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  1. Harry Metcalfe has a big collection of old car magazines. 😎 They are an interesting time capsule but they are also a dust collector. It would be great to scan them and have them online as a historic resource. A lot of work for someone but it would be appreciated by many also. Might break copyright law I guess, but where else can you get access to that sort of thing.
  2. That was the Martians for sure. They don’t want smelly earth people messing up their red raked stone gardens. I see “they” are dragging out Sandy Munro, the Tesla dismantling Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde, to comment on Battery day. Looks like Sandy was impressed and I think our interviewer was disappointed in his very positive response. There was an aspect of ‘told you so’ in Sandy’s reply, but it was interesting that at least one independent expert was fully on board with the engineering side of things. He also addressed a concern I had about the battery being integral to the car.....what if it fails. In short, ‘you can have repairability or reliability, not both’. Interesting, but I want to run an EV for 10, 15, 20 years for sustainability reasons. For those that are interested..... (Note. I do think Sandy gets a bit carried away at times, Elon doesn’t really do conservative)
  3. Tesla battery day was an interesting watch ( after the shareholder bit).. It reminded me a bit of meeting Robert Watts ( Chord) in Brisbane a few years back where he talked about Dave and Qute and the number of taps on his programmable DAC FGP array that acts as the brain in Chord DACs. You get to a point in the presentation when you realise that you know next to nothing on the topic, but it all sounds quite impressive. The Tesla presentation reminded me of a word ‘dicotomy’ and put paid to this anti-Tesla Anti- EV fantasy that Elon Musk is just a good salesman. Bollocks. This was almost pure nerd mode. The compulsive consumers in the audience were losing interest in the first 5 minutes. On one end of the scale you have GMs big announcement recently that they have a new name for a battery ‘ultimum’ . Basically it’s the label they put on whatever battery they source from where ever. Tesla and musk, on the opposite side of the universe, spent their five minutes of fame setting out which challenges they were tacking. No secret sauce, just a bunch of engineering and manufacturing problems and how they were tackling them. They claimed to have much progress but nothing was in the bag. There was even an aspect of ‘ if anyone has better ideas on this stuff then come and join us.‘ definitely a presentation for the adults in the room. The kids in the audience seemed pissed off that there was virtually no glamour and glitz. The Model S Plaid doing 1 minute 30 at Legana Seca barely got 10 seconds discussion before the screen went blank. In summary, interesting presentation, lots of progress, but actual solutions, while showing much promise, are not quite here yet. Basically it was the sort of honesty you never get from a politician or most companies that are scared of a reduced competitive advantage. Tesla are definitely not like other car companies.
  4. I was looking for the electric car thread and got distracted by all the fuss over a manual Yaris with teeth. I should get my sister to trade her Yaris on one of these.😎. Some people, are saying they prefer a Megan over this. Can’t see why, this has a manual box. It’s a proper drivers car where you do stuff yourself. What surprised me in a negative way is the weight. My Peugeot 308 was bigger and from memory it weighed fractionally less. At 1280kg it’s actually the same weight as a VW e-up battery electric with 37kWh battery. Someone needs to GR the e- Up....“.Gruppy“. Not a manual, but way better than any auto with a turbo.. That could be an amusing future focused micro drivers car.
  5. Raindrops on roses And whiskers on Siamese kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ( aka tube amps) Brown paper packages tied up with string These are a few of my favorite things others include...EVs and Le Tour.......boom! ( finally)
  6. I thought etron was here already for some reason. Not my sort of car at all but I guess others like them. Another go fast video. Randy Probst doing pikes peak felt almost clinical where as this video is very edge of your seat ( maybe because the passenger is petrified...constipation is a terrible thing 🙂 ). I don’t normally miss the noise of a combustion engine but in this case it is disconcerting to only hear the other cars.
  7. EV day is here. Might see lots of EVs around Canberra today. There goes the weekend.
  8. Remember the traffic jam gas chamber that was the drive-in cinema at exit time.
  9. Car manufacturers specs are problematic. Bjorn Nyland’s results on a weigh bridge tell an interesting story. Centre of gravity is another variable, but I agree that ultimately lighter is better for changing direction and stopping.
  10. I owned a great to drive small light French car for 20 years. That ended in 2015 but you don’t forget a car that quickly. From that perspective, I find the Model 3 is very enjoyable and tidy on a twisty road. 50/50 weight and all wheel drive probably help. While the mini e is very appealing to me as a concept ( low weight, nimble and sustainability of a smaller battery), the range limitations makes even modest hilly Sunday drives problematic. A few strategically placed fast chargers would change that, but the infrastructure focus is on motorway charging at the present time. I can enjoy 4 hours on the road without even thinking about charging. The mini would require 2 well located charging stops. I would not be too critical of the mini’s older design. From what I have read the fiat 500 is not a particularly sporty drive and the mini is better.
  11. EV can accelerate quickly, ok, what about longevity? One seven year old privately owned Tesla ( original battery) is driven from 100% charge down to almost zero to measure real world usable capacity and capacity loss. This looks good for keeping my car for 15 to 20 years. ( note: 85 is gross capacity, you could never access all of it).
  12. I like the blue one. Does your T-shirt always match the car you are driving that day? 😉👍🏼
  13. At 70mph or about 110km/hr you get over 400km out of a Model Y. So basically no SUV/CUV efficiency loss over a lowish slippery sedan. Harry should wait for the German built Y ( see what I did there, although I am happy with the build of my US car to date)
  14. Harry says $130,000 (plus) BMW X5 45e 80km plug in hybrid I s the way to go. He has some impressive numbers but I still think lugging a under utilised petrol engine around and 100% charging a small battery are not ideal. I note that the model Y is not yet available in the UK. Maybe this would be a better soft roader compromise ( everything is a compromise) i
  15. Have to say, I like it. As for swings and roundabouts: 1. Hatch is nice, but non-flat load floor is annoying for long items like floorstanding speakers. Maybe you can raise the back bit with a false floor? 2. A hatch in 2020 is a pain because of rear visibility. I love the over shoulder visibility in the Model three, only possible due to the glass roof configuration. On the down side the parcel shelf is too high, but that’s the aero I guess. 3. VW acceleration looks plenty adequate. In my car it’s like 80, overtake, oops . license gone for extended period. To be honest I haven’t fully adapted to just how silent but rapid these things are. 4. looks- I like VWs classlessness. It’s nice and neat without showing off. I like that. in conclusion, I would be more than happy to own an ID3. It does however lack that special little something to motivate a purchase, at least on paper. It’s European but it’s not French. I prefer croissants, wine and cheese to bratwurst, sauerkraut and beer. Personal preference, no judgements.
  16. Model 3 takes the exhibition class at Pikes Peak 1st and 2nd. The only EVs running. Interestingly, Fullers winning car was a crowd funded almost stock Model 3 performance (would have upgraded pads, brake fluid etc.. wheels also) without the fancy suspension and cooling on the 2nd placed car (rebuilt Unplugged Performance car driven by Randy ). "Tesla's can't handle and overheat after one launch" says the negative Nelly crowd....really. https://teslanorth.com/2020/08/30/tesla-model-3-1st-2nd-place-2020-pikes-peak/
  17. We are getting the Mini e. In Australia The great thing about the Mini is that despite not being cutting edge tech it is efficient, more so than the i3 and Honda e it would seem thanks probably to a low frontal area and a few other refinements maybe. Part of me would love to get one because less is more, but the Model 3 is also special in my opinion and I am not a fan of chopping and changing cars on a whim. I am hopeful that someone here will pick one up and share their experience. Also watching what happens with the Pikes Peak Unplugged performance E-car. It’s become a real underdog after that little ‘off’. Hope they can pull together a rebuilt car against the odds and remain competitive,
  18. I watched that with bated breath, until he started repeating comments I once made on his website years ago ( not that he was literally quoting me, just same concept, doubtlessly repeated by many), particularly on off peak base load to charge your EV even on a dirty electricity grid. Hilarious. Basically he is a convert, or as much as anyone needs to be anyway. I always thought it was on the cards when he got his hands on a Kona. interesting how in 3 months he only ever charged at home. Says a lot about needing 1,000 km on a charge. 450 to 500km ( in ideal conditions) is actually heaps.
  19. I’d let him borrow mine but it looks like he can’t be trusted to look after things properly. His mum told him to come straight home from the shops and mind the paint job on the kerb outside of Woolies. Did he listen.....no!
  20. Meanwhile, someone has come up with a solution for panel gaps. Remove the panels.
  21. VW group now sell the up/mii/Citigo triplets from£17,000 in the UK. Only they don’t because all 400 cars are sold for 2020. You can’t buy one in a market where the government offers about $7000 cash back. VW have denied us their greener models for a decade. There is no evidence that will change. Major brands are doing lots of window dressing right now. If we get electric VWs we will be allocated 400 per year. That’s my (cynical) bet.
  22. Don’t worry, I don’t think there will be any EV volume in Australia other than Tesla until 2025 at least. By then Tesla will be the new Hoover ( if you had a vacuum it was assumed you had a Hoover)
  23. Yeah, RWD is king.....FWD is rubbish......not. Maybe it has something to do with weight.
  24. I think you are clutching at straws. If you are travelling 1,000 km that break is critical. In my experience all DC fast charging stations are near shops or motorway services. Exceptions are rare. Warwick is just behind the main shopping strip. Toowoomba (2) is at the golf club or at a motorway services Dalby is at the end of the shopping strip Byron (3) is in town, at “the farm” (many food places) of at the castle ( restaurant) Wild horse mountain is at motorway services Tesla Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane are in a District shopping centres. Chargefox Toombul is on the roof of a district shopping centre Superhighway Gold Coast..has a Subway and a burger joint Helensvale is on Town Centre Drive. You might need to go on a diet after that lot.
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