke the 5th Freedom: bring in somebody--anybody--who can make the ******* software actually wok properly!! That is all
  2. Gormless questions are by far the best! I have received a lot of help in my professional life but sadly most of those needed to take early retirement or stress leave--after dealing with me... however, they did show endless patience and for that I'll always be grateful. Makes me a little more tolerant now, as I endeavour to repay my debt by helping others. There will always be those who know more and those who know less (in context). My mentor said those in second grade can help those in first grade. Hence the SNA Forum. Not that one would be getting bitter and twisted in one's old age--No! One merely observes.
  3. I have been studying with Dr Google for a very long time now and I still don't understand Windows properly. Hence the plethora of computer/digital questions from frazzled members as well! My Spotify just stopped working this afternoon again and a few hours of Google investigation turned up no help at all (as usual). Time to call in a family member who understands my network and registry... But don't call me lazy--just ignorant. Psychodynamic psychotherapy, medical knowledge and wine-making: pretty good on all that. Digital architecture: woeful. We're all learning here in some aspects--even if that's just by utilising friendliness, helpful communication skills and empathic understanding.
  4. Any possibility that the input (small signal) valves of the Vincent amp are not OK? I note that they were inserted before the sonic changes were noted. Just a thought.
  5. The TOY quotient is impressively high already!
  6. Peter, I don't mind that fiddling and have done a boat load of it. I can't solder or read a circuit so I don't fiddle with electronics like that. Apart from that, I have made my systems work well for many years and they have not been simple ones. What I sorely object to is a cobbled-together digital architecture of mind-boggling over-complexity and unpredictable result--even when you 'think' you have done the right thing! I truly don't understand the architecture, or the actual multilevel operations going on (despite much valiant effort). You can rightly say it's my fault. I say that hardly anybody would really know how to operate a computer without the interface called Windows (as one example), not being a computer geek already. I say it's still an emerging and immature technology. The designer nerds in the main have lost sight of the goal. Forget convenience--what about reliability? So, I would like a comparable interface for the dog's breakfast called a modern multimedia A-V system. I believe the higher-cost digital gear now actually works nearly every time and sets itself up completely to work first time, and reliably with other gear. Now you're talking. I feel much better after that rant.
  7. Hands up all those who wanted to try a valve preamp in their system--made by Marc Houston, no less! GLWTS
  8. Am I the only one who just wants an idiot-proof experience with some kind of a setup 'wizard' to guide me--at all times? I am in awe of the knowledge on display here from savvy members BUT why do you have to undergo the torment of years of trial and error? I have had the torment alright, but seemingly learned very little. Don't start me on digital audio and the multiple opportunities for it to fail at any moment. I am not a computer whiz. I am a music lover. I do like it all when it works well. If only that were more often. I think anybody new to this technology would just give up when they find out it's so unfriendly--and not well thought out, in my opinion. 'Consumer' electronics my *****! Not that one is getting judgemental in one's old age...no, one merely observes
  9. Yes, that Line Magnetic amp you mentioned asks you to choose your tube alright. When you say "more of a change in sound" I think you're asking theoretically about trying the 2A3 {or lashing out for a top 300B type, as you say). This is like asking whether you would like a cabernet or a shiraz for a red wine choice; both would be OK in context. The real question to me is which you would prefer? You might have reached the limit of what people can suggest to you...having said that, I don't imagine you would be unhappy running 2A3s if you have sensitive-enough speakers. All you are going to get here on the Forum at this juncture is what other people describe from their own listening. There are no iron-clad rules. But--here goes (my 2c): 1. The pleasant sound of your system you mention is the sound of a SET + one of the most sympatico triodes ever made, the 300B. Other triodes have different 'flavours' but not necessarily better sound. 2. Push-pull can be really great 3. Only by listening to different topologies can you decide what suits you--ideally these are top class amps you choose to help you experience this. 4. Many members here have more than one kind of amplifier!! Here too you would need sensitive speakers if you move around the driving amp. 5. Many members here have more than one system! 6. Many members here have heard the results of the systems in the homes of their friends or at showrooms. Live and learn. 7. It's a slippery slope (law of diminishing returns) to upgrade the bigger power tubes in an amp unless you are gaining a big improvement. If you are wealthy forget what I just wrote. 8. If your system is balanced well and sounds good you might get just as much 'improvement'/'difference in sound' by attending to your room acoustics, or favourite front end. Don't forget a good subwoofer; if you do have one, they can make real magic for a low-powered amplifier driven system. I could go on but I'm sure you can see where I'm propelling you 😃
  10. I *think* you might be fixated on the tube rather than the whole package [tube + configuration + amplifier (circuit + parts + transformer)]? It's not so simple as you imply by your question, because the tube is part of the whole. For example, a single-ended tube amp, run in pentode/ultralinear, is very often the reviewer's overall choice in an amp where they could have triode if they wished (I have seen this said in reviews of VTL, Consonance and Cayin). If your favoured music is mostly played well by your favourite tube/amplifier then you won't be put out by the small proportion of other music that 'might' not be dealt with so very well. This is the reality for most systems. Of course when you spend the very big bucks you'll have it all. There is an instructive and extensive Audiogon discussion about this topic you have raised: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/ultralinear-vs-triode-vs-set Lots of people have pondered your type of question. One excerpt: I own, and like, SET amps. Yes, there are things that they do that really cannot be matched by other designs (realistic decay of notes, truly enveloping soundstage). But, the difference between the SET topology and pushpull is perhaps not as big a difference as that between tube types. I agree with the poster who noted how much a 300b in SET and pushpull share common characteristics. I have heard quite a few 300b, 45 and 2a3 pushpull and SET amps. I own, and like the sound of my pushpull 45 amp, even though it doesn't do all that a good SET can do. The amps tend to sound most like the tube type, with pushpull topology sounding "tighter" and seeming to not have as much "bloom" and not delivering all of the harmonic richness of the SET. On the power limitation/speaker compatibility issue, I would agree that, if one happens to like a speaker that demands more power, then the priority is to find a compatible amp, and if that means foregoing certain topologies, that is just one of MANY compromises one must make when building a system (to me the priority is speaker choice first and foremost, then finding a compatible amp--not the other way around). But, I find that most people overestimate how much power they really need and the range of speaker choices for SET amplification is really not as narrow as some would believe. I've heard several 845 and 211 SETs that would work with almost anything, provided the room is not too large and one does not require extremely high playback levels. If one finds that much more power is needed, I would look at OTL amps first, then solid state amps (I tend to dislike higher powered pentode tube amps). On the subject of OTLs, it may well be the case that a good OTL would be a first choice, regardless of power requirement. I love the speed, liveliness and "directness" of OTL. Within their power limitations, SETs can also have that quality, but, it is really hard to beat an OTL in those regards. To me, the tradeoff is that the sound is a touch "raw" or "rough." One more thing, there is a pretty wide range of capabilities of SET amps. Although the SET topology is quite simple, SET amps are actually quite costly to do correctly because of the demand placed on the output transformer. In order to handle the DC current in the primary, the transformer must be big, air gapped, etc. SET transformer design requires even more complicated balancing of tradeoffs than pushpull transformer design. The better SET amps tend to be quite expensive. It's time for a personal opinion. There is a reason why single-ended triodes--especially the 300B tube--have become the place where for so many seekers of the musical truth, their journey ends. I would add ditto for 2A3 and 845 tubes. Something about the sound from these devices is just wonderful when implemented well! Your actual question makes me think you wish to narrow down the search for that Holy Grail so as to focus your future efforts. I may be wrong. But if you are heading in that direction just find a way to listen to fellow music lovers' systems, or wherever you can get to these days to hear the 300B and 2A3 in action. Then you will know so much more instantly. One listen to AudioNote/Airtight/Audion/Audio Research/Line Magnetic/Shindo/Cary/VTL/Supratek/Leben/Weston is worth a thousand words. [Any topology.] If you are in Sydney I could show you the Line Magnetic SET 845 configuration to your satisfaction with some of your own music. I hope this helps.
  11. Miss, could you give a rough indication of the usage hours please?
  12. Tubes/valve audio technology and lovers of fine music music gravitate together naturally in my opinion. May I add something to xlr8or's excellent comment? There is no substitute for hearing a particular tube type--in a good circuit/amp. This will endow you with reference sonic experiences. Surprisingly, no one tube topology can 'do it all' musically, in my experience, but that's quite OK. I predict that when you hear the virtues of pentode and triode, single-ended and push-pull, you'll incline more to one kind of presentation--to suit your tastes. This is as it should be. Then there are variations within the favoured tube presentation depending on tube quality. Note that one tube application does not rule out another in a different musical context! Death to 'black and white/either-or" thinking! I like all tubes but some I really love. This variety is also why there are many types of wine and food and cars...and why the missionary position is so well-known...but I digress.
  13. Not being a guru but rather an FM lover over years I can share my knowledge and personal opinions. 1. The best reception is always from a rooftop antenna. The one you show is likely to be OK. The price is cheap enough to experiment! I have a dedicated FM antenna 'bolted on' to my rooftop TV antenna and initially rotated by a tech wusing a signal meter to suit Fine Music FM (in Sydney) best. Other high tech antenna can have a rotating motor apparatus (I have never used those). 2. Next best is a powered external antenna alongside the tuner--cost around $25 (see pic). I have one of these for a desktop system and it's terrific. A huge improvement over the wire. 3. Last best is the internal FM tuner antenna--despite the T-wire often sounding OK. All reception of course depends as well on the sensitivity of the tuner BUT if you give it an excellent signal to start with you'll be laughing. If you have line of sight reception as you say, then the rooftop antenna should be extremely good. Your question is about sound quality and I don't think that you would notice a huge difference using different antennae if you have a very good signal input anyway. I would still go for the rooftop antenna purely as a cure for audio nervosa, residual OCD symptoms, and also to gain a high WIG factor (Warm Inner Glow) while listening. It's like using the best grade petrol for your high-performance auto engine. I hope this helps.
  14. Now I see too late that the 'Direct' series of HECO speakers are a new and different implementation! Oh well...the 6 Moons review is pretty thorough.
  15. I purchased The HECO CELAN XT-301 here on SNA several years ago. The first time I listened to this speaker it satisfied my audio concerns, especially with its deep bass response. Since then it has settled into my desktop system and proved its worth. They replaced my Celestion DL 4 speakers. As you say, there is very little information out there on the on the Net; apparently, it is very popular in Germany and Europe. The company has been making variations on their basic two and three way designs over many years. My two-way model is bi-wireable and can be boosted by two dB output in the treble. It is quite efficient and easy to drive. I use single speaker cables with no treble boost. My current desktop configuration is Audioquest Dragonfly Red (computer Internet radio + portable HDD with FLAC files) + Denon TU-1500RD tuner + McChanson 12AU7 preamplifier (Telefunkens) + iTube 202 KT-88 amplifier + Nordost Blue Heaven IC + Tellurium Black speaker cable. I use a B&W ASW 610 subwoofer. I have no complaints about this system because of its overall sound, and because I consider it to be ‘married together’ quite well both in terms of musical presentation, and of comparable cost of the different items. I spend about a third of my listening time with this set-up. I have been very pleasantly surprised by the relaxing presentation of this system. The speakers display all the accuracy and tonality I require; I am very keen to have correct timbre and tone, so I think by using valve amplification I am bringing out the best in the speakers. But, I would think that because I’m a valve fanatic! I would portray their sonic attributes as slightly on the accurate side rather than the lush, euphonic side. They have a clear, clean sound with a compellingly good treble and upper midrange. I never think about hi-fi while I’m listening to new music from the Internet, so I think this is a sign of a well-balanced system. I have used the speakers in my main system – but here I think they would be best suited to a medium-sized room. I suppose I could find other speakers that are superior but I’m not sure they would be married so well in my desktop system. I’m not saying they’re perfect, but when I think about all the different speakers I could have in my desktop system, I only think about different. Not necessarily better. It’s a slippery slope being an audiophile.…and a povert. I hope this helps. HECO CELAN.pdf
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